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Food ingredients 2011, Exhibitors catalogue

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Food ingredients 2011

  1. 1. The SIPPO Pavilion presents companies fromColombia, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Peru, UkraineAt Food Ingredients Europe & Natural Ingredients.Paris, November 29 – December 1, 2011Hall 3, Booth 3G511
  2. 2. Contents. SIPPO Swiss Import Promotion Programme 3 Colombia Drycol S.A.S 4 Prodia S.A. 5 Egypt International Office for Trading & Export (IOTE) 6 Ghana Spearson Ltd. 7 Indonesia Agarindo Bogatama PT 8 Haldin Pacific Semesta 9 Indaroma CV. 10 Javaplant 12 Phytochemindo Reksa PT 13 Peru Agroindustrias Amazónicas S.A. 14 Chakarunas Trading S.R.L. 15 Molinos Asociados SAC 16 Somerex S.A. 18 Ukraine Elcor 19 Elpis-Ukraine PE 20 Phytosvit Ltd. 21 Sumyfitofarmacia Ltd. 22 General Plan 262
  3. 3. SIPPO Swiss ImportPromotion Programme.SIPPO, the Swiss Import Promotion Programme, is a mandateof the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, within theframework of its economic development cooperation. It is carriedout by Osec, the official Swiss foreign trade promotion agency.The programme helps SMEs in developing and transition countriesto gain access to the Swiss and European markets by providinginformation, training courses and other matchmaking services.SIPPO also assists importers from Switzerland and the EuropeanUnion with finding suitable partners and high-quality productsfrom selected developing and transition countries.The programme has five main goals:• To inform the Swiss and European import economy about new market sources• To strengthen trade institutions and business sector associations in the trade promotion process• To increase the competitiveness of SMEs in selected partner countries• To develop the manufacturing and exporting skills of SMEs in selected partner countries• To establish qualified trade contacts between SMEs from emerging markets and markets in transition and the Swiss and European import economyOsecSwiss Import Promotion ProgrammeStampfenbachstrasse 85CH-8006 Zurich, SwitzerlandPhone +41 44 365 54 89Fax +41 44 365 52 3
  4. 4. Colombia. Drycol S.A.S Cra. 104 No. 129 B-16 Phone +57 1 681 84 42 Bogotá Fax +57 1 681 84 42 Colombia Contact: Mr. Andres Ortiz Drycol is a Colombian company which has been dedicated to the production of freeze-dried and air dehydrated food since 2006. The company which is based in Bogotá began with a production capacity of 28 kg of water withdrawal in 40 hours. Today, approx- imately 300 kg of water is withdrawn in 24 hours, involving two processes of drying, dehydration and freeze drying. Drycol offers exceptional products of outstanding quality such as traditional fruit snacks from the tropical region of Colombia, fruit and veg- etable powder and herbal infusions. Drycol will present air dried fruits such as physalis and acai as well as borojo and chontaduro fruit powders. The company has a strict quality control policy which respects international norms and standards. The products are GMP – HACCP certified. With a focus on service and com- petiveness, Drycol ensures to meet customer needs. Products Freeze-dried and air-dehydrated fruits, herbal infusions Personnel 19 Export Venezuela4
  5. 5. Prodia S.A.Cra 46 No. 48 C sur 40 Phone +57 4 444 85 85int. 107 Envigado Ant. Colombia Fax +57 4 334 44 80A.A. 75203 Medellín Olga Gamboa is a Colombian company located in Medellín that offers awide range of products such as juice concentrates, dried fruits,natural flavouring products and fruit fillings designed to meet thechallenges of market demand. With their high quality productsProdia brings exciting solutions for the bakery, confectionaryand beverage industry since 1992. Products include banana,goji berry, lulo, passion fruit, physalis, pineapple with acai,strawberry and tropical mango. To meet customers’ needs,Prodia doesn’t require a minimum order criteria and is able toprovide in small quantities. The company is ISO, BPM, HACCPand kosher certified.Products Juice concentrates, dried fruits, fruit fillings, natural flavouring productsPersonnel 110Export Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, USA 5
