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Synod 2017 - Saturday


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Slides presented at the 136th Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Ottawa; Friday, November 04, 2017.

Includes presentations:
Today 4 Tomorrow: Annual Appeal
Companion Diocese of Jerusalem
Parish Ministry Committee and Parish Ministry Institute
Hospital Ministries
Trinity Cornwall Drop-In
Priority 1 Working Group and Embracing God's Future
Ottawa West Deanery Presentation
Provincial Synod

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Synod 2017 - Saturday

  1. 1. The Church of Christ in Every Age Morning Prayer begins at 8:30 am 136th DIOCESAN SYNOD
  2. 2. The Church of Christ in Every Age Morning Prayer Page 11
  3. 3. The Church of Christ in Every Age Synod Keynote Address The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz Primate, Anglican Church of Canada
  4. 4. The Church of Christ in Every Age Today 4 Tomorrow Annual Appeal Jane Scanlon Diocesan Stewardship Officer
  5. 5. The Church of Christ in Every Age Jerusalem Women’s Conference Catherine Chapman & Delegates Kind of a Big Deal, Diocese of Ottawa
  6. 6. Diocese of Ottawa
 Women’s Jerusalem Pilgrimage November, 2016
  7. 7. Jerusalem!
  8. 8. Cathedral Church of St. George the Martyr: Our Base. Our host:
  9. 9. A City of Iconic Scenes
  10. 10. And Walls: That Protect That Protest That Divide
  11. 11. Diocesan Ministries in the Community
 Hospitals: Princess Basma Centre Jerusalem; St. Luke’s Hospital, Nablus; The Penman Clinic, Zebabdeh “We extend a vital caring hand to our communities, building bridges of peace in a region of unrest … families who benefit from our ministry share their appreciation by telling of the goodwill between Christians and others of different faiths”
  12. 12. Diocesan Ministries in the Community Guest Houses & Schools

