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Codes and Conventions.


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Codes and Conventions.

  1. 1. Codes And Conventions of Magazine Cover Page.
  2. 2. Date and year of Magazine. Magazine Name Which will tell reader about the Magazine that what is the name of magazine. Main Text Which will tell that what is in this magazine and what is in this magazine. Main Image The Main Image will attract the reader and the Bayer which will tell them about what is in this magazine. Barcode Which will tell the Price of Magazine.
  3. 3. Main Title of the Magazine. Name of the Magazine. Date and Year of Magazine. Main Image. Name of the Celebrity. Cover line. Website.
  4. 4. Name of Magazine. Main Image. Main Cover Line. Celebrity Name. Cover Line.
  5. 5. Header Bar. Magazine Name. Main Image. Celebrity Name. Barcode.
  6. 6. Date Year and Price. Name of Magazine. Main Image. Side Images. Cover Line. Main Cover Line. Barcode.
  7. 7. Header Bar. Name of Magazine. Date and year. Main Image. Main Cover Line.
  8. 8. Codes And Conventions of Double Spread Page.