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Baden Wurttenberg


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Baden Wurttenberg

  1. 1. Baden- Wurttenberg Germany Click Pps Series
  2. 2. Baden Wurttenberg is one of the 16 states (Bundeslander) of the Federal Republic of Germany, is in the southwestern part of country.The major cities straddling the banks of the Neckar River like Tubingen,Stuttgart,Heidelberg,Heilbronn,Mannheim. The state capital is Stuttgart . Baden Wurttenberg is the most prosperous states in Germany A number of well-know enterprises are in the state for example: Daimler, Porsche, ,Bosch,Zeiss,Sap The Danube river has its source near the town of Donaueschingen in a place called Black Forest. Baden Wurttenberg is divided in 35 districts and 9 independent cities.:Baden-Baden,Freiburg,Heidelberg,Heilbronn,Karlsruhe,Manheim Pforzheim,Stuttgart,Ulm. .Baden Wurttenberg is a popular holiday destination, rivaled only by Bavaria, Lake Constance (german Bodensee)is a draw in the summer. The people speak Swabian and Badisch german both are known for being almost unintelligible to northern Germans. Baden Wurttenberg is the home of the oldest ,most renowned Universities in Germany such Universities of Freiburg,Heidelberg,Tubingen,Stuttgart ,Mannheim and Ulm. Baden- Wurttenberg
  3. 3. Panaorama -Ulm
  4. 4. Mannheim- Jesuit church
  5. 9. Tower of Ulm
  6. 11. Heildelberg
  7. 18. Constance lake
  8. 21. Litle Venice
  9. 23. Montfort castle
  10. 24. Bregentz
  11. 32. Last hot days
  12. 35. Lia Ulm Town Hall
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