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File maker pro advanced (v. 9.0) - version product upgrade package (30093g) category software suites


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File maker pro advanced (v. 9.0) - version product upgrade package (30093g) category software suites

  1. 1. REVIEWS - FileMaker Pro Advanced - (V. 9.0) -Version / Product Upgrade Package (30093G)Category: Software SuitesViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.3 out of 5Product FeatureSold IndividuallyqRead moreqProduct DescriptionFileMaker Pro 9 and FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced are full of breakthrough new features that connect you to yourworld of data – faster and easier than ever before! Design and develop databases faster and easier withCustom Menus, Tooltips, Custom Functions, and more. Debug and troubleshoot more efficiently using theinteractive Script Debugger and powerful Data Viewer. Modify and maintain databases with ease using theadvanced Database Design Report and File Maintenance tools. The new script grouping feature help you betterorganize and manage all your scripts while the new script editing features saves you time by letting you copyand paste, drag and drop and more. And with the new software update notification, it’s easy to stay currentwith the latest software updates. The new customization features in FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced make it easierthan ever to get your solutions to work the way you want. The new conditional formatting feature visuallyformats fields and objects based on conditions that you set, and you can choose from a list of pre-definedconditions or create your own conditions based on your calculations.Now you can integrate live data fromMicrosoft® SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL with your FileMaker Pro data* using the new External SQL DataSources feature. And the new Send Link feature makes it easier to share FileMaker Pro databases via aclickable email link.Plus, there are many more great new features in FileMaker Pro 9 and FileMaker Pro 9Advanced, like multiple levels of Undo and Redo, field level spell checking, enhanced toolbars and new shippinglabel formats. *Third-party drivers required. Read moreProduct DescriptionFileMaker Pro 9 Advanced includes all the features of FileMaker Pro 9 plus a suite of advanced developmentand customization tools to help you design and develop more powerful, more customized databasesolutions--faster and easier than ever before.
  2. 2. FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced has all the features of FileMaker Pro 9 plus itincludes a suite of advanced development and customization tools, so you candesign and develop more powerful, more customized database solutions Ñfaster and easier than ever before!Design and Develop DatabasesMore EfficientlyCreate your own menusCustomize your database even more by usingthe Custom Menu feature. Modify FileMakermenus to execute scripts from menu items. Youcan rename, add or delete menu items,customize keyboard shortcuts and even add ordelete entire menus. Toolbar icons, contextmenus, window options, keyboard shortcuts,and the Mode menus will automatically inheritcustomized menu behavior.Add tooltips to make things easyMake your layouts more informative andintuitive by adding tooltips to any field or layoutobject. Mouse over an item to which youveadded a tooltip to display helpful tips for usingyour solution or calculation results. You caneven include static text or calculated results toprovide more insights into your data or totemporarily provide information that you dontwant permanently displayed on your layout.Distribute your solutions off-the-shelfIf youd like to distribute a database tonon-FileMaker users, creating a Runtimeapplication is a great solution. FileMakerRuntime applications make it easy to createoff-the-shelf, royalty-free FileMaker solutionsthat allow users to access FileMaker databaseinformation, but limit their ability to makemodifications. Runtime applications take fulladvantage of the new features in FileMaker Pro9. Please note that runtime applications cannotbe shared over a network, do not include theability to create Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excelfiles, and do not include the support forExternal SQL Data Sources.DIY data entry"Kiosk-based" applications display yourdatabase in full-screen "presentation" modewhile hiding the application menus. Use this"do-it-yourself" data entry feature for eventregistrations and mailing list sign ups.Use custom functions & external functionplug-insUse the FileMaker Custom Function feature tobuild powerful, recursive custom functions thatcan be reused across tables. Plus you can buildeven more robust calculations and extenddatabases with the External Function Plug-inAPI.
