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PeaTiX EN Announcement


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PeaTiX EN Announcement

  1. 1. MAY 9, 2011 ANNOUNCEMENT FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT ORINOCOPeaTiX Alpha Taku Harada CEO, Orinoco ••• AND SO IT WAS MARCH 11. LIFE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE NORMAL, AS ALWAYS. THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS WERE GOING TO COME SOON.Thats when it hit. Everything since thenseems like a blur. 20,000 of us up northwere washed away in a matter of minutes(its a Japanese thing - its about "we"and "us"). A nuclear plant some 200kilometers up north had broken down,and the stuff thats supposed to be seenonly in movies was creeping into therealm of reality. Scenes of devastation onthe TV 24/7, fear of increased radiationon rainy days, and my oh my all thoseaftershocks... bewilderment, despair,sparse amounts of peaceful sleep,frustration with our government, withthe occasional glimpse of positive Meet PeaTiXhumility with people reaching out to So heres PeaTiX. Youve probably seen a similar model or two ineach other. This will go on for a very long the U.S. and elsewhere. Its a simple but brilliant idea - anybody cantime. Hell, it might even get worse. But come to the site, set up events, and also create and sell e-tickets forright now theres no other place that Id the events. On the day of the event, the tickets can be scanned withrather be. an iPhone app, or you can also check-in attendees through PeaTiX from a PC. Ticket sales will be paid out to you right after the eventIve been thinking a lot about ways togive back to and help out those in need is concluded (less some very small fees). Thats it. Very Tohoku. Also about how we could help PeaTiX can be used for the usual suspects like concerts, club eventsout in reviving an economy that should and seminars, but we hope itll be used also for stuff like dinnersbe following a thorny path for many and parties. continued on page 2MINJA TOENIGES is our UX designer. FUMIAKI YOSHIMATSU is one of our NATHANIEL HEINRICHS is another oneShe’s from Germany and we love the way she software engineers. He’ll get really angry if he of our software engineers. We’ve never seenpronounces “Twitter” - like ‘Twitt-ah.’ finds you without a helmet whilst riding a anyone down so many beers in one sitting. It’s bike. downright fucking amazing.
  2. 2. ... negative feedback is much better thanhaving no feedback at all.(continued from page 1)years to come. Our company is still very Last but not least, I’d like to highlight Naofumi Iwaiyoung and small. We dont have a lot of our wonderful and intelligent team Our COO and my right hand man. Ourmoney or resources. Although we have members at Orinoco who have worked birthdays are one week apart. Hes greattwo healthy and growing business lines hard on this project: at putting together detailed business(operating e-commerce sites for major plans and finding the next big ramenbrands and musical artists, and also Minja Toeniges joint. But you cant have him, hes ours.representing a number of U.S.-based Our talented UX designer who will not businesses in Japan), we need to back down an inch when it comes totry harder, become bigger. We need to optimizing customer experience. Its Hiroshi Kimuracreate some wealth that we can give almost scary. Minja, I dont know why The Professor. Chock full of knowledge.back to our community and comrades but I feel like apologizing to you: youre Puts any QA plan out there to Japan. So were going to add a third right, to what we already have. Id also like to thank Yuji Fujita,Something that we hope will grow over Fumiaki Yoshimatsu Ryohei Fujita, David Wasserman,time beyond our expectations. The kingpin of software engineering. Atsushi Ichinari and Seina Sakaue, Everything you throw his way seems to who will be contributing toIf youre reading this right now, youre get done in 20 minutes. Fumiaki, please development, sales and marketing forone of a small number of people weve take a bathroom break once in a while. PeaTiX going forward.invited to preview PeaTiX, before weannounce it to a wider audience. Well Nate Heinrichs Thats it for now. Well introduce newcall it "alpha" for now, although the Soft-spoken software engineer, features to PeaTiX soon, and we alsoservice is fully functional. We already possesses willpower made of iron. He might feature some cool events that youhave a long list of functionalities that gets it done, period. Just watch out with might be interested in attending.well get to work on, but we also want to that beer tab (theres a reason he has aget some good (i.e. "critical") feedback German surname). We hope you enjoy using PeaTiX!from you guys, so we can continue to Peter Jacbos Cheers,improve the service. So please, pleaseuse PeaTiX and tell us what you think, Hes the guy who made the iPhone app Takuhowever harsh it may be. As our good for us. He also knows the words tofriend David McClure of 500 Startups "Rikki Dont Lose That Number" so heslikes to say, negative feedback is much cool. If you need any app help, contactbetter than having no feedback at him at pjacobs@megurosystems.comall. Soon well be adding more features Daisuke “Dice” Horielike invitation-only events, an Android Where would we be without this guy,app, alternative payment methods, who wrote up the blueprint for it all.improved integration with Facebook Also, if youre a Mariners fan/Yankee(have you seen those latest Facebook hater, he wants to take you out toJapan figures?!), etc. And Ill say it right we also want to launch PeaTiX inother countries. Launching the first Emi Takemuraversion of PeaTiX in Japanese and Our beautiful CMO. Middle name isEnglish is a first step in that direction. ... and say hi to Peachan "Perfection" but she doesnt print that on her business cards for some reason.We really look forward to hearing what Sometimes I wake up in the middle ofyou think. If you have any questions, or the night and yell out "Oh Emi, whatif you need any help in setting up an have we done to deserve you??!!"event, please contact us Mayu Iwashita Professional marketer who lightens up the room whenever she walks in. Brings us tasteful treats like cookies as well so its a double whammy.