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Upgrade OBIEE to


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Upgrade OBIEE to

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Upgrade OBIEE to

  1. 1. Upgrade OBIEE to This Document Describe how to Upgrade OBIEE / to, as Operating system I am using Oracle Linux 6.4 but the same instruction will be applied on any Linux/Unix Operating system, for windows you need to replace some command line depend on it. When you are attending to Upgrade OBIEE you have to choose which version you want, Oracle Released new patch for OBIEE, for the both Patch you can follow this document. 1st Patch: 16556157 2nd Patch: 17530796  Newer One. Follow the below document to check new Features , Oracle Document OBIEE 11g Bundle Patch is Available for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Exalytics (Doc ID 1595219.1) When you apply Patch #17530796 your Build Version will be  And the main Features in it:    Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Support for Oracle BI Mobile App Designer Support for improved exporting functionality into Microsoft Excel When you are applying one of these patches you should include patch # 16569379. Osama Mustafa Page 1
  2. 2. Upgrade OBIEE to Document you maybe need:     OBIEE Suite Bundle Patches (Doc ID 1591422.1) OBIEE 11g: Required and Recommended Bundle Patches and Patch Sets (Doc ID 1488475.1). Oracle Exalytics Patchset 3 (PS3) Now Available for Oracle Exalytics (Doc ID 1587470.1). OBIEE 11g: How To Improve the Functionality of Exporting Data from Analyses, Dashboards, and other Oracle BI Presentation Catalog Objects into Microsoft Excel with OBIEE (Doc ID 1595671.1). Osama Mustafa Page 2
  3. 3. Upgrade OBIEE to About the Author Osama Mustafa – Oracle ACE, a database specialist, Certified Oracle Professional (10g, 11g), Certified Ethical hacker (Penetration testing), and Sun System Administrator, author of book Oracle Penetration Testing. Publishes many articles, including Oracle database articles in his blog,Fusion Middle Ware and Oracle RAC Documentation, Including to this he is Active Member On Oracle OTN and other Groups. Twitter: @OsamaOracle. G+: Osama Mustafa. Slid-Share: Osama Mustafa. LinkedIn: Blog: Osama Mustafa Page 3
  4. 4. Upgrade OBIEE to     After Download the Patch and Upload it to the server. Create Directory Called Patch and move all downloaded Patch to it. Unzip the patches. Follow the below Steps : [oracle@SERVER-OBIEE#]export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/fmw/Oracle_BI1/ [oracle@SERVER-OBIEE#]export JAVA_HOME=/u01/app/fmw/Oracle_BI1/jdk [oracle@SERVER-OBIEE#]export MY_PATCH=/share/Patch/ 16556157/ [oracle@SERVER-OBIEE#] export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch:$JAVA_HOME/bin:$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH Run the below command: [oracle@SERVER-OBIEE#] opatch napply -silent $MY_PATCH -id 16453010,16842070,16849017,16850553,16869578,16916026,16569379 [WARN ][jrockit] MaxPermSize=768m ignored: Not a valid option for JRockit Oracle Interim Patch Installer version Copyright (c) 2012, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Oracle Home : /u01/app/fmw/Oracle_BI1 Central Inventory : /u01/app from : /u01/app/fmw/Oracle_BI1//oraInst.loc OPatch version : OUI version : Log file location : /u01/app/fmw/Oracle_BI1/cfgtoollogs/opatch/opatch2014-01-18_11-24-38AM_1.log OPatch detects the Middleware Home as "/u01/app/fmw" Verifying environment and performing prerequisite checks... OPatch continues with these patches: 16453010 16842070 16849017 16850553 16869578 16916026 16569379 Osama Mustafa Page 4
  5. 5. Upgrade OBIEE to Do you want to proceed? [y|n] Y (auto-answered by -silent) User Responded with: Y All checks passed. Please shutdown Oracle instances running out of this ORACLE_HOME on the local system. (Oracle Home = '/u01/app/fmw/Oracle_BI1') Is the local system ready for patching? [y|n] Y (auto-answered by -silent) User Responded with: Y Backing up files... OPatch succeeded. rm -rv $ORACLE_HOME/bifoundation/web/catalogmanager/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi rm -rv $ORACLE_HOME/bifoundation/web/catalogmanager/configuration/ cp $ORACLE_HOME/clients/bipublisher/repository/Tools/BIPublisherDesktop*.exe $ORACLE_HOME/domains/BIDOMAIN/config/bipublisher/repository/Tools/ cp $ORACLE_HOME/clients/bipublisher/repository/Admin/DataSource/msmdacc64.dll $ORACLE_HOME//domains/BIDOMAIN/config/bipublisher/repository/Admin/DataSource rm –rf $ORACLE_HOME/domains/BIDOMAIN/servers/bi_server1/tmp/_WL_user/bipublisher_11.1.1/*/jsp_s ervlet Now OBIEE Patched Successfully. Osama Mustafa Page 5