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Believe - Come Alive presenting Vital Attitude Shift WEBINAR


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4 steps - How to
1. Achieve creativity, and bring them to action
2. Develop your goals and passion, bring them to action
3. Expectations
4. Forgiveness

The purpos of this webinar is to introduce you to the workshop Vital Attitude Shift.

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Believe - Come Alive presenting Vital Attitude Shift WEBINAR

  1. 1. Believe - Come Alive! “Vital Attitude Shift” Orit Murad Rehany • •
  2. 2. Fight stagnation - you are not alone Have you ever felt uninspired and unmotivated? Do you ever feel you do not belong? Orit Murad Rehany • •
  3. 3. Who am I Why should you listen to me? ● Teacher, course creator ● Expert on the Middle East insights & culture ● Entrepreneur ● My story - Adapt and Adopt ● Author - River of Tears, The River of Hope Orit Murad Rehany • •
  4. 4. My Fearless Message My Message is my Passion I Empower people to breakthrough their own self-imposed boundaries, to feel free to create a vital attitude shift , drive them to action and fearlessly re-identify opportunities to re-build their passion and purpose.
  5. 5. Webinar Goal Vital Attitude Shift by Unveiling the formula for success and Discover new “weapons” to battle adversities and/or challenges. Orit Murad Rehany• •
  6. 6. Today’s questions How….. 1. To solve the “Puzzle” of self-discovery? 2. To target and re-build your“Weapon”? 3. To identify your newly born “great-at”? Orit Murad Rehany • •
  7. 7. The Formula for YOUR Unlimited Success LEARN KNOW APPL Y Orit Murad Rehany • •
  8. 8. Where are the answers? Vital Attitude Shift 1. Using your creative mind 2. Staying focused 3. Expectations 4. Forgiveness
  9. 9. Part 1 - Creativity! ● Stir your mind ● Get out of your comfort zone ● Set time to think ● How to make your own decisions Orit Murad Rehany • •
  10. 10. Creativity - Stir your mind My mind wanted more of this formula ● Re-identify skills Learn ● Solving a puzzle Know ● Drive to action Apply Orit Murad Rehany • •
  11. 11. Creativity - Get out of Your Comfort Zone Hard Boundaries Outside Comfort Orit Murad Rehany • • Comfort Zone
  12. 12. Creativity - How to make your own decisions. Shake up and Shape up your tiny ideas
  13. 13. Creativity - Set Time to Think ● Evaluating the decision Learn ● Checking the decision Know ● Action Apply Apply Orit Murad Rehany • • Scheduling time to THINK can change your life
  14. 14. Part 2 - Stay Focused Orit Murad Rehany • •
  15. 15. It’s Time to Set Your Own Goals ● Think big and be fearless ● Think out of the box. ● Set your skills as goals. ● Be determined to achieve your goals. ● Prioritize your goals, what you want to achieve first. Orit Murad Rehany • •
  16. 16. Focus - discover your goal Orit Murad Rehany • • Set Multiple goals… it’s possible Too high goal - too hard to reach Low goal - too easy to reach
  17. 17. Focus - the SMART goal approach ● Specific ● Measurable ● Attainable ● Relevant ● Time bound Orit Murad Rehany • •
  18. 18. Focus - Strategize Your Goals Write your goals down and display them. Learn Organize your goals into daily, weekly, and monthly. Know Follow your action plan. Apply Orit Murad Rehany • •
  19. 19. 3 - Expectations Negative (disappointed from unsuccessful results) VS Positive (more than expected)
  20. 20. When life hits you hard .... orit murad rehany • • Consider the pain and suffering comes from unmet expectations! Just laugh to achieve Attitude Shift
  21. 21. Explore, expect and drive to action Explore your freedom and your expectation of success Your motivation increase, fear decrease When you are at your comfort zone Orit Murad Rehany • •
  22. 22. If God can forgive, so can you… Stop eating your Orit Murad Rehany • • Anger Sadness Anxiety Insecurity
  23. 23. Part 4 - Forgiveness Free your mind from emotional poison: 1. Name it Learn 2. Immerse yourself Know 3. Embrace & 4. let go 4. Healing Apply Orit Murad Rehany • •
  24. 24. The formula for success Learn Know Apply Affinity Diagram to organize thoughts Smart goal approach Display your goals Calm your thoughts down How much do you expect from yourself? Silent reflection
  25. 25. My Secret Weapons 1. “ I shifted my mind and made better decisions.” 2. “ I witnessed my own actions are limiting” 3. “I learned not to internalize things when forgiving.” Orit Murad Rehany . .
  26. 26. Today’s Offer As a thank you for listening to my webinar email me for a PDF copy of my book Receive a 50 % off coupon on my next workshop Orit Murad Rehany Presents…. Orit Murad Rehany • • AND….
  27. 27. Thank You! Thank you for participating and sharing in this webinar . We are deeply appreciative and offer our gratitude to each one of you. If you would like to learn more about my journey and my book, A River of Tears, the River of Hope: The Saga of two torah scrolls, please join my mailing list by emailing Now it is your turn to Believe - Come Alive! Always think big and be fearless, Orit Murad Rehany Orit Murad Rehany • •