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Synod 2017 - Friday


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Slides presented at the 136th Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Ottawa; Friday, November 03, 2017.

Includes presentations:
Homelessness and Affordable Housing
Refugee Ministry
Embracing God's Future
Canon Sarah Hills: Canon for Reconciliation at Coventry Cathedral
All My Relations
Community Ministries
Property and Finance
Real Estate Working Group
Youth Internship Program

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Synod 2017 - Friday

  1. 1. The Church of Christ in Every Age 136th DIOCESAN SYNOD Please register before taking a seat. Morning Prayer begins at 9:00 am New Member Orientation is in the Lower Hall. Internet Password: stelias2014 Twitter: #OttSynod
  2. 2. Stewardship Café Did you remember to fill out your Stewardship Café Discussion Topic? Please stop by the Stewardship Table in the Display Area to make your selection.
  3. 3. The Church of Christ in Every Age Gathering Worship Page 2
  4. 4. The Church of Christ in Every Age Opening Omnibus Motion Lay & Clerical Secretary Diocese of Ottawa
  5. 5. Omnibus Motion It is moved by the Lay Secretary and seconded by the Clerical Secretary that Synod approve an omnibus motion that grants the privileges of the House, appoints Sessional Committees, adopts the agenda, and receives reports, including Diocesan Council actions, and financial reports, as distributed in the registration package.
  6. 6. The Church of Christ in Every Age Synod Keynote Address The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz Primate, Anglican Church of Canada
  7. 7. The Church of Christ in Every Age Mid-Morning Prayers Page 5
  8. 8. The Church of Christ in Every Age Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund Jane Maxwell Chair, PWRDF
  9. 9. EMBRACING GOD’S FUTURE The Church of Christ in Every Age Ottawa Synod 2017
  10. 10. Thank You, Archbishop Fred, for a job well done!
  11. 11. PWRDF Financial Summary
 to PWRDF 2016 - $329,138 2015 - $339,773 2014 - $330,269
  13. 13. The Toxic Triangle of Drought, Hunger & Conflict in Africa
  14. 14. 
 “All Mothers and Children Count”
 Maternal, Newborn & Child Health Program AND The Pikangikum Water Project
  15. 15. PWRDF’s MNCH – Maternal, Newborn & Child Health Program
  16. 16. Vaccination Day in Tanzania
  17. 17. Canadian Anglicans have donated 140 bicycle ambulances to communities in Mozambique, Burundi and Bangladesh
  18. 18. PWRDF Ottawa invites you to a ‘MEET & GREET’ With our PWRDF AFRICAN PARTNERS Dr. Evrard Hahimana - Medical Doctor, RWANDA and Mr. Geoffrey Monjesa - Development worker, Diocese of Masasi, TANZANIA AT St. Bartholomew’s Church – Mon. Oct. 16, 2017
  20. 20. Where Is Pikangikum?
  21. 21. Sub-Standard Housing with No Running Water or Sewage
  23. 23. Suicide takes too many young lives in Pikangikum
  24. 24. ANGLICAN PARISH & PWRDF INVOLVEMENT Pimatisiwin Nipi (“Living Water”)
 New Shower/Bathtub
  26. 26. 1,200 Gallon Wastewater Tank Enclosure behind House
  28. 28. Pikangikum Water Project
 Running water and Youth Trainees
  30. 30. The Pikangikum Water Project PWRDF links Jane Maxwell - PWRDF Diocesan Rep Ottawa PWRDF National Office José Zarate – PWRDF Indigenous Communities Coordinator - PWRDF Website:
  32. 32. The Church of Christ in Every Age Homelessness and Affordable Housing Working Group Sue Garvey Executive Director, Cornerstone Housing for Women
  33. 33. Moira Davis Jim Davison Sue Garvey Rev. Laurette Glasgow Ven. Peter John Hobbs Larry Langlois Rev. Kathryn Otley Gay Richardson Mollie Stokes Homelessness and Affordable Housing Working Group
  34. 34. Homelessness and 
 Affordable Housing 
 in the Ottawa Diocese
  35. 35. In Ottawa, more than 7000 different people used the shelter system in 2016.
  36. 36. Current Reality in Ottawa Diocese Minimum wage, income assistance and disability benefits Refugee housing Youth homelessness Retiring into poverty
  37. 37. Indigenous Canadians and Housing
  38. 38. Rural Homelessness Often invisible. 1) Home may be insecure due to needed repairs, transportation issues, food insecurity 2) Women may remain in abusive relationships due to isolation. 3) Youth and others “couch hop” due to lack of resources and shelters, which are in urban centers.
  39. 39. 1 in 5 Canadian households spend more than 50% of their income on shelter. Affordable Housing: 
 less than 30% of the household gross income is spent on shelter ! In Ontario, the average wait time for housing assistance is 3.28 years
  40. 40. Renfrew County 958 Cornwall 766 Number of Ottawa 10479 Lanark County 394 Outaouais Region 1206
  41. 41. With limited choices, people often stay in unsafe housing.
  42. 42. So, what is the Diocese of Ottawa doing?
  43. 43. The Anglican Church of Canada has committed to making homelessness and affordable housing a priority
  44. 44. How did we get here? 2013 Joint declaration by ACC and ELCIC 2014 The Diocese of Ottawa Resolution Funding policy regarding surplus property  20172015 Homelessness and Affordable Housing Working Group Goals and resources developed 2016
  45. 45. So...what is the goal of the Diocese of Ottawa?
