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Do it yourself for halloween


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Do it yourself for halloween

  1. 1. HOLIDAYS DO IT YOURSELF BOUNCY BATS Two egg carton cups taped together become a nifty-looking bat. Watch out! These springy bats are coming to visit you at your home. Just how many of them show up depends on how many you make. Do you want your bat to look funny, silly, or scary? HALLOWEEN BOOKMARKS
  2. 2. What you’ll need... Black construction paper Pencil Scissors 2 plastic foam egg carton cups 1 large rubber band, cut in half Tape White crafts glue Buttons, cereal, or shaky eyes 1. Fold the construction paper in half. Draw a bat wing on the paper. Use scissors to cut out 2 wings. 2. Put a piece of tape onto 1 end of each bat wing. Lay taped ends inside an egg cup and tape in place. Put a piece of tape on 1 end of the rubber band. Place taped end inside egg cup between the wings. Press the tape to hold rubber band in place. 3. To make the bat’s body, hold the 2 cups back to back and tape them together. For the eyes, glue buttons onto the egg cup.
  3. 3. HALLOWEEN POP-UP CARD CUT IT OUT You will need • • A pumpkin Three tools: poker, drill, saw • Paper pattern 1. CUT AN OPENING in the top or bottom of a pumpkin. Make the hole big enough so that you can clean out the pumpkin easily. Save the piece you cut out to use as a lid. 2. CLEAN AND SCRAPE the inside. The pumpkin wall you will carve should be no more than one inch thick. 3. ATTACH THE PATTERN. Trim the pattern and tape it to the pumpkin. It may be necessary to make small folds to fit the paper
  4. 4. 4. TRANSFER THE DESIGN. Using the poker, poke through the paper at each dot on the pattern. Then remove the pattern. (Save it and refer to it while you are carving.) 5. DRILL THE HOLES. Hold the pumpkin in your lap and twist the drill into each hole made by the poker in step 4.Turn the drill gently until it pierces the pumpkin’s skin. 6. START SAWING. Grasp the saw like a pencil and move it steadily up and down, working from dot to dot. Always hold the saw at a right angle to the pumpkin. 7. CUT A CHIMNEY. Light a candle inside the pumpkin, then close the lid. Quickly put out the flame and look for the blackened spot inside the lid. Cut a small hole there; it will let the smoke and heat escape while a candle glows inside.