  3. 3. FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced includes essential debugging and reporting toolsthat help you build stable, reliable solutions more efficiently.Debug and Troubleshoot MoreEfficientlyMore insight = less time debuggingThe FileMaker Data Viewer monitors fields,variables, and expressions to help you gainmore insight when troubleshooting yourdatabase. You can even test calculationformulas without modifying your databaseschema - which can be a huge time saver!Debugging made easyThe FileMaker Script Debugger is an interactivetool that helps you pinpoint problem areas inyour FileMaker Scripts. You can review scriptsone step at a time, set and clear breakpoints,see details of calling scripts and trace scripthistory quickly. Plus, you can easily disablescript steps if youd like to test just a portion ofyour new script. Addressing script errors iseasier than ever before because you can viewthe error result of the last script step, and setscripts to automatically pause when a scripterror occurs.Once youve designed and deployed your database, the FileMaker Pro 9Advanced reporting and optimization features will help you update solutionsmore easily and keep them running at peak performance.Modify and Maintain DatabasesWith EaseDoing things over and over Ñ is over!You can reuse existing work to make updatespainless. Simply copy and paste fields, tables,scripts, and script steps within or across tables.You can also import multiple tables at once tosave time, or if you just want to reuse thedatabase schema without importing data, youcan do that, too.Get a birds eye viewGet more comprehensive information ondatabase schema and options with theDatabase Design Report. See details on fields,tables, scripts, portals, Tab Panel Controls,Custom Menus, Tooltips, and more. TheDatabase Design Report even helps youtroubleshoot missing references, brokenrelationships, and calculations.Run at peak performanceUse the FileMaker File Maintenance tools tomaximize database performance. TheCompactFile tool removes free disk space froma file, reducing the file size and streamliningdata access, and the OptimizeFile tool improvesfile access speed by moving logically relateddata closer together. Keeping your databases inshape is easy now, thanks to FileMaker Pro 9Advanced!
  4. 4. Top 10 ways to turbocharge your solutions usingFileMaker Pro 9 Advanced:1. Customize menus and toolbars by renaming, adding, ordeleting menu items or replacing entire menus with your ownchoices for a completely customized solution. When youupdate a menu the associated toolbar icons, context menus,window options, keyboard shortcuts, and the Mode menusare automatically updated to match.2. Make your layouts more informative by adding tooltips tofields or layout objects. Tooltips are static text or can bebased on calculated results. Either way you will provide moreinsights into your data, and deliver essential informationwithout cluttering your layout.3. Build or modify databases faster by importing multipletables at once or by using copy/paste to move fields andtables in or across files.4. Pinpoint problem areas as you step through scripts in aScript Debugger. You can even temporarily disable scripts totest portions of a script.5. Keep an eye on current field values, variables, orexpressions with the Data Viewer. Debug scripts and testcalculation formulas without modifying your underlyingdatabase schema.6. Create standalone runtime solutions that do not requirethe FileMaker Pro application to be installed.7. Create a kiosk-based application where all menus arehidden Ñ great for event registrations, surveys, and collectingnames for mailing lists.8. Build more robust calculations and extend databasecapabilities with Custom Functions and the External FunctionPlug-in API.9. Generate a report that provides comprehensiveinformation on your database schema and options, like fields,tables, Custom Menus, FileMaker Web Viewers, and morewith the Database Design Report. Its invaluable as atroubleshooting tool by locating missing fields, brokenrelationships, problem calculations, and more.10. Use the file maintenance tools to maximize databaseperformance and to compact and recover unused space forfaster access.Connect to the world of data in so many new ways!Combining both power and simplicity, FileMaker Pro 9 gives you the tools you need to connect to the world ofdata!Get started quickly
  5. 5. The award-winning ease of use that is built into every aspect of FileMaker Pro continues to be praised bymillions of customers and industry experts around the world. With its easy installation and setup, youll be upand running in a matter of minutes--not hours or days.Gather your information in one placeInformation comes in many forms, from business cards to Microsoft Excel files, images to SQL Serverdata--FileMaker Pro helps you bring it all together with a few clicks. Convert Excel spreadsheets and other filesto FileMaker Pro databases for easier searching, sorting, reporting, and sharing. Or use powerful productivityfeatures designed to make data entry much faster and more accurate.Instant access to the information you needUse FileMaker Pro to organize, sort through, and find information from individual contacts to large data sets.When someone calls, you will have the contact history, the project state, or the shipment status right at hand.Bring up records by date, location, or content. Create formulas and calculations and summaries. You will beamazed how easy it is to be informed.Report