Adobe illustrator cs3 [mac] [old version]


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Adobe illustrator cs3 [mac] [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Adobe Illustrator CS3 [Mac] [OLDVERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.5 out of 5Product FeatureEfficiently create sophisticated vector artwork forqvirtually any mediumExplore and apply color variations using dynamicqnew color controlsBe more productive with new and enhancedqfeatures to get your artwork goingStreamline your design workflows by moving easilyqbetween Illustrator CS3 and other AdobeapplicationsEnhance your artwork with professionalqtypography and transparent effectsRead moreqProduct DescriptionAdobe Illustrator CS3 for Mac software defines the future of vector graphics with groundbreaking creativeoptions and powerful tools for efficiently publishing artwork on the Web in print everywhere. Does NOT includefull printed User Guide in the box; Fulfillment will include: 30-50 page Getting Started Guide in the box; A PDFof the unabridged User Guide on the CD/DVD; Generic doc fulfillment card outlining policy and our commitmentto the environment in the box 2; Online help (both on web and on the desktop) which includes readilyaccessible training beyond what manuals include. Full printed User Guides will be available at ReadmoreProduct DescriptionAdobe Illustrator CS3 software allows you to efficiently create sophisticated vector artwork for virtually anymedium. Access tools quickly and easily, explore color variations, and share files seamlessly between Illustratorand other Adobe professional applications as you prepare content for print, web and interactive, and mobileand motion designs.
  2. 2. Efficiently create sophisticated vector artwork for virtually any medium.Explore New Paths With the Essential Vector ToolProduce vector artwork for all types of media using Adobe Illustrator CS3. Discover dynamic new ways toexplore, apply, and control color variations; work faster with new drawing tools and controls; and increase yourefficiency using new document profiles and the Crop Area tool. Take your graphics to the printed page,websites, video, mobile devices, and virtually everywhere you want to go. See for yourself how Illustrator CS3lets you explore new paths.Use powerful, precise creative toolsQuickly explore multiple design options with the powerful, precise creative features in Illustrator CS3.Industry-standard drawing tools, new color controls, and a wealth of powerful effects enable greater creativeproductivity and the ability to easily experiment. Use new Live Color to explore color harmonies andinteractively apply color to any selection of objects. Work faster by controlling path editing and point alignmentin the Control panel. And enhance your artwork with professional typography and transparent effects.Work quickly and intuitivelyEfficiently execute your ideas in Illustrator CS3. With easier access to tools and options, flexible andcustomizable workspaces, and a wealth of timesaving features and shortcuts, you can speed through designand production tasks. The enhanced Control panel frees up screen space and puts more options at yourfingertips, while New Document Profiles provide a launch pad for video and other designs. Whatever your finaloutput destination, you can create your artwork quickly and easily in Illustrator CS3.Enjoy tight integrationStreamline your design workflows by moving easily between Illustrator CS3 and other Adobe applications.Leverage robust integration with Adobe Flash software for your web animations, and preview mobile artwork inAdobe Device Central CS3. Use your vector designs as the basis of DVD menus, titles, and visual effects bymoving them easily between Illustrator and Adobe motion and effects applications. And create reliable AdobePDF files, with multiple pages and layers intact, for high-quality printed output.Audience benefitGraphic designers--Adobe Illustrator CS3 software lets you create compelling vector graphics that remainsharp as you scale, edit, and output them to virtually any medium. Instantly convert bitmaps to vector artwork,paint intuitively, explore color variations, design with advanced typographic control, and easily find the toolsyou need. Rely on industry-standard drawing tools and tight integration with Adobe Photoshop CS3, AdobeFlash CS3 Professional, Adobe InDesign CS3, and other favorite applications to quickly realize your ideas.Web and interactive designers--Adobe Illustrator CS3 software gives you the power to create compellinginteractive vector graphics for rich online experiences. Tight integration with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe
