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BWC Business Basics for Employers


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Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation provided a comprehensive overview of The Division of Safety & Hygiene and how they can help employers.

Presentation was delivered to the Orrville Area Safety Council on July 19 by Kelli Ott.

For more information on the Orrville Area Safety Council, visit

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BWC Business Basics for Employers

  1. 1. BWC Division of Safety and Hygiene Overview and How we help Employers
  2. 2. BWC Services and Offerings o Premium Rebate programs o Safety and Hygiene Consulting Services o Grant Programs o Website and Online Overview o Safety Training online and classroom oToolbox Talks oRenting Safety Videos oTemplates for Safety Programs
  3. 3. Show me the Money $$$ BWC Rebate Programs: • Industry Specific Safety Program • Drug-Free Safety Program • Transitional Work Bonus Program • Safety Council Rebate Incentive Program • Go Green Rebate • Lapse-Free Rebate
  4. 4. o Industry Specific Safety Program,* which allows employers to earn a 3-percent premium rebate for completing loss-prevention activities, such as attending training classes or on-site consulting (FREE SERVICES). o Drug-Free Safety Program, which yields a 4- or 7-percent premium rebate for businesses that incorporate an alcohol and drug testing and education program at their workplaces. o Transitional Work Bonus Program, which allows businesses to earn up to a 10-percent premium rebate for using a transitional work plan to successfully return an injured worker released with restrictions back to work by accommodating their needs. * Check eligibility requirements:
  5. 5. How to determine Eligiblity
  6. 6. Eligibility Questions Canton Service Office 339 E. Maple St., Suite 200 North Canton, OH 44720 Claims 330-438-0638 Employer services 330-471-0937 Toll free 800-713-0991 Imaging fax 866-281-9352
  7. 7. Grant Programs
  8. 8. BWC Consulting Services oIndustrial Safety oIndustrial Hygiene oErgonomics
  9. 9. BWC Consulting Services o Industrial Safety Consulting o BWC's industrial safety consulting services provide services that help employers in all types of industries identify and reduce physical hazards associated with machinery, energy sources, material handling equipment, tools, work methods and the work environment.
  10. 10. Safety Consulting Services o Facility/operational assessments - Assessments of specific areas or operations can be provided to assist in the identification of hazards and development of hazard control/prevention strategies. o Safety management assessment - A review of safety management documentation and practices allows our consultants to provide tools, resources and advice on how to develop or enhance your systems and strategies for managing safety.
  11. 11. Safety Consulting Services o Project facilitation - Our consultants can facilitate team meetings to help with the implementation of improvement projects. o On-site training - After performing an assessment at your facility, we can assist in the development of training and awareness programs which are tailored to your specific operations and needs. o Safety team development/enhancement - Our consultants can assist with the formation and organization of safety teams and provide suggestions to enhance effectiveness. o Program/process development - We can help to facilitate meetings or simply consult with you in the development of written programs and processes.
  12. 12. Industrial Hygiene Services o Air sampling – General area and/or personal breathing zone sampling can be performed to determine exposures to many types of airborne contaminants; the results are compared to current exposure guidelines. Advice on reducing exposures through engineering controls and/or respiratory protection is also provided. o Noise sampling – Sound level meters and noise dosimeters are used to determine noise levels; noise exposures are compared to current exposure guidelines. Assistance with reducing noise exposure and development of hearing conservation programs can also be provided.
  13. 13. Industrial Hygiene Services o Physical hazard assessment – Employee exposure to temperature extremes (heat/cold stress) can be measured and advice on appropriate work/rest cycles, hydration, engineering controls and personal protective equipment can be provided.
  14. 14. Ergonomic Consulting o Our ergonomics consulting services focus on reducing the potential for strains and sprains due to lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying tasks, cumulative trauma disorders due to repetitive, hand-intensive work and awkward work postures and other work-related musculoskeletal disorders. In addition to making jobs safer and less physically stressful, ergonomic improvements often help to boost productivity, quality and job satisfaction.
  15. 15. Ergonomic Consulting o Operational assessments – Assessments of specific operations or selected jobs can be provided to assist in the development of ergonomic improvement opportunities. o Project facilitation – Our consultants can facilitate team meetings to help with the implementation of ergonomic improvement projects. o On-site training - After performing an assessment at your facility, we can assist in the development of training and awareness programs which are tailored to your specific operations and needs.
  16. 16. BWC Website and online recources
  17. 17. Resources – Online at our website
  18. 18. Training offered through the BWC o Online training programs o Accident Analysis Online (45 minutes) o Avoiding Back Trauma (2 hours) o Developing a Safety Culture Online o Five-Step Process for Preventing Work-Related Musculosk (1 hour) o Food Service Safety Online (2 hours)
  19. 19. Online training o Getting Started with Safety (Equivalency) (4 hours) o Hazard Communication 2012 Basics: Labeling, Safety Data Sheets and Pictograms Online (30 minutes) o Health Hazards in Construction (1 hour) o Introduction to OSHA Online o Ladder/Stairway Safety (1 hour)
  20. 20. Online Training o Office Ergonomics: Computer Workstation and Mobile Computing Online (1½ hours) o OSHA Recordkeeping 101 Online (2 hours) o Preventing Cuts and Lacerations (1 hour) o Preventing Slips/Trips/Falls (1 hour
  21. 21. Additional Training and How to sign up for classes
  22. 22. BWC Learning Center
  23. 23. Course Catalog
  24. 24. BWC Library offers Safety Information, Codes, Toolbox talks, Video rental
  25. 25. BWC Library - Publications
  26. 26. Safety Templates
  27. 27. Video Library
  28. 28. Sample Accident Analysis Template
  29. 29. Looking for reminders, updates, tips and breaking news on workers’ compensation? Follow us on Twitter! @OhioBWC Our special investigations department also uses social media in its efforts to detect and deter workers’ compensation fraud