Alaska lesson


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Alaska lesson

  2. 2. VOCABULARYSCENERY Mountains Lakes Rivers Forests Glaciers Ice Fields Valleys Hanging Glacier Streams
  3. 3. SCENERY
  4. 4. Sentences With Vocabulary The mountains are magnificent The lakes are beautful The rivers have lots of fish The forests are a source of wood The glaciers are thousands of years old The ice fields are hundreds of kilometer long
  5. 5. Sentences With Vocabulary The valleys are huge and beautiful The hanging glaciers are amazing The streams are everywhere
  6. 6. VOCABULARYFISHING Fishing Cast Net Fishing Rig Halibut Salmon Fishing Rod Reel Jig Dip Netting
  7. 7. FISHING
  8. 8. Sentences With Vocabulary Fishing is both fun and a source of food You use a cast net to catch bait fish A fishing rig can be the rod and reel you use to fish or the big nets on a ship One of the largest fish in Alaska is the halibut Salmon are a main source of food You use a fishing rod to catch salmon
  9. 9. Sentences With Vocabulary The reel hold the fishing line The jig is the artificial bait used in fishing Native people in Alaska are allowed to go dip netting to catch enough fish for the long cold winter months
  10. 10. VOCABULARYWORK Logging Hunting Fishing Trapping Skinning Gold Panning Farming Building Subsistence
  11. 11. LOGGING
  12. 12. Sentences With Vocabulary Logging is a major industry in Alaska Hunting is a primary means of providing food for families that live in Alaska Fishing is a great sport but also a way to provide healthy meat for people Trapping for furs to sell is a source of cash for people living in remote areas Skinning the animals is a skill to learn
  13. 13. Sentences With Vocabulary Gold panning is a method used by people to find gold for sale Farming is an important industry to provide fresh vegetables Building is done during the warm weather Subsistence is a life style of living off of the land and its resources
  14. 14. VOCABULARYTRANSPORTATION Trucks Cars Trains Float Planes Boats Ferries Dog Sleds Snow Mobiles Skiing Campers
  16. 16. Dogsled Ride2.MPG
  17. 17. Sentences With Vocabulary Trucks are used to haul goods over long distances in Alaska Cars are not used in many remote villages Trains are used to haul heavy and bulky items like coal Float planes are used to reach places where there are no roads Boats are used for many jobs in Alaska
  18. 18. Sentences With Vocabulary Ferries are ships that haul cars and people over the inland waterways Dog sleds are still used in remote areas where fuel is very expensive Snow mobiles are replacing dog sleds for transportation because they are faster Skiing is a sport that is enjoyed by people Campers are everywhere in the summer
  19. 19. VOCABULARYWILDLIFE Eagle Bear Deer Moose Salmon Halibut Caribou Sheep
  20. 20. WILDLIFE
  21. 21. Sentences With Vocabulary Eagles are large birds that soar in the sky The bears are big and dangerous animals Deer live in the forests and provide meat Killing a moose each year is very important for getting meat Salmon lay their eggs in small streams Halibut live on the bottom of the ocean Sheep live in remote mountain areas Caribou live in the Artic region of Alaska