SIPPO exhibitor brochure - Biofach 2010


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SIPPO exhibitor brochure - Biofach 2010

  1. 1. SIPPO Pavilion, Hall 4 Booth 540 & 640Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion, Hall 4 Booth 438Peru Pavilion, Hall 2 Booth 530Biofach 2010Nuremberg, February 17 – 20, 20101
  2. 2. Contents. SIPPO Pavilion 4 UGPAT, Benin 5 WAD African Foods, Ghana 6 Java Spices, Indonesia 7 Al Khayrat Farms, Jordan 8 Lao Farmers’ Products, Laos 9 Sinouk Coffee, Laos 10 Alkaloid, Macedonia 11 Inter-Mak, Macedonia 12 Mobiom, Mali 13 IKURU, Mozambique 14 Canaan Fair Trade, Palestine 15 Nile Teas, Uganda 16 Galeks-Agro, Ukraine 17 Kharkovnatureproduct, Ukraine 18 Pure Flora-BIO, Ukraine 19 Sumyfitofarmacia, Ukraine 202
  3. 3. Contents. Bosnia & Herzegovina Pavilion 21 Andelic 22 Boletus 23 Elmar 24 Elmar Aroma Care 25 Faveda 26 Halilovic 27 Herba Eko 28 Herba Krajina 29 Neven 30 Roing 31 Sumski Plod 32 Peru Pavilion 33 Agronegocios La Grama 34 Andenatura Consortium 35 BOS 36 Econadino 37 Machu Picchu Trading 38 Naranjillo Cooperative 39 Romex 40 3
  4. 4. SIPPO Swiss ImportPromotion Programme. SIPPO is a mandate from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs of Switzerland (SECO), carried out by Osec. The pro- gramme supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from emerging markets and markets in transition to access the Swiss and European markets. On the other hand, SIPPO helps Swiss and European importers to find suitable partners in emerging countries and countries in transition. The programme has five main goals: • To inform the Swiss and European import economy about new market sources • To strengthen trade institutions and business sector associa- tions in the trade promotion process • To increase the competitiveness of SMEs in selected partner countries • To develop the manufacturing and exporting skills of SMEs in selected partner countries • To establish qualified trade contacts between SMEs from emerging markets and markets in transition and the Swiss and European import economy Osec Swiss Import Promotion Programme Stampfenbachstrasse 85 P.O. Box 2407 CH-8021 Zurich, Switzerland Phone +41 44 365 54 89 Fax +41 44 365 52 02 www.sippo.ch4
  5. 5. Benin.UGPATAddress:P.O. Box 45 Houègbo Phone +229 95 81 49 41Département de l’Atlantique mefruba@yahoo.frCommune de ToffoBeninContact: Félix DossouProductsDried and fresh pineapples, pineapple juiceUGPAT (Union des Groupements des Producteurs d’Ananas de laCommune de Toffo) is a cooperative founded 1997. Currently, thecooperative represents 136 members in eight regions of the country.UGPAT is organic certified by Ecocert and Fair Trade certified byFLO.Their target is to promote the production and the high quality ofpineapples in the region of Toffo and to protect the interests of theirmembers. UGPAT offers technical support, training and planning ofthe production of their members. The cooperative also takes care ofthe commercialisation of their members’ products.All activities and services offered by UGPAT have the objective tostrengthen their members’ performance. 5
  6. 6. Ghana. WAD African Foods Address: P.O. Box WJ 371 Phone +233 244 994 303 Weija Accra Ghana Contact: Patrick Deegbe Products Dried and fresh pineapples, dried coconuts, dried mangos, dried papayas WAD (Weija Agricultural Development) was founded in the year 2000 and exports mainly dried and fresh pineapples, dried coco- nut, dried mangos and dried papaya. WAD African Foods be- lieves in the potential of small farmers in Ghana. The company’s target is to alleviate poverty in the country and to fight against the dependence of the famers. WAD African Foods supports small-scale farmers improving their standard of living by train- ing them and promoting their products on the European market. The company works with middle-class farmers group in different regions of Ghana. Over 200 farmer families supply WAD with their products which are certified by IMO Switzerland.6
