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HOOLIGANISM Presentation


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This presentation abour Worldwide hooliganism and hooliganism in Turkey

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HOOLIGANISM Presentation

  2. 2. Hooliganism is a derivative of the word hooligan.
  3. 3. Football hooliganism normally involves conflict between supporter groups.
  4. 4. Hooliganism is formed for the specific purpose of intimidating and physically attacking supporters of other teams.
  5. 5. Hooligans often select locations away from stadium to avoid arrest by the police for fight.
  6. 6. Police is the biggest enemy of the hooligans.
  7. 7. Hooligans doesn't like police.
  8. 8. A.C.A.B. is the most famous words of hooligans.
  9. 9. Do not wear a support wear real Ultras. Real Ultras are wear casual.
  10. 10. Hooliganism in Turkey
  11. 11. Turkish hooligans people kill and die for their teams.
  12. 12. In Turkey, 2 Leeds fans were death in Taksim because they tried to burn the Turkish flag.
  13. 13. He was stabbed to death last year in Istanbul.
  14. 14. We miss you. RIP