  46. 46. Every parish engaged 125 new affordable housing units by 2021. .  
  47. 47. How can you get involved?  Learn Pray Act Advocate
  48. 48. Steps Toward Action LEARN •Identify the needs in your church/community. •What are your local issues and what is your community passionate about? • Identify the strengths and assets of your church and community
  49. 49. Steps 
 Action PRAY •Pray about what you’ve learned and about your community. • Where is God leading you?
  50. 50. Steps to getting engaged ADVOCATE “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” -Proverbs 31:8-9 ACT Get involved.....
  51. 51. Models of Affordable Housing in our Diocese…it’s already happening!  St. Paul’s Almonte
  52. 52. Models of Affordable Housing in our diocese…it’s already happening! Ellwood House
  53. 53. Models of Affordable Housing in our diocese…it’s already happening! Booth Cornerstone
  54. 54. Models of Affordable Housing: The Diocese in Partnership Multifaith Housing Initiative
  55. 55. Emerging Projects
  56. 56. Cornerstone Princeton Supportive Housing for 42 women! We’re on our way… a part of it! 373 Princeton St. Ottawa Think 125 is impossible? We’re already on our way!
  57. 57. Stories to get you thinking...
  58. 58. Questions to get you talking... •What are the needs in your community? •Who else in your community is concerned about and involved in affordable housing?   •What are the resources in your community and assets of your church? • How can your parish get involved? What’s your first step? 
  59. 59. Resources Homelessness and Affordable Housing Working Group:   Contact Sue Garvey: Centre 454 St. Luke’s Cornerstone The Well Ottawa Pastoral Counselling Centre The Homeless Hub Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa
  60. 60. The Church of Christ in Every Age Ontario Trillium Fund Seed Grant The Venerable Peter John Hobbs Director of Mission John Fraser MPP, Ottawa South Yasir Naqvi MPP, Ottawa Centre
  61. 61. Use of Church Property for 
 Affordable Housing A Project of the Diocese of Ottawa Supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation 10/31/17 73
  62. 62. Special Guests Hon. John Fraser, MPP Ottawa South Hon. Yasir Naqvi, MPP Ottawa Centre Alice Fyfe, Project Coordinator 10/31/17 74
  63. 63. Background:
 The Church and Affordable Housing (AH) • General Synod 2013 & our Synod 2014 – Priority given to Homelessness & AH – Homelessness & AH Working Group (HAHWG) • 125 AH Units, every parish engaged – By 2021, our 125th Anniversary as a Diocese – A concrete goal – On our way with Cornerstone, 42 Units • Current context, AH a government priority 10/31/17 75
  64. 64. Our Background in Affordable Housing 10/31/17 76 • Many examples of Parishes & Affordable Housing – E.G.Quail House, Serson Clarke, Beek Lindsay,
 Harmer House, Ellwood House • Cornerstone Housing for Women – Fully part of the Diocese (four, soon five, sites) – Brings capacity and experience • Real Estate Working Group (REWG) – Close collaboration with Homelessness and Affordable Housing Working Group (HAHWG)
  65. 65. Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF): • Collaboration of HAHWG and REWG • January 2017 - Trillium Seed Grant Awarded, $75,000 • Develop conceptual models for use of church property for AH, for example • Use of secondary buildings (e.g. Rectory, Hall) • Use of surplus land (e.g. large church yard) • Redevelopment with continued places for worship and element of AH • Feasibility Studies for full-scale redevelopments • Meetings and targeted interviews throughout the Diocese with churches and organizations 10/31/17 77
  66. 66. Feasibility Studies - Redevelopment • Julian of Norwich (Ottawa) & Trinity (Ottawa South) – Both parishes ready for feasibility as next step – Establishment of a working committee in each parish – Exploring vision and mission of parish – Conversations with potential partners – Establishment of architectural programs and preliminary design – Determining Financial viability • Feasibility Study an early step in a longer process – Is it sustainable? • With services of Cahdco, a non-for-profit affordable housing development consultancy 10/31/17 78
  67. 67. Secondary Buildings • Discussion with parishes throughout the Diocese – To learn about current initiatives (Almonte) – To explore opportunities and need for affordable housing • Consulted with organizations and individuals to explore possibilities for partnerships (Cornerstone Landing Youth Services, Habitat for Humanity, Calvin United, Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre) • Discovered other ways the Church can support Affordable Housing beyond the provision of land and building (e.g renovate existing housing, join a Habitat for Humanity build) 10/31/17 79
  68. 68. What Have We Learned So Far • Need for affordable housing is sometimes “hidden” in smaller towns/ rural areas • Affordable Housing for youth and low-income seniors often identified • Converting secondary buildings into housing is possible • If use of church land not an option, parishes have many opportunities to partner with others to support Affordable Housing initiatives • Support services are also critical (e.g. transportation in rural context) 10/31/17 80
  69. 69. What Have We Learned So Far, Cont’d • This takes time – we need to go slow • Building partnerships is critical, everyone wants to talk to us • Congregational support, engagement, and readiness are essential – Key leaders-Champions – Identify Core-Values~Vision-Mission – This work represents significant change and requires trust • At times need to employ/assemble team of expertise • Consider heritage value of property • Sometimes things are not feasible 10/31/17 81
  70. 70. More Learnings • Affordable Housing is named as a need wherever we go • There are many opportunities for partnership – People want to work with us • Affordable Housing requires Land, Money, and People (capacity) – If you have one, it is a start • When people come together great things can happen 10/31/17 82
  71. 71. What We are Excited About • Feasibility Studies are encouraging for redevelopment of 1 to 2 churches • Feasibility Studies will be completed by year-end • Final report to OTF to be submitted in early 2018 • There are multiple approaches from small to large scale • Affordable Housing a priority for three levels of government • Many potential partners • This work is timely and relevant to God’s mission in the world 10/31/17 83
  72. 72. The Right Reverend John H. Chapman Bishop of Ottawa 10/31/17 84
  73. 73. John Fraser MPP for Ottawa South 10/31/17 85
  74. 74. Yasir Naqvi MPP for Ottawa Centre 10/31/17 86
  75. 75. 10/31/17 87
  76. 76. The Church of Christ in Every Age Mid-Day Prayers Page 6
  77. 77. The Church of Christ in Every Age Refugee Ministry Working Group Don Smith Chair, Refugee Ministry Working Group
  79. 79. Outline !Refugee Sponsorship in the Diocese of Ottawa !Recent History Before September 2015 !Results Since September 2015 !The Global Need !Challenges
  80. 80. Recent History
 2012 - 2013
 !5 Sponsoring Parishes !2012 – 1 application for 4 refugees !2013 – 1 application for 6 refugees
  81. 81. Synod 2014
 3 Million Refugees Flee Syria 0 1000000 2000000 3000000 4000000 Saturday, January 16, 2016 Friday, June 16, 2017
  82. 82. 2014 to August 2015 ! Increase to 11 Sponsoring Parishes ! 2014 - 10 applications for 41 refugees ! Jan to Aug 2015 – 5 applications for 11 refugees
  83. 83. 
