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VICE - The Hipster Media Empire


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Presentation about VICE magazine and Vice Media Inc. (January, 31st 2013) for the course CMNS 2160 Mass Communication and the Popular Culture Industry at Thompson Rivers University (TRU).

VICE magazine content included in the presentation is property of Vice Media Inc. If the copyright owners disagree with its publication, contact me and I'll remove it.

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VICE - The Hipster Media Empire

  1. 1. ORIOL SALVADOR VILELLACMNS 2160 Mass Communication and the Popular Culture Industry
  2. 2. What is VICE? We wanted to be the first international voice for the universality of youth sub-culture. (Shane Smith, VICE co-founder) Ø  Monthly FREE magazine Ø  Profits: advertisement & partnerships. Ø Target: metropolitan 21-24 years old.Volume 19 (Number 5) a.k.a HIPSTERS --> Demographics (Media Kit 2012)
  3. 3. What is VICE? Ø  750 employees. Ø  Offices in 34 countries. Ø  24 different country editions. World Distribution (Media Kit 2012)Volume 19 (Number 5)
  4. 4. VICE ’s timeline Shane Suroosh Gavin Smith   Alvi   McInnes  Volume 18 (Number 2) 1994: Three friends bought the community newspaper where they were working: Voice of Montreal. Photos from:, MySpace and Twitter
  5. 5. VICE ’s timeline 1996: Editors break with the original publisher and change the publication’s name to VICE. 1999: VICE moves headquarters to New York. 2007:Volume 18 (Number 2) Partnership with Viacom (MTV). McInnes leaves VICE due to “creative differences”.
  6. 6. VICE ’s contents Generally: Ø  Alternative lifestyle Ø  Trends Ø  Music Ø  Fashion Ø  Sex Ø  Photography Ø  IllustrationVolume 18 (Number 11) Ø  Sports Ø  Technology (…)
  7. 7. VICE ’s contents Ø  DO & DON’TsVolume 18 (Number 11)
  8. 8. VICE ’s contents Ø  Content shifting to serious news topics (Afghanistan, North Korea, OWS…) approached in a non-conventional way.Volume 18 (Number 11)
  9. 9. VICE ’s contents Ø  Music, films and videogames, aggressive and unconventional, reviewsVolume 18 (Number 11)
  10. 10. VICE ’s contents Ø  Special issues: Ø  VICE UK’s Student Guide (2005)Volume 18 (Number 11)
  11. 11. VICE ’s buddies New friends for the international trip: Ø  Tom Freston (former CEO at Viacom) Ø  Joe Ravitch and Jeff Sine (The Raine Group, investors)Volume 18 (Number 12) Ø  Martin Sorrell (WPP, advertising firm)
  12. 12. The VICE empire VICE Films: Heavy Meal in Baghdad (2007) Full-length documentary following Acrassicauda, the only heavy metal band in Iraq. White Lightnin’: The Jesco White Murders (2008) with Ed Hogg and Carrie Fisher, directed by Dominic Murphy. Co-produced by UK Film Council.  Volume 19 (Number 4) The Ride (2009) Documentary following the Professional Bull Riding Circuit.
  13. 13. The VICE empire VICE Films: The Fourth Dimension (2012) Three short films by three directors. Co-produced with Grolsch Film Works. Full-length film available for FREE on YouTube. Bad 25 (2012) Spike Lee’s documentary about Michael Jackson. Co-produced with Grolsch Film Works.Volume 19 (Number 4) (…)
  14. 14. The VICE empire VICE DVDs: Series VICE Guide to Travel (“60 minutes meets Jackass”).   Skate series Epicly Later’d (2009) (…)  Volume 19 (Number 4)
  15. 15. The VICE empire VICE Books: -  Travel city guides & photography collections. -  Greatest hits and DOs & DON’Ts compilations. -  Heavy Metal in Baghdad, by Andy Capper and Gabi Sifre, based in the 2007 documentary.Volume 19 (Number 4) (…)
  16. 16. The VICE empire VICE Music: -  Music label: VICE Records -  The Raveonettes -  Black Lips -  OFF! -  Win Win -  AcrassicaudaVolume 19 (Number 4) -  Management Agency -  Music video production (…)
  17. 17. The VICE empire VIRTUE: -  VICE full-service agency: ü  Brand strategy. ü  Creative development ü  Production ü  Distribution ü  ResearchVolume 19 (Number 4) -  North America headquarters: Brooklyn, NY -  Europe headquarters: Shoreditch, London
  18. 18. The VICE empire More: -  MTV’s The Vice Guide To Everything. -  Custom publishing for brands. -  The Creators Project (partnerhip with Intel) -  Noisey (music website)Volume 19 (Number 4) -  Motherboard (technology and science) -  Fightland (fight and martial arts) -  AdVICE (digital publishers)
  19. 19. Conclusions Ø  Alternative and controversial voice appealing to audiences unsatisfied with the content from mainstream media. Ø  VICE build a defined audiences and found advertisers looking for that target. Ø  Money not only from advertisement butVolume 17 (Number 9) from derivate business and products. Ø  A hipster media empire that is turning ‘mainstream’ (just like Rolling Stone)?