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WP Coupon Theme

  1. 1. How to Build Coupon Website with Wordpress Best Wordpress Coupon ThemeWhy is it a good business to start a coupon website and why you need this Wordpress coupontheme for it ? It is fact that nowadays coupon websites has become very popular and I’m surethey will be, as people are get used to using and searching for coupons before buying something.That is why starting a coupon website based on a niche is still profitable. On top of that, thesedays it is really easy to start one as many coupon scripts can be found.Personally, I prefer to use WordPress as a platform because it is very SEO friendly, very easy tobe modified by using plugins and by now some really good and beautiful themes can be foundwhich come with many functions helping the owner to get the most from his website.The latest – and I have to say my favorite – Wordpress coupon theme is Clipper which isdeveloped by Appthemes.You can test it hereTips Before Building Your Coupon WebsiteThe first step you must do to be successful with your coupon site is to find a niche that is quiteuntapped yet. I mean there are tons of general sites where all types of vouches and coupons canbe found, and it is really hard to compete with them. Try to find a niche that is not so wide – itcan be online or offline one. There much more fewer sites that offer coupons for one particulartopic.Wordpress coupon theme with All the FeaturesThis template is a perfect solution to start a coupon website or voucher website. You just installit, choose from the built in templates add or import the coupons and that is all. It comes with aneasy-to-use admin area to manage everything comfortably, so you do not have to programmer orexpert to use it.What this theme offers:  Layouts – You can choose from five color schemes. wpbay.net
  2. 2.  Affiliate Link Management – Of course, this theme comes with built-in affiliate link cloaking to hide and protect you links automatically. Furthermore, it has professional tracking system offering detailed analysis.  Custom Email Templates to get in touch with users simply or even promote.  Facebook and Twitter integration  Submit Coupon Form – It also lets visitors to submit their coupon codes simply.  Report Problem Tool – A very useful feature if this coupon theme is that it enables users to report if they find some kind of problem on your website such as expired coupons etc. This helps you to “clean” your website from expired coupons.  Subscribe to Coupons via Email – Very nice list building option!  Multi Language Support – Very easy to be translated  Importing Tool – It enables to import even thousands of coupon codes simply and fast from other systems by using CSV.  SEO Friendly – Clipper coupon theme comes with clean code and options that help to improve SEO which is crucial.All in all, if you are thinking about starting a coupon site on a niche this Wordpress coupontheme is a good solution for it. Moreover, it comes with full support, money back guarantee andlifetime upgrade. TEST THE THEME & DEMO HERESource: http://wpbay.net/wp-premium-themes/wp-coupon-theme/ wpbay.net
  3. 3. wpbay.net