  13. 13. “The Living Stones”- Listening to the students 

  14. 14. Conversations with the women of the Diocese“The Living Stones”
  15. 15. We travelled ‘into’ the Bible:
 St. Philip’s Church, Nablus, 
 site of the first confirmation 
 -Acts 8
  16. 16. Zebabdeh, a growing church and warm hospitality
  17. 17. Partnership & Prayer
  18. 18. SHUKRAN & SHALOM!
  19. 19. The Church of Christ in Every Age Mid-Morning Prayers Page 12
  20. 20. The Church of Christ in Every Age Communications Stephanie Boyd Communications Officer
  21. 21. Graphic Design
  22. 22. The Church of Christ in Every Age Parish Ministry Committee The Ven. Beth Bretzlaff Chair, Parish Ministry Committee
  23. 23. The Church of Christ in Every Age Parish Ministry Institute The Rev. Canon Peter Lackey Director, Parish Ministries Institute
  24. 24. The Church of Christ in Every Age Hospital Ministries Working Group The Rev. Di Jaggassar Anglican Chaplain, The Ottawa Hospital, Civic/ General Campus Sheila Granger Volunteer Coordinator for Anglican Ministries, The Ottawa Hospital & Heart Institute
  25. 25. PICTURE THIS . . .
  26. 26. CHURCH COMES TO YOU • If you are identified as an Anglican/ Evangelical Lutheran, you may get a visit from one of our Anglican visitors. • Invitation to receive Holy Communion at bedside following service in Prayer Room
  27. 27. ANGLICAN CHAPLAIN • Patients in isolation/ICU/emergency and other critical care areas • Special request from staff • Request from out-of-town clergy
  28. 28. EMERGENCY? • On-call system
  29. 29. SOME STATS • 2000 plus • 5-12 bedsides average • 80% • Why visit?
  30. 30. INTERESTED? • Training required (some hoops) Orientation, Police check • 10 Week Course • Two masters • No proselytizing • Positive, sensitive, non-judgmental pastoral support
  32. 32. THE OTTAWA HOSPITAL RESPONSE? • Emergency Spiritual Care Assistance Team • (ESCAT)
  33. 33. WHAT IS ESCAT? • A new program created by The Ottawa Hospital • Embraced by hospitals in Canada & U.S.A. • A team of trained hospital chaplains supported by trained, on-call volunteers and clergy • Support victims, families, others in need
  34. 34. BENEFITS? • Even in you’re never called to respond to a disaster, you bring back skills and support for your faith community when they are in crisis • Personal growth
  36. 36. INTERESTED? • Someone from TOH to speak to a parish group • If you are, handouts are available today
  37. 37. The Church of Christ in Every Age Noon Worship Page 13
  38. 38. The Church of Christ in Every Age Trinity Cornwall Drop-In Centre The Rev. Peter Cazaly Director, Trinity Cornwall Drop-In Centre
  39. 39. Trinity Drop-In Day Program A Feasibility Project in Cornwall
  40. 40. It all started with some coffee and a box of tim-bits. . .
  41. 41. Then we got our own room – January 15, 2017.
  42. 42. We offered some coffee, breakfast and social recreation – Three Mornings a Week
  43. 43. We added pastoral counselling, laundry facilities, referrals to other social agencies and warm clothing.
  44. 44. ❖ Others joined in: ❖ Christ Church, Long Sault ❖ St. John’s Lancaster ❖ Parish of South Dundas ❖ The Cornwall and Area Inter-Faith Group ❖ Social Development Council of Cornwall ❖ Agape Centre ❖ Cornwall Anti-Poverty and ❖ Affordable Housing Advocacy Group ❖ St. Lawrence College School of Social Work ❖ Pride Week Group
  45. 45. Planning for the Future: ❖ Increasing and Expanding facilities ❖ Trillium Grant ❖ Partnership with Eastern Ontario Health Unit ❖ A new Diocesan Community Ministry like Centre 454?
  46. 46. The Church of Christ in Every Age Priority One Working Group The Rev. Tim Kehoe, Chair The Very Rev. Shane Parker
  47. 47. The Church of Christ in Every Age Buildings and the Shape of Parish Ministry: Emerging Range of Options The Rev. Tim Kehoe, Chair The Very Rev. Shane Parker
  48. 48. Sue Sams Pat Leach Michael Perkin Carolyn Seabrook Peter John Hobbs Arran Thorpe Tim Kehoe Garry Smith Monique Stone Georgia Roberts Working Group Members
  49. 49. 1) Supported and monitored the ongoing process of deanery collaborations 2) Ongoing review of statistical returns (2005-14) 3) Held a Lessons Learned Forum 4) Identified a number of emerging strategic issues 5) Developed the Innovation Fund 6) Developed “Emerging Range of Options,” in collaboration with Bishop’s Office Our Work to Date
  50. 50. Area Parish Amalgamation Collaboration Single-point Parish Multi-point Parish Anchor model Chapel Close Emerging Range of Options
  51. 51. Collaboration Open Table Presenter The Rev. Mark Whittall
  52. 52. Amalgamation Julian of Norwich Presenters Laura Dallas Pam Middleton The Reverend Canon Mary Ellen Berry and Friends
  53. 53. THE PARISH OF SOUTH CARLETON Rev. Carolyn Seabrook Rev. Allan Budzin
  54. 54. Discussion Questions 1. Can you see yourselves in this range of options? Which one(s), and why? 2. Where do think you need to go, and why? 
  55. 55. The Church of Christ in Every Age Ottawa West Deanery The Rev. John Organ Dean, Saint Martin’s
  56. 56. The Church of Christ in Every Age Provincial Synod Report The Ven. David Selzer Executive Archdeacon
  57. 57. The Church of Christ in Every Age Closing Motions The Right Reverend John H. Chapman Bishop of Ottawa
  58. 58. Motion - Appointment of Auditors It is moved by Peter Martin and seconded by Warren Trickey that Synod appoint the firm of Deloitte & Touche LLP as auditors for the 2017 financial statements of The Incorporated Synod of the Diocese of Ottawa.
  59. 59. Motion - Adoption of Minutes It is moved by the Lay Secretary and seconded by the Rev. Jonathan Askwith that Synod accept the minutes of the 136th session of Synod, as adopted by the Committee to Review the Minutes, and approve them for publication in the Synod Journal.
  60. 60. Motion of Thanks It is moved by the Lay Secretary and seconded by the Clerical Secretary Motion read by the Lay Secretary
  61. 61. The Church of Christ in Every Age Announcements to Synod The Right Reverend John H. Chapman Bishop of Ottawa
  62. 62. The Church of Christ in Every Age Sending Rite Page 13Page 13
  63. 63. “Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord.”