  7. 7. Indonesia.Java SpicesAddress: Jl. Siantar No. 18A Phone +62 21 351 26 58Jakarta 10150 Fax +62 21 386 79 04Indonesia jtumiwa@gmail.comContact: John TumiwaProductsCoconuts, coconut sugar, spices, vanillaEstablished in North Sulawesi during the 1980s, Java Spicesconcentrates on spices, vanilla and coconut products. JavaSpices is a growing, independent ingredients company, whereheart and soul are supplying the very finest quality ingredientsto the world. The products are organic certified by USDA andcomply with EU standards, Kosher, Halal and Fair Trade.The company produces more than 30 different spices andcertified organic vanilla products (vanilla beans, vanilla extract1 – 20 folds), certified organic coconut products, certified organicpalm sugar products (alcohol and brown sugar) and many more.Java Spices works together with 3’500 farmers from which theybuy directly their crops. Out of 3’500 farmers, 1’292 farmers areorganic certified by USDA and comply with Europe standards.The company also supports Fair Trade. 7
  8. 8. Jordan. Al Khayrat Farms Address: P.O. Box 90 Phone +962 777 502 292 Amman 11822 Fax +962 654 112 254 Jordan Contact: Rabih Ahmad Salamah Al Araj Products Dates, olive oil Of the several farms operated and managed by Al Khayrat Farms, the date farm (located in Ghor Kabet) and the olive farm (located in Halabat) are certified by IMO as fully organic. The main product in the Jordan Valley is the Medjoul date, a delicious natural product fully ripened under the sun and then hand picked when ready to eat directly from the palm trees. The dates are sorted and stored in ideal conditions and packed according to the customers needs in the state of the art packing house. The olive farm produces a first class extra virgin olive oil proc- essed within the olive mill among the farm. The extra virgin organic olive oil which is sold under the name «Deesse» has been classified by an Italian organization as number 46 of the 100 best organic olive oils in the world.8
  9. 9. Laos.Lao Farmers’ ProductsAddress: 158 Mitthaphab Lao-Thai Road Phone +856 21 31 28 86P.O. Box 330 Fax +856 21 31 44 25Vientiane www.laofarmersproducts.comLaos lfp.direction@gmail.comContact: Thou BountarathProductsCoffee, rice, teaThe Laos Farmers’ Products is one of three organizations, whostarted their activities in the early 90s with the objective to improvethe living standard of small farmers and marginalized people incities. The main organisation is the Association de Soutien auDéveloppement des Sociétés Paysannes (ASDSP). The ASDSPorganizes groups to realize development projects, for instancebuilding dams to gather water for rice fields. The ASDSP foundedthe Laos Farmers’ Products in 1994 as a marketing organization inorder to elaborate and sell products from small farmers for re-gional and export market. Lao Farmers’ Products exports peanutoil, fruit juices jams, rice, tea and many more.Later on, they founded the Cooperative de Credit pour le Soutienaux Petites Unités de Production, a cooperative which organizessmall farmers or small entrepreneurs into solidarity groups andgives them the possibility to access loans and small credits atgood conditions. 9
  10. 10. Laos. Sinouk Coffee Lao Address: Km 9 Thadeua Rd. Phone +856 21 31 21 50 Vientiane Fax +856 21 31 21 50 Laos Contact: Ms Ketmany Products Coffee The 56 ha wide coffee plantation of Sinouk Coffee Lao, founded in 1994, is located on the cool heights of the South Laos Bolovens Plateau. The company, which is specialised in processing and roasting coffee, has pioneered the export of Lao green coffee to the world markets. Sinouk Coffee Lao is the first Lao coffee com- pany to obtain the organic certification by ICEA. Their target is to enhance the fame of Laos through Sinouk brand products world wide.10
  11. 11. Macedonia.AlkaloidAddress: Blvd. A. Makedonski 12 Phone +389 23 10 40 021000 Skopje Fax +389 23 10 40 14Macedonia Nikola MizoProductsHerbal teasFor more than 70 years Alkaloid is dedicated to promoting andoffering exceptional teas to the world market. The companyoffers what is best of nature, packed in its GOOD NATURE teas.The production programme of Alkaloid AD Botanicals includesseveral groups of products: certified 100 % organic teas, fruitteas, herbal and medicinal teas. They are all high quality prod-ucts, produced according to HACCP, GMP, ISO 9001:2008 andISO14001:2004 standards. Organic production is certified or-ganic EU, USDA NOP and JAS. 11
