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Ouishare’s 100 top articles on the collaborative economy in 2014


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This presentation features the most popular articles and news items that that were discussed and shared in the OuiShare community in 2014. They have been selected from our Facebook groups OuiShare Global and “en Français”, to highlight the most relevant conversations.

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Ouishare’s 100 top articles on the collaborative economy in 2014

  2. 2. This presentation features the most popular articles and news items that that were discussed and shared in the OuiShare community in 2014. They have been selected from our Facebook groups OuiShare Global and “en Français”, to highlight the most relevant conversations. Here are a few insights: ● This is list is not exhaustive, it rather shows what the OuiShare community cared most about. ● Lots of conversations were related to Uber and Airbnb (being the poster children of the collaborative economy, their evolution says a lot about where the sector is heading). ● There have been quite a few partnerships between collaborative economy players and incumbents. ● Lots of money has been poured into the sector, almost 10 billion USD. ● Regulation was a huge topic this year: policy makers are still trying to understand whether they should support or regulate the collaborative economy. If you don’t find them in our list, please share your most important articles of the year with us! FOREWORD
  3. 3. OuiShare is an international community and a think- and do-tank dedicated to the emergence of a collaborative society: a society based on the principles of openness, collaboration, trust and value sharing. We think that economic and social structures based on these principles could solve many of the challenges of our time; we want to accompany their development while critically analysing the issues and risks of this collaborative transition. The activities of OuiShare fall under 4 main areas : ● community animation (events, online groups, OuiShare Fest, …) ● intellectual production (studies and research, publications, methodologies, …) ● project incubation (project acceleration, local promotion) ● training and coaching (students, professionals, enterprises, communities) Founded in January 2012 as a non-profit organisation in Paris, OuiShare is now an international leader in the collaborative economy field. Our network consists of 2000 members and 80 “Connectors” (active members) in 20 countries in Europe, Latin America and North Africa. Since 2013, the OuiShare Fest is the flagship project of the OuiShare community, and the annual get-together of experts and key players of the collaborative society and economy. ABOUT OUISHARE
  5. 5. Photo Xavier Pardessus ● France. After three years in a Parisian suburb, La Paillasse opens the first Bio hackerspace in Paris and dreams to become the “MIT for Open Source”. ● Helsinki launches a 10 year plan to rethink public transportat. “Finland’s capital hopes a ‘mobility on demand’ system that integrates all forms of shared and public transport in a single payment network could essentially render private cars obsolete”. ● Switzerland. Launch of Pumpipumpe, a project encouraging residents to place stickers on their mailbox to denote the goods they’re willing to lend to their neighbors. ● The Ecuadorean government explains its plans to create what it calls the world’s first digital currency issued by a central bank. ● Ethereum closes a $18,5M independant crowdfunding campaign and becomes the second largest crowdfunding campaign in the world.
  6. 6. ● After the success of Fairphone V1 with 25k phones sold in 2013, the Dutch cooperative announces that 40k persons expressed the wish to buy the next generation of Fairphone. ● The WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co, a chinese company, prints 10 houses in one day in 3D. ● In Denmark, two politicians allow their personal data to be mapped down to the last detail. ● Shareable, the online magazine about sharing, launches the Sharing Cities Network, an online hub with sharing activists and pioneers from over 30 cities participating. ● For the first time in history, the McMoon team, an independent crew, takes control of a NASA abandoned satellite thanks to a crowdfunded project.
  7. 7. ● Goteo, the spanish open source and non profit crowdfunding platform is awarded as NGO of the Year by the European Civic Forum. ● The Net Democracy Foundation and Pia Mancini launch Democracy OS: a common platform for any city, state, or government to actually put proposals to a vote. ● Leander Bindewald, a 34 years old Cumbria University PhD student, becomes the first in the world to pay for his tuition fees using Bitcoin, and did this live at OuiShare Fest 2014 ● Scientist from MIT and CERN (Switzerland) create Proton Mail, an encrypted email solution to escape (NSA) surveillance. The project raises $550k on Indiegogo with a first goal of $100k. ● Elon Musk, Tesla motors CEO, announces that all their patents are now open source.
  8. 8. ● Doctor Isaac Yonemoto founds Project Marilyn, a California crowdfunded non-profit scientific research institute to fight the high prices of anticancer drugs. ● A survey published by El Pais in November puts Podemos at the head of all parties with 27.7% of the vote for the first time, outpacing the traditional parties, PP and PSOE.
