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Ebay Wordpress Plugin That Really Helps To Get More Commissions


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Ebay Wordpress Plugin That Really Helps To Get More Commissions

  1. 1. eBay Affiliate Wordpress PluginA good way to generate online income is to promote auctions and get commissions after thesales. A good tool to take part in this type of business is Phpbay which is an optimized eBayAffiliate Wordpress plugin that helps you to add keyword targeted auctions to your blog posts.Since eBay is a giant with millions of products finding keyword targeted auctions takes time asyou should find the optimal ones related to your niche and ones that worth to promote. Once youhave them, you should also write the related short reviews and additional info about the certainauctions. This task can be done manually, but I think it is better to concentrate on the post.But here is an easy to use solution to add relevant eBay auctions to your posts, this eBay AffiliateWordpress Plugin finds the most relevant auctions to your niche, create the short review and addthe additions info.This you will not only have the chance to generate affiliate commissions fromthe promoted products, but also add useful content for the visitors.There is no questions that there are other eBay plugins, but this one offers the most features andcreates really targeted ads. As eBay have nearly 80 million auctions now, you must be sure thatno matter what type of niche you work with you will surely haveauctions for it.You can see how this eBay Affiliate Wordpress Plugin works hereUltimate eBay AffiliateWordpress PluginCheck out the list below to see how many features this ebay plugin comes with.  You can list items by keyword, category, zip code or eBay seller, and to display products in columns or rows.  The plugin also creates SEO optimized and masked titles.  Built-in search engine optimization to get more traffic  Support for 15 different countries in the Ebay Partner Network.  List items by keyword or keyword phrase.  List items by specific Ebay category.  List items by minimum or maximum bid count.  WordPress Sidebar Widget to feature additional listings.  PhpBay is the only Wordpres ebay plugin that comes with geo IP Targeting for international sales.  Extended parameters to control each WordPress page or post.  Localization displayed in language and currency of selected country.
  2. 2. All in all, this eBay Affiliate Wordpress Plugin is the best and most used solution to earn moneyform eBay. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND DEMOS