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Program aple final[1]


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Program aple final[1]

  1. 1. APLE CONFERENCE Innovations and Challenges in Teaching English May 12, 2012 at Moldova State University Program930 – 1000 Registration 60 Mateevici str., Central Building, Senate Hall, MSU1000 – 1045 Plenary Meeting Official Opening of the conference: Gh. Ciocanu, President of Moldova State University, Calchei Marcela – vice dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Bret Israelsen – Public Affairs Officer, Frances Westbrook - Regional English Language Officer for Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Viorica Lifari – Head of the English Philology Department.1055 – 1140 Key – note speaker - Frances Westbrook – A Language Teacher Goes Back to School1145 – 1245 Lunch Cantina Universitatii Kogalniceanu 65, B.3 128 109 130 110 111 107 108 105 1011250 – 1420 Workshop I Session I Session II Session III Workshop II Workshop II Session III Session IV Session V Intercultural Teaching Teaching Translation Teaching Research Barry Lynam Olga Morozan Communication Reading Speaking Carolyn D. Macovei Grammar M. Kaim E. Florea V. Arhunova N. Dolgikh Integrated Mousseau O. Duhlicher I. Ignatiuc S. Sanduleac Self-Esteem Skills in I. Volosciuc N. Cocieru V. Tabureanu Moving from a N. Azmanova A. Shcheglova I. Rimscaia Activities to English V. Lifari N. Perevyazka A. Mihailov Teacher V. Singhirei L. Constantinov I. Gincu Motivate Z. Camenev I. Ionasco I. Konoplina Centered R. Neculcea O. Basirov A. Calaras Teenagers in L. Parhomenco O. Pascari E. Gheorghita Classroom to a E. Mihaila I. Veretina E. Pochtar Virtual/Face-to- V. Cebotaros O. Ceh S.Burea-Titica Student Z. Camenev M. Chirnitcaia Face EFL A. Tulei E. Varzari S. Munteanu Centered N. Esanu Classes O. Constantinescu A. Rosca Classroom T. Istrati
  2. 2. 1430 – 1530 Workshop III Workshop IV Session VI Workshop V WorkshopVI Session VII Workshop VIII Session VIII Session IX IT in ESP Methodology Literature Carolyn Elena Rusu Education Angela Rosca R. Thomas O. Shchukina Natalia Bold A. Gorea A. Sudnitina Mousseau L. Burla Mallet M. Taulean Djulieta Negru C. Ceban I. Colenciuc Time Management S. Boretskaya Books and American V. Fiodorov A. Plesco O. Creanga Incorporating Methods at the A. Podolean Reading Greats: Dr O. Basirov The Sample of G. Grinico S. Calaras Critical English Language S. Braniste Seuss and Shel I. Veretina Lesson Project in N. Roscovan V. Emciuc Thinking into Lessons L. Raciula Sliverstein as A. Tulei Moldova O. Duhlicher I. Surujiu the Language Icons of V. Fiodorov According to the N. Putuntean Classroom American D. Puiu Ministry of G. Bobeica Literature Education1540 – 1625 Workshop IX Workshop X Workshop XI Workshop Workshop Workshop Workshop Workshop Session X XII XIII XIV XV XVI Approaches Carolyn Elena Gheorghita Daniela Dumitru Natalia Bold, Cristina Larisa Guzun Delmar Leon T. Matei Mousseau Munca- Melenciuc Djulieta Cernei Natalia Sirghi Beene M. Modilina How to Make your Aftenev Negru T. Teplic Music and Art Course The Practical TESOL The image of the A. Tulei in the English Student/Learning Webquests as Metalinguistic Theoretical Approach to Worldwide West vs. Reality O. Constantinescu Classroom Centered an Effective and categorial Application – Testing Reading E. Varzari Teaching Tool Approach in Developing Comprehension V. Mascaliuc to Encourage Teaching/Lear the Nature of in Primary Online Student ning English Characters Education Project Making based on the and Developing text “The Digital Skills Devoted Friend” by O. Wilde1625 – 1700 Wrap – up, Refreshments, Awarding Certificates, Farewells, room 127, building 3