Descriptive adjectives


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Descriptive adjectives

  1. 1. Kind-hearted - A person is one who likes other people a lot and always wants to help them.Good-natured - pleasant or friendly (a good-natured face/crowd)Loving - showing a lot of love towards someoneFriendly - behaving in a pleasant, kind way towards someone (a friendly face/smile);Our neighbours have alwaysbeen very friendly to/towards us.Im on quite friendly terms with my daughters teacher.Are you friendly with (= a friend of) Graham? • describes a place that is pleasant and that makes you feel happy andcomfortable ;Its a friendly little restaurant.• A friendly game or argument is one which you play or have for pleasureand in order to practise your skills, rather than playing or arguing seriously with the aim of winning ;We were havinga friendly argument about Green politics. The teams are playing a friendly match on Sunday. • Friendly countries andfriendly soldiers are ones who are not your enemies and who are working or fighting with you.Affectionate - showing feelings of liking or love (любящий; нежный (to, towards, with))Confident - having confidencecertainty (assured, sure; self-reliant, bold; optimisti; )Balanced - • considering all sides or opinions equally :The news programme prided itself on its balanced reporting. •containing an equal amount or number of similar things or people : The committee is evenly balanced, with sixmembers from each party.SecureGetting along (comfortably) with othersGregarious - (of people) liking to be with other people, or (especially of animals) living in groupsEmmas a gregarious, outgoing sort of person.Sociable - describes someone who likes to meet and spend time with other peopleCommunicative- willing to talk to people and give them information He was in a bad mood at breakfast and wasntvery communicative. • relating to communication: The communicative ability of the whale is thought to be highlydeveloped.Outgoing - (of a person) friendly and energetic and finding it easy and enjoyable to be with othersUnselfish - Someone who is unselfish thinks about what is good for other people, not just about their ownadvantage.Hard-working - always doing a lot of workIndustrious - having the characteristic of regularly working hardSelf-disciplined  the ability to make yourself do things you know you should do even when you do not want to :You need a lot of self-discipline when youre doing research work on your own.Self possessed  the characteristic of being calm and in control of your emotions at all times: He looked surprisedbut soon recovered his self-possession.Alert - quick to see, understand and act in a particular situation: Im not feeling very alert today - not enough sleeplast night! A couple of alert readers wrote in to the paper pointing out the mistake. Parents should be alert to suddenchanges in childrens behaviour.Motivated - • [T often passive] to cause someone to behave in a particular way : Like so many people, hesmotivated by greed. He is genuinely motivated by a desire to help people. • *T+ to make someone want to dosomething well : [+ to infinitive] Teaching is all about motivating people to learn. motivated adjective: a racially-motivated murder; Our staff are hard-working and highly motivated (= enthusiastic).Conscientious - putting a lot of effort into your work (добросовестный, сознательный, честный (об отношении кчему-л.)Persevering - to try to do or continue doing something in a determined way, despite having problemsIt looks as if the policy will be a success, providing that the government perseveres and does not give in to its critics.The education director is persevering in his attempt to obtain additional funding for the school.Despite receiving little support, the women are persevering with their crusade to fight crime. persevering adjective:She was persevering enough to reach the height of her ambition and become the managing director of the company.(настойчивый, стойкий, упорный; diligent )Enthusiastic - showing a feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and an eagerness to beinvolved in itPolite - behaving in a way that is socially correct and shows understanding of and care for other peoples feelingsIm afraid I wasnt very polite to her. She sent me a polite letter thanking me for my invitation. He was too polite topoint out my mistake. • socially correct rather than friendlyCourteous - polite and respectful; well-manneredConsiderate - kind and helpfulThoughtful - carefully considering things : He has a thoughtful approach to his work. • quiet because you arethinking about something : You look thoughtful. • kind and always thinking about how you can help other people :