  6. 6. Egypt. International Office for Trading & Export (IOTE) 7th El-Falaki St. Manshya Phone +20 3 486 31 64 3081 Alexandria Fax +20 3 486 31 64 Egypt Contact: Mr. Hany Fayez M. Semeda The International Office for Trading & Export (IOTE) is a leading exporting Egyptian company which manufactures and exports various dried herbs, spices, seeds and medicinal plants. The company was established in 1979 and started exporting vari- ous products to more than 20 companies all over the world in 1980. Customers are herbal stores, pharmaceutical and food companies as well as herb and spice importers. IOTE also has its own cultivation areas with an extensive range of cultivated crops which are overseen by experienced, contracted farmers. In order to supply excellent quality to its customers IOTE has procured HACCP, ISO and OHSAS certification. The company’s priority is to maintain good and successful business relationships and to offer the best quality products at fair prices. Products Herbs, spices, seeds and medicinal plants Personnel 36 Export Germany, Latvia, Romania, Russia, USA6
  7. 7. Ghana.Spearson Ltd.Senkyire House Phone +233 3 220 813 00Airport Roundabout, Kumasi Fax +233 3 220 289 883107 Kumasi spearsonk@yahoo.comGhana www.spearson.orgContact:Mr. George Morgan Dadzie was established as a family business in Ghana in theyear 1995. The company is exporting the following products fromGhana, Africa: raw botanical products; natural plants, seedsand herbs; spices and condiments as well as organic and non-organic seed oil. Spearson is currently exporting afromomummelegueta seeds, bixa orellana seeds, griffonia simplicifoliaseeds, voacanga africana seeds, allanbackia floribunda seeds/ butter, sesame seeds, pycnanthus angolensis seeds / butter,thaumatococcus daniellii fruits, shea butter, theobroma cacaoseeds and many more. New products include ximenia oil, irvingiagabonensis and corynanthe pachyceras. By collaborating withanalysts, researchers and consultants, Spearson combines mar-ket led insight with innovative product development.Products Raw medicinal plants, spices, herbs, seeds, fruits, butters, essential oils, milk substitutesPersonnel 158Export China, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, USA 7
  8. 8. Indonesia. Agarindo Bogatama PT Jl. Kebon Sirih Raya No. 35 Phone +62 21 569 669 30 Graha Kebon Sirih 3rd Floor Fax +62 21 569 669 32 10340 Jakarta Pusat Indonesia Contact: Mr. Soerianto Kusnowirjono Agarindo Bogatama, founded in 1988, is a privately owned Indo- nesian company manufacturing agar powder. Currently, Agarindo Bogatama is the world’s largest manufacturer of agar with its head office, laboratories and factory located in the Jakarta region. The products are sold to bakeries, liquid desserts, confectioner- ies, the meat and dairy industry. In addition, the company cultures its own seaweed raw material at marine farms located in the eastern part of Indonesia. Most of the agar powder is produced using cultivated gracilaria seaweed as well as wild harvested gelidium spp and pterocladia spp. This year Agarindo Bogatama will launch a new product: processed edible seaweed. The prod- ucts of the company meet the specifications of the U. S. Food Chemical Codex (FCC) as well as the directive of the European Economic Community (EEC). Agarindo Bogatama is kosher and halal certified. Products Agarin, instant agar powder, edible seaweed Personnel 390 Export Australia, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, USA, Thailand, Taiwan8
  9. 9. Haldin Pacific SemestaJl. Irian V Blok MM-2 Phone +62 21 899 817 88Cibitung Industrial Town MM 2100 Fax +62 21 899 817 8917520 Bekasi sales@haldin-natural.comIndonesia www.haldin-natural.comContact:Mrs. Della Mia Kalumata della.kalumata@haldin-natural.comHaldin Pacific Semesta is one of the leading manufacturers of naturalingredients, focusing especially on essential oils & botanical extracts.The company provides pure and high quality organic products.Haldin Pacific Semesta serves the needs of the food and beverage,flavour and fragrance, health food, pharmaceutical and cosmeticindustries with locally grown and processed products in seven keyproduct groups: Tea and coffee extracts; vanilla and cocoa extracts;specialty and functional ingredients; essential oils and floral water;natural sweeteners; fruit and vegetable extracts and cosmetic & care.Haldin Pacific Semesta is proud to present a new product line: Greencoffee powder extract. This product is made from the green beansof the coffea canephora plant. Haldin Pacific Semesta’s products arekosher, halal and organic certified. The company operates two manu-facturing plants which are equipped with state of-the-art technology.Products Botanical extracts, floral waters, essential oils, functional ingredients, natural sweeteners; cosmetic & carePersonnel 250Export Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Vietnam, USA 9