  12. 12. Macedonia. Inter-Mak Address: Andon Surkov bb Phone +389 43 23 37 16 Veles 1400 Fax +389 43 23 30 72 Macedonia Contact: Tose Kostadinov Products Blackberries, blueberries, juniper berries, mushrooms Inter-Mak is a private owned company founded in 2000. The main occupation is collecting, processing and selling wild mush- rooms and wild forest fruits like blueberries, blackberries, juniper berries and essential oil of juniper berries. Inter-Mak provides full time employment to approximately 25 people and engages around 100 seasonal workers. The ecologically clean environment where the products are being collected enhances their extraordinary quality, taste and healthi- ness. Inter-Mak has a freezing compartment, a storage compart- ment for frozen products, a tunnel for deep freezing IQF, drying machines, calibrators and a distillery. The company has implemented HACCP, organic and ISO 22000 standards which will make them more competitive on the interna- tional market.12
  13. 13. Mali.MobiomAddress: Hèrèmakono Rue 114 Phone +223 76 21 30 86Porte 56 mobiom_mali@yahoo.frBougouniMaliContact: Sidy El Moctar N’GuiroProductsCotton wool, mango, shea butter, sesameThe Organic Malian Movement (Mobiom) and its 38 employeespromote organic agriculture in Mali. The company was foundedin 2002. 72 cooperatives and more than 6500 organic produc-ers are members. Mobiom`s products are cotton (1300 tons seedcotton), sesame (150 tons), shea butter (130 tons), peanuts (30tons) and mangos (70 tons fresh mangos). The possibilities ofincluding cashew nuts and hibiscus supply chains are beingevaluated. All products are organic (Ecocert International) andFair Trade (FLO) certified. Mobiom targets national, regional andinternational markets. 13
  14. 14. Mozambique. IKURU Address: Rua das Novas Chaves 442 Phone +258 26 21 28 64 Nampula Fax +258 26 218 557 Mozambique Contact: Mark Lucas Products Cashew nut kernels, groundnuts, sesame, soybeans IKURU, founded 2003, is a processing and exporting company with 22’000 farmer shareholders. The company is fully certified by Ecocert for the organic products like soybeans, groundnuts and sesame and fair trade certified by FLO for the cashew nut kernels and groundnuts. IKURU has a sesame cleaning plant, groundnuts selection plant and a state of the art laboratory for quality control of export products in order to ensure that they meet EU standards.14
  15. 15. Palestine.Canaan Fair TradeAddress: Berqin, Jenin Phone +972 4 243 19 91West Bank Fax +972 4 243 19 93Palestine info@canaanfairtrade.comContact: Nasser AbufarhaProductsAlmond oil, capers, couscous, jojoba oil, olives, olive oil, olivetapenade, sun-dried tomatoesFounded in 2004, Canaan Fair Trade is the largest Palestinianproducer and exporter of organic and Fair Trade olive oil toEurope and North America. Canaan Fair Trade is a missionbased business committed to practicing Fair Trade along itsvalue chain. They work with 1700 small farmers most of whomare organic certified producers and belong to cooperatives thatare members of the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA).Canaan Fair Trade combines livelihood sustainability (Fair Trade)with environmental sustainability (organic) to contribute to theempowerment of small producers communities. Most of thecompany’s products are certified organic by IMO in Switzerland.Canaan delivers the highest quality, extra virgin, organic and FairTrade olive oil from Palestine, the Land of Milk and Honey. Thecompany also offers a wide range of agricultural products thatare certified organic and Fair Trade such as green olives, blackolives, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, almonds and almond oil. 15
  16. 16. Uganda. Nile Teas Ltd. Address: 27a Kisinja Road Phone +256 782 390 345 P.O. Box 1164 Jinja Uganda Contact: William Irving Products Dried hibiscus, hibiscus seed oil, turmeric powder, «Simply Hibi» hibiscus drink Nile Teas (Uganda) Ltd. was founded 2006 and works with small- holder farmers, predominantly in Northern Uganda. The farmers are assisted through the organic certification process and grow Hibiscus sabdariffa for the production of dried calyx and seed. In conjunction with a local partner Nile Teas produces a hibiscus drink (Simply Hibi) in Uganda for the East African Market. Nile Teas’ sister company in the UK produces a similar product for the UK and European markets. The company can offer dried hibiscus calyx, hibiscus seed oil and bottled hibiscus drink and turmeric powder.16