  9. 9. #GROWTH
  10. 10. ● Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform launched in 2008 in San Francisco, raises $40 million to expand globally and launches Life, a fee-free crowdfunding platform for causes. ● Zopa, a pioneer peer-to-peer lending service from the UK, raises $23 million. ● Collaborative Fund, a US fund dedicated to Collaborative Consumption startups (Angelist, Kickstarter and many more), raises $33 million. ● Kantox, The London-Based P2P Currency Exchange for businesses raises €6.5M Series A. ● Kickstarter announces they passed $1 Billion in pledges. “That’s $1,000,000,000 pledged by 5.7 million people to creative projects.”
  11. 11. ● For its development in the US and international expansion, Lyft raises $250 million in Series D for a $700 million valuation. ● Uuzuche, one of the earliest P2P car-sharing platforms in China, announces a $10M Series A Investment. ● Drivy, a French car-sharing startup, closes a Series A of 6 million € and raises $8.3M from Index Venture and Alven Capital. ● To expand internationally, BlaBlaCar raises $100M, which becomes the most funded French startup ever. BlaBlaCar also acquires a Russian player and launches in Russia and Ukraine. They plan to launch in Brazil, India and Turkey. ● In Spain, the online startup Traity raises $4,7M and declares its wish to become the international standard for online reputation of peer to peer. ● RelayRides (p2p carsharing) raises $10M after already having raised $25M Series B in June 2014.
  12. 12. ● Eatwith, Israelian Airbnb-like startup for home-cooked meals, raises $8 Million. ● India. Zoomcar, a car rental startup, raises $8M to democratize the transportation system in India. ● Korea. Bain Capital announces a Series A investment of $18M in the car sharing company Socar. ● The Finnish startup Sharetribe launches its on-demand P2P Markeplace. ● We Work, the US coworking company, raises $355M at a $5B valuation.
  13. 13. #MEDIA
  14. 14. ● The Guardian launches Contributoria, a collaborative open journalism project. ● WithoutModel, the think tank about open source business models publishes its first collaborative book in France: Open Models ● Jeremy Rifkin publishes his new bestseller: The Zero Marginal Cost Society. According to the publisher, “he describes how the emerging Internet of Things is speeding us to an era of nearly free goods and services, precipitating the meteoric rise of a global Collaborative Commons and the eclipse of capitalism.” ● The French channel Canal + broadcasts the documentary Global Partage. ● Virgin and Richard Branson (on his Facebook profile) publish an infographic which shows how the sharing economy is disrupting old business models: “The rise of the sharing economy is shaking up how business has traditionally been done” ● Belarusian writer Evgeny Morozov declares: “Don’t believe the hype, the ‘sharing economy’ masks a failing economy”.
  15. 15. #PUBLIC POLICY
  16. 16. ● January. The UK Government organises a working session with entrepreneurs about the Sharing Economy at 10 Downing Street. ● The French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault hosts a breakfast in Matignon with 12 entrepreneurs from the collaborative economy. ● The European Economic and Social Committee adopts a new approach towards collaborative consumption. According to rapporteur Bernando Hernandez, “collaborative consumption can meet social needs in situations where there is no commercial interest and it can help, as a for-profit activity, to create jobs”. ● Spain. The National Federation of Bus Transportation accuses BlaBlaCar of unfair competition. ● France. A new law about crowdfunding allows companies to raise up to a € 1M online, instead of €100K before. ● Neelie’s Kroes, Vice president of the European Commission, publishes “My view on today’s taxi protests and what it means for the sharing economy”. She says that “innovation forces us to think about the disruptive effects of digital technology and the need for entrepreneurs in our society. And that’s what the Taxi protests are really about.”
  17. 17. ● A FAA (the Federal Aviation Administration in the US) ruling prohibits private pilots to publicly offer seats on their planes in exchange for gas money, including via startups like AirPooler and Flytenow. ● France. First participatory budgeting in Paris. ● The Catalan Competition Authority publishes the study “P2P Transactions and Competition”. The study concludes that “this situation raises a dichotomy for the public powers, that is, to work to make it possible for the initiatives the fruit of this innovation to operate in the market, or to hinder it. ACCO advocates the first option”. ● Estonia creates the first e-resident status in the world to encourage investments. ● Spain. Launch of SharingEspaña, lobbying group created by almost 20 spanish collaborative consumption startups.
