SIPPO exhibitor brochure - Swissbau 2012


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SIPPO exhibitor brochure - Swissbau 2012

  1. 1. The SIPPO Pavilion presents countries in transitionKosovo, Serbia and the UkraineAt Swissbau 2012.Basel, 17 – 21 January, 2012Hall 2, Booth A801
  2. 2. SIPPO Swiss ImportPromotion Programme. SIPPO, the Swiss Import Promotion Programme, is a mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, within the framework of its economic development cooperation. It is car- ried out by Osec, the official Swiss foreign trade promotion agency. The programme helps SMEs in developing and transition countries to gain access to the Swiss and European markets by providing information, training courses and other matchmaking services. SIPPO also assists importers from Switzerland and the European Union with finding suitable partners and high-quality products from selected developing and transition countries. The programme has five main goals: • To inform the Swiss and European import economy about new market sources • To strengthen trade institutions and business sector associa- tions in the trade promotion process • To increase the competitiveness of SMEs in selected partner countries • To develop the manufacturing and exporting skills of SMEs in selected partner countries • To establish qualified trade contacts between SMEs from emerging markets and markets in transition and the Swiss and European import economy Osec Swiss Import Promotion Programme Stampfenbachstrasse 85 CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland Phone +41 44 365 53 65, Fax +41 44 365 52 02, www.sippo.ch2
  3. 3. Kosovo.Korenica Parket SHPKStr. Abdullah Bugari Nr. 60 Phone +377 44 503 91921010 Rahovec korenicadrupvc@yahoo.comKosovo www.korenica.euContact: Mr. Mustafa KorenicaKorenica has been operating since the 1990s and uses modernmachinery and technology. We produce engineered wood flooring,thermo insulated wood and PVC doors and windows.We operate with modern production equipment and produce inaccordance with European standards and norms. We test ourflooring products regularly in the Italian laboratory Cattas, toensure quality consistence.Products Engineered wood flooring, wood and PVC doors and windows, and PVC injected products.Personnel 18Customers Construction companies, flooring traders. Rubin Invest Kosovo, Baumarket Kosovo, Pador Austria, Vision Impex Albania. 3
  4. 4. Serbia. Ukras d.o.o. 35223 Veliki Popovic Phone +381 35 621 331 Serbia Fax +381 35 621 592 Contact: Mr. Darko Trkulja Founded in 1970, Ukras started off as a small family owned car- pentry shop, fabricating all products by hand. Since, the company has grown and expanded its production to becoming a full-scale factory, equipped with modern machinery for primary and final wood processing. Today UKRAS manufactures MDF skirting for laminate floors, veneered wood parquet skirting, wood moulding for picture frames, decorated MDF wall panels, wooden rods of customized sizes, MDF profiles for furniture, and interior doors. ISO 9001-2008, OHSAS 18001 (2007) Products Skirting for laminate floors, parquet skirting, skirt- ing for picture frames, interior doors, wall panels. Personnel 40 Customers Producers of laminate floors, wood flooring indus- try, real estate. Tarkett Serbia.4
  5. 5. Ukraine.Khita GmbHMaksymovycha 14a Phone +380 342 777 10076007 Ivano-Frankivsk Fax +380 342 260 944Ukraine hita@ttk.if.uaContact: Mr. Igor KhaburskyyKhita produces high quality carpentry and furniture products fromsolid wood and particle board according to customer specifica-tions. As raw material for our products we use hard and soft woodfrom the Carpathian region of the Ukraine. Our hardware, fittingsand paint (paint and varnish) we source from leading Europeanmanufacturers (Häfele, Blum, Vernicolor). We sell to both privateindividuals (household furniture for different purposes, doors, inte-riors) and businesses (interior design of offices, conference halls,restaurant and café interiors). The skills of our specialists togetherwith our use of modern technologies, the latest equipment andoriginal design solutions satisfy the finest of tastes among ourcustomers. Our products are not only high quality but also originaland unique.Products Joiners and furniture products. Personnel 32Customers in Poland, Austria, Canada. 5
  6. 6. Ukraine. LTD Modern XXI Malomyasnizkaya St. 2 Phone +380 57 7170 373 61010 Kharkov Fax +380 57 7179 663 Ukraine Contact: Mr. Mykhaylo Geybovych, Mr. Kostiantyn Kutepov Our company LTD Modern is one of the largest producers of wood- en window construction in the Ukraine since 1997 and has distin- guised itself as one of the leading producers and sellers of window products under its trademark Modern. Our company produces windows made from PVC or wood/aluminum and doors made from aluminum or wood/aluminum. We ensure top product quality. The Modern XXI production was certified ISO 9001-2001 in 2004. CE DIN EN – 14351-1. Products Windows made from PVC or wood/aluminum, doors made from aluminum or wood/aluminum. Personnel 300 Customers Hotel Radisson Ukraine, Zhilstroj-2 Ukraine, Rene Truhlarstvi Czech Republic, Ohler Austria, ASL Trading Switzerland, Eurobinia Germany, TJM Ltd Ireland.6
  7. 7. Studio of StairsLypova street 20 Phone +380 505 403 019Krychivci kyrylo.chuyko@gmail.comIvano-Frankivska obl. www.stairs.if.ua76493 UkraineContact: Mr. Jaroslav ChuikoFounded in 1999, Studio of Stairs specializes in the manufactureof wooden stairs made of oak and beech to custom specification.We offer the full scope of services, from designing and presentingthe project in 3D, to assembling the finished goods. In addition tostairs, our company also builds structures for garden architecture(greenhouses, fencing). We do everything in our power to ensureour customers are satisfied with our products.Products Design and manufacturing of stairs.Personnel 5Customers in Ukraine, Russia. 7
  8. 8. General Plan.8
  9. 9. SIPPO – Your partner of choice in your searchfor new suppliers.We connect. We help build direct contacts between importers from Switzerland and the European Union, and exporting SMEs from developing and emerging countries. We offer you competent support in your search for new suppliers, products and cooperation partners.We inform. We inform importers about international procurement opportuni- ties and market conditions in our partner countries. Furthermore, we organize events on selected topics of the wood processing industry.We create networks. We help create networks between you and trustworthy business partners and decision makers from governments and official authorities. Our network opens quick access to exciting business partnerships. We will be delighted to connect you with the suppli- ers of your interest and arrange your contacts.We support. We help export-oriented SMEs from selected developing and transition countries to access Swiss and European markets and enhance their products’ competitiveness. SIPPO’s technical wood programme supports companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and the Ukraine.Contact. Christian Bernet Teamleader, Technical Products Swiss Import Promotion Programme Stampfenbachstrasse 85, 8006 Zürich Phone +41 44 365 53 65 9
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  12. 12. OsecSwiss Import Promotion Programme Follow us.Stampfenbachstrasse 85CH-8006 Zurich www.sippo.chPhone +41 44 365 51 51 +41 44 365 52 © OsecDecember 2011. All rights reserved.12