 Death of Aylan Kurdi
 2 September 2015

  84. 84. By mid-2016 ! Parishes 23 ! Secular Community Groups 25 ! Partners - Registered Charity ! Jewish Family Services 14 ! St Elias Orthodox Cathedral 5 ! Ashbury College 1 ! Total Sponsoring Groups 68
  85. 85. Individual Refugees
 September 2015 to October 2017 ! Sponsorship completed 190 ! Sponsorship ongoing 102 ! In process with IRCC 164 ! To be submitted by end 2017 28 ! Total 484 5 0 6 1 6 1 1 1 1 1 5 2 3 1 1 6 1 5 3 1 1 1 2 5 4 0 5 2 7 3 5 1 4 5 1 3 3 1 4 2 4 6 1 1 5 2 1 1 5 7 3 1 5 2 1 3 5 1
  86. 86. 14 Countries of Origin ! Afghanistan ! Burundi ! Central African Republic ! Colombia ! Democratic Republic of the Congo ! Eritrea ! Gambia ! Iran ! Iraq ! Liberia ! Myanmar ! Somalia ! Sudan ! Syria ! Yemen
  87. 87. 
 Landings from Sept 2015 to Dec 2016
 Anglican Sponsorship Agreement Holders Diocese Total Landings Rupert’s Land 951 Ottawa 238 Toronto 204 Montreal 200 Calgary 198 Huron 141 British Columbia 134 Niagara 115 Diocese Total Landings Ontario 53 Kootenay 53 Edmonton 51 New Westminster 48 Saskatoon 42 NS/PEI 30 Qu'Appelle 16 Total 2474 New Canadians
  88. 88. Going forward It has been an incredible 2 years, but the need is greater now than ever before.
  89. 89. Worldwide Refugee Population Photo Credit UNHCR M. Hofer 2013
  90. 90. The Trump administration will drop the refugee cap to 45,000 — the lowest in decades Michelle Mark Business Insider Sep. 27, 2017
  91. 91. The need has never been greater. Please sponsor a family. Please.
  92. 92. Photo Credit UNHCR G. Gubaeva 2013
  93. 93. Cries for help Request for assistance for the care and humane asylum Seeking for urgent help i need your help Iranian Christian Refugee family in jakarta MERCY ON US Is it possible to your SAH help me even one of us? Please save our lives
  94. 94. That Synod directs Diocesan Council to ! develop processes to permit ad hoc community groups to undertake fully funded private sponsorships of refugees through the Diocese in its capacity as a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, ! develop processes to permit Canadian friends and relatives of refugees overseas to partner with the Diocese, and ! pursue extra-budgetary funding to cover the cost of operations. Synod 2015
  95. 95. The Church of Christ in Every Age Embracing God’s Future The Reverend Monique Stone
  96. 96. How did we get HERE? An Update on Embracing God’s Future
  97. 97. “What is going on right now?” •Embracing God’s Future is living out in various different ways: •The prayer is informing the work of many ministries in parishes, communities and throughout the diocese •The principles and practices have led to changes in the way that we deliver ministry, manage our finances, develop our lay and ordained leadership, determine how the diocese offers support to new and existing ministries, and much more •Embracing God’s Future is the LENS – throughout the diocese
  98. 98. ‘But I’ve never heard of Embracing God’s Future’ •As with any significant change sometimes it takes a while for it to spread throughout the communities that are impacted. It is a new lens – and it’s a big one… but it’s been around for five years now… time flies by! BUT PLEASE BE REST ASSURD… It is Embracing God’s Future that has, is, and will continue to be what informs the work of the Diocese and all of our parishes, ministries and communities as we live in to God’s dream for the church
  99. 99. “I don’t know, sounds kinda top-down”… •Hmmmm…. NO… it’s more of an organic (and sometimes messy) approach •Embracing God’s Future was an initiative that began in 2012 with the distinct commitment to use a grassroots method of engagement and strategic planning to create the vision, principles, and practices for the future of the Diocese of Ottawa that would engage as many parishioners, leaders, staff members, youth, and children as possible •The methodology used as the framework for the consultation and plan creation was based on a process for sustainable development called ‘The Natural Step’ (see •Hundreds of people were involved in the creation of the Embracing God’s Future Prayer AND then again in the development of the EGF Road Map and it’s Principles, Practices and Priorities – collaborative work was and is the approach to making decisions
  100. 100. So it’s an organic process (i.e. bottom-up, top-engaged, and sometimes sideways)… • The result of the work is that EGF has become LENS by which all areas of our diocese are discerning the future • That means work is informed by a commitment to be RISK-TAKERS, COLLABORATORS, TRADITION-RESPECTERS, NEW-IDEA GENERATORS… and more • Top-Down is easier • Bottom-Up, Top-Engaged, and Sometimes Side-Ways is messy, takes longer, sometimes causes conflict, is open to mistakes and changes along the way • But that is okay – our Prayer, Priorities and Principles told us that this is the way it should be done – and messy seems just like the gospel