  2. 2. Thank you for phoning when I was ill - it was very thoughtful of you. Shes a very thoughtful person. Helpfully able to cope with difficulties, problemsObedient - doing, or willing to do, what you have been told to do by someone in authorityProne to obey - be prone to sth/do sth : likely to suffer from an illness or show a particular negative characteristicIve always been prone to headaches. He was prone to depressions even as a teenager. Shes prone to exaggerate, thats forsure.Submissive - describes someone who allows themselves to be controlled by other people: He was looking for a quietsubmissive wife who would obey his every word.Disciplined - behaving in a very controlled way : France play with more flair and inventiveness, whereas England are a moredisciplined side. Those children are well disciplined.Repressed - having feelings which you do not express: repressed anger/sexuality; English people are notoriously repressedand dont talk about their feelings.Depressed - unhappy and without hope for the futureDistressed - • upset or worried :She was deeply distressed by the news of his death. • having problems because of havingtoo little money :The government is taking steps to stimulate business development in (economically) distressed areas. • adistressed fabric or material has been treated to make it look as if it has been used for a long timeMixed-up - upset, worried and confused, especially because of personal problems : Hes just a mixed-up kid.Confused - • unable to think clearly or to understand something :Grandfather gets quite confused sometimes, and doesnteven know what day it is. Im a bit confused. Was that her husband or her son she was with? • not clear and thereforedifficult to understand :Your essay gets a bit confused halfway through when you introduce too many ideas at once.Frustrated - • feeling annoyed or less confident because you cannot achieve what you want :Are you feeling frustrated inyour present job? [before noun] describes a person who has not succeeded in a particular type of job :Frustrated writersoften end up in publishing.• *before noun+ A frustrated emotion is one that you are not able to express :her frustrated lovefor him• *before noun+ unhappy because you are not having as much sex as you wantDisturbed - not thinking or behaving normally because of mental or emotional problemsNeglected - not receiving enough care or attentionSelf-centered - only interested in yourself and your own activitiesUnsociable - not liking to meet people or to spend time with themLonely - • unhappy because you are not with other people She gets lonely now that all the kids have left home.the lonely life of a farmer • A lonely place is a long way from where people live : a lonely stretch of Arizona highwayTimid - shy and nervous; without much confidence; easily frightenedShy - nervous and uncomfortable with other people;Fearful - slightly formal frightened or worried about something ; He hesitated before ringing her, fearful of what she mightsay.Shes fearful (that) she may lose custody of her children.Sulky  sulk - when someone refuses to smile or be pleasant because they are angry about somethingIndifferent - not thinking about or interested in someone or somethingImpersonal - without human warmth and interestListless - having no energy and enthusiasm and unwilling to do anything needing effortIrresponsive - 1) хранящий молчание, не отвечающий (на вопросы, замечания и т. д.) 2) а) физиол. невосприимчивый(к внешним раздражителям) б) неотзывчивый; невнимательныйInsensitive - disapproving (of a person or their behaviour) not feeling or showing sympathy for other peoples feelings, orrefusing to give importance to something; specialized not showing the effect of something as a reaction to it, or unable tofeel somethingHurt - • injured or in pain • upset or unhappyHumiliated - describes someone who has been made to feel ashamed or stupidStubborn - • describes someone who is determined to do what they want and refuses to do anything else They have massiverows because theyre both so stubborn. • Things that are stubborn are difficult to move, change or deal withDull - not interesting or exciting in any way; boringBored - feeling tired and unhappy because something is not interesting or because you have nothing to doUnable to cope with difficultiesIrritable –Annoyed –Anxious –Restless –Naughty-
  3. 3. Willful –InconsistentImpulsive –UndisciplinedUnruly –MisbehavingDisobedient –Resentful –Arrogant –Impudent –Inconsiderate –Intolerant –Disrespectful –UnrestrainedDestructive –Belligerent –Rude –Rough –Coarse –Offensive –Wrong-doing –Delinquent -ApprovingReassuringSelf-restrainedPatientTolerantFirmConsistentJustIndulgingPamperingBabyingSelf-willedWillfulPermissiveUnwise