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  1. 1. Official name: Republic of AzerbaijanLocation : South Caucasus ,on the westernshore of the Caspian Sea, borderingRussia, Iran ,Turkey. Georgia, ArmeniaNatural resources: Oil. Natural gasIron ore, nonferrous metals,aluminiumPolitical system: Democratic, SecularUnitary Republic and ConstitutionalCapital: BakuTerritory: 86 600Population: 9,047,000 (as of 2010)Official language: Azerbaijani
  2. 2. Baku
  3. 3. Charming Night Life in Baku
  4. 4. Some parts of Old Baku are included into UNESCO and protected by this organization.
  5. 5. Azerbaijani architecture: Combines elements of East and West
  6. 6. Qobustan is best known for being the home tothe famous rock petro glyphs and mudvolcanoes. It is also included to WorldHeritage List.
  7. 7. It is estimated that 300 of the planetsestimated 700 mud volcanoes sitGobustan, Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea.Many geologists as well as locals andinternational mud tourists trek to such placesas the Firuz Crater, Gobustan, Salyan and endup happily covered in mud which is thought tohave medicinal qualities. In 2001 one mudvolcano 15 kilometers from Baku made worldheadlines when it suddenly started spewingflames 15 meters high.
  8. 8. Azykh CaveExtensively examined by archaeologistsin the 1960s, the cave is considered tobe the site of one of the most ancientproto-human habitations in Eurasia, Neanderthal-style jaw bone foundhere by Mammadali Huseynov in1968 and now kept at the Academy ofSciences in Baku is thought to be over300,000 years old and thus one of theoldest proto-human remains found inthis part of the world. Its discovery gaverise to the term Azykh Man.Reference
  9. 9. Culture and Tradition  Countries with ancient origins and a rich cultural history are usually multifaceted. Cultural traditions that evolved in antiquity, usually developed in many major cities — centers of trade. This is true in relation to Azerbaijan.  Long history of Azerbaijan combined together the most colorful traditions and customs that have existed there for many centuries, independently of each other.  That’s why the culture of each region of Azerbaijan has its own special features.
  10. 10. Azerbaijani cuisine is one of the most interesting onein the world in general and the Orient in particular. Itis somewhat similar to traditions of Caucasian andCentral Asian people but has its distinctive features. Itis remarkable by abundance of the every possiblemeat, fish and vegetable dishes dressed by fragrantgreens and spices.
  11. 11. Tourism is an important part of the economy of Azerbaijan. The countrys largeabundance of natural and cultural attractions make it an attractive destination ofvisitors. The Government have set the development of country as an elite touristdestination a top priority. Batabat Lake. Nakhchivan Shahdag
  12. 12. BeachesShuvelan beachesZikhNovxaniMerdakanNabran
  13. 13. Accomodation
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