  18. 18. #UBER
  19. 19. ● January. France. Taxi protests in Paris turn into a “guerrilla warfare” when the taxi drivers attack Uber cars on the freeway. ● January. Uber sued for wrongful death over 6-Year-Old Child. ● May. CEO Travis Kalanick declares Uber will eventually replace all its drivers with self-driving cars ● April. Uber launches UberRush, “a reliable ride for your deliveries” ● September. An Uber driver fractured a passenger’s head with a hammer after a dispute, but Uber refunded the ride. ● October. Uber drivers in New York strike to protest against the decrease of their remuneration. ● Uber France apologises for sexist promotion offering men free rides with 'incredibly hot chicks' as drivers ● The French government says it will ban UBER Pop in 2015. ● December. Banned in 10 countries, Uber raises an additional $1.2B at $40B valuation to finance expansion in Asia. Then Uber announces a “strategic partnership” with Baidu, China’s search giant.
  20. 20. #AIRBNB
  21. 21. ● As it had been done for Paris, Airbnb publishes its first impact study in Barcelona, its 4th most visited city, and declares that the community brings 128M€ per year to the city. ● With almost 600 000 offers in more than 150 countries, Airbnb raises $500 million for a $10 billion valuation ● For the first time, an Airbnb host is condemned in Paris for illegal sub- leasing. ● Airbnb has a new logo and makes a big social media buzz around it. It is also a big wave of mockery and caricatures ● Airbnb announces a partnership with Concur, a SAAS for business expenses, to help business travelers travelling with them. ● Sydney. Ikea hosts customers to sleep in the store for one night in partnership with Airbnb.
  22. 22. ● The hotel lobby in New York initiates a critical campaign against Airbnb called Share Better. ● Airbnb starts collecting a tourist tax in San Francisco, and the city defines the legal framework for the use of the service. ● Airbnb organizes its first Airbnb Open in San Francisco. The startup invited their 1500 best hosts from all over the world to connect and have fun. ● Airbnb launches Pineapple, a printed magazine for $12. Read more in the NY Times.
  23. 23. #MAKERS
  24. 24. ● The White house hosts its first Maker Fair and Barack Obama proclaims June 18 as National Day of Making. ● IKEA attacks its most important independent community fansite, IKEA Hackers. After long negotiations, IKEA Hackers is finally allowed to keep the domain name under the condition that the site stays non-commercial. ● Launch of Poc 21, the first accelerator for open source sustainability powered by OuiShare and Open State. ● Autodesk invests $100 Million toward the first 3D printing fund: Spark Investment. ● Open Desk, the maker network, raises ● Fab10 in Barcelona : the 10th annual fablab conference. ● Open Desk, the maker network based in London raises 300k in crowdfunding
  25. 25. #GAFA
  26. 26. ● Youtube tests a new feature called “Fan Funding” Fans can now donate money to their favorite channels. ● Google launches Contributor, a crowdfunding tool for online publishers. ● Facebook acquires Oculus Rift, a crowdfunded project, for $2bn. The catch is that the supporters of the crowdfunding campaign don’t benefit from this acquisition.
  28. 28. ● Lyft and Metlife announce their partnership to provide insurance to drivers and riders. ● OuiShare announces a strategic partnership with MAIF (a French insurance company) and SNCF (the French national railway company) ● CircleUp, a crowdfunding platform for startup consumer goods, partners with Virgin Airlines. Virgin will use “CircleUp as a way to discover new snacks and drinks that could be served on its flights”. ● HomeExchange and Lufthansa launch Very Important Key, a photo game for travelers. ● Hasbro and Shapway launch the Super Fan Art website. They “allow fans to adapt and modify Hasbro brands into new artwork that can be 3D printed and sold via Shapeways” ● Toyota and Lyft make their first joint commercial with the theme car DiscoLyft.
  29. 29. #INCUMBENTS
  30. 30. ● During OuiShare Fest 2014, Veronique Laury, Castorama’s CEO, announces that they will make their expertise and know-how available and create a Wikipedia for do-it-yourselfers, as well as 3D printing offer and a MOOC on DIY. ● The spanish hotel chain Room Mate Hotels launches Bemate, “a marketplace that connects tourist homes, travelers and service companies”. ● The French railway company SNCF launches its own ridesharing service IDvroom, which focuses on commuting.
  31. 31. #RESEARCH
  32. 32. ● Crowd Companies publishes version 1.2 of the analysis “A day in the life of the Collaborative Economy”. ● “Shade of Independence, the new workforce reality”. The consulting firm MBO Partners publishes its annual report about work in the US and states that 17 million US workers are “solopreneurs” (+12,5% since 2011). ● Collaborative Lab publishes the study: “why marketplaces fail” . ● The Boston University publishes the first serious and scientific study about the impact of Airbnb: “The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Estimating the Impact of Airbnb on the Hotel Industry”. The study estimates that a 1% increase in Airbnb listings in Texas results in a 0.05% decrease in quarterly hotel revenues. ● During OuiShare Fest Javi Creus presents Pentagrowth, the result of a research project carried out by Ideas for changes on 50 digital organizations that have experienced annual growth rates of 50% for the period 2008-2012, such as Wikipedia, Spotify and Airbnb. ● Nesta and Collaborative Lab publish the study: Making sense of the UK Collaborative Economy.
