Best Photoblog Wordpress Themes


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Best Photoblog Wordpress Themes

  1. 1. BEST WORDPRESS PHOTOBLOG THEMESFortunately, there are many great ways for photographers to showcase their work online. Thereare quite a lot of WordPress photoblog themes as well as plugins that offer great possibilities toeasily set up a website without spending too much. Using WP is definitely one of the bestplatform considering that it comes with a great publishing system.Within this post I have collected the best premium photobog themes that not only comes with agreat design, but as well as with many functions that are really helpful for presenting creativework online.WordPress Photoblog Theme CollectionPHOTOCRATIThis is one of the most popular solution among photographers as it is specially built for them andoffers great, unique features. It comes with 15 different templates which enables to showcasephotos in many different ways. Another feature that must be mentioned is the built-in ecommerceimage galleries that allow website owners to sell their work.Why this Theme?• All-in-one: Website + galleries + blog.• Dozens of styles, customize everything.• Great SEO and social media so youll be found!• WordPress - the worlds fastest growing web platform!• Join over 12,000 other photographers! YOU CAN TEST & DOWNLOAD HERE WORDPRESSHOUND.COM
  2. 2. PACIFICOThis WordPress photography theme is my favorite one as it comes with an incredibly uniquedesign, with a fullscreen background and a great looking motion slider. It also comes with manylayout and color options. CHECK OUT THE DEMO HEREGLEAM THEMEThis WordPress photoblog theme is from Elegentthemes who have many sort WordPress themesfor photographers, but I like this one the best. Why I like it is that it comes with attractive flashyeffects and smooth ajax loading which surely grab the attention of the visitors. Another thing thathas to be mentioned it allows you to display photos in full screen. ALL THEIR PHOTO THEMES HERE WORDPRESSHOUND.COM
  3. 3. PHOTORIFICAnother WordPress photoblog theme that is specially built for photographers and offerseverything they need to run their website simply. It comes with tons of features for tweaking thewebsite, the photos and to offer great options for the visitors. One of the best features is that youcan set up unlimited number of background images for every page, comes with more than 30shortcodes for even better customization, and many ways for adding sliders. CHECK THE DEMO HEREBOXED PORTFOLIO THEMEThis is an elegant portfolio type WordPress theme that allows to show your photos and workonline easily. It come with a left side navigation with a customizable background slider allowingyou to set up a modern looking website.Good solution for designers, photographers, architects,design agencies or bloggers. CHECK OUT THE DEMO HERE WORDPRESSHOUND.COM