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Pronunciation activities

  1. 1. Integrating Pronunciation A ctivities into Divers e Language Practice E nvironments L iu b o v i B u r la M A , L e c ture r a t t h e In s t it u t e o f C o n t in u in g E d u c a t io n Liubovi Burla
  2. 2. The first goal for a teacher is to help students in masteringsuprasegmental pronunciation features including intonation, linking,reduction, stress, rhythm, and fluency. This area requires students toput effort in listening to and communicating with native Englishspeakers, pay much more attention to how they utilize these featureswhile speaking, and thereafter, try to keep practicing.The second goal is to provide assistance for the students who are having difficulty in pronouncing particular sounds: vowels andconsonants that are segmental pronunciation features. The particularsounds that students have trouble in pronouncing differ as theirlanguage backgrounds vary. The reason is that many errors inpronunciation result from the interference of the first language. Forinstance, there is no /θ/ sound in Russian and many other languages,which results in difficulty for Russian students to learn it. Liubovi Burla
  3. 3. It would be better if there is sufficient time tobalance the teaching of both segmental andsuprasegmental pronunciation features. Incase of a short term pronunciation course, itis recommended to focus on suprasegmentalsas they have the greatest impact on thecomprehensibility of learners’ English. If aperson is not able to speak with correctintonation, then misunderstanding willprobably happen. Liubovi Burla
  4. 4. After highlighting the need for a balancedapproach, it is recommended to integratepronunciation activities with the practice ofother skills. Even in a short term course,integrating pronunciation activities withlistening, reading, grammar points is highlyencouraged. Pronunciation Activities while: -Listening –even to songs (reduction, assimilation, linking r) - Public Speaking (loudness, quality of sounds) - Civilization (accents) Liubovi Burla
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  6. 6. “ S M A L L T A lkM O R E J A Z Z C HA NT S ”- Save it, b y it. Put it in the bank. rah am save C arolyn G- Save it, save it. Put it in the bank.- Spend it. Take it out of the bank.- Spend it. Take it out of the bank.- Save it.- Spend it.- Save it.- Spent it.- Save it.- Spend it.- Put it in the bank. Liubovi Burla
  7. 7. Characteristics of Fluent SpeechReduction, Assimilation, LinkingThe most familiar case of linking or joining inEnglish is the use of linking r.Many English speakers use linking r in a similarway to link words ending with a vowel evenwhen there is no “justification” from the spelling,as in: formula A [fo:mjulərei], media event[mediərivent]. This has been called intrusive r;some English speakers and teachers still regardthis as incorrect or sub-standard pronunciation,but it is undoubtedly widespread. Liubovi Burla
  8. 8. 1. Distinguish between linking and intrusive /r/ in these phrases:better off Africa and Asia four or fivecare upon care a pair of sheets a villa in Italyhear it drama and music to err is human2. Read and imitate the sample rhythmic group with different sentences.A) |____ .. _____|̣ B) |____ …. _____|̣ Send him away. Show him up to his room. Give him a toy. Throw it into the fire. Why have they left? Why did you run away? Show me the place. Tell her not to be late. Liubovi Burla
  9. 9. 1.Say the following phrases, reducing thefunction words: as good as gold ham and eggs ugly as sin pencil andpaper as quiet as a mouse tea or coffee as fast as he can time and money for ever and ever for love nor money2.Give the phonetic transcriptions of these phrases to show the assimilations that can occur: ten girls that cat stand by ten boys won’t you this year last year could you it was your duty newspaper this shop don’t you Liubovi Burla
  10. 10. made your decision major decision Liubovi Burla
  11. 11. Purpose: Practicing weak forms/reductionsSkill area: Oral intelligibility/ segmental/ vowels and consonantsType: Group/ Pair ActivityActivity Procedures1. Choose a limerick or poem (example below) and provide a copy for each student in theclass.2. Read it out loud (or play from a cassette) to show the rhythm or flow of stressed andunstressed syllables.3. Then let the class as a whole read the poem.4. Form different groups and have each group mark the schwa on their handout while youread.5. Do it two or three more times until they get the flow and then have one group read thepoem to the other groups.6. The group that reads best becomes the Group of the Week.Example:The IRISH PIG‘Twas an evening in NovemberAS I very well rememberI was strolling down the street in drunken pride.But my knees were all aflutterSo I landed in the gutter,And a pig came up and lay down by my side.Yes, I lay there in the gutter,Thinking thoughts I could not utter,When a lady passing by did softly say:‘You can tell a man who boozesBy the company he chooses’ --And the pig got up and slowly walked away! Liubovi Burla
  12. 12. Exercises on sounds practicing:1.Spell your names and surnames and pronouncethem. Now, spell and pronounce your neighbor’s nameand surname.2.Transcribe your names and surnames.3.Find words for sounds: e – ε:, Λ – æ, i: - u:, α: - au,ei – ai, etc.4.Contrast these pairs of words (/n/ or /ŋ/):thin thing run rungsinner singer sung sun kin king win wing ban bang wing winged Liubovi Burla
  13. 13. 5. Link each capital city to the correct country: Liubovi Burla