and communicate all your informationTransform data into useful information by creating reports and layouts that work the way you do. FileMaker Procomes complete with step-by-step tools that help you create reports and then email them to your colleagues asAdobe PDF or Excel files. Or choose from hundreds of pre-defined templates for labels and envelopes to helpget the word out with ease.Power to take you furtherBuild powerful yet flexible custom applications using the FileMaker Pro relational database managementsystem. Design complete scalable solutions for your organization and automate repetitive tasks with thepowerful scripting language, all without the help of a programmer.Built-in network sharing and securitySecurely sharing databases is easy with FileMaker Pro. Windows and Mac OS FileMaker Pro users on the samenetwork can access the same database file simultaneously. And with the advanced security model in FileMakerPro, you can determine what your users can do and see.Connect with the WebPublishing basic web forms or web-based status updates and lists is simple with the Instant Web Publishingfeature built into FileMaker Pro. You can create web forms for event sign-ups, customer feedback and servicerequests. Or setup security privileges for your clients so they can login through their web browser to get astatus update. And you can harness the information that is available on the Web by using the FileMaker WebViewer to get real-time information from the Web that is associated with your data without having to open aWeb browser.
  6. 6. Its never been easier to connect directly to the information you need inFileMaker Pro with the FileMaker Quick Start Screen and enhanced built-inFileMaker Help.New! Connect to Your FileMaker DataOn your mark, get set, connect!Connect directly to the information you need every time you launch FileMaker Pro 9 with the new FileMakerQuick Start Screen. Whether you want to create a new database, open an existing database or learn moreabout using FileMaker Pro 9, youll get to where you need to go faster than ever.Faster from the startThe FileMaker Quick Start Screen is the first screen you see when launching FileMaker Pro 9. It provides asimple navigation to create a new database, open an existing database, or learn more about the product withthe FileMaker Learning Center.Create Database--Build a FileMaker Pro database from scratch or choose from one of 30 Starter Solutions.qOpen Database--Browse files, open recent files or choose from your customized list of favorite files. Even addqor delete files from your favorites list.Learn More--Learn FileMaker Pro at your own pace with the FileMaker Learning Center.qFor those who are new to FileMaker Pro, youll have everything you need in one place to get you started onyour first database. For those who have been using FileMaker Pro for years, youll love being able to openrecent files or create a favorites list of the databases that you use most often.Help when you need itNow it is even easier to harness the power and flexibility of FileMaker Pro to build a solution that works for you.When you are working on a calculation, setting up a button, creating a new layout, or adding a FileMaker WebViewer, just click on the new "Learn moreÓ button in these dialogs for quick access to the relevant sections ofthe built-in FileMaker Help.Youll quickly be on your way to managing people, projects, assets and more--the easy way!
  7. 7. Stay on top of the details that matter the most. Conditional formatting is great for visually identifying whensomething is out-of-bounds or needs attention.At-a-glance indicatorsConnect to changes in your FileMaker Pro 9 data by visually formatting fields and objects based on parametersthat you decide! New Conditional Formatting can be applied to fields, FileMaker Web Viewer objects, textobjects, or text based buttons. Choose from a list of pre-defined conditions or create your own with acalculation for enhanced reporting. For example, you can now set future due dates to green and past due datesto red and bold.At-a-glance knowledgeAre any payments overdue? What contracts are expiring next month? Are you on-time and under budget?Connect to changes in your data with Conditional Formatting. You set the way a field or object is displayedbased on parameters that you decide. Choose the font, font style, font size, font color and fill color. Youll knowwho owes you money and what tasks are overdue because the font will change to bright red and bold (orwhatever you want it to) when this occurs.Never miss a due date againLets say that you schedule shifts for a department where employees can only be scheduled to work if all oftheir certifications are current. A visual reminder of the status of a certification would be very helpful to you.For example, with Conditional Formatting you can set the date field so that:If date is more than 30 days away, the date appears green.If date is within the next 30 days, the date appears yellow.If date is today or has already occurred, the date appears red.Quick performance indicatorsMany organizations use performance indicators to judge how well they are doing or to achieve desiredoutcomes. Choose from a list of 20 pre-defined conditions or create your own with a calculation. This makes itsimple to monitor and troubleshoot when your performance indicators are outside of the thresholds that youvedefined.Use Conditional Formatting with External SQL Data Sources to create useful information dashboards of yourorganizations data.
