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Oro gold cosmetics on how to keep your eyes looking young


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Check out this presentation from Oro Gold Cosmetics on how to keep your eyes looking younger, fabulous and free of crow's feet, dark circles and wrinkles. Find many tips and natural ways to maintain your eyes looking beautiful and youthful-looking as well as healthy.

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Oro gold cosmetics on how to keep your eyes looking young

  1. 1. Oro Gold Cosmetics on How to Keep Your Eyes Looking Young
  2. 2. Oro Gold Cosmetics understands how important your eyes are to you. After all, they say that the eyes are a window to a person’s soul. The following written report from Oro Gold Cosmetics on how to keep your eyes looking young can help everyone keep their eyes looking their best. One of the first thing people notice when looking at your face is your eyes. This is why having eyes that look youthful, rested and vibrant can make a huge difference. Furthermore, giving your eyes proper treatment can help you look more refreshed and beautiful. Having healthy eyes actually rejuvenates the entire look of your face while helping you feel better about yourself and your appearance.
  3. 3. The human eye tends to thin and lose elasticity; especially after the age of 40. These changes heighten discoloration as blood vessels show more. This tends to make you appear and look more tired than usual. Oro Gold Tip: Use a concealer which gives the eyelids a lift and lightens dark circles as well. Try picking a yellow based formula. For best results, choose one which is at most 2 shades lighter than your normal skin tone.
  4. 4. One of the best tricks to help keep your eyes looking younger and help perk them up is Tea Bags. Tired looking eyes are caused by underlying blood vessels. The caffeine in the tea bags actually shrinks the liquid which creates the puffy, tired look in eyes. Oro Gold Tip: Allow the tea bags to soak in hot water at least 1 full minute. After this, take the tea bags and dunk them into ice cold water for several seconds. The last step is to lay down and take the tea bags and apply them to your eyes directly for no less than fifteen minutes.
  5. 5. We have all heard someone say to us at one time or another “You look tired.” Most often than not, this is when a person is referring to your eyes. This usually happens when your eyes look puffy, show wrinkles, tiny lines or crow’s feet. Dark circles around the eye area underscored and emphasize this even more. Luckily, the Oro Gold eye serum is specifically designed to attack these problematic areas directly via the pure 24K gold and other ingredients. They hydrate and restore your eyes natural look making them younger and giving them a more youthful appearance.
  6. 6. One very useful tip on how to keep your eyes looking young is to avoid looking directly at the sun since it damages your retinas. The UV rays from the sun can also cause damage and wrinkles to your eyes and skin. Oro Gold Tip: Be sure to apply sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher when going outside; especially now for the summertime. For those that spend a good deal of time outdoors during the day it is also wise to wear sunglasses. A pair of UV 400 sunglasses can act as a second layer of protection for you. Squinting your eyes can cause wrinkles which is why wearing sunglasses is also helpful.
  7. 7. A really important tip for keeping not only your eyes looking young, but your entire body healthy, is always getting plenty of rest and sleep. In fact, one of the biggest factors for getting crow’s feet is insufficient sleep. Getting dark rings and bags under your eyes can make you appear to be a lot older than you really are. Not getting plenty of sleep can also cause health problems.
  8. 8. Here’s another Oro Gold Cosmetics Tip: Avoid rubbing your eyes. keep your eyes looking younger and healthier by avoiding rubbing them too much. This tends to happens when you want to remove make-up or because you look tired. The skin around the eye are is very sensitive since it is so thin. Incessant scratching ends up bursting the capillaries which can be dangerous. Constantly rubbing your eyes causes build up of fluids. These fluids are the main cause for crow’s feet , dark circles or bags under your eyes.
  9. 9. Here are several other Oro Gold Cosmetics tips for helping your eyes appear and stay younger-looking, refreshed and naturally radiant. • Placing Cucumber slices over your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes can greatly reduce bags under your eyes and other problems around that area. • Make sure you drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. This will help you overcome the tired eyes appearance. • Be sure to wash your eyes with cold water. This assists in overcoming eyes dehydration and unpleasant eye problems.
  10. 10. We hope you have enjoyed these tips from Oro Gold Cosmetics on How to Keep Your Eyes Looking Young, beautiful, healthy and refreshed. You can check out our many of our projects with other helpful information here in our Oro Gold Cosmetics showcase in Behance.