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OuiShare Collaborative Economy - at European Economic and Social Committee - Brussels 25/09/13


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OuiShare presentation about Collabortive Economy - at European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) hearing about "collaborative or participative consumption" - Brussels 25/09/13. Further information:

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OuiShare Collaborative Economy - at European Economic and Social Committee - Brussels 25/09/13

  1. The collaborative economy @AlbertCanig #OuiShare
  2. About this presentation Chris Anderson This presentation was used at the public hearing about “collaborative or participative consumption”, organized by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on September 25th 2013 in Brussels, where OuiShare was invited to participate.
  3. 20 years of innovation in two sentences Chris Anderson « The past decade was about finding new collaboration and innovation models on the web. The next decade will be about applying them to the real world »
  5. Aligned with EU 2020 objectives People Planet Profit
  6. It is already happening
  7. “It is time to start caring about sharing” – The Economist
  8. Challenge #1 People vs. profit
  9. Challenge #2 Innovation vs. regulation April July
  10. Challenge #2 Innovation vs. regulation July Last Week!
  11. Challenge #2 Innovation vs. regulation
  12. Target: A peer-to-peer society
  13. While rebuilding trust among citizens
  14. About OuiShare @louise_hn #OuiShare
  15. a global network of peers connecting and supporting citizens, local governments and companies to build a more collaborative and sustainable society We are: entrepreneurs, makers, designers, journalists, social hackers, researchers, public officials, engaged citizens, … and many more. PARIS | LONDON | BERLIN | BARCELONA | ROME MADRID | BRUSSELS | AMSTERDAM | MUNICH BUENOS AIRES | RIO DE JANEIRO | PORTO ALEGRE SANTIAGO | ATHENS | MONTREAL| BILBAO LYON | TORINO | LILLE | MILAN | THE HAGUE LISBON
  16. Since July 2012 200+ articles (FR/EN/ES) 60+ contributors 40.000 unique visitors/month 9,000 Facebook fans 5.300 Twitter followers 150 Twitter mentions/day .net Think tank = unique deep insights on collaborative economy
  17. Build community
  18. 60+ OuiShare Drinks 15+ OuiShare Talks 4 OuiShare Remix 1 OuiShare Fest … and countless meetups In more than 56 cities from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Siria, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, etc.
  19. Paris, OuiShare Fest, 2nd-4th May 1st major event dedicated to the collaborative economy in Europe 100 speakers from 30 countries 10 satellite events 3,500 attendees
  20. Advocacy
  21. Bercy, June 25th 2013 The collaborative economy: benefits for public interest goals and tools for the State support
  22. Bordeaux, July 4th& 5th 2013 2 days parallel workshops: Proposing local actions for better share of resources
  23. Raising interests of public officials (local) around CC but Embryonic knowledge of the topic (implications/ regulation/ development)  Looking to support local projects through territorial crowdfunding and/or incubator project.  Identifying the right levers: which models, under which conditions to upscale collaborative consumption?  Finding the equilibrium between new models and traditional businesses (competitive advantage).  Enhancing public money allocation: reaching higher social impact initiatives with better distributed mechanisms.  Demonstrating , with research data/ successful examples, the benefits of the collaborative economy on strengthening local resilience and attractiveness of the region. Public Policy Findings
  24. Research and education
  25. Developing and supporting open academic work
  26. Barcelona - ESADE , May 13th 2013
  27. Next steps @AlbertCanig #OuiShare
  28. Develop EU wide research
  29. Distributed incubator for collaborative economy projects
  30. Public policy for #ShareableCities in EU
  31. Thank you!
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