  17. 17. Ukraine.Galeks-AgroAddress: 4 Sadova str. Phone +380 414 153 321Stryeva village, Zhytomyr region Fax +380 414 121 373Novograd-Volynsky Town 11707 www.galeks-agro.comUkraine galex.agro@gmail.comContact: Oleksandr YushchenkoProductsCereals, oats, rye, spelt, vetchlingThe agricultural enterprise Galeks-Agro was founded in 2008 andis situated in the northern part of Ukraine, 220 km to the westof Kyiv City. The company’s main purpose is to produce healthyorganic products, to protect ecology improvements of the envi-ronmental pollution and to create highly effective agro businesses.The private enterprise has 2000 hectares of arable land and isorganic certified by IMO Switzerland since 2009. Galeks-Agro isspecialised in manufacturing of organic seeds and grains such asvetchlings, field peas, rye, oats, dinkel, mustard and oil radish.The agricultural enterprise Galeks-Agro is a member of a unionwhich includes 12 enterprises with a total arable area of 24 thou-sand hectares. 17
  18. 18. Ukraine. Kharkovnatureproduct Address: 167 Oktyabrskoy Revolyutsii St. Phone +380 577 170 165 Kharkov 61157 Fax +380 577 352 397 Ukraine Contact: Vladislav Zhmailo Products Pumpkin seeds, vegetable oil, walnuts Kharkovnatureproduct is a rapidly developing company founded in 2008 and engaged in the growing and processing of oil seeds and also in the production of pumpkin, sunflower and walnut natural oils and powders. The production facilities of Kharkovnatureproduct are located in the ecologically clean area of the Kharkov region. The philoso- phy of the company is to develop and produce natural healthy products.18
  19. 19. Pure Flora-BIOAddress: 15, Shurgalyuk Str. Spas Village Phone +380 343 393 667Kolmyya district Fax +380 343 393 667Ivano-Frankivsk Region 78219 www.organicflora.ukrbiznes.comUkraine orgflora@gmail.comContact: Mykhailo StovpyukProductsWild collected productsThe trade house Pure Flora-BIO Ltd was founded in 2008 in orderto promote and sell organic products from the Ukrainian Carpathi-an. They offer a wide range of organic wild collected products. 19
  20. 20. Ukraine. Sumyfitofarmacia Address: Str. Zalivnaja 11, fl. 16 Phone +380 542 780 137 Sumy City 40035 Fax +380 542 786 379 Ukraine Contact: Alexandr Kaluzhny Products Medicinal and aromatic plants, raw material The company Sumyfitofarmacia Ltd. is one of the leading proc- essors and suppliers of medicinal vegetative raw materials in Ukraine. The company is specialised in the collection, cultiva- tion, processing and supplying of dried medicinal herbs and raw materials. The company trades and processes over 100 different plant species from Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Sumy- fitofarmacia exports products like dried leaves, roots, herbs of medicinal and aromatic plants, dried vegetables, seeds, fruits and spices. The company`s annual turnover is about 5000 tons. Their products are sold in Ukraine, Russia, EU, USA and Asia. With the establishment of a quality control system and produc- tion facilities, Sumyfitofarmacia is able to control and produce products of high quality in order to satisfy their customers’ needs.20
  21. 21. Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina(Hall 4, Booth 438)The Chamber of Economy of BiH was reorganized according tothe current model of Chambers in the EU. Today the Foreign TradeChamber of BiH is an independent, non-governmental, non-politi-cal and non-profit public association of the economic entities.Mission• development and upgrading foreign trade policies• development and upgrading customs and tariff policies• development and upgrading international finance• development of international transport and communications• co-ordination of revival and reconstruction of the economyActivities• representing interests of the member companies abroad• performing activities of public authorizations• co-operation with other Chambers in the country and abroad• promoting and realizing education programs• developing business and computer systems and connecting to international data-bases• developing favourable conditions for foreign investments• collecting and elaborating economic data and market analyses• promoting companies at international fairs• supplying information on the legal system, economic legislation, including legal services to foreign and local economic entitiesForeign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBranislava Durdeva 10, 71000 SarajevoPhone +387 33 566 222, Fax +387 33 214 21