  101. 101. What are some mistakes we’ve made along the way? •Now that we are in 2017 we recognize that over the years we have forgot to keep it front in centre that our work continues to be informed by the Embracing God’s Future Prayer, Principles, and Practices – that what we are doing TODAY is the result of hundreds of parishioners who dedicated a lot of time and prayer and discernment to create that LENS by which we are working. •We have not been communicating enough about how the work that has been happening is connected to the EGF prayer, principles and practices – we need to figure out a way to do that •Although we have done small ‘Evaluations and Lessons Learned’ work, it is likely time to consider a broader evaluation of how EGF is working throughout all facets of the diocese. Diocesan Council will likely need to consider this in its coming meetings.
  102. 102. What are some successes? • At this Synod we are going to hear about a lot of new and transformed ways of doing the work of the church in this place at this time • New collaborative ways that ministry is delivered in our communities (….listen to the EGF Priority #1 Task Force presentation) • New methods for equipping leaders in the church (… listen to the PMC presentation) • Changes in the way we fund new ministries (… listen to the Finance presentation) • Communal Prayer that asks God for continued guidance on how we are being church (…listen and pray in our worship times) • New priorities in how we engage with the world around us and respond to the needs of our communities (consider the work on combatting homelessness as well as the commitment to responding to the TRC It’s a work in progress – challenge yourself to see how EGF Priorities and Practices are seen in all of the Synod presentations
  103. 103. Remember where we have come from since 2012 and our hopes for where we are going…
  104. 104. The Church of Christ in Every Age Reconciliation at Coventry Cathedral Canon Sarah Hills Coventry Cathedral
  105. 105. COMMUNITY OF THE CROSS OF THE NAILS (CCN)… is a Christian network of churches and organisations who, drawn together by the story of Coventry Cathedral, share a common commitment to work and pray for peace, justice and reconciliation.
  106. 106. THE STORY OF COVENTRY CATHEDRAL Coventry Cathedral before the bombing… The interior of the old St Michael’s Cathedral in Coventry with the wooden ceiling
  107. 107. Operation Moonlight Sonata, 14th November 1940 – the aftermath But, out of the rubble …..
  108. 108. THE CHARRED CROSS A stone mason discovered the two roof beams which were fallen in the shape of a cross.
  109. 109. It was put on the altar in the sanctuary of the ruins of the old cathedral.
  110. 110. …. Hope. Provost Howard declared in his Christmas Broadcast, “Father Forgive”. In the following decades, replica Crosses of Nails were given out by the Cathedral to friends, donors and supporters around the world. A role in active, living reconciliation at Coventry was born.
  111. 111. Honesty
  112. 112. Hope
  113. 113. Healing
  114. 114. The CCN today: 
 a truly worldwide community Over 220 active partners in 29 countries Total of 335 member organisations in 40 countries Who are our members? Churches, chaplaincies , and peace and educational organisations all rooted in the Christian faith.
  115. 115. Other well-known partners also have their stories of bombing and rebuilding
  116. 116. Others have played their own key part in moments in history
  117. 117. … and plenty aren’t particularly famous or dramatic at all
  118. 118. Mainly, they’re about people working hard to bring about peace and healing
  119. 119. •News •Support
 Berkeley Divinity School THE EPISCOPAL SEMINARY AT YALE Berkeley Divinity School The Episcopal Seminary at Yale
  120. 120. All partners adhere to the three guiding aims of the Community of the Cross of Nails: Healing the wounds of history Learning to live with difference and celebrate diversity Building a culture of peace And commit to regularly praying the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation
  121. 121. Tim Eccleston smh
  122. 122. Information about joining, all our members, news, films and other resources at: CCNCoventry
  123. 123. The Coventry Litany of Reconciliation All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The hatred which divides nation from nation, race from race, class from class,
 Father, forgive. The covetous desires of people and nations to possess what is not their own,
 Father, forgive. The greed which exploits the work of human hands and lays waste the earth,
 Father, forgive. Our envy of the welfare and happiness of others,
 Father, forgive. Our indifference to the plight of the imprisoned, the homeless, the refugee, 
 Father, forgive. The lust which dishonours the bodies of men, women and children,
 Father, forgive. The pride which leads us to trust in ourselves and not in God,
 Father, forgive. Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. Amen
  124. 124. The Church of Christ in Every Age All My Relations Working Group Margaret Lemaire & Debbie Grisdale Co-Chairs, All My Relations Working Group
  125. 125. All My Relations When we say "all my relations", it's meant in a teaching way, to rekindle community. We are part of the great, grand circle of humanity, and we need each other. — Richard Wagamese, One Native Life
  126. 126. Looking ahead….
