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Visual Brand Guidelines to Manage Social Media Accounts


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Learn about social media design, content guideline, brand streamline in this visual based PPT. Creating coherent social media guidelines that make top quality content is important. It also lays emphasis on creating uniformity in all of your social media posts so that your brand impression is maintained throughout the web.

Furthermore, various social media branding guidelines are discussed that give valuable information for maintaining consistency in the social media posts.

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Visual Brand Guidelines to Manage Social Media Accounts

  2. 2. Without thematic visual support, social media content looks VAGUE
  3. 3. IT’S A that social media survives with only content MYTH
  4. 4. Content needs visual to live a LONGER LIFE!
  5. 5. HOWto add visuals WHATto add what not WHICHstyles to follow
  6. 6. The answer lies in this
  7. 7. You can achieve UNIFORMITYin your social media communications
  8. 8. You are switching an agency or your social media team has left the company How will you pass the style and ethics of your brand to the new team?
  9. 9. BIBLE That’s why Visual Brand Guideline is for social media account managers THE
  10. 10. Guidelines are more important when multiple people work for you.
  11. 11. WHAT HOWThen style guideline is If the strategy is
  12. 12. “It is for strategy to be successful.” execution thoroughly which in turn helps
  13. 13. Social media guidelines give a clear picture about how a particular Facebook post, Instagram image or a tweet are to be posted
  14. 14. Twitter Instagram Facebook
  15. 15. BLUEPRINT Make a for current social media team It helps a new person to maintain the brand and tone of posts.
  16. 16. Branding guidelines become a little bit for social media TRICKY
  17. 17. Social media always moves in real time and the pace of posting is always FAST
  18. 18. to fix editorial guidelines at every post, comment, tweet & status update NGLESS It’s MEAN
  19. 19. Now let’s learn something about the social media guidelines
  20. 20. Basic Visual Components for
  21. 21. CONSISTENT Like any popular brand, follow a particular color format. It forms uniformity in your posts lookouts COLORS
  22. 22. two or three colors from your logo It wll give you high recall value for your brand and viewers will get familiarized with your posts. PICK UP
  23. 23. CREATE SHADES FOR COLORS It generates an option for you to play out in your posts
  24. 24. are the biggest impression. The more you play-out, the more beautiful brand you can create
  25. 25. TYPOGRAPHYYour fonts should also reflect the ideas and values that your brand wants to reflect fonts
  26. 26. to create multiple styling options FONTS FAMILY Choose the fonts that have
  27. 27. Template creation makes the job easy in quick post updatation with good graphics CREATEDESIGN TEMPLATES Design templates
  28. 28. Design templates
  29. 29. AUTHENTIC CREATIVE CLEAR Consistent naming is must. bio section is inevitable Naming Rules
  30. 30. Users search with name in any platform so they must be able to find your brand Naming Rules
  31. 31. Convey your brand with a visually appealing profile image or avatar. Keep an attractive brand image. Putting up logo is the simplest and smartest way. P.S - Avoid stock images. Naming Rules
  32. 32. Each social media platforms have different ‘visible dimension’ for cover photo, so design it smartly. Put up gridlines for text, image and logo for each social media platforms. Naming Rules
  33. 33. Hashtag is the Google for social media users. It must be strategic and should be used diligently. Make sure that your hashtags are known to your audience and are easy to read. Naming Rules
  34. 34. Thematic Connection with Digital Similarly, creating web design guidelines is equally important to set up complete social media design guideline. Post design ethics
  35. 35. The final goal of your social media strategy is to move people to your website. If users are getting completely different design for your digital media, their faith will be shaken. Post design ethics
  36. 36. Establish proper training schedules for managers to sync them with guideline. Post design ethics
  37. 37. For Paid Marketing , Compromise With Your Own Guideline Social media paid marketing has its fix design guideline for promotion. It is the place where you might need to compromise a little bit with your brand guidelines.
  38. 38. Design is an art. It needs
  39. 39. Sometimes great ideas come when you break the rules. Get ready 2BREAK UR OWN ROOOLSfor better social media design.
  40. 40. This PPT is a synopsis of the blog on the same topic that is available at If you want detailed information, you are requested to click the above mentioned link.
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