  33. 33. #OTHER
  34. 34. ● Arguing that “volunteering is good for your career and your community”, Linkedin launches Linkedin volunteers, a marketplace for volunteers. ● Easyjet launches easycarclub, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service similar to Flightcar. ● Getty Images, the world’s largest photo service, starts providing its pictures free of charge. ● Etsy, an American peer-to-peer marketplace for handmade goods, acquires the French startup A Little Market. ● The Sharing Bros – 3 young French men – start a 21.000 km road-trip across the US and Latin America using only collaborative services. ● Task Rabbit pivots and shuts down its bidding system - a move that the community doesn’t really appreciate.
  35. 35. ● In Denmark, GoMore launches its new leasing concept: lease a car for 6 months and rent it out 8 days of each month when not in use, to make a full return on your payment. ● Launch of Juggernaut in San Francisco, the first Uber X incubator for P2P platforms. ● Launch of Open Bazaar, a “decentralised markeplace for instantly trading with anyone using bitcoin” designed to be impossible to shut down and described as the “next generation of uncensored trade” Read more in Business Insider. ● Peers pivots. On its new website they show how much money one can make in the new economy. ● Launch of Teacher Pay teacher, a marketplace for teaching resources. ● Copass, the global membership that lets you access a network of independent coworking spaces, organizes its first Copass Camp in Lisbon. ● Launched in 2003, Pirate Bay – the bittorrent website- goes offline after a Stockholm police raid. A few days after this, they release the Pirate Bay source code to “save, create, and run your own pirate bay”.
  36. 36. #WTF
  37. 37. ● Launch of Get Blown, a peer-to-peer platform for blowjobs and an “ultimate hook-up experience”. They declare that “it’s the collaborative economy taken to the next level!” ● A potato salad raises 55K $ on Kickstarter.
  38. 38. #OUISHARE
  39. 39. ● The OuiShare project Sharitories launches its first release of Collaborative Territories Toolkit in Bologna, Italy ● OuiShare organises the second edition of OuiShare Fest – The Age of Communities – in Paris and gathers more than 1500 people coming from almost 50 countries. ● Albert Canigueral, OuiShare co-founder, publishes his first book in Spain, Vivir Mejor con menos ● OuiShare launches its official membership. More than 500 people register during the first day. ● OuiShare announce a strategic partnership with MAIF (a French insurance company) ● Launch of Poc 21, the first accelerator for open source sustainability powered by OuiShare and Open State. ● OuiShare and La Fing launch Sharevolution: a 18 month expedition project about collaborative consumption
  40. 40. WANT TO KNOW MORE ? Join us at
  41. 41. #SharingEconomy #Makers#OpenSource #Crowdfunding #OrgaHorizontale #P2P #Currencies #Communities#Startups #OpenInnovation Bringing together over 1000 pioneers from around the world each year and giving the floor to the leading experts and innovators from the sector, the OuiShare Fest is the first international event entirely dedicated to the collaborative economy and society. PARIS, May 20-22 2015 at Cabaret Sauvage THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL EVENT DEDICATED TO THE COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY We invite you again this year to get involved and help us build the program for OuiShare Fest 15. Submit your idea here.
  42. 42. The Cabaret Sauvage With its big round tent made of parquet, red velvet, carved wood, lights and ornate mirrors; Its lovely terrace, its garden and outdoor buildings, its floating barge on the canal de l’Ourcq, its food trucks, artists and temporary structures, reinvented each time… This unique place in the heart of the Parc de la Villette in Paris has made the success of OuiShare Fest, and will once again be visited by 1000 participants for this third edition. A UNIQUE PLACE
  43. 43. THE 2015 PROGRAM 12 tracks to go a step further Sustainability & The Collaborative Economy Myths And Realities Of The Maker Movement Building A True Sharing Economy Capital In The Collaborative Century The Peer, The Platform And The Corporation The Collaborative City Reinventing Democracy Collaborative Economy And Social Impact Working With Robots And Without Jobs Decentralization, Blockchain & Indie Tech The New Spirit Of Collaboration Citizen Science & Collaborative Learning BE PART OF IT! JOIN OUR CALL
  45. 45. Marc-Arthur Gauthey OuiShare Connector France @marc6arthur THANKS