  127. 127. The Church of Christ in Every Age Healing and Reconciliation Fund Diocese of Ottawa
  128. 128. Healing and Reconciliation Fund Purpose: To encourage and support the development of small projects in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa that will foster and contribute to healing; to education about the legacy of the residential school system and; to reconciliation among Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples.
  129. 129. Healing and Reconciliation Fund 3 year life span: 2017 -2019 2 deadlines per year for proposals Final approval given by the Outreach Committee and Diocesan Council Next deadline May 1st 2018
  130. 130. Healing and Reconciliation Fund 2017 Projects May 1st deadline 6 proposals from across the Diocese were funded November 1st deadline
  131. 131. Good Shepherd, Barrhaven Chi chiskutimaasunaanaau: 
 We Are Learning
  132. 132. Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre
  133. 133. The Church of Christ in Every Age Thank you
 Niá : wen 
  134. 134. The Church of Christ in Every Age Community Ministry Committee The Venerable Brian Kauk Chair, Community Ministry Committee
  135. 135. What we do.
  136. 136. What we do.
  137. 137. Community Ministries
  138. 138. Highlights – Centre 454 •Last year of a 3 year strategic plan •Open 7 days a week! •average of 244 weekend visits in 2017 (up from 176 in 2016) •Case Management system up and running •Increased capacity for ODSP application support •Trying something new - Social Enterprise
  139. 139. Highlights - Cornerstone •373 Princeton Street – 42 new units in June 2018 •Partnerships: •Indigenous Women's Support Services •Algonquin College – dental hygiene •Nursing students – directory of health care services •Young Professional Advisory Board •62 women found refuge at Women’s Shelter every night this year •68 women lived in safe, affordable, permanent housing this year •By this time next year: 110 women in safe, permanent housing
  140. 140. Highlights – Ottawa Pastoral Counselling Centre •Served 100s of individuals, couples and families (children & teens) •Over $120,000 raised for Counselling Support Fund •New Manotick Satellite Office established – partners with Rural Ottawa South Support Service (ROSSS) •Intake worker/Admin position increased to 20 hrs per week
  141. 141. Highlights – St Luke’s Table •Reinstatement of city’s Sustainability Fund benefits St Luke’s Table •Better nutrition in breakfast program •Lift replacement in April – went upstairs for a while •Provided 38,035 meals to participants between January & September •Launched into a three-year strategic plan
  142. 142. Highlights – The Well •New Mission, Vision and Values statements •new HVAC , flooring and re-decoration •partnership with Women Warriors Healing Garden •Food program improvements – healthy meals, less waste •Stronger health and social programming through partnerships
  143. 143. Community Ministries Committee Groups & Subcommittees: • Homelessness and Affordable Housing • Human Resources • Financial Development Management Boards: • Strategic Planning • Annual Planning • Financial Reporting • Risk Management
  144. 144. Advocacy
  145. 145. The Church of Christ in Every Age Stewardship Café Jane Scanlon Diocese of Ottawa
  146. 146. Diocesan Stewardship Subcommittee Elizabeth Reicker Donna Rourke Kim Chadsey Ron Chaplin Earle Warren Rev. Arran Thorpe Rev. Jonathan Askwith Rev. Hilary Murray Jane Scanlon Derwyn Sangster (Chair)
  147. 147. Diocesan Stewardship Subcommittee Stewardship Cafés •20 – 40 participants •Round table discussions of stewardship topics •Participants learn from one another •Participants can suggest topics to discuss •Recent Café: Sept 30, 2017; St Thomas Alta Vista
  148. 148. Diocesan Stewardship Subcommittee 2017 Synod Session objectives Provide opportunity to: • Discuss stewardship topics of interest • Meet delegates from other parishes • Experience the power of learning from each other
  149. 149. Diocesan Stewardship Subcommittee 2017 Synod Session mechanics • Delegates have pre-selected their discussion topics • Delegates move to a numbered table featuring their chosen topic • Each table selects a note-taker (for recording only; no verbal reporting required) • Tables initiate their own discussions for 45 minutes • Note-takers leave notes on table at end of session • Stewardship Subcommittee members available to help
  150. 150. 2017 Synod Session topics 1.Rural and small parishes – Stewardship challenges and success stories 2.How are we dealing with volunteers? How do we thank them? How do we prevent burnout? 3.How do we deal with donor fatigue? 4.How are we deliberately working to improve our parish hospitality and welcoming? 5.How are we promoting stewardship among children and youth? 6.How do we promote legacy giving in our parish? 7.What ways of giving is our parish using? How is our parish adjusting to electronic giving options? 8.How do we start and run a stewardship pledge campaign? Why should we run such a campaign? 9.How can we better promote Today4Tomorrow and identify T4T priorities?
  151. 151. Diocesan Stewardship Subcommittee Sharing what we’ve learned: • Results of 2016 Synod discussions captured and shared in 2017 • 2017 discussions will also be captured • Combined results may be of wider interest within the Diocese
  152. 152. The Church of Christ in Every Age Property and Finance Committee Sanjay Grover Director of Financial Ministry The Rev. Tim Kehoe Priority One Working Group, Chair
  153. 153. The Church of Christ in Every Age SYNOD FINANCES 2016 OVERVIEW
  154. 154. Overview ✓The audited financial statements for 2016 include The Consolidated Financial Statements of The Incorporated Synod of the Diocese, which combines all the funds held by the Synod into one statement. ✓The other four financial statements report the status of the Consolidated Trust Fund, commonly called the CTF, the Extension Fund Incorporated, the Cornerstone Housing for Women Foundation and the Cathedral Hill Foundation.
