Filemaker pro 8 upgrade


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Filemaker pro 8 upgrade

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Filemaker Pro 8 UpgradeViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureCustomize databases to work the way you do --qcustomize almost every area of FileMaker to fityour business and Personal needsShare databases with up to 5 simultaneous users -qaccess databases over the Network or the Web,via Windows or MacBuilt-in reports make it simple to share informationqoutside your workgroupCreate and print reports in a variety of formats -qPDF files, Excel files, emails and moreRead moreqProduct DescriptionUpgrade only; previous installation requiredFileMaker Pro 8 offers the easy-to-use Database tools that helps you easily manage people, projects, assets,and more! Get results in minutes with Drag and drop importing of Excel files or choosing from 30 pre-designedstarter solutions. Customize databases to work the way you do - add your company logo, background colors,custom field names, and more. Provide Web access to FileMaker information for anytime, anywhere accessover the web. Share with up to 5 simultaneous users on Windows or Mac OS. Best of all, its easy to learn andeasier to use! Read moreProduct DescriptionWith a host of new features designed to make the creation of databases easier, FileMaker Pro 8 is an idealsolution for those who are responsible for people, project, assets, and more. In addition to its lineup of standarddatabase creation and management tools, FileMaker Pro 8 features new tools that make customizing databases,accessing FileMaker information over the web, and sharing with other FileMaker users or with those outsideyour FileMaker workgroup easier than ever.
  2. 2. Adobe PDF technology is now integrated with FileMaker Pro 8 so you can save FileMaker information in PDF formatwhile preserving the original look of your FileMaker information.Getting started with FileMaker Pro 8 is easy, and it only takes minutes to create your own database. Theprocess is even simpler with the ability to import Excel files instantly. FileMaker Pro 8 can store a variety ofinformation types and a virtually unlimited amount of data. Databases can be customized to fit your needs,with built-in assistants and the ability to drag and drop objects and to link information quickly and easily. Youcan also design easy to read layouts and create your own views of the data.New time-saving tools will help you get more done. Auto-complete, calendar drop-downs, visual spell checker,and mouse wheel support will make data entry speedier and more intuitive. A field list filter lets you view andchoose from fields used on the displayed layout only, making choosing fields faster. The new Tab Controlfunction helps you build a layout with multiple tabs in a single step so you can switch between tabs withoutneeding scripting, eliminating the need for multiple layouts.FileMaker information can be accessed remotely so that clients or vendors can view FileMaker information, oryou can view data in the FileMaker interface. Web accessed can be provided with a single click, and access canbe assigned based on privileges. Built-in multi-user capabilities make it easy for up to five users to shareFileMaker databases simultaneously, regardless of platform type.Choose the "Save/Send Records As Excel" command and your FileMaker information is saved as an Excel file.
  3. 3. Use the new Fast Send feature to automatically attach the contents of virtually any field to a message.FileMaker Pro 8 features built-in reports that can be printed in a variety of formats. You can create Adobe PDFfiles from Filemaker information, making it easy to share information with other users. The new Excel Makerlets you create Excel files from FileMaker information so that you can easily share information with others oranalyze the data more thoroughly. The contents of virtually any field can be emailed to anyone with just a few,simple clicks.FileMaker Pro 8 features new tools for developers, giving you even more power over variables and databasedesign. Global and local script variables can be stored, eliminating the need to create unnecessary fields tostore values. Scripts can now perform functions and return results to the calling script. This gives you the powerto create flexible, re-usable scripts to help you save development and maintenance time. The RelationshipsGraph lets you duplicate tables and relationships, and document database design by adding notes. New scriptsteps are included to easily show all related records for an entire found step and to support dynamic selectionof field repetition through the use of a calculation. Value Lists will display more meaningful information whilehiding cryptic associated values.New features in FileMaker Pro 8:Create Adobe PDF files with the PDF Maker so you can more easily share FileMaker information with others.Use the new Excel Maker to create Microsoft Excel files, allowing you to share and analyze FileMakerinformation with others.Fast Send feature lets you Email the contents of any field instantly.Fast Match feature helps you search the database without typing.New alignment tools allow you to create cleaner looking database layouts.Send personalized messages to multiple customers with the new Email merge.Import tables into FileMaker more efficiently than ever.The Relationships Graph helps you document databases and field relationships.The new Tab Control helps you build layouts with multiple tabs in a single step.Note: This is the upgrade version of FileMaker Pro 8. You must be a licensed user of FileMaker Pro 6 orFileMaker Pro 7 to qualify for this upgrade.Read more