Wordpress Traffic Tips


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Wordpress Traffic Tips

  1. 1. Effective WordPress Traffic TipsNow, you can learn how to get more WordPress traffic. If you build your website usingWordPress, you have chosen the one of the best content management system to get your contentout online, but you should search engine optimized your site in order to get website traffic.Basically, WordPress is a SEO friendly CMS, but some steps must be done in order to make iteven more optimized. On the other hand, so as to get more visitors you need to do some off-siteoptimization as well.Here are 6 tips you should consider to use in order to get more traffic.WordPress Traffic TipsUse Yoasts WordPress SEO Plugin - There are quite a lot of SEO plugins, but personally Inow use Yoasts. Why do I like it? Once, because it automatically optimizes my sites in manyways, secondly it allows me to tweak my site manually. It lets me to tweak indexation, titles,meta data, and what I really like is that it comes with a checker that allows me to optimize myposts better. If you set plugin properly your WordPress traffic will increase surely as you willhave better rankings. Tutorials of this SEO plugin here.Use Sitemaps - Once, you have some posts you should install Google XMl sitemap and submit itto search engines. This plugin helps search engines to index sites faster. On top of that, I also useimage and video sitemaps as well, this way my the images and videos found on my blog are seenby search engines.Blog Commenting on Relevant Blogs - This off-site optimization technique has lost a lot fromits power, but I believe it still works. The reason is simple, you can get relevant backlinks whichis the most effective way of link building. Find other blogs that are relevant to yours and adduseful, informative comments (but never spam!). If your replies are good, you will even havedirect traffic as well and help to build your brand.Always Do Keyword Research - Finding the proper keywords for your site is essential, but it isalso important to find the proper keywords for your posts as well. Effective keyword research is ahuge topic to talk about here, but your aim must be to find keywords with low competition, butenough searches. If you use bad keyword you will not have any WordPress traffic.Build Backlinks Continually - Link building should be a constant process. You should havelinks from different sources (social networks, articles directories, WEb 2.0 sites, bookmarkingetc.) The most powerful links are the ones that are on authority sites having the same niche yoursite has. One good link is better than having hundreds on irrelevant low-quality sites. www.wordpresshound.com
  2. 2. After Google Penguin building quality links is more important than ever before. Avoid usingblasting services or software. Your backlinks must look natural, so do not build too many links inshort time, plus do not always use the same anchor text all the time.Getting Traffic via Social Media - Twitter and Facebook are not only great sources to get traffic- and make yourself independent from search engines - but also ranking factors. Simply, the moreTweets and FB likes you have the better. It is obvious you place a Like and Tweak button onyour site and try to use some tricks to get more shares, or ask them if they liked your post give ashare. If you do this technique well you will surely increase your WordPress traffic.If you check the left side of this page you can see my buttons ( so if you like this posts share it). I also use Pinterest as I think it will be the third biggest social network.Of course, there are many other techniques to get traffic to your WordPress site, but I think theseare the ones which are essential. Getting WordPress traffic is one of the hardest task and needscontinuous work, but if you do it well sooner or later you will get results. Click here to Get Instant Traffic to Your Wordpress Blog from Social MediaSource: http://wordpresshound.com/wordpress-traffic/ www.wordpresshound.com