  3. 3. Flash CS3 Professional software enables you to easily design layouts and comps using industry-standardcreative tools, and then smoothly move files between applications for efficient authoring workflows to producevector graphics that look sharp, remain editable, and go virtually anywhere.Motion graphics and visual effects designers--Adobe Illustrator CS3 software delivers the tools you needto produce innovative motion graphics and visual effects. Integration with Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional,Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, and Adobe Encore CS3 software means you can use small, efficient vector files as thefoundation for your designs, and a wealth of industry-standard drawing tools let you explore creativepossibilities with ease. Whether you create DVD menus or music videos, station identities or special effects,Illustrator CS3 is an affordable, efficient, and powerful post-production tool.New in Adobe Illustrator CS3Live ColorExplore, apply, and control color variations using Live Color, which lets you select any artwork and interactivelyedit the colors to see results immediately. Use the Color Guide panel to quickly choose tints, shades, orharmonious color combinations.Adobe Flash integrationImport native Adobe Illustrator files into Flash CS3 Professional, or copy and paste artwork from Illustrator toFlash with paths, anchor points, gradients, clipping masks, and symbols intact. Layers, groups, and objectnames are also preserved.Drawing tools and controlsDraw in Illustrator more quickly and fluidly than ever. Easier and more flexible anchor point selection, improvedoperating performance, and a new Eraser tool help you create artwork efficiently and intuitively.Improved operating performanceEnjoy more responsive drawing and editing with improved performance in key operations, including fasterscreen redraw, object moving, panning, scaling, and transformations.Control panelDiscover more options faster and free up screen space by accessing anchor point controls, clipping masks,envelope distortions, and more from the context-sensitive Control panel.Eraser toolQuickly remove areas of artwork with the Eraser tool as easily as you erase pixels in Photoshop, and enjoycomplete control over the width, shape, and smoothness of the erasure.New Document ProfilesCreate artwork easily by selecting prebuilt profiles for various types of media, and save custom profiles thatspecify such setup parameters as artboard dimensions, styles, and color spaces.Crop Area toolDefine crop areas interactively for print or export. Choose preset web ratios or video formats with safe areas,and set crop marks intuitively. Define multiple crop areas and easily move between them as needed.Isolation modeEdit objects in a group without disturbing other parts of your artwork. Easily select hard-to-find objects withouthaving to restack, lock, or hide layers.Symbols for FlashUse Symbols to animate repeated objects while keeping file sizes small. Define and name symbol objectattributes, and preserve these properties when you take the artwork to Flash CS3 Professional for furtherediting.Additional FeaturesLive Trace
  4. 4. Quickly and accurately convert photos, scans, or other bitmap images to editable and scalable vector pathsusing Live Trace.Integration with Adobe design applicationsSpeed your way through graphic designs and print production thanks to tight integration with Adobe Photoshop,InDesign, and Acrobat software.Live PaintEasily paint any closed or partially closed area of your artwork with the Live Paint Bucket, which automaticallydetects and corrects gaps and lets you interactively select colors from a Swatch palette for faster work.Advanced typographyEasily create and control type with over 100 OpenType fonts, paragraph and character styles, paragraphcomposition, underline and strikethrough, transparent effects, and more.Custom workspacesWork more efficiently using custom workspaces that display only the panels you need for a specific task. Save,share, or access any workspace at any time, or use workspace presets.Adobe PDF file creation toolsCreate native Adobe PDF files, including multipage PDF files, so clients and others can easily review yourartwork using Adobe Acrobat or free Adobe Reader software.Web and interactive toolsEasily create for the web and mobile devices using vector-based slicing tools, robust integration with Flash,New Document Profiles for web and mobile designs, the capability to preview mobile content in Adobe DeviceCentral, and more.New Document Profiles for web and mobile devicesSelect profiles for web or mobile devices that include prebuilt proportional crops, symbols, and more. Savecustom profiles for your projects and clients.Save For Web/MobileEasily export using the Save For Web/Mobile dialog box, which lets you choose from HTML, SWF, GIF, and JPEGformats, along with color count, compression, file size, mobile output, and more.Adobe Device Central CS3Create rich graphic content for mobile devices by using Adobe Device Central CS3 to open a specific NewDocument Profile, and then preview output using the Save for Web/Mobile dialog box.Integration with Adobe motion and effects toolsUse your Adobe Illustrator artwork in Adobe After Effects projects, Adobe Premiere Pro video productions, andAdobe Encore projects to create DVD titles, animations, effects, and more.Live Color for motion and effectsUse Live Color to explore, apply, and control color variations for effects. Quickly change colors in your artworkand automatically see the update in Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro software.New Document Profiles for motion and effectsSelect prebuilt profiles that include video color profiles, pixel aspect ratios, transparency grids, and aperturesettings. Save profiles with custom parameters.Crop Area tool for motion and effectsUse the Crop Area tool to define working areas on your artboard that are specific to your video aperture,complete with safe-area guides. Read more