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Getting ready for the examination


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Published in: Education
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Getting ready for the examination

  2. 2. Types of Tasks Multiple choice  10 points True or False: correct the False statements  15 points Define the notions (5 words)  20 points Answer the questions (5?)  25 points Compare and Contrast (3?)  30 pointsTotal: 100 points
  3. 3. Define the notions1) Amish2) Asylum seeker3) Carpool4) Colonization5) Commissioner6) Cultural pluralism7) Culture8) Ethnic diversity9) Immigrant10) Melting pot11) Refugee12) Slave13) Slums14) Stereotype15) To assimilate
  4. 4. Answer the questions1) First colonies, reasons of colonization.2) USA in wars: dates, reasons, consequences.3) Roaring Twenties.4) Depression years and New Deal.5) United Nations and League of Nations:purposes, functions.6) Famous people in American history:Columbus, Pocahontas, Abraham Lincoln, Lewisand Clark, Martin Luther King, etc.
  5. 5. Compare and Contrast1) Compare the American and Moldovan Civil War.(reasons, consequences, etc)2) Compare an American leader and Moldovan leader. What makesa good leader in US and in Moldova?3) Describe modern American and Moldovan wonder. What wouldbe interesting for a tourist to see in these two countries?4) Describe modern American and Moldovan city. What makeslife in a city attractive?5) Describe a national holiday in the United States and inMoldova. How, when and why is it celebrated?6) Analyse the educational system in US and in Moldova. Whatsimilarities and differences can you find?7) Analyze and provide examples of ethnic diversity in the USAand in Moldova.8) Analyze and provide examples of differences and similaritiesbetween American and Moldovan political system.