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Spiff | Startup Day - Fintech + Open Banking


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Spiff | Startup Day - Fintech + Open Banking

The banking industry is up for disruption, or in the process of being disrupted as some might say.
On May 22nd fintech-startups and incumbents met at Kulturhuset to discuss open banking and show examples of how new services will shake up the game.

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Spiff | Startup Day - Fintech + Open Banking

  1. 1. Saving and investing 
 for the mobile generation
  2. 2. What is Spiff?
  3. 3. PROBLEM 
 No easy way to save and invest money for young people. 
 Social. Easy. Fun. SOLUTION
 Mobile saving and investing app for mobile generation. MISSION
 Help people save money. Give people better tools.
  4. 4. SAVE TOGETHER GIFT SAVING SAVE FOR YOU Spiff is social by nature 1 2 3 All your saving plans in one place. Easy to setup, edit and track. Bring back the charm of giving cash and send a Golden Nut! Spiff makes it super easy and fun to save with friends and family.
  5. 5. Spiff is a plattform
  6. 6. …that also will be present on other platforms
  7. 7. Value to user Start investing Easy and fun One-stop shop Keep your bank Save together Save and invest money from one place, at no additional cost. You control your savings.LTV whole life Spiff is the service, Banks are the vaults
  8. 8. Value to partner Spiff is the service, Banks are the vaults Savings accounts Communication to users Mortgages Product dev. speed Customer data Partner increase revenue:
 1. Customer acquisition 
 2. Quality customer data
 3. Exciting product dev + 400 NOK + 00.00 + 2 000 NOK + 00.00 500 01 Jan '17 NOK Single amount: Rainy day 80025 Dec '16 NOK Received: Golden Nut 30025 Dec '16 NOK Received: Golden Nut 1 00025 Dec '16 NOK Received: Golden Nut -20025 Dec '16 NOK Sent: Golden Nut -20025 Dec '16 NOK Sent: Golden Nut -500 15 Dec '16 NOK Single amount: Rainy day Monthly: We're going... -100 19 Dec '16 NOK SENT: Golden Nut Breadcrumb Weekly Monthly Yearly Pension
  9. 9. “EASY” STUFF
 Build product
 Create consumer brand
 Get users into Spiff ..because we are in control ourselves
  10. 10. “HARD” STUFF
 Integrating with financial institutions 
 Offering cheap and quick payments
 Making customer on-boarding to partners user friendly ..because we are dependent on external processes
  11. 11. PSD2 will open up new possibilities for Spiff As an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) we can enable better saving habits by evaluating your whole economic situation
  12. 12. API’s galore Big Bank1
 API Joint API run by industry API aggregators Small Bank Big Bank2
 API Big Bank3
 API Small Bank Small Bank
  13. 13. Will everyone want to be an AISP? 🤔
  14. 14. It is an ecosystem game
  15. 15. If you want to win, you need to open up Starting point and short term: Who has most traffic and users today? Longer term: Those that deliver the best user experience, and most value added services
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Download Spiff app now to get your early access