  10. 10. Indonesia. Indaroma CV. Jl. Cik Di Tiro 28 Phone +62 27 456 11 92 55223 Yogyakarta Fax +62 274 517 755 Indonesia Contact: Mrs. Lily Widjaja; Mr. Ari Widjaja Indaroma was established in 1971 as a crude clove leaf oil manufacturer with the vision of providing the natural richness of Indonesia to the world. The company offers a large variety of essential oils, aromatic chemicals, natural extracts and herbs and spices from Indonesia. To meet the increasing demand the company has launched several new products including, lampung black pepper oil, java vetiver oil and sandalwood oil; natural extracts such as tamarind and Indonesian ginger and clove oil derivatives such as rectified CLO 80 %, eugenol 90 %, eugenol 99.8 % and Iso eugenol. The extensive knowledge and long expe- rience in the production of essential oils and other products makes Indaroma a reliable supplier for customers. In 2007 and 2008 the company was awarded with the «Primaniyarta Award» for the best performing exporter in the category of «Medium Scale Company» from the Ministry of Trade Republic through NAFED. Products Aroma chemicals, essential oils, natural extracts, spices Personnel 20 Export China, Europe, India, Singapore10
  11. 11. We pave the way. You get the access.Visit our SIPPO pavilion at Biofach 2012Hall 4, booth 4–538Meet Companies from Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Macedonia, Serbia and
  12. 12. Indonesia. Javaplant Jalan Raya Solo Tawangmangu Phone +62 21 582 25 92 KM 32 No. 33 Fax +62 21 582 25 93 57791 Surakarta Indonesia Contact: Mrs. Kathleen Utama Javaplant, established in 2000, is one of the leading, technology- driven botanical extraction companies in Southeast Asia. The extraction plantation is situated near the mountain at Tawang- mangu. With two production facilities and a capacity of 115,000 kilograms per month, Javaplant supplies the food and beverage as well as the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. The extraction process involves percolation, evaporation, and drying. Being the first in introducing vacuumed dried extract, Javaplant shows its commitment to customers by providing superior products and services. Javaplant is GMP, ISO, halal and kosher certified. In addition, Javaplant is a C TPAT compliant as well as a US FDA and NSF GMP registered facility. The com- pany offers customised packaging with aluminium foil. Products Botanical extracts, essential oils, oleoresins, dried juice, plant material Personnel 126 Export Japan, USA12
  13. 13. Phytochemindo Reksa PTJalan Mercedes Benz No. 105 Phone +62 21 867 10 37Gunung Putri Fax +62 21 867 10 3616964 Bogor www.phytochemindo.comContact: Mrs. An Kalona, Mr. Patrick Kalona patrickkalona@phytochemindo.comPhytochemindo Reksa was created as a research division of apharmaceutical company in 1977. The company which is inspiredby the abundance of herbal plants and the deeply rooted tradi-tion of herbal remedies in Indonesia produces plant extracts forthe herbal medicine industry. The company offers high qualityextracts, extraction services and other manufacturing servicessuch as: production of extracts and volatile oils; research, de-velopment and manufacture of many herbal extracts as well asthe production of tablets, capsules, powders, liquid preparationsand infused teas. Their extensive research and production expe-rience combined with a newly built facility and strict adherenceto the GMP guidelines reflects the commitment of Phytochem-indo Reksa to consistently producing high quality products. Inaddition, the company continuously explores new applicationsand uses of Indonesian herbal plants.Products Botanical extracts, herbal infusions, essential oils, herbal medicinePersonnel 70Export Germany, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan 13