  22. 22. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Andelic d.o.o. Address: Trebinjskih Brigada 10 Phone +387 65 688 356 89101 Trebinje Fax +387 59 257 122 Bosnia and Herzegovina Contact: Radovan Andelic Products Essential oils, forrest berries, liquid extracts, medicinal herbs Andelic d.o.o., founded in 1996, is engaged in the purchasing, processing, sales and export of medicinal and aromatic plants, as well as the production and sales of essential oils. Through the years, the company ensured the close relationship with its col- lectors and established organic standards and criteria for collec- tors to work according to these rules. Andelic is the leading developer and producer of certified or- ganic essential oils, liquid extracts and supplier of wild medicinal herbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The quality of essential oils is obtained by steam distillation in their modern stainless steel distillery. Andelic insists on delivering only high quality products to its customers, which use these products for the pharmacy and food industry. The products are certified by KRAV (Sweden) for the EU Regula- tion 2092/91 and NOP. Currently, Andelic is in the procedure of HACCP certification.22
  23. 23. Boletus d.o.o.Address: Binjezevo bb. Phone +387 66 199 45071240 Hadzici Fax +387 33 421 170Bosnia and Herzegovina www.boletus.nuContact: Salko PasicProductsForest berries, medicinal and aromatic plants, mushroomsBoletus d.o.o. is engaged in the purchase, processing and trade ofmushrooms, medicinal plants and wild forest products. They offermore than 100 different varieties of medicinal and aromatic plantsfrom Bosnia and Herzegovina (whole, cut into different granula-tions or ground) and different kinds of berries and mushrooms(fresh, dried, frozen, in brine).The company has been exporting since its establishment in April2000 and 95% of their products are exported to the Europeanmarket. Boletus pays attention to high quality products, on timedelivery, flexibility and customer satisfaction. All high quality prod-ucts are certified by KRAV, Sweden. 23
  24. 24. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Elmar d.o.o. Address: Preobrazenska 4 Phone +387 65 888 366 89101 Trebinje Fax +387 59 225 218 Bosnia and Herzegovina Contact: Dordo Maric Products Essential oils, medicinal herbs, raw material Elmar d.o.o., established in 1999, is engaged in the purchase and processing of wild medicinal and aromatic plants as well as the production of essential oils. The production facility is in accordance with organic, NOP and FairWild standards and all products are certified by IMO Switzerland. More than 95 % of the production is mainly exported to the European market but also to customers all over the world. Their essential oils like Helichrysum italicum, Salvia officinalis, Juniperus communis or Vitex agnus castus are produced from herbs that are wild grown in ecologically sound environment with fresh air and unpolluted soil.24
  25. 25. Elmar Aroma Care d.o.o.Address: Jefta Dedijera 4 Phone +387 65 845 29389230 Bileca Fax +387 59 380 460Bosnia and Herzegovina www.elmar-aromacare.comContact: Njegomir StolicaProductsEssential oils, liquid extracts, medicinal and aromatic plantsElmar Aroma Care d.o.o. is engaged in the purchase andprocessing of wild medicinal and aromatic plants, as well as theproduction of essential oils and liquid extracts, according to thestandards of organic production. Elmar Aroma Care producesmore than 30 high quality essential oils from plants like Heli-chrysum italicum, Salvia officinalis, Pinus silvestris and Juniperuscommunis. All products are sold on the local and internationalmarket since 1999. 25
  26. 26. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Faveda d.o.o. Address: Jukiceva 70 Phone +387 61 606 212 71000 Sarajevo Fax +387 33 486 761 Bosnia and Herzegovina Contact: Fikret Zubcevic Products Herbal products, medicinal plants, natural cosmetics, teas Faveda d.o.o. is a privately owned member company, founded in 1988. The main activity of the company is buying and process- ing mostly wild medicinal plants, herbal products and natural cosmetics. Faveda links the traditional and scientific use of medicinal plants and uses only medicinal plants collected in ecological clean mountains. They offer a range of around 100 different kind of medicinal plants. In addition to herbal teas, they also produce vegetable oils, herbal extracts and tinctures as well as finished products which are the basis of a plant extract to various lotions, creams, bal- sams, ointments and capsules.26
