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WP Sales Page Theme

  1. 1. WORDPRESS SALES PAGE THEMEA well-made squeeze page is the one of the most important factor for successful internetmarketing. For that a “simple” WordPress premium theme is not enough as special solutions areneed relating to design, widgets, SEO etc. That is why we need a special Wordpress sales pagegenerator a sort of theme engine that delivers the ability to customize, superior design elements,complete compatibility with essential tools, and simplicity of use.There is no question that flexibility is one of he most important factor to create websites forinternet marketing purposes. Well this resource has been developed to serve all the needs ofinternet marketers as well as website builders.Learn more about this theme hereAbout Wordpress sales Page GeneratorAuthority Pro is a special squeeze page generator theme for WordPress created by top internetmarketers . It helps marketers to generate squeeze page layouts by dragging and droppingcustomizable components. However, here I concentrate on how to create a squeeze page with it,it is also the a good choice to create any kind of website or blog as it is one of the most flexibleWordPress premium theme I have ever met.No matter what type of site you want to make you will find all the necessary options by usingshort codes, built in templates, lead capture options and many type of opt-in forms.Another important advantage of this theme is that it also comes with SEO features. It is well-known fact that squeeze pages are not loved by search engines such as Google. By using theprofessional SEO options you will be able to create a website that is search engine optimized andthis simply means you more free traffic. On top of that, it is coded on the way that is searchengine friendly.Check out all the features hereIncredible FlexibilityHere is a picture that shows you how flexible this theme is.Here is a list of the main features of this squeeze pagegenerator  24 editable areas that let you full control of the look, feel and functionality of your website.
  2. 2.  11 custom widgets giving you the ability to add advertising, videos, affiliate links and display related content without any extra plug-ins.  The only Wordpress sales page that allows you to split test upto 4 different optins which you can narrow down to a post level.  Built-in targeted Exit-er to capture as many people leaving your site as possible.How this Wordpress sales Page Generator Helps YouIf you visit the official website of Authority pro you can check the numerous options that it offersmaking this squeeze page generator unique among the premium WordPress themes. To tell thetruth I have been checking hundreds of WP resources for years now, but I have not found any thatis so professional and flexible like this software.By using the widgets and other options you achieve faster and easier the most wanted goals ofinternet marketers: building targeted subscriber lists faster, having free traffic from SEO andto establish the first impression of being an authorityAll in all, if you need a Wordpress sales page generator for intenet marketing that helps you toachieve your aims or you just need a simple premium WordPress theme that can be modifiedanyhow Authority Pro is for you. DETAILS, TESTING AND DEMO HERE