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Success story anticipating_buyers_wishes


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Success story anticipating_buyers_wishes

  1. 1. Anticipating buyers’ wishes is the key.Innovative Bosnian wood processor convinces the EU and Swiss customers with high-quality panels. “We benefited from SIPPO’s know-how in adapting to cultural differences and in under- standing various marketing approaches.” Dalibor Petrovic, Head of the Sales Department Creative spirit, superior product quality and perseverance were the ingredients for steadily expanding customer circles. Petroprojekt from Bosnia and Herzegovina ( produces massive wood elements comprising specific panels made of beech, oak, walnut and acacia. Founded by two young entrepreneurs, the company started selling fresh timber to Egypt. However, from the very beginning it aimed at reaching higher levels of processing. When it started producing massive wood panels in 2007, Petroprojekt was pioneering a trend that has developed continuously ever since: natural elegance in interiors using high- quality products such as massive wood. The new product line required promotion on the Western markets. Petroprojekt turned to SIPPO for support and staged its first exhibition at the Interzum in 2009. The success was immediate with order books so full that Petroprojekt had to recruit ten new employees. Encouraged by this positive experience, Petroprojekt started a strong marketing cam- paign – in times of crisis when many were merely observing the market development! The reward was an impressive number of new clients at the second Interzum and contin- uous growth ever since – by 20 % annually. It did, however, take longer to penetrate the Swiss market. After the Swissbau 2010, Petro- projekt constantly worked at improving quality, standards and appearance. It introduced an environmental management system (ISO 14001:2004) TQM and was certified by FSC. The emphasis on steady quality, managerial innovation and skills provided by the SIPPO programme allow Petroprojekt to export to the European Union, Switzerland and Japan. Today, Petroprojekt employs 230 people. The future now looks bright for Petroprojekt. The company is currently planning a new programme of massive wooden furniture to be launched in 2013. Stay tuned! “Sippo gave us the opportunity to understand the Swiss market, but it took us two years before we started cooperating with Swiss companies.” Dalibor Petrovic, Head of the Sales DepartmentJuly 2012SIPPOPhone +41 44 365 51 51,