  14. 14. Peru. Agroindustrias Amazónicas S.A. Jr. La Niña No. 272 Phone +51 1 255 61 45 Chacarilla - Surco Fax +51 1 372 23 64 Lima 33 Peru Contact: Mrs. Isabel Aguilar Agroindustrias Amazónicas was founded by José Anaya Yábar in order to promote sacha inchi (plukenetia volúbilis linneo). The company is strengthening its investigation, cultivation, produc- tion and commerce of oils, proteins and bioactives extracted from sacha inchi. The seeds of this plant are used for the production of their Incha Inchi oil which is especially recognised for its composi- tion and high nutritional quality. Current scientific studies indicate that sacha inchi oil has a high content of essential fatty acids Omega-3 (more than 48 %) and Omega-6 (36 %). It is highly digest- ible (more than 96 %) and contains antioxidants: vitamin A and vitamin E. The sacha inchi oil can be used in the nutritional sup- plement, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. With the organic sacha inchi crops, Agroindustrias Amazónicas is protect- ing the Amazon and its environment as well as contributing to a better quality of life for the Peruvian population. Products Sacha inchi oil Personnel 19 Export France, Japan, Switzerland, USA14
  15. 15. Chakarunas Trading S.R.L. Jr. Mariscal Castilla Mz. 2 Lote 1 Phone +51 1 737 47 98 Ninacaca Pasco 64 Fax +51 1 252 37 17 Peru Contact: Mr. Sergio Cam srcg1@hotmail.comChakarunas Trading, founded in 1997, is dedicated to the pro-duction and commercialisation of natural products. In 2001, thecompany started the first organic certification (NOP/EU) of macafarming and processing in Peru. By producing their own seeds forthe plantation of maca, Chakarunas Trading ensures the trace-ability and high quality of their maca products. Since 2007, thecompany has also worked with local native communities in theAmazon region of Peru to supply other natural products: Huito,a fruit from the Amazon, whose extract is used as a natural color-ant; dragon’s blood, a red latex coming from the Peruvian Ama-zon which is used as a natural cicatrisation agent and has provedto have an anti-ulcer effect; cat’s claw, a plant which boosts theimmune system and sacha inchi which is presented in the formsof oil, powder and flour. Chakarunas Trading is highly committedto enhance the social welfare of the local communities.Products Maca, dragon’s blood, cat’s claw, sacha inchi, huitoPersonnel 7Export France, USA 15
  16. 16. Peru. Molinos Asociados SAC Calle 2 Manzana N Lote 4 – 5 Phone +51 1 719 47 21 Cooperativa Las Vertientes Fax +51 1 719 47 23 Villa el Salvador Lima 42, Peru Contact: Mr. Herbert Telge Noriega Molinos Asociados was established in Lima in 2007 to process tara tree fruit derivatives. By implementing new technologies and effective business strategies, Molinos Asociados has be- come a leader in the exportation of tara products. Tara trees (Caesalpinia spinosa) are native to Peru. Their fruit, the tara pods, are known as an environmentally friendly source of tannins (50% Galotanin and 5% Elagitanin). From the tara seed endosperm Molinos Asociados produces a 100% natural hydro- colloid of galactomanan origin, known as tara gum. MoliGum® from Molinos Asociados outperforms most other tara gums by being more easily dispersible, having a lower bacteriological count and more consistent characteristics in particle size and viscosity functionalities. The company is halal and kosher certi- fied. Products Tara Personnel 40 Export Argentina, Belgium, Brasil, Chile, China, France, Italy, Switzerland16
  17. 17. We pave the way. You get the access.Visit our SIPPO pavilion at Fruit Logistica 2012Hall 23, booth D–01, D–02Meet Companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, Macedonia and