  27. 27. Halilovic d.o.o.Address: 126. Brigade 78 Phone +387 33 403 24471380 Ilijas-Sarajevo Fax +387 33 403 244Bosnia and Herzegovina Mejra HalilovicProductsEssential oils, medicinal and aromatic plants, wild forestry prod-uctsHalilovic d.o.o. is a family-owned company, established 1983. Thecompany is engaged in the collection, production and processingof medicinal and aromatic plants and other wild forestry products(juniper berry, sage, common yarrow, st. john’s worth, peppermint,white birch, black currant, cranberry). The essential oils like silverfir, angelica, white pine, black pine, common yarrow or juniperberry that the company produces are of unique quality.In the last two years, Halilovic started with the cultivation andproduction of different kinds of medicinal plants (camomile, balm,peppermint, marigold, sweet iris and catnip), crops and vegetablessuch as buckwheat, barley, oat, potato, carrot and many more.The company is export-oriented since 2002 and has an IMOorganic certificate for the EU and US (NOP) market. 27
  28. 28. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Herba Eko Address: Armaganusa 18 Phone +387 33 444 116 71000 Sarajevo Fax +387 33 216 737 Bosnia and Herzegovina Contact: Fahrudin Njemcevic Products Artichoke, buckwheat, cereals, medicinal and aromatic plants, potatoes, rye, teas Herba Eko farm is involved in the organic cultivation and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants (mint, melissa), arti- choke, cereals, buckwheat, rye, potatoes and teas. Each organic certified product has a high demand in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the European Union. Herba Eko is a member of the association «Organsko in Bosnia and Herzegovina» that gathers numerous manufacturers, proc- essors and distributors.28
  29. 29. Herba Krajina d.o.o.Address: Kalamegdanska 16 Phone +387 65 346 22978000 Banja Luka Fax +387 51 433 371Bosnia and Herzegovina www.agroberza.netContact: Mirjana RakicProductsMedicinal and aromatic plants, herbs, vegetablesHerba Krajina is a member of Business Incubator, engaged inprimary production and processing of medicinal and aromaticplants, herbs and vegetables. Its shareholders are from Bosniaand Herzegovina and Slovenia and the company has five perma-nently employed program coordinators and a network with over120 subcontractors.Herba Krajina grows sage, queen cell, lovage, Echinacea andthyme. Vegetables like pepper, tomato, onion, lettuce and spinachare grown in greenhouses. The production is being expandedto aromatic and pot herbs such as parsley, celery, savoury andmany others.The company produces its quantities and grown species basedon buyers’ demands. In 2010, Herba Krajina plans to expand itsorganic production to additional 60 hectares. The organic prod-ucts are certified by Ecocert. Export is done in cooperation withESG GmbH Kräuter from Germany and other leading companies. 29
  30. 30. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Neven Address: Limska 3 Phone +387 58 711 364 73260 Rudo Fax +387 58 711 364 Bosnia and Herzegovina Contact: Goran Durovic Products Marigold, marigold cream, marigold tincture, marigold oil, mari- gold tea Neven is a family-owned business which focuses on the organic cultivation, production and processing of the medicinal herb marigold which is used for teas, night creams, peeling masks, lip balms and many more products. The company has the IMO certification for the organic production of marigold. The aim of Neven is to develop organic medical herbs and the company wants to improve the standard of living and a bet- ter use of the soil in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Neven is keen to develop a healthier attitude towards the way of living and respect for nature through organic agriculture, which results in a healthier physical and psychological co-existence.30
  31. 31. Roing d.o.o.Address: Sv. Leopolda Mandica Phone +387 63 320 00588320 Ljubuski Fax +387 39 833 098Bosnia and Herzegovina www.roing.netContact: Nikola RozicProductsEssential oils, medicinal and aromatic plantsRoing d.o.o. from Ljubuski, was founded in 1993. Their main activ-ity is the cultivation and processing of aromatic and medicinalplants and the distillation of essential oils. In addition, Roing isinvolved in collecting and processing of wild collected medicinaland aromatic plants. All products are certified by the Swiss certifi-cation company IMO and are of high quality. Most of the productsare intended for foreign markets (EU, USA).Currently, Roing’s dehydration facility is one of the largest dehy-dration facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On its plantationsRoing cultivates lavender, rosemary, parsley and oregano whichare further used for processing. 31
