Our trip around the world


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Our geography project!!!

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Our trip around the world

  1. 1. Our Trip Around The World By Orla Sweeny and Alana O’Sullivan
  2. 2. Introduction  We went on crazy adventure around the world, we visited six countries. Two developed, two under developed and two developing. Were going to show you three countries that we visited, Norway, The Democratic Republic Of The Congo and Brazil. We hope you enjoy it 
  3. 3. Velkommen til Norge Norway Fact fileCapital city: OsloMain Language: NorwegianCurrency: Norwegian kroneReligion: ProtestantismType of Government: DemocracyPopulation: 5 million
  4. 4. F ood  In Norway eating whale is quiet common and not frowned upon at all. While in Norway Alana tried the traditional Norwegian dish of Rakfisk, it’s a fish dish consisting of trout that is salted for between 2 months and a year and is then served raw. Orla tried kjᴓttboller, rough meatballs served with mash potatoes and cream sauce.
  5. 5. Accommodation  In Norway we stayed in two different hotels. The first hotel we stayed in was the Comfort Hotel Xpress in Oslo. It was a hotel and it cost us €34 to stay there each night. The second place we stayed was in Bergen, which is in the west of Norway. We stayed in the Best Western Hordaheimen Hotel. It cost us €45 to stay there each night.
  6. 6. Famous Norwegian In 1911 Roald Amundsen became the first man to capture the south pole. While in Norway we went to a museum dedicated to his achievements.
  7. 7. Ice Ice Baby!  In Norway we stayed in an ice hotel. We went dogsledding with an eskimo named Emil. Orla’s dog went a bit mad on her and just wouldn’t slow down. In the evening we watched the northern lights they were amazing. It was such an unbelievable experience. Here’s a video we took of them ….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcfWsj9OnsI
  8. 8. Here’s some pictures of our stay in the Ice Hotel!
  9. 9. FarvelNorway
  10. 10. In The Jungle The Mighty JungleThe Lion Sleeps Tonight  When we were in Brazil, we took a small plane into the amazon. We stayed four days in the rainforest during which time, we kayaked down the amazon, camped next to the river, fed the monkeys fruit and spoke to the natives through our tour guide Carlos. It was really beautiful within the jungle and we really didn’t want to leave 