Lindsey's Costa Rica Experience


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Lindsey's Costa Rica experience completed as part of the Oklahoma State University Master of International Agriculture Program -

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Lindsey's Costa Rica Experience

  1. 1. May 15, 2011 – June 11, 2011
  2. 2. Atenas, Costa Rica Atenas is located on the western edge of the Central Valley in the province of Alajuela It is known for having “the best climate in the world” - El Mejor Clima del Mundo Atenas is surrounded by mountains, valleys and coffee plantations, is only an hour to some of the beaches on the Pacific coast as well as 30 minutes to the airport and San Jose There is a lot to do in and around Atenas, and the location makes it easy to take day trips
  3. 3. Money - Dinero Costa Rica’s currency is the colon 500 colones ≈ 1 US$
  4. 4. My House – Mi Casa
  5. 5. My Family – Mi Familia Dad - Papa Licho Brother – Hermano EstebanMom - MamaGina
  6. 6. Costa Rican cuisine is mainly rice and beans accompanied by fresh fruits and vegetables. Gallo Pinto is a traditionalbreakfast dish, which consists of rice and black beans mixed together and usually an egg. The lunch dish is called a casado, which has rice and beans unmixed, a type of meat, salad andplantains. Dinner is very similar to lunch. One thing is for sure, you can always count on eating RICE AND BEANS!
  7. 7. VolunteeringSu Espacio is a community center run by Tina Newton, an OSU alum. She has manyvolunteering opportunities and also offers placements for home-stays as well as Spanishclasses for the volunteers. Her costs are very reasonable: $100 set up fee +$100 donation to your project of choice +$300 for your home stay which includes 3 meals a day, laundry, bedroom, etc +$80 for pick up and drop off at the airport =$580 for the month!!
  8. 8. A.M.A.S.I.A Asociacion de Mujeres Artesanas de San Isidro de Atenas Mainly ornamental flowers Organic greenhouse run and plants – especiallyby a women’s cooperative orchids
  9. 9. At the greenhouse I helped by preparing and plantingpots, weeding, cleaning up the pathways and trails around the garden, shoveling rocks, mixing fertilizer and attending the weekly farmers’ market tohelp Ana Lucia (below right) sell her vegetables, plants and flowers.
  10. 10. If you love animals this is agreat place to volunteer! You get to help out with the feeding,vaccinations, bathing, cleaning,and just playing with and loving the animals. I would not be surprised if you wanted to take one home!
  11. 11. The national park is well known for itsbeautiful beaches and hiking trails. The park contains four beaches within its limits. Thepark is full of diversity and you can expect tosee many species of plants as well as other living creatures such as monkeys, sloths, snakes, bats, crabs and more!
  12. 12. Los Chorros has trails, two waterfalls, ariver, bridges and a picnic area to stay and have lunch. As you walk into the park youfeel like you are walking into Jurassic park. The first waterfall is about 60 meters high(shown to the left). The second waterfall is accessible by crossing a bridge and you can swim right up to it and underneath it
  13. 13. Zip Lining Mahogany Park is located in a beautiful private reserve in a primary jungle of the tropical rainforest in San Mateo, Costa Rica. This tour consists of 11 platforms, the cost is veryreasonable and it is a lot of fun!
  14. 14. Arenal Volcano Arenal’s most recent severe eruption was in 1968 that buried three villages andkilled many. Up until 2010, the eruptions were still constant, but less severe. Todaythe volcano’s activity has decreased significantly but it is still alive. You can still see some smoke pluming out of it, as well as some lava flowing out at night. There is a lot to do like hiking, boating and horseback riding, but the Baldi Hot Springs are a must see!
  15. 15. Karaoke Nights atthe Sports Bar with the Volunteers! This was such a great experience and I was able tomeet so many wonderful people. I absolutely loved Costa Rica! Volunteering was very rewarding, and living with the families was such an eye opening experience and mademe really appreciate the luxuries I had at home. I would go back in a heart beat! PURA VIDA!!!