  32. 32. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sumski Plod d.o.o. Address: Najkovici 13 Phone +387 36 770 332 88440 Prozor-Rama Fax +387 36 770 332 Bosnia and Herzegovina Contact: Mirza Dogic Products Forest fruits, wild collected mushrooms The company Sumski Plod is engaged in collecting, processing and exporting wild collected mushrooms and forest products such as juniper berries, strawberries, raspberries, arnica and many more. They have been exporting since 2000. The collect- ing and processing facilities are organically certified by KRAV, a Swedish certifier.32
  33. 33. Promperú(Hall 2, Booth 530)Prompéru, Peru Export and Tourism Promotion Board, is agovernment agency connecting both, public and private initia-tives. Their target is to create a competitive and diversified offer ofproducts and services with the highest quality standards suitablefor the international markets. Prompéru carries out a wide rangeof activities related to trade and tourism promotion. They focus onthose linked with the expansion of businesses in foreign markets,thus contributing to bring in foreign currency, to generate jobopportunities and to spread the image of Peru as an exportingcountry and an attractive tourism destination.PromperúRepublica de Panama 3647Lima, 27Peruagro@promperu.gob.pewww.promperu.gob.pePhone +511 222 12 22Fax +511 421 31 79 33
  34. 34. Peru. Agronegocios La Grama Address: Av. General Trinidad Phone +511 628 65 80 Moran 1111 Lince Fax +511 628 89 01 Lima 27 Peru Contact: Rodrigo Bedoya Products Ginger Agronegocios La Grama is a Peruvian company that works with local communities in the Amazon rainforest. It is passionate about delivering the best fresh products and is highly commit- ted with the environment and in exceeding the industry’s quality standards. Supported by the USDA/NOP and EU 2092/91 or- ganic certifications and in process of obtaining JAS certification, La Grama produces the freshest and most natural organic yel- low ginger, providing clients with the highest quality product. Its products are based on a handcrafted process that is reflected on their freshness, impeccable presentation, optimal market conditions and first-class quality. They are sowed, harvested and packed in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest where the soil and climate, combined with its remote location enable the skilled and dedicated farmers to grow the freshest and most natural organic yellow ginger.34
  35. 35. Andenatura ConsortiumAddress: Urb. Mariscal Gamarra Phone +51 8 424 62 33Pje Los Geranios 4-G Fax +51 8 424 62 33Cusco edgarvelascov@gmail.comPeruContact: Edgar Velasco VargasProductsEssential oils, teas, troutAndenatura, a promotional consortium established in November2007 by UNIDO together with the Peruvian Ministry of Production,is a success story of market access with pro-poor effects. Ande-natura is formed by four companies specialized in the processingof organic products that originate in the Peruvian Andean regionand its rich biodiversity. The management of the member compa-nies is committed to the principles of fair trade and of social andenvironmental responsibility and it follows stringent technical andquality control standards in production and transformation proc-esses.The consortium has developed export plans, implemented adver-tising material in several languages and participated in internationalevents. The products have gained increasing visibility within Peruand are now sold in supermarket chains, health food shops, organicand gourmet stores. Most significantly, the activity of the consor-tium has produced substantial benefits for its suppliers, communi-ties of farmers in rural and traditionally isolated areas of Peru. 35
  36. 36. Peru. BOS Asociación de Bananeros Orgánicos Solidarios Address: Phone +387 36 770 332 Tacna 730, Salitral Fax +387 36 770 332 Sullana Peru Contact: Jim Ruiz Garcia Products Banana The association BOS (Asociación de Bananeros Orgánicos Soli- darios) was founded in the year 2003 with the goal of promoting the development of small organic banana producers located in the region of Piura, Peru. Their products are organic certified for the European, USA and Japanese markets. Besides, they have Fair Trade certification and are working to achieve the Globalgap certification. Currently, there are 469 producers integrated into the associa- tion, who are strictly fulfilling the norms of organic quality and fair trade, creating a balance between the economical, social and environmental aspects. The association promotes the development of working, organiza- tional and business capacities of the women of Salitral, on the ba- sis of sub products of banana (BOS Women Entrepreneur Associa- tion). BOS also supports potable water institutions, health centres, religious organizations, sport organizations and many more.36