  18. 18. Peru. Somerex S.A. Av. Argentina 4065 Phone +51 1 562 34 02 Callao 1 Fax +51 1 562 21 65 Lima, Peru Contact: Manuel Pardo Somerex is a Peruvian agroindustrial company which was founded in 1945. The aim of the company is to use the Peruvian biodiversity as a source of active natural products for application in the farm- ing, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and textile industries. The wide range of products include: garlic acid, natural blue color from huito, tara gum, tara powder, genipine black coloring, paprika ole- oresin, propyl gallate, rathany root and rotenone. The commitment of Somerex to its customers is demonstrated by their strict observ- ance to HACCP and GMP and its own quality control regulations, thus, ensuring high quality products. In addition, the company has implemented an environmental care programme (PAMA), guaran- teeing that all products are biodegradable. The factory and offices are located in a 10 000 m2 area close to the port of Callao. The company is kosher certified. Products Tara, huito, rathany root, rotenone, prophyl gallate, paprika oleoresin, tannic acid food grade Personnel 45 Export Argentina, Brasil, China, France, Japan, Korea, Norway, Spain18
  19. 19. Ukraine.Elcor78 Glinki str. Phone +380 652 575 62195022 Simferopol Fax +380 652 514 197Ukraine www.elcor-ua.comContact:Mrs. Irina Eidelman elcor@pop.cris.netElcor is one of the leading producers of essential oils and aro-matic raw materials in the Ukraine. All products - essential oils,concentrates, and aromatic waters - are produced exclusivelyfrom natural raw materials. The company which was establishedin 1992 in Crimea is involved in all stages of production, fromgrowing and processing raw materials to preparing the finishedproduct to be shipped to the customer. Products include:lavender, clary sage, common sage, hyssop, fennel, dill, cori-ander, rose, artemisia, etc. The company has its own modernextraction complex and some stationary and mobile distillationunits for the processing of the raw aromatic material. Elcor alsohas significant expertise in the design and manufacturing ofspecialised agricultural machinery and processing equipmentused in the growing and harvesting of the raw material.Products Essential oils, concentrates, aromatic watersPersonnel 50Export Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzer- land, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA 19
  20. 20. Ukraine. Elpis-Ukraine PE Office 3, 2/1 V. Kasiyana str Phone +380 442 191 006 03191 Kyiv City Fax +380 442 191 006 Ukraine Contact: Mr. Ievgen Silin Elpis-Ukraine, established in 2004, is a private owned company with the head office in Kiev and several collecting points in five regions of the Ukraine: Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Khmelnytsk, Zakar- patye and Poltava. One of the primary activities of Elpis-Ukraine is the collection of raw herbal materials for pharmaceutical prod- ucts, teas and use in the food industry. In addition, the company organises the collection of wild growing medicinal herbs in the Ukraine with special focus on sustainable procurement in order to export them to customers all over the world. Products Plant raw material Personnel 9 Export China, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Poland20
  21. 21. Phytosvit Ltd.Frunze street 68 Phone +380 432 55 40 9421009 Vinnitsa Fax +380 432 55 40 94Ukraine www.phytosvit.comContact:Mrs. Viktoriya Hykava victory.phytosvit@gmail.comPhytosvit was established in 2007 in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. The compa-ny is specialised in the growing and supplying of organic medicinalherbs from the ecologically clean areas of the Vinnytsia region. Phy-tosvit cultivates the following herbs: chamomile, calendula, brownflax, soybeans, beans, mustard, buckwheat, echinacea, valerianroot, peppermint, lemon balm, plantain, sage, three-lobe beggartick and motherwort. Phytosvit is offering its customers an excellentcustomer service and outstanding quality products. The productiveprocesses are controlled by the Institute of Ecological Marketing(IMO) Switzerland according to the requirements laid down in theEU Council Regulation, N° 834/2007 and 889/2008. The quality andsafety of the products are guaranteed by the certifying and manu-facturing bodies. They are further confirmed by appropriate labeling,indicating the origin and quality of the organic products.Products Plant raw materialPersonnel 37Export Switzerland 21
