Wordpress Poperty Themes With The Best Features


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Wordpress Poperty Themes With The Best Features

  1. 1. Top Real Estate Wordpress ThemesWhy building a real estate website based on WordPress is a good solution? The first reason isthat, there are many great WordPress real estate themes that you can choose from and these comewith all the necessary functions you will need, plus they are very easy to use even for a beginner.On the other hand, WordPress is a very customizable and optimized system. Whenever, you wantto change something, or your want to add some sort of new option to your website you can easilydo it by using plugins. That is the reason why WordPress is so popular.If you want to build a real estate website, this is the place for you. Here we have collected thebest WordPress real estate themes – both free and paid ones – that are made by the best andmostly trusted developers and beside the nice layout they come with a great admin panel whereyou can manage everything comfortably and fast.Premium WordPress Real Estate ThemesElegantEstateThis theme is made by the popular developers of Elegantthemes. If you check the demo, you willsee that this is a really clean and easy to navigate real estate theme. I like the style of the posts asmany infos can be added.Features  You can choose from 5 color option.  Automated thumbnails  Easy switching to blog style  Powerful searching feature for visitors.  Built-in adnin panel. CHECK THE DEMO HERE wordpresshound.com
  2. 2. Smooth Real Estate WordPress ThemeThis theme is from the trusted developers of Gorilla themes. This is an all in one solution forrealtors and agents to give information about their properties. The greatest feature of this theme isthe dynamic real estate framework which makes the usage extremely easy and posts veryeffective.Best Features  Google Street View  Multi Category Search  10 Color Styles  Gravity Forms styles Enabled  Contact Agent  Theme localization  Dynamic Menus  Print your listing  Breadcrumb Filtered Results  Build your own search module in 3 steps  Single or Multi Agent  PO files*  Twitter and Facebook integration  WordPress multisite enabled  Native WordPres Photos Galleries  Automatic Google Maps Integration  Native WordPress Thumbnail Resizing  Featured Property Slidesho  Page Layouts  Batch Image upload for Listings  Individual Agent Photo Upload  Page templates included  Banner Advertisement management  Individual Agent pages with Agent bio  Unlimited photo galleries  Related properties for each agent  Integrated Blog Page  Finance Calculator CHECK THE DEMO AND TEST HERE wordpresshound.com
  3. 3. OpenHouseThis is another real estate theme from Gorilla themes that offers really great features formanaging the photos like lightbox effects, gallery creation, special slide creation etc. Moreover itcomes with all the features that the mentioned Smooth theme have. CHECK THE DEMO & TEST HEREGorilla themes have many other great WordPress real estate themes with different design, colors,but all of theme have the mentioned special real estate framework.You can check out all their similar themes hereEstateThis theme is made by the well-known developers of Woothemes and their professionalism canbe found within this theme, too. the theme itself allow you to create many sort of posts as well asgreat sliders, galleries etc. Of course it is integrated with Google Maps with Street view.Personally, I like it because it is really easy to use and very clear, easy to navigate real estatewebsites can be created with it. DEMO & DOWNLOAD HERE wordpresshound.com
  4. 4. REAL ESTATE 2This WP theme is made by Templatic and this is a secondversion with more features. As you can see the homepage isreally nice with a a lot of widgetized areas and that is thesame with the listing and posts pages, too. another greatfeature that must be mentioned is that it comes with aproperty submission form where paid or free listing can besent. YOU CAN TEST & DOWNLOAD HERE wordpresshound.com