  37. 37. EcoandinoAddress: Batallón Callao 602 Phone +51 1 275 17 71Santiago de Surco Fax +51 1 275 16 47 27Lima 33 ecoandino@ecoandino.comPeruContact: Carlos Samaniego LopezProductsAlgarrobo, cacao, camu camu, maca, lucuma, purple corn, sachainchi, yaconEcoandino was created to give the world excellent food andquality products by cultivating, processing and commercial-izing organic products from the Andean and Amazon regions ofPeru. The company develops activities in four ecological zonesin central Peru, where it works in association with small farmers,in order to generate employment for local people. Additionally,Ecoandino assists them in their small businesses through train-ing and financial support. All these activities are done in orderto improve the quality of life of small farmers while incrementingcrop yields.Ecoandino offers Andean natural and functional food of greatbenefit to health, made from the highest quality raw materials.Consequently, the company has organic certifications issued byControl Union for the European Union, United States (NOP) andJapan (JAS) and Kosher certification. Ecoandino is also a proudmember of the IFOAM and the Fair Trade Federation in the USA. 37
  38. 38. Peru. Machu Picchu Trading Address: Av. Guillermo Prescott Nr. 226 Phone +51 1 421 97 97 San Isidro Fax +51 1 421 96 00 Lima 27 Peru Contact: Esther Paredes Caceres Products Cocoa, chocolate, coffee (green and roasted) Machu Picchu Trading is a Peruvian company, leading in the coffee and cocoa market and the most important supplier of raw ingredients for the local chocolate market. The company has received the EU, NOP and JAS organic certification for the coffee and cocoa products, as well as the Kosher certification. Machu Picchu Trading is formed by professionals with more than 15 years of experience and presence in the business of com- modities. The responsibility of the work’s team of Machu Pic- chu Trading begins in the collecting zones of raw material and finishes with the satisfactory delivery of the products to the final markets of consumption. Their mission is to develop high quality products in order to ef- ficiently satisfy their clients and suppliers needs who participate either directly or indirectly in the production chain of Machu Picchu Trading.38
  39. 39. Naranjillo CooperativeAddress: Av. Sven Erickson No. 342 Phone +51 6 256 21 82Tingo Maria Fax +51 6 256 26 33Huánuco www.naranjillo.comPeru informes@naranjillo.comContact: Daniel Castro CahuasProductsCacao, chocolate, coffeeThe Agro Industrial Cooperative Naranjillo, founded in 1964, isan organization composed by 4000 farmer members in the areaof Huánuco, San Martin and Ucayali. The cooperative cultivatesplants in order to produce and market cocoa, coffee and its de-rivatives such as cocoa beans, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoapowder, chocolate, cocoa nibs and green coffee. These productsare sold on the national and international markets.Naranjillo Cooperative has applied new technologies in industrialand administrative processes, which meet the requirements ofthe international markets. Constant training of all members of thecooperative, growth in infrastructure, the building of the humidcoffee production plant and the green coffee export process-ing plant have made Naranjillo Cooperative becoming a uniquecooperative in the industrial process plant in Peru.Naranjillo Cooperative has EU, NOP, JAS organic, Kosher andFair Trade certification. 39
  40. 40. Peru. Romex Address: Av. Nicolas Arriola 740 Phone +51 1 513 53 36 La Victoria Fax +51 1 255 60 22 Peru Contact: Jose San Martin Products Chocolate, cocoa, coffee (green and roasted) Exportadora Romex S.A. is a new company born from the coffee and cocoa divisions of Romero Trading S A. Their goal is to pro- vide the best Peruvian coffee and cocoa, working with farmers, sharing experiences and understanding their needs. The com- pany focuses on sustainable business and long lasting relations with its clients.40
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