Best Social Network Script To Build Facebook Clone


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  • You can also use elgg for building facebook clone. Elgg is free and open source framework for building social networks.
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Best Social Network Script To Build Facebook Clone

  1. 1. Best Social Network ScriptOne of the oldest Facebook clone script is phpFox which was started in 2005. Since then it hasbeen developed a lot and now it is one of the most trusted and used social networking script thatis used on thousands of websites and having a great and powerful support community. This scriptenables to start a Facebook-like website with ease having all the functions (and more) that can befound on the most popular social networking websites and loved by the users. This Facebookclone script is built on a platform that gives you total control with your websites layout givingyou the ability to easily create a unique look direct from your Admin Control Panel.Why phpFox Facebook Clone ScriptIf you check out the official website, you will see how powerful this social networking script is. Ithas endless built-in features from setting up blogs to share videos, everything that makes acommunity website successful. On top of that, this Facebook clone script is also mobile friendlywhich is really important nowadays. Last, but not least we must not forget how secure and SEOfriendly it is.phpFox is the only Facebook clone script that canbe extended and modified fantastically by usingfree and paid add-ons. Both the developers andthe community offer add-ons, you can find morethan 1000 to tweak, optimize etc. your socialnetworking website. You must be sure that youwill find everything you need to tweak andmodify if you need more than the built-in options.Best of phpFox Facebook Clone ScriptThis Facebook clone offers endless possibilities and options both for users and the admin. Thefollowing list contains some of the main features of this Facebook clone script.  You can create as many custom user groups as you want, moreover you can set up paid groups, too.  Shoutbox : It comes with AJAX powered shoutbox so the members can share something rather quick with the community.  Private Messaging: The users can get in touch with other members or just their friends on a more personal level.  Quizzes: The users can create tests for other members which is a great function, I think.  Costume fields:A great feature of this Facebook clone script is that you can create custom fields for your social network and its niche making the site more unique.  Social Sharing: Built-in RSS and social sharing opportunity for members.
  2. 2.  Activity Tracking: Like Facebook’s Live Feed.  Invitation System  The integrated forum, video sharing, picture sharing, blogging and polls etc.  Marketplace: phpFox comes with built-in marketplace where members can sell and by making your community site more useful.  Integrated Messenger: The members can chat with each other site wide.  Newsletter integration  Music: This Facebook clone script enables users to share mp3s  Ad Campaigns: Professional add management helping to monetize your social networking website.These are just some of the most important functions and features of phpFox that are integrated,but we must not forget the hundreds of add-ons you can choose from which can extremely extendthis Facebook clone. To see all the functions visit the official website.Support & PriceAs we are a talking about a Facebook clone script that is used on thousands of sites, it has verypowerful support community where you can find everything you need to know, and if you turn tothe support, they are fast and helpful (most of users are very positive about them). From the pricepoint of view, you can select from many packages depends on what you need for your Facebook-like website.All in all, if you are searching for a reliable, flexible and safe Facebook clone script for yoursocial networking website phpFox is a good decision. DOWNLOAD & TEST HERE