  155. 155. ✓We use Fund accounting, which is an accounting system emphasizing accountability rather than profitability, used by non-profit organizations and governments. ✓Each fund is established in accordance with specific activities and objectives.
  156. 156. Consolidated Statement of Financial Position: 
 ➢ Total assets of the Synod are $79.3 million against liabilities of $68.5 million - for a net equity amount of $10.8 million - up by $0.3 million from 2015. ➢ Net Equity - The balances of the various funds comprise the $10.8 million equity, notably, the amounts for the Operations Fund, the Extension Fund and the Cornerstone Foundation.
  157. 157. Statement Of Revenues & Expenses OPERATIONS FUND (1st Column) ➢REVENUE…………….……………………..$9.084 million ➢EXPENSES………………………………….$9.475 million ✓ DIFFERENCE IS DEFICIT OF……………($0.391) million ADDITIONAL TRANSACTIONS: ➢INVESTMENT INCOME (DIVIDENDS)…..$332 thousand ➢MV GAIN ON INVESTMENTS…………........$4 thousand ➢CHANGE IN CHF INVESTMENT…………$208 thousand ✓ NET RESULT – SURPLUS OF……………$153 thousand
  158. 158. Consolidated Trust Fund   ➢The total asset value for the CTF is $39.8 million (2015 – 36.5 million). ➢Parishes (including Rectory Trusts and Cemeteries) owned 60% of the Fund, the Synod about 29%, the Cathedral Hill Foundation about 6% and the RAF (and third parties) about 5%. ➢The dividend rate per unit of 68 cents was increased from 66 cents which was the rate for the previous year. ➢$1,178,000 worth of dividends were paid, which represented a return of 3.00%.
  159. 159. Extension Fund Incorporated ➢The net assets of the Extension Fund at year-end had a value of $4.8 million which was comprised of $1.2 million cash, $3.4 million in mortgages plus loans to the Synod of $186k. ➢15 parishes were making use of the Extension Fund at December 31, 2016, with outstanding loans of just over $3.4 million. ➢During the year, parishes repaid a total of $267K with no new funds borrowed.  
  160. 160. The Church of Christ in Every Age Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Financial Support to Parishes
  161. 161. Financial Support to Parishes ❖ The Operating budget contains $100,000 per year to respond to applications from parishes which “demonstrate a need for assistance”. ❖ The Operating budget also earmarks $65,000 per year for write-off of parish commitments for Parishes that are not able to honour their Financial Commitments to the Diocese. ❖ Finally the Episcopal budget includes $70,000 a year for “Support to Parishes”.
  162. 162. Is the Current System of Support Grants Effective? ❖ In reviewing the pattern of recent support grants, it became evident that many parishes have a continuing need for financial assistance. ❖ There are parishes that have regularly been awarded support grants. Have these support grants lessened the impetus for parishes to seek out opportunities for restructuring and/or reduce costs. ❖ There are parishes that are located in areas where we need to have a presence, even if such parishes are unlikely to be financially viable.
  163. 163. Support Grants ❖ The current approach needs to become more strategic in order to adequately address different needs around the Diocese. ❖ The Support Grant system needs to strengthen and reward parishes that demonstrate a need for assistance and are willing to collaborate with other parishes to find solutions to financial problems.
  164. 164. Changes For the current Budget Cycle: ❖ The current system of Support Grants is being retained. ❖ Criteria is being strengthened to reward parishes that can demonstrate achievable and unique solutions to financial problems – including collaborations with other parishes. ❖ Funding for Support Grants for 2018 and 2019 will be held at $75,000 - $25,000 less than the current allocation.
  165. 165. Write-Offs ❖ The current Budget allocation for write-offs would remain at $65,000 for 2018 and 2019.
  166. 166. Support to Parishes ❖ Expenses against the current allocation in the Episcopal Budget for “Support to Parishes” would be held to $45,000 for 2018 and 2019. This is $25,000 less than the current allocation.
  167. 167. What do these Changes Mean and Why? ❖ These adjustments will free up $50,000 per year - which will be available to help parishes to develop new innovative ministries, perhaps as part of restructuring. ❖ No additional spending initiatives were undertaken to the current budget – funds are being reallocated with-in currently approved budget. ❖ The Priority One Working Group was assigned primary responsibility for identifying such situations, liaising with Archdeacons, P&F committee and others as appropriate.
  168. 168. ❖ Reduction in Support Grants $25,000 per Year. ❖ Write Offs No Change. ❖ Reduction in Episcopal Support to Parish $25,000 Per Year. ❖ Total Available $50,000 per year for a New Innovation Fund What do these Changes Mean and Why?
  169. 169. The Church of Christ in Every Age Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Innovation Fund
  170. 170. ❖ $100,000 pilot program – redistribution of existing funding ❖ Grants to parishes and deaneries ready to courageously explore new and innovative ways of being church ❖ For initiatives that advance Embracing God’s Future Innovation Fund – What is it?