  8. 8. Imagine being able to access the same information with others at the same time. Its safe and easy with FileMakerPro.Database sharing made even easierIn just a few minutes, you can be sharing your database with others. Just click on Send Link and FileMaker Prowill create an email with a simple hyperlink that when clicked on, will open your database. You can edit theemail in your email client to add any additional instructions or information about your database for your usersmaking it easier than ever for your users to connect to your database.Simultaneous sharingLets say that you create a database in FileMaker Pro and then someone else in your organization wants to usethat database too. No need to post files to a server; sharing is built right into every copy of FileMaker Pro. Ifyour computers are connected to a network, you and up to nine other Windows and Mac OS FileMaker Pro userscan access the same database file simultaneously.* Plus, the new Send Link database sharing feature makes iteasy for others to connect to your database by creating an email with a hyperlink that launches your databasewith one click.** You can also extend your database to publish basic Web forms, status and lists with InstantWeb Publishing or connect FileMaker Pro to your website with PHP Web Publishing.And if you ever want to share with larger groups, FileMaker has easy-to-use server solutions available.Powerful securityDatabases can contain information from the most simplistic to the highly confidential. With the advancedsecurity features of FileMaker Pro, you decide who has access to what information and when. You can secureyour databases by assigning account names and passwords, and then assign custom privileges for each user,specifying what they can view and edit, down to the field level. So you can limit what users can see and do byrestricting access based on your work rules.*If you have more than 9 users, please learn more about FileMaker Server**The recipient of the email must have FileMaker Pro installed.Effortless reportingWhether you want to create an invoice to send to a customer or publish a report to your team, FileMaker Pro 9
  9. 9. makes it easy to create an Adobe PDF from your FileMaker data directly within FileMaker using PDF Maker, afeature introduced in FileMaker Pro 8. Now, with the new Append to PDF feature, you can combine multiplereports into one PDF and email the PDF to the recipients you specify, connecting them to the latest information.Latest UpdatesStay current with the latest software with new Software Update Notification. FileMaker Pro 9 automaticallychecks for software updates weekly. All it takes is an Internet connection.Create live connections to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL with ease!New! Connect to Your SQL DataDo-it-yourself SQL reportingHave you ever wished that you could access information stored in MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL? Now youcan! During a fast one-time setup, you add a SQL table or view to the FileMaker Relationship Graph and fromthat point on you have a live connection to the external SQL data source. Then, create custom reports andsolutions using all your familiar FileMaker Pro tools.Create solutions that include SQL dataNo longer do you need high-end programming skills to add SQL data to FileMaker Pro solutions. Now anyonecan extend FileMaker Pro solutions to include information located in SQL systems--all without needing to knowany programming languages or how to write SQL queries. You can create new information by addingsupplemental calculation and summary fields to the SQL table in FileMaker. Run finds, sorts, and exports on thetable. Even use the values in scripts. Its easy because it isFileMaker Pro.FileMaker Pro gives you the tools you need to do all sorts of useful things with data from an external SQL datasource, multiple external SQL data sources, or FileMaker Pro and external SQL data source(s). Use SQLinformation to create name badges or shipping labels. Track requisitions and purchase orders. Develop a visualcatalog of inventory and assets. Everything that FileMaker Pro can do--now you can do with data from SQL.Enable knowledge workers to use SQL data - safelyIf you are an administrator for a SQL database, you know the constant demand for ad-hoc data pulls andcustom solutions. Simply provide the knowledge workers in your organization with access to your SQL views ortables. FileMaker Pro utilizes standard system-level DSNs and you decide what level of access to provide (read
