Wordpress Ecommerce Templates With Great Features And Design


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Wordpress Ecommerce Templates With Great Features And Design

  1. 1. Best Wordpress eCommerce TemplatesFortunately, nowadays there are many free and paid WordPress eCommerce templatesthat wecan use to set up our online store. We can choose from wide range of WordPress eCommercetemplates from the very simple ones to the very complex. The only thing you must be sure is thatWordPress is a great platform to set up an online store because of its high flexibility, stability andsafety and we must not forget the thousands of other plugins that can be used for our online storeto expand its functionality. No matter if you are an expert or a novice user you will be happy withyour WordPress based online store.In this list, I would like to share the mostly used and trusted premium WordPress eCommercetemplates. These eCommerce themes are developed by the most well-known developers, so allthese themes comes with full support, upgrade, guarantee and a community. In my point of view,if you are thinking about starting an online store you should choose from premium WordPresseCommerce themes, as you can always ask for support if something goes wrong or you want tomake changes.Best Premium WordPress eCommerce TemplatesWP StoreFirstly, I would like to start with the eCommerce theme of Templatic. Personally, I like all theTemplatic themes because they are clean, very easy to manage and they are unique. This theme isthe combination of high functionality and simplicity. It has been developed to be as easy to usefor buyers as possible. Moreover, Wp eStore is different from the other eCommerce templates asit comes with three different modes.Shopping Cart mode has the well-known functions such as “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now”.Digital Shop Mode – Special mode to sell digital products letting the users to download theirpurchase any time using their account.Catalog Mode - You can use this if you only want to showcase your items and don’t want to sellit online.Wp Store also comes with an affiliate module, coupon generator, multiply payment getaways andmany many other extras that cannot be found in any other eCommerce themes. Checkout theofficial website to learn more. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS & DEMO www.wpbay.net
  2. 2. ShopperPressPremiumpress is the creator of many nice WordPress eCommerce templates and one of them isShopperpress. This is an “out of the box” shopping cart for WordPress. You simply install, selectfrom 20+ skins, add products and that is all. This shopping cart theme is optimal forselling products, services, affiliate products, ebooks, music or file downloads. As you can see itis very flexible as you can sell both physical and digital products. Personally, I like the greatvariety of skins we can choose from. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS & DEMO www.wpbay.net
  3. 3. More WordPress eCommerce ThemeseShopThis is also another simple and very flexible WordPress shopping cart theme from Templatichaving all the mentioned functions that WP Store have. It comes with a very powerful adminbackend. I think this theme is optimal for selling physical products. CLICK FOR DEMOS & DETAILSCart66It also a very popular WordPress shopping cart theme that also enables to sell digital or physicalproducts. However, it has a powerful feature that is it enables to manage memberships, so it isoptimal for starting a membership website, too. CLICK FOR DEMOS & DETAILS www.wpbay.net