Mark Romig-From Katrina To The Super Bowl - keynote


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Mark Romig-From Katrina To The Super Bowl - keynote

  2. 2. Insert superdome image
  3. 3. Hurricane Katrina Facts• One of the deadliest hurricanes to ever hitthe US• An estimated 1,836 people lost their lives• Officials at the National Oceanic andAtmospheric Administration have saidKatrina was the most destructive storm tostrike the United States.• It ranks 6th overall in strength of allhurricanes
  4. 4. Hurricane Katrina Facts• Became a Category Five storm on Aug. 28, withwinds blowing at about 175 mph (280 kph)• When the storm made landfall, it had a Category3 rating on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale--it brought sustained winds of 100–140 miles perhour--and stretched some 400 miles across• Ultimately 80 percent of New Orleans and largeportions of nearby parishes became flooded, andthe floodwaters did not recede for weeks
  5. 5. Hurricane Katrina Facts• Total property damage from Katrina wasestimated at $81 billion, which was nearly triplethe damage inflicted by Hurricane Andrew in1992.• It flooded 80 percent of New Orleans anddestroyed more than 100,000 homes.• The storm surge from Katrina was 20-feet (sixmeters) high.• Hurricane Katrina affected over 15 million peoplein different factors such as economy,evacuations, gas prices or drinking water.
  6. 6. Hurricane Katrina Facts• Hurricane Katrina impacted about 90,000 squaremiles.• The region affected by the storm supportedroughly 1 million non-farm jobs, and still,hundreds of thousands of local residents wereleft unemployed by the hurricane.
  7. 7. Unprecedented Challenges• Take care of our citizens• Repair millions of dollars in damaged infrastructure• Overcome unprecedented brand impairment• Ensure every client had constant, honest progressreports• Rebuild $2 billion in lost business with virtually notax base• Plan the resurgence of $5 billion industry thatemploys 85,000 people and creates 35% of thecity’s operating budget
  8. 8. Airplane Tray Table AdsAirport Table Tray Ads
  9. 9. Strategic Internet Goals• Generate INQUIRIES for travelinformation about New Orleans• Generate online travel bookings
  10. 10. Internet Tactics• Extend search engine optimization (SEO) program with a deep-link focus; broaden successful paid search programs• Engage ad viewers with rich media ads featuring New Orleans’ bestassets - Food, Music & Fun• Monitor & influence external travel blogs• Create and produce New Orleans Travel blog• Leverage online radio station ownership, partnerships• Develop new, niche micro-sites• Strengthen profiles on social networking sites & build membershipEmail marketing
  11. 11. Internet Tactics (cont’d)• Leverage & coordinate public relationsstrategies with online opportunities• Develop and promote New Orleans travelpackages• Interactive Mapping• Measure effectiveness of all marketingefforts
  12. 12. Come Fall in Love with New Orleans• Invited people to come backand experience the city justlike they had before Katrina• Touted dozens of freefestivals and special events• Offered special hotel rates tomotivate potential travelersand made it easy to bookonline
  13. 13. [video: come fall in love with new orleans]
  14. 14. Ellen – National TV support
  15. 15. Ellen – National TV support
  16. 16. LIVE with Regis and Kelly
  17. 17. LIVE with Regis and Kelly
  18. 18. Top Chef Season 5: Finale• Two, 1-hour episodes• Highest ratings to date for the show• 1.85 million viewers• Showed that New Orleans was back andopen for business
  19. 19. Top Chef Season 5 Finale…..Plus Countless Emmy Nominations8th Best Reality Show of All Time#1 Food Show on Cable*2010 Emmy Award forOutstanding Reality Program*Source: Nielsen Market Research
  20. 20. Regis and Kelly ReturnWe updated our tv commercial to inviteRegis and Kelly back to New Orleans foranother week of shows
  21. 21. We also leveragedRegis and Kelly’shuge online audienceto give away tickets totheir New Orleanstapings when peoplebooked hotel roomsthrough our site.And we promoted oursummer hotel specialsand lots of other greatreasons to visit NewOrleans.
  22. 22. BP Oil Spill Facts• More than 200 million gallons of crude oil was pumpedinto the Gulf of Mexico for a total of 87 days, making itthe biggest oil spill in U.S. history.• 16,000 total miles of coastline were affected, includingthe coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,and Florida.• Even though the gushing well was capped in July 2010,oil is still washing up on shores, which might causelong-term damages to people living in the area.• The initial oil rig explosion killed 11 people and injured17 others.Source:
  23. 23. BP Oil Spill Challenges• Acknowledge tragedy while communicating itsgeographic distance from New Orleans• Ease weary customers about yet anotherbooking objection• Overcome concerns of air, water and seafoodsafety• All while New Orleans was the site of mostmedia reports
  24. 24. Misperceptions• 80% believed oil would affect Louisiana for atleast two years• 29% who had plans to visit Louisiana cancelledor postponed their trips• 28% believed that the oil spill was as bad as orworse than the 2005 hurricanes Katrina and Rita• 45% were following the story closely• 48% believed that restaurants that serveLouisiana seafood put customers at risk
  25. 25. Key Messages• New Orleans is 100 miles inland• All of the things that visitors enjoyhave been unchanged by thedisaster in the Gulf of Mexico• Seafood is safe and is scrutinizedand tested by more federal agenciesthan ever before
  26. 26. BP Oil Spill ResponseBP Ad Campaign
  27. 27. BP Oil Spill ResponseBP Ad Campaign
  28. 28. Online Support for FestivalsWe created a widevariety of customlanding pages tohighlight our freefestivals and eventsto a targeted onlineaudience
  29. 29. Online Support for Festivals• Promoted festivals and otherNew Orleans special eventsyear-round though monthlye-newsletter• Grew database to 401,428subscribers• All New Orleans events wereTweeted and posted toFacebook – New Orleans haslots of friends and followers!• Ran targeted searchmarketing ads on Google andYahoo! for all New Orleansfestivals and events
  30. 30. Official Visitor’s Guide• Visitor guide createdin partnership withConvention andVisitors Bureau• 350,000 guidesprinted twice a year(January and July)• Emphasized value -highlighting free andlow cost attractions
  31. 31. Ellen Show Promotion•Assisted the producers ofthe Ellen show with theirMardi Gras special•Sponsored two contestsfor FREE trips to NewOrleans for our signaturefestivals to give away onEllen•Episode has aired threeadditional times since itsdebut for Mardi Gras
  32. 32. NOLA Navy Week
  33. 33. Recent Events and Accolades• Record-breaking festival attendance• Super Bowl 2013, NBA All Star 2008 and2014, Final Fours• America’s Favorite City and multiple honors
  34. 34. Visitor Trends10. 9.010246810122004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012* Numbers in millions of visitors
  35. 35. Top Chef Season 11: New Orleans
  36. 36. Connect with ussites:••• GoNOLA.comsocial channels:••••