  171. 171. Practices & Priorities God’s Dream for the Church… An exciting journey, calling us to joyfully live a dynamic faith as disciples of Jesus Embracing new ways of being Church ✓ Practices #2: We will work collaboratively #3: We will be courageous, embrace change and take risks ✓ Priorities #1: Buildings and the shape of parish ministry #2: Engagement with the world
  172. 172. ✓ Apply experimental / new forms of delivering pastoral leadership and ministry ✓ Foster collaboration among churches – stewardship of real estate and reshaping of parish ministry ✓ Empower engagement with the world – social justice, evangelism, partnerships, ecumenical and interfaith relationships Funding for projects that…
  173. 173. Types of Grants (1) Seed Grants ✓Development and piloting of innovative new approaches, structures, or initiatives ✓Cover initial financial risks of trying something new and unproven ❖Amount range: up to $10,000/year ❖Duration: up to 24 months
  174. 174. Types of Grants (Continued) (2) Grow Grants ✓Increase the reach of an existing, proven project undertaken during the previous three years ✓Replicate a proven, successful project that is new to the applicant ❖Amount range: offset 50% of project, to a max of $10,000 per year; must demonstrate capacity to become self-sustaining ❖Duration: up to 24 months
  175. 175. Eligible Costs Eligible costs ✓Salaries or honoraria; ✓Program expenses/materials; ✓Workshop/meeting costs and travel ✓Publicity/communications; and ✓Capital costs essential to the innovation project Ineligible costs ✓Structural repairs or renovations to buildings essentially related to deferred maintenance Maximum per year: $10,000
  176. 176. Applying for a Grant Application form – available on Diocese’s website Submissions: ➢In paper format; or ➢Via e-mail attachment in MS Word or PDF file to: Help available – advisors from Parish Ministry Institute can help you design your project and complete your application Grants will be approved by Bishop on recommendation of a grant assessment body
  177. 177. Deadlines for Applications ✓1st round: 31 January 2018 – results announced in mid-March ✓2nd round: 31 July 2018 – results announced in mid-September ✓Awards channelled to successful parish applicants via a credit to their monthly commitment to the Diocese
  178. 178. For more info… Questions about the Innovation Fund grants? ✓Email: ✓Tel.: 613-232-7124
  179. 179. The Church of Christ in Every Age Afternoon Prayers Page 7
  180. 180. The Church of Christ in Every Age Real Estate Working Group The Ven. Dr. Peter John Hobbs Director of Mission
  181. 181. Real Estate Working Group Presentation of Synod Diocese of Ottawa November 3, 2017
  182. 182. I will be asking Diocesan Council to… work toward realizing the greatest possible potential from our real estate holdings. 
 Bishop’s Charge to Synod – October 2010
  183. 183. Real Estate Working Group • Operational and Consultative Working Group • Reports to Property and Finance Committee • Active Year –Full Report found in Synod Material
  184. 184. REWG Membership • Bishop John Chapman • Peter John Hobbs (Chair), Director of Mission • Sanjay Grover, • Peter Martin (Chair, P&F) • David Selzer, Diocesan Archdeacon • Jim Davison • Monique Stone • Mary-Catherine Garden • Jim Lynes • Rick Hughes
  185. 185. Development of New Policy • The Use of the Net Proceeds of the Sale of Diocesan Real Estate • A Policy Approved by Diocesan Council in March 2017 –Developed by REWG –Recommended by Property and Finance 

  186. 186. Background • Increased Real Estate Activity –E.G. All Saints, St Matthias, Temple Pastures, St Michael & All Angels, St Georges, Vernon, St Paul’s East Hawkesbury, St Mark’s, Cumberland • Need for transparent accounting and thoughtful stewardship • NB – Relates to surplus properties held by Diocese, not properties held by parishes
  187. 187. Some Key Objectives • Provide ongoing source of income for ministries (e.g. lesson burden of PFS) • Provide capital injection into CEF • Provide source of funds for ongoing work of REWG for management of Diocesan held real estate
  188. 188. Net Proceeds from Sale of Properties • Net Proceeds, money remaining after (e.g.) –Carrying costs –Commissions, Broker Fees, Professional fees –Mortgage balances/liens/accounts payable –Funds approved to support specific parish ministry (e.g. at time of amalgamation) • Outlined in detail in CBRs – Regulation 5.01 (3.d).
  189. 189. Three Funds Impacted • Church Extension Fund (CEF) –Established long ago • Creation of two new funds –Real Estate Stewardship Fund –Real Estate Legacy Fund
  190. 190. Church Extension Fund (CEF) • 10% of Net Proceeds for ongoing mission of CEF –As per CBRs – Regulation 5.01 (3.b)
  191. 191. Real Estate Legacy Fund (RELF) • 75% of net proceeds to be deposited in RELF held in Consolidated Trust Fund (CTF) • Principle of RELF remains invested in CTF (handoff unless approved by Diocesan Council) • Income from RELF –15% Reinvested in RELF –85% to provide budget relief to operating fund of the Diocese
  192. 192. Real Estate Stewardship Fund • 15% of net proceeds –10% to high priority activity as approved by Diocesan Council –5% to offset cost of real estate management
  193. 193. Management of Diocesan Real Estate
 from RESF • Income –5% of Net Proceeds –Rental of Surplus Properties –Third Party Funding (e.g. OTF, CMHC) • Expenses –Property Management and Maintenance –Studies and services required for development, rental, or sale (feasibility, building conditions, design) • Expenses limited to funds available
  194. 194. Recommended Initial High Priority
 for RESF • 10% of Net Proceeds • Affordable Housing – Priority of General Synod and Diocese – 125 units of AH and every parish engaged • High Priority until goal is achieved – Diocese is a leader in AH – AH requires significant investment, e.g. studies, etc – Real estate related – Government priority
  195. 195. Spending Approvals & Reporting • Spending as recommended by REWG – Bishop & Dir of Financial Ministries up to $30K – Property & Finance Committee >$30K • Reporting – Dir of Financial Ministries will report semi- annually to P&F thru REWG on operating results of RESF & RELF
  196. 196. An Example • Former St Basil’s sold, Net Proceeds $100,000 • $10,000 (10%) to Church Extension Fund • $75, 000 (75%) to Real Estate Legacy Fund – Principal Secure – 15% of dividends reinvested, 85% to Diocesan Ministry • 15,000 (15%) to Real Estate Stewardship Fund – 5% ($50,000) for Property Management – 10% ($100,000) for High Priority • Affordable Housing until 125 goal met or 2021
  197. 197. Thank You
  198. 198. The Church of Christ in Every Age Youth Ministry Leslie Giddings Child, Youth and Adult Learning Facilitator
  199. 199. Presentation by Donna Rourke, YIP Co-ordinator and Leslie Giddings Diocesan Learning Facilitator on behalf of YIP Steering Committee (Ven. Ross Hammond, Rev. Arran Thorpe, Rev. Kerri Brennan, Roger Soler, and Susan Farrell)
  200. 200. Inclusive Planning How do we increase participation? Diverse perspectives Who do we want to share this experience with? What needs could we address?