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  16. 16. Write the phonetic symbol for each -ed verb ending:[d], [t] or [Id]:1. landed 11. added2. expected 12. wished3. asked 13. liked4. regarded 14. divided5. decided 15. played6. packed 16. multiplied7. locked 17. listened8. answered 18. listed9. stopped 19. permitted10. requested 20. explored Liubovi Burla
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  19. 19. Tongue twisters Whether the weather be fine, Or whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold Or whether the weather be hot, Well weather the weather Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not.She sells sea shells on the sea shore, but thesea shells she sells on the sea shore are notthe real ones.Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,if Peter Piper picked a peck of pickledpeppers,where’s the peck of pickled peppers PeterPiper picked? Liubovi Burla
  20. 20. Here’s an easyGame to play.Here’s an easyThing to say …New socks.Two socks.Whose socks?Sue’s socks.Who sews whose socks?Sue sews Sue’s socks.Who sees who sewWhose new socks, sir?You see Sue sewSue’s new socks, sir.That’s not easy,Mr. Fox, sir. Liubovi Burla
  21. 21. • Put down the sentences and intone them: 1.First performance is at 7.30, second one 8.45. 2.What about a Japanese bar next to the cinema. 3.The number is 352001. 4.It also involves being seen in shopping areas, zones of schools, noisy crossroads. 5.I do really have a typical day. 6.No, I prefer to hang on, its very important. 7.But still, what do you feel about this young man? 8.We were just sitting in a café and just talking, when we suddenly saw them, walking along the street, hand in hand. 9.Who doesnt love to have the nice white lily as part of the Easter gift? Liubovi Burla
  22. 22. Syllable stressCivil Civility Civilize CivilizationEqual Equality Equalize EqualizationFertile Fertility Fertilize FertilizationFinal Finality Finalize FinalizationGeneral Generality Generalize GeneralizationHospital Hospitality Hospitalize HospitalizationLegal Legality Legalize LegalizationMobile Mobility Mobilize MobilizationNational Nationality Nationalize NationalizationNeutral Neutrality Neutralize NeutralizationPersonal Personality Personalize Personalization Liubovi Burla
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  29. 29. Transcription for PronunciationTranscribe some quotes on the blackboard. Then ask your students to spell them.Finally, have the students think up their favorite quotes and transcribe them.Give me a fruitful error any time, full of seeds,bursting with its own corrections. You can keepyour sterile truth for yourself. ~Vilfredo Pareto[gɪv mi ɘ frutfɘl ɛrɘr ɛni taim ful ɘv si:dz bɘ:stiŋ wɪɵɪtz oʊn kɘrɛkʃɘnz ju: kɘn ki:p jo: stɘrɘl truɵ fə jo:səlf](no capital letters, commas, dots, even space in thetranscription)brαιtfjutSərizinsto:fərimənizsΛn Liubovi Burla
  30. 30. Practicing contraction and linking I DonnoMake the whole class practice both forms that are in theirhandout. Write some sentences using the phrases in bothshort form and actual form that are given in the handout andpractice in the same way.Make variations such as giving half of the students sentencestrips that have only short pronunciation and others longerone and asking them to find their partners. Examples:Gonna going toWanna want toHafta have toGimme give meHasta has toCantcha cant youWontcha wont youWatcha what are you/what do youDidja did youHadja had youWouldja would youWhydja where did youWheredja where did youHowdja how did you Liubovi Burla
  31. 31. Here is some pronunciation Wear a boot upon your foot, Root can never rhyme with soot. Here is some pronunciation: In muscle, Sc is S, Ration never rhymes with nation, Say prefer but preferable, In muscular, it’s Sk, yes! Comfortable and vegetable. Choir must always rhyme with wire, B must not be heard in doubt, Debt and dumb both leave it out. That again will rhyme with liar. In the words psychology, Then, remember it’s address, Psychic and psychiatry, You must never sound the P. With an accent like possess. Psychiatrist you call the man G in sign must silent be, Who cures the complex, if he can. In signature pronounce the G. In architect, Ch is K, In arch it is the other way. Please remember, say towards Please remember to say iron So that it’ll rhyme with lion. Just as if it rhymed with boards. Advertisers advertise, Weight’s like wait, but not like height, Advertisements will put you wise. Time when work is done is leisure, Which should always rhyme with Fill it up with useful pleasure. might. Accidental, accident, Sew is just the same as so, Sound the G in ignorant. Relative, but a relation, Tie a ribbon in a bow. Then say creature but creation. When you meet the queen you bow, Say the A in gas quite short, Bought remember rhymes with thwart, Which again must rhyme with how. Drought must always rhyme with bout, In perfect English make a start. In daughter leave the Gh out. Liubovi Burla Learn this little rhyme by heart.
  32. 32. Read the following dialogue, mark the stress, mind therhythmic groups.A young man comes before the Customs agent.A: "State your citizenship."B:"American" (pronounced with a Spanish accent).A: "Hold on there, buddy. Say that again."B: "I sed American."A: "Im going to give you a test."B: "No, no senor, no need for test, I tell you I’mAmerican."A: "Yeah, sure buddy. OK, lets see, ... Ive got it.Make a sentence with the following colors: green,pink and yellow."B: "Oh senor, I tell you Im American. But OK, letssee...I was at my bruder-in-laws house and thephone went green, green, I pinked it up and sed Liubovi Burlayellow!"
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  34. 34. THANK YOU! Liubovi Burla
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