  10. 10. only or read/write). Then theyll be off reporting and creating solutions to their hearts content and youll be freeto work on other projects. Or use FileMaker Pro yourself and enjoy a dream environment for Rapid ApplicationDevelopment and deployment.Based on future-proof open ODBC standardsFileMaker Pros External Data Source feature was built with future expansion in mind. The initial release iscertified to work with the following popular SQL databases:MS SQL Server 2000MS SQL Server 2005Oracle 9gOracle 10gMySQL 5.0 Community Edition (free)The External Data Source feature also allows you to connect to remote FileMaker Pro databases, creating a"one source" tool for bringing all your critical data together.Locate the scripts you need, when you need them. Create new scripts in a flash with multiple script editingwindows.New! Connect to Your CreativitySuper script organizingThe more scripts you add to automate your solution, the more important it is to stay organized. Thats whyyoull appreciate how easy FileMaker Pro 9 makes it to group and edit your scripts with the new ScriptGrouping and Editing Tools.Get organizedTracking down the script you need is virtually trouble-free with new Script Organization features. Group relatedscripts for faster access. You can put all Report scripts in one group and all navigation scripts in another group.Categorize scripts in whatever way makes sense to you. If you have a lot of scripts, you can collapse andexpand groups to make the list more manageable.Instant discoveryFind the scripts you need in the blink of an eye, even if you dont know which group to look in. Just type asmuch of the script name as you know in the search box and FileMaker Pro will show you the list of scripts thatmatch.
  11. 11. Super script editingGet more out of scripts you have, and create new scripts faster. Quickly create new scripts by duplicatingsimilar ones youve already created. With multiple script editing windows, you can view existing scripts whileyou develop a new script.In addition, now multiple users can login to the same solution and edit scripts at the same time.Connect to your creative side with more tools to make your layouts, including those with a Tab Control orFileMaker Web Viewer, even better than before.Creativity at your fingertipsConnect to your creativity! Now you can design better and more creative layouts with intuitive new layoutobject tools. Modify the tab sizes with the new Tab Control options. Add a status bar or display HTML contentstored in your database with the new FileMaker Web Viewer options.Precision tuningThe Tab Control is a great way to logically organize information. Now you can set the tabs to the width youwant. For example, you may have a small label but want the tab containing the label to be larger, possiblybecause it looks better or because you want a larger area to click on. Or you may be putting images on thetabs so you want the tabs to be big enough to fit the image. Now you can specify the size of the tab. Also, youcan designate which tab is the default front tab.Up-to-date informationWhen a web page is loading in your browser, you can glance at the status bar to monitor progress. Now, youcan add the same status bar to the FileMaker Web Viewer. Also, you can dynamically display web pages in theFileMaker Web Viewer that are driven by HTML stored in a field in your database.One size fits allDesign it once. Use it anywhere. Layout objects, such as portals, tab controls, and the FileMaker Web Viewer,will scale to fit the screen or printer being used. With the new Auto-Resize feature, layout objects that you
  12. 12. choose will resize or move in order to maintain a constant distance to the sides of the window or container thatthey have been anchored to.More great featuresFileMaker Pro 9 also includes these new and exciting features:New! Field Level Spell Checking so you can turn on or off visual spell-checking for individual fields.New! Multiple Undos and Redos so you can undo and redo more than once when editing text within a field.New! Enhanced Toolbars, including the new Align Toolbar for faster layout design and an updated StandardToolbar that includes buttons for PDF Maker and Excel Maker.New! 10 additional Avery labels layouts including Shipping Labels ideal for packaging and printingpostage.Read more