  201. 201. The Church of Christ in Every Age Evening Prayer Page 8
  202. 202. The Church of Christ in Every Age Priority One Working Group The Rev. Tim Kehoe The Ven. Dr. Peter John Hobbs
  203. 203. The Church of Christ in Every Age Nominations Report Ron Chaplin Chair, Nominations and Committee Development Subcommittee
  204. 204. Advisory Panel on Termination of Clerical Appointments Clergy ❖ The Rev. Canon Catherine Ascah – Christ Church Cathedral ❖ The Rev. Canon Jim Roberts – St. John’s, Smiths Falls Lay ❖ John McBride – St. Matthew’s, Ottawa
  205. 205. Diocesan Council ❖ The Rev. Doug Richards – Holy Trinity, Hawkesbury (second three-year term) ❖ Alan Preston– St. James, Perth (second three-year term) ❖ Ashley Russell – Church of the Ascension (second three-year term) ❖ Pat Leach – Parish of Stafford-Whitewater (three-year term)
  206. 206. Trinity College Corporation Clergy ❖ The Rev. Canon David Clunie – St. Bartholomew’s, Ottawa ❖ The Rev. Canon Roger Young – retired priest of the Diocese ❖ Lay ❖ David Jeanes – St. Martin’s, Ottawa ❖ Jane Waterston – St. Margaret’s, Vanier
  207. 207. Motion It is moved by Ron Chaplin and seconded by the Rev. Doug Richards that Synod approve the proposed slate of nominees for the advisory panel on termination of Clerical Appointments, Diocesan Council and Trinity College Corporation.
  208. 208. The Church of Christ in Every Age Priority One Working Group: Part 3 Sue Sams Saint James Pat Leech Saint Mark’s Monique Stone Huntley Georgia Roberts Stafford-Whitewater
  209. 209. Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Synod O God of Every Nation
  210. 210. Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Synod O God of every nation, of every race and land, redeem the whole creation with your almighty hand; where hate and fear divide us and bitter threats are hurled, in love and mercy guide us and heal our strife-torn world.
  211. 211. Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Synod From search for wealth and power and scorn of truth and right, from trust in bombs that shower destruction through the night, from pride of race and nation and blindness to your way, deliver every nation, eternal God, we pray!
  212. 212. Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Synod Lord, strengthen all who labor that we may find release from fear of rattling saber, from dread of war's increase; when hope and courage falter, your still small voice be heard; with faith that none can alter, your servants undergird.
  213. 213. Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Synod Keep bright in us the vision of days when war shall cease, when hatred and division give way to love and peace, till dawns the morning glorious when truth and justice reign and Christ shall rule victorious o'er all the world's domain.
  214. 214. God Whose Giving Knows No Ending Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Synod
  215. 215. Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Synod God, whose giving knows no ending,
 from your rich and endless store--
 nature's wonder, Jesus' wisdom,
 costly cross, grave's shattered door--
 gifted by you, we turn to you,
 offering up ourselves in praise;
 thankful song shall rise forever,
 gracious Donor of our days.
  216. 216. Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Synod Skills and time are ours for pressing
 toward the goals of Christ, your Son:
 all at peace in health and freedom,
 races joined, the Church made one.
 Now direct our daily labour,
 lest we strive for self alone.
 Born with talents, make us servants
 fit to answer at your throne.

  217. 217. Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Synod Treasure, too, you have entrusted,
 gain through powers your grace conferred,
 ours to use for home and kindred,
 and to spread the gospel word.
 Open wide our hands in sharing,
 as we heed Christ's ageless call,
 healing, teaching, and reclaiming,
 serving you by loving all.
  218. 218. Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Synod Go to the world! Go into all the earth. Go preach the cross where Christ renews life’s worth, baptizing as the sign of our rebirth. Alleluia!   Go to the world! Go into every place. Go live the word of God’s redeeming grace. Go seek God’s presence in each time and space. Alleluia!
  219. 219. Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Synod Go to the world! Go struggle, bless, and pray; the nights of tears give way to joyous day. As servant church, you follow Christ’s own way. Alleluia!   Go to the world! Go as the ones I send, for I am with you till the age shall end, when all the hosts of glory cry, “Amen!” Alleluia!