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Apresentação feita no evento espanhol AppCircus em 2012

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  • Timing: 1 minute Key Points:Social technology is growing at an exponential rate.Today’s workforce and customers have high expectations of social technology. Script:There’s a lot of buzz about social media these days, but there’s nothing new about being social. Social is natural and human. It has always been part of how we work and live together and do business. What is new is the way that technology is enabling us to engage one another socially in new ways and on a scale that’s literally unprecedented in human history.And this effect is accelerating. If you look at how long it took various media to reach 50 million users, you can see a clear trend. Radio, for example, reached 50 million users 38 years after it was introduced. With television, it only took 13 years, and the Internet took 4 years. Now, as the world is more and more connected, the pace is even faster. The iPod had 50 million users after 3 years, and Facebook had 100 million after less than 9 months.Social technology may be relatively new from a business perspective, but it’s already a normal part of day to day life for tens of millions of people. Those people are your employees, your partners, and your customers. Through services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, they’re accustomed to easily sharing the things they are interested about. They keep up on their friends and neighbors and public figures. They discuss a broad variety of topics. They expect to be able to contribute to the discussion and have their contributions respected.Additional Information:Qualman, Erik. “Social Media Revolution.” Socialnomics.com. May 5, 2010. http://www.socialnomics.net/2010/05/05/social-media-revolution-2-refresh/
  • A phone-specific version of the Windows RuntimeWindows Phone Runtime APIhttp://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/library/windowsphone/develop/jj207212(v=vs.105).aspx
  • Números de vendas de Window em 2011 BrasilOsnumeros de Windows, tablets e Mac são do PCMIT.Osnumeros de Android phones e Iphonessão do IDC
  • Evento AppCircus - Plataforma Windows

    1. 1. Technical EvangelistWindows 8 & Windows Phone Champodaibert@microsoft.comfacebook.com/daibert@daibert
    2. 2. 2source: socialnomics.com
    3. 3. Tendencias que estamos olhando
    4. 4. Os melhores HardwaresSuporte aMulti-coreAgora com 3resoluçõesSuporte aMicroSDWVGA800 x 48015:9WXGA1280 x 76815:9720p1280 x 72016:9FotosMusicasVideosInstalação de Apps
    5. 5. 1. Os melhores hardwaresNokia / HTC / Samsumg2. Internet Explorer 10Performance 4x mais rápida na execução de JavaScript3. Código nativo para desenvolvimento de jogosDesenvolvedores escrevem o mesmo código para jogos Windows 8 e Phone 84. Speech / Reconhecimento de vozAPIs de reconhecimento de voz->texto / texto->voz5. APIs de WalletSuporte a gravação e leitura6. Nokia Map TechnologyDownload dos mapas para utilização offline7. Pictures and LensesAplicações “Lens” que se integram diretamente a camera8. Start ScreenOs 8 pontos Windows Phone 8
    6. 6. Windows Phone 8 e Windows 8 Bettertogether
    7. 7. Shared Windows Core
    8. 8. Windows Phone RuntimeNão suportado no WP8Windows Runtime APIscomuns12Exclusivo do WP8Speech, VOIP, etc…3Full Windows Runtime11,000 itens2,800 itenscompartilhados600novositens
    9. 9. • Funciona em várias plataformas(cross-platform apps)• Aderente ao pattern MVVMPortable Class LibraryUm fonte, um projeto, um binário
    10. 10. Demo
    11. 11. PortalNewsletterCrossProfissionais de TI DesenvolvedoresPortalNewsletterhttp://aka.ms/technetbrasil http://aka.ms/msdnbrasilhttp://aka.ms/newsitprobrasil http://aka.ms/newsdevbrasilhttp://aka.ms/mva TechEd BrasilTechEd Brasil