  22. 22. Ukraine. Sumyfitofarmacia Ltd. Zalivnaya str.11 Phone +380 542 780 137 40035 Sumy Fax +380 542 786 379 Ukraine Contact: Mr. Alexandr Kaluzhny The Ukrainian company Sumyfitofarmacia which was founded in 2001 in Sumy is one of the leading processors and suppliers of medicinal vegetative raw materials in Ukraine and CIS coun- tries. Sumyfitofarmacia is specialized in the collection, cultiva- tion, processing and supplying of dried medicinal herbs and raw materials. The company exports products like dried leaves, roots, medicinal and aromatic plants, dried vegetables, seeds, fruits and spices to Russia, EU, USA and Asia. Sumyfitofarmacia is organic certified. By establishing a quality control system and good production facilities Sumyfitofarmacia is able to produce products of high quality in order to satisfy their customers’ needs. Products Plant raw material Personnel 100 Export Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkmenistan, USA22
  23. 23. Nutraceuticals Now Nutraceu t Now icals Winter 201 1 Available by subscription onlyNutraceuticals Now is atechnical review providing thelatest information on functional Aenovaproducts and ingredients, High quali and exclu ty sivewhich are defined as having Beneo Simply hea disease preventing and / Stevia Re althier baudianaor health promoting benefit The swee tener powe r of nature , Bertoniin addition to their nutritional Nutraceu Available by subscrivalue. ption only t Now icals Spring 201Giving the best, up-to-date 1insights in to the food anddrink industry where finishedproducts are produced forthe ever increasing healthconscious consumer. Aenova High quali ty and exclu sive Beneo Simply he althier Stevia Re baudiana The swee tener powe , Bertoni r of nature Available by subscri ption only Johnson-Johnsen Publishing 6 Victoria Terrace, Inverness, Scotland, IV2 3QA Tel: +44 (0) 1463 718993 Fax: +44 (0) 1463 229976 Email: Web:
  24. 24. Notes.24
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  26. 26. General plan.General Floor Plan.pdf 1 26.10.11 10:43 Les services sur le parc Exhibition centre services 5B 1 Halls : cliquer pour zoomer / Halls : click to zoom Entrée principale / Main gate Point information / Information centre Business center / Business center 5A Conciergerie «Loge des services» / Concierge services «Services desk» Poste de Police / Police station Navette parkings / Free shuttle to car parks 4 Accueil exposants permanent / 6 Permanent exhibitors reception Accueil exposants temporaire / Temporary exhibitors reception 3 Restaurants / Restaurants Bars / Bars Vestiaires / Cloakroom il Distributeurs de billets / Cash point 2 ue cc ry d’A lle Presse, restauration / Press, food ie Ga Le Parvis l er in Boutique, restauration / Shop, food G a Ma Main Square 7 Restauration / Food Boutique - Restauration / Shop, food 1 Multi-store / shopping centre Salles de conférences / Rooms 8 Sanitaires / Restrooms Postes de secours / First aid posts Voir la photo / See the photo Espaces Repos tout le long de la Galerie d’Accueil et sur le Parvis / Rest areas throughout the Main Gallery and on the Main SquareSIPPO Pavilion: Hall 3 Booth 3G51Exhibition Centre Paris Nord VillepinteZAC Paris Nord2-93420 VillepinteFrancePhone +33 140 682 222www.viparis.com26
  27. 27. THE GLOBALBUSINESS PLATFORMFOR FOOD & BEVERAGEINGREDIENTS Number of exhibitors at FiE & Ni 2011: REGISTER ONLINE FOR FREEFi Europe & Ni 201129 Nov-1 Dec 2011 Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, the 25th anniversary of Fi Europe & Ni, the business platform that brings together theglobal food industry. Whether you are looking to control costs, reformulate existing products,or develop products in your pipeline, Fi Europe & Ni is the event of 2011. Global innovations: More than 30,000 m² showcase of product developments and innovations, presented by the leading ingredients manufacturers worldwide Wide range of features: Priceless industry knowledge across a wide range of conference modules, exhibitor seminars, New Product Zone displays, expert innovation tours and more The entire industry: From beverages to bakery, dairy to confectionery, no matter in which sector you are, at Fi Europe & Ni 2011 you will find the right solutions for your business.REGISTER ONLINE AT:
  28. 28. OsecSwiss Import Promotion Programme Follow us.Stampfenbachstrasse 85CH-8006 Zurich www.sippo.chPhone +41 44 365 51 51 +41 44 365 52 © OsecManchamanteles/PromPerú and Fragma Fotografia/PromPerúCopyright Pictures © Page 1, 15, 16, 19October 2011. All rights reserved.