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  1. 1. “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”
  2. 2. Why is Moldova called Moldova?
  3. 3. What important historical eventsare these dates connected with? August 27th, 1991  Moldova declared its independence August 31st, 1991  Moldova celebrates the Language Day  Moldovan July 29th, 1994 constitution was adopted
  4. 4. Why is Moldova calledmultinational?
  5. 5. Population: 3.4 million, excluding the estimatedTransnistrian population of 580 000. Ethnic Groups in % (September 17, 2009) 2% 1% 5% 6% Moldovan/romanian 8% Ukrainian Russian Gagauz 78% Bulgarian others
  6. 6. What makes Moldova Special?
  7. 7. Moldovan people can boast of their culture and national traditions.
  8. 8. Museum Exhibits the musiciansthe wedding couple
  9. 9. CASA MARE An old and nice tradition, that can fascinate each visitor in Moldova. In each house exists a nice and comfortable room named “CASA MARE.” It will be only opened to visitors, who are rarely expected.
  10. 10. CASA MARE
  11. 11. Martsishor / MarţişorIt was believed that the one who wears the red and white string will be powerful and healthy for the year to come. The decoration is a symbol of the coming spring.
  12. 12. Annual Wine Festival
  13. 13. Opening Wine Festival
  14. 14. Mileştii Mici
  15. 15. Mileştii Mici cellar complex is the largest in the world.
  16. 16. Wine tastings are offered in most Moldovan cellars.In 2007 Mileştii Mici winecellars were noted inGuinness World Records2007 Yearbook, for havingthe largest (2 million) winecollections in the world.
  17. 17. Famous Faces
  18. 18. Codreanca
  19. 19. The national sport in Moldova? Oină is a Romanian traditionalThe national sport of Moldova sport, similar in many ways to baseballis trânta - a kind of wrestling. and lapta.
  20. 20. Moldovan cuisine The most common is “mamaliga” – a maize porridge or polenta with a fine and delicious taste. "Mamaliga" is served together with diced meat, cheese, fried meat, cream, etc.
  21. 21. There is rarely a holiday without cabbage rollsThe people of Moldova are famous for their endless hospitality. Placinta
  22. 22. You know you are Moldovan if...People have a quizzical look on their face when you tell them where you are fromYou usually have to explain where/what your country is
  23. 23. You know you are Moldovan if...You have a significant number of acquaintances who work abroad illegally
  24. 24. You know you are Moldovan if...You use Romanian words with Russian endings and the other way around. Also, you freely mix Russian and Romanian when you speak (i.e. Ian uitate shi sumka prikolinaia) Supposedly bilingual from "birth" (Romanian and Russian), you barely speak properly either language …rather, you’re somewhere in between
  25. 25. You know you are Moldovan if...In a 12-seat Maxi Taxi (marshrutka) twice as many people manage to find a placeYou hope youll get a seat in the Marshrutka when you hear the plastic bag noise in the back
  26. 26. You know you are Moldovan if...You have carpets on your walls
  27. 27. You know you are Moldovan if...Rasarita prajita (sunflower seeds) is a perfectly acceptable dinner and helps bond with your female relatives
  28. 28. You know you are Moldovan if...You think that drinking a glass of red wine every day helps you “get more blood.” Alternatively, it serves as good protection against radiation.
  29. 29. You know you are Moldovan if...You have witnessed gatherings where everyone drinks from the same glass by taking turnsYou’ve seen your 5 year old sibling drinking alcohol at the dinner table on several occasions
  30. 30. You know you are Moldovan if...You, or your parents, scream when talking on the phone with someone far away
  31. 31. You know you are Moldovan if...You have a 400-euro cell phone but no credit, so you “beep” somebody
  32. 32. You know you are Moldovan if...You are all dressed in fancy clothes and high heels but you use cheap public transportation (troleibuz)
  33. 33. You know you are Moldovan if...You always dress up even if you are just going grocery shopping
  34. 34. You know you are Moldovan if...You know you need to move fast when at the "Piata centrala", cause youll definitely get hit by a cart...
  35. 35. You know you are Moldovan if...You wear sunglasses in a disco.
  36. 36. You know you are Moldovan if...You’re 20 and unmarried and your mom thinks that you are getting old
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