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Social Media and Web Integration for NonProfits with RebelMouse


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RebelMouse is a Social Media Aggregator. We examine how NonProfits can use it. We start by looking at the online trends for NonProfits in 2013. Then we look at how you can integrate across website and social media using RebelMouse.

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Social Media and Web Integration for NonProfits with RebelMouse

  1. 1. RebelMouse A NonProfit Perspective Orion Matthews CEO Partners International September 2013 | Washington DC | @NTEN Meetup Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. You are free to remix and share.
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions. • NonProfit online and social media landscape. • NonProfits can use RebelMouse. • Questions, answers, and drinks!
  3. 3. Thanks NTEN • Thanks to the DC chapter of Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). • Many thanks to Julie Dennis for leading our chapter and coordinating these meetups.
  4. 4. About Orion Matthews • Current CEO of Partners International a Washington, DC based consultancy founded in 1998. • Founder of DesignPT a west coast, based, Alaska headquartered technology consulting firm started in 2003. • Founded Women in STEM Facebook page in 2012 that is used in this presentation. • NonProfit geek, data scientist, programmer, project manager, redditor, owner of an Oculus Rift dev kit and follower of emerging trends and technologies. LinkedIn E-Mail Twitter @omatthews RebelMouse
  5. 5. About Partners International Washington, DC | New York City | Kiev Services Clients • IT Outsource  Mid to Large NGO • Consulting  NonProfits • Database/App Dev  Government
  6. 6. About RebelMouse • Founded in 2012 in NYC by Paul Berry former CTO of the Huffington Post and • Over 900% growth since January. • Closed $10M of Series A funding in September. @RebelMouse |
  7. 7. We live in a social world Source -, 2013 27% of time spent online is on a social network Facebook has 1.11 billion monthly active users Twitter has 200 million monthly active users More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. Pinterest has around 50 million users 40 million photos are uploaded to Instagram per day
  8. 8. Giving is online but traditional channels are still 93%. Source: The 2012 Charitable Giving Report, BlackBaud
  9. 9. Online giving is growing quickly Source:
  10. 10. Online engagement Web or Social Media? Millennials say both. - The Millennial Impact Report, 2012
  11. 11. Many NonProfits have a Silo problem between Social Media and Web. “Silo: a system, process or department that operates in isolation from others.” There were good reasons for the Silo: • Too many Social Media sites to integrate. • Most of the integration is not refined so setup is fragile or looks unrefined. • Most integration lacks curation options.
  12. 12. It’s time to get social media and websites working together (our matchmaker)
  13. 13. How It Works • RebelMouse is a social media aggregator:
  14. 14. Live Examples • Comedy Central franco • Cosmopolitan york-fashion-week-2013 • GE • Red Bull
  15. 15. Getting Started, as easy as 1-2-3 Uno: Setup your feeds. Dos: Curate your content. Tres: Publish and embed in your site. ¡Excellente!
  16. 16. Step 1 - Select your feeds
  17. 17. Step 2 - Curate your Content Mouse over and pick items to show
  18. 18. Step 3a - Publish Copy the embed code and give it to your webmaster
  19. 19. Step 3b - Embed in a website.
  20. 20. Your page is hosted for free on
  21. 21. Aggregates Posts from Engaged Fans Women in STEM Post (the only piece of content I created.) Warwick Knowledge Centre post on WSTEM FB Women You Should Know post on WSTEM Bruce Land post on WSTEM Scientista Foundation post on WSTEM L’Oreal post on WSTEM
  22. 22. Drag and Drop Content Around
  23. 23. Many Design Choices
  24. 24. Newsletters with MailChimp Integration
  25. 25. More Details • Signup at and get started with a basic package for free. • Go Pro For Only $10 / month. • Integrates with Wordpress. • Integrates with Google Analytics. • Adaptive design so it works on Mobile and Tablet.