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  1. 1. Valentina iaVorciucValentina iaVorciuc
  2. 2. What about sunrise What about rain What about all the things Than you said we were to gain… What about killing fields Is there a time What about all the things That you said was yours and mine… Did you ever stop to notice All the blood we’ve shed before Did you ever stop to notice The crying Earth, the weeping shores? Aaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah What have we done to the world Look what we’ve done What about all the peace That you pledge your only son… What about flowering fields Is there a time What about all the dreams That you said was yours and mine… Did you ever stop to notice All the children died from war Did you ever stop to notice The crying Earth ,the weeping shores? Aaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaah I used to dream I used to glance beyond the stars Now I don’t know where we are Although I know we’ve drifted far Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaah
  3. 3. World Greenhouse GasWorld Greenhouse Gas EmissionsEmissions
  4. 4. Solar power for cars is one of the most promising alternatives being developed. Though still in its infancy stages, the technology made a major advancement recently when a completely solar-powered car made a successful journey around the world. Swiss teacher and adventurer Louis Palmer built his own car that runs completely off of solar power. It can go as fast as 55mph and can travel 185 miles on a full battery. Palmer arrived at the U.N. Climate Conference this past week after spending the past 17 months traveling through 38 countries. Palmer’s journey represents the first solar-powered car to successfully drive around the world. Palmer undertook this mission to demonstrate to the conference and to the world as a whole that it is possible to cut fuel-related carbon emissions by 100%.
  5. 5.  We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.  Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money?  Earth is not a gift from our parents; it’s a loan from our children.  Man shapes himself through decision that shapes his environment.  It's amazing how people can get so excited about a rocket to the moon and not give a damn about smog, oil leaks and devastation of the environment with pesticides, hunger and disease. When the poor share some of the power that the affluent now monopolize, we will give a damn. Cesar E. Chavez (1927-1993)    Green revolution The best solution To arrest pollution
  6. 6. We are all puppets to cheeron this Earth, While joy and sorrow always come since ourbirth! Daylights follow dusktowards the gloomy nights, And bring us such a joy to renew oursights! Fresh airand clean water nourish oursouls, Without them, we suffer, and pay the heavy tolls! To put a stop to these tolls, EPA was formed - Overtwo decades ago, and brains were stormed! Forprotection of nature, EPA tookthe vow - To offersimple tips, let me tell them now! Banning pesticides and lead in gasoline - Made the giant move to make the nature clean! Recycling became a daily household chore To reduce costs and protect the seashore! Reduction of emissions created the flow - Of cleanerair, and polluters took a blow! Dumping of sewage into lakes and streams Was banned to prevent leery public screams! Pollution of waterbecame a salient issue to protect human health and aquatic tissue!
  7. 7. The situation has changed over twenty-five years, And laws are in place to remove ourfears! Now an annual event hangs around us - To recognize Earth Day without any fuss! So let's all sing Save the Earth songs, And do things right to hearloud gongs! Now, always think"Earth Is In YourHands", Here at home orin foreign lands! So let us follow these few simple roles, To avoid the agonies of all future souls! Conserve the wateras much as you can, While you are bathing orwashing the van! Recycle and prevent pollution at the source, While care should be motive and the hidden force! Plant the trees in open private space, To create the shade and cool your face! Try the carpool with a friend, orshare a ride - To control the airand emission ebb tide! Dispose off pesticides in a real safe manner, And label before you bury 'emundera banner! Organize all efforts to discard the waste;
  8. 8. And define each role to convey all facts ! Reward the guys for a job well done - To share the benefits and all the fun ! Well, now you really know what you have to do - And celebrate "Earth Day" without further woo !!!
  9. 9. GO GREEN!