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OuiShare Fest 2016 Report

All you need to know about the latest edition of OuiShare Fest.

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OuiShare Fest 2016 Report

  1. 1. STATS & FACTS Paris, May 18-21, 2016 at Cabaret Sauvage
  2. 2. 1.500 during the 3-day conference 2.000 on the Open Day 51 countries 48% of women, 52% of men 230 speakers 80 journalists Gathering creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from across the globe to explore the edges of the economy, society and ourselves. 4 days of deep conversation, experimentation and collaboration to work on creative solutions to the complex issues of our times. 3.500 PARTICIPANTS THIS YEAR +200 submissions to the program 3 opensource projects accelerated
  3. 3. MEDIA « The #OSFEST16 has been catalytic in bringing disruptive ideas to the debate of new economics » Circulate News, May 17, 2016 « OuiShare Fest thrives as an international gathering of new economy changemakers. » Shareable, April 13, 2016
  4. 4. 13.500 tweets used #OSFEST16 2.014 original tweets 7.877 retweets 3.261 links & pics 2.700 posts/day #OSFEST16 was trending on 18th May in both Paris and France. 201 new page likes [+1.4%] 2.256 total engaged users 19.310daily impressions 77.241 total impressions WEBSITE WEBSITE 18-21 May: 6.6K sessions, 4.8k unique users; 56% new visitors 18-21 May: 3.8K sessions, 3.2k unique users; 73% new visitors
  5. 5. LIVE STREAMING 4.060 COUNTRY France United Kingdom Spain United States Italy Brazil Germany China Canada Belgium Netherlands Ireland Sweden Mexico VIEWS 3.489 277 226 195 175 158 147 124 109 108 101 87 85 63 TOTAL NUMBER OF CONNECTIONS AVERAGE LENGTH OF CONNECTION 21 min
  6. 6. 3.500 PEOPLE PARTICIPATED IN THIS YEAR’S OUISHARE FEST THEY DESCRIBED IT AS : 8/ 10 attendees highlighted “Connecting and talking to other attendees” as the most valuable aspect of the event. 97% said they made valuable connections either for their professional or personal life, or both. Brilliant INSPIRING INTENSE Enchanting Magical Avant-gardiste Mindfulness Hope UNEXPECTED Stimulating 耳目一新! (Chinese idiom means fully fresh idea) Life-changing Pioneering Authentic Amazing Evolving UNIQUE Refreshing « Woodstock like gathering » Mind blowing Visionary
  7. 7. PROGRAM MOST POPULAR TRACKS THE FUTURE OF WORK 80% “Relevant topic and well executed” and “Important to focus topic” THE 21ST CENTURY ORGANIZATION 75% “Relevant topic and well executed” and “Important to focus topic” FEEDBACK ON THE PROGRAM FROM THE SURVEY “Great work! Keep it at with permanent beta.” MOST POPULAR SESSIONS Ready to Work in the Post-Industrial Era? Yochai Benkler Closing Remarks We Share Loss
  8. 8. ZERO WASTE To reduce the environmental impact of #OSFEST16, we implemented a Zero Waste strategy to reduce waste production at the source and assure its correct disposal: RECYCLE, COMPOST, METHANISE… During the event, we measured the waste produced to understand its main sources and variablitiy. .
  9. 9. EVOLVING 2014 2015 2016 TO BE CONTINUED… 8.671 tweets using #OSFest14 2.800.000 total reach 1.082 total number of attendees 66 journalists 10.172 tweets using #OSFest15 39.473.272 total reach 1.344 total number of attendees 80 journalists 3.500 total number of attendees 80 journalists 13.578 tweets using #OSFest16 41.086.018 total reach