Oriflame Lebanon Dec Catalogue


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Oriflame Lebanon Dec Catalogue

  1. 1. C4-2013
  2. 2. Oriflame in Brief; Founded in Sweden in 1967, Oriflame is today one of the fastest growing beauty companies in direct selling. Being present in more than 60 countries, Oriflame plays the role of the market leader in more than half due to the wide range of products it offers, and last but not least to the unique business opportunity it gives for everyone. Beauty Academy Graduates Oriflame catalogue C4-2013 fulfills the needs of all people regardless of age, social and financial status. Different high standards, quality, natural products are introduced covering skin care, cosmetics, toiletries, hair care treatment, perfumes, accessories and branded handbags. Oriflame prides itself on introducing the Beauty Academy. This training is essential to its Consultants and Leaders. It covers 4 modules: skin care, cosmetics, personal & hair care and fragrances. This way, our Consultants, will be able to excel each step of the way. What is direct selling? Direct sales allow customers to get advice and inspiration from people they know and trust. Buying direct is reliable and convenient. As an independent Oriflame Sales Consultant you have the chance to earn a significant extra income, as well as learning more about cosmetics. A special day with Oriflame in Jeita There are two ways of making money with Oriflame. 1- As a Sales Consultant you order products at a reduced price level of 30%, for example; you buy for $100 while you get products value of $130, you can also sell these products to customers at catalogue price and benefit from the 30% discount. Every month we have special offers up to 70%. 2- You can invite others to join Oriflame and build a group of people selling where you earn additional income on the group sales. Oriflame as a company is characterised by a can-do spirit, a decentralised management and a young and entrepreneurial atmosphere. With Oriflame’s unique earning opportunity you can: Make Money Today and Fulfil Your Dreams Tomorrow. At Oriflame you can meet new people, make new friends and travel and visit exciting destinations with us. Join us and live the life you deserve! Join us today on Facebook: Oriflame Lebanon or browse https://www.OriflameLebanon.com
  3. 3. p. 3 - 25 ቢ Time Reversing SkinGenist MultiCleanser 150ml Rejuvenating and wonderfully refreshing multipurpose milk cleanser with a powerful blend of GenisteinSOY , moisturising and nourishing agents. Leaves your skin perfectly smooth, radiant and soft. Apply with cotton pad. ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,Iô°ûÑdG ¢û©æj ,¬Lƒ∏d ∞¶æe Ö«∏M q äÉæ«édG iƒà°ùe ≈∏Y πª©j …òdG GenisteinSOY ÖWôj ,ÖFGƒ°ûdGh êÉ«cɪdG πjõj ,Iô°ûÑdG ójóéàd πe150 .ábô°ûeh áªYÉf É¡côà«d ∂Jô°ûH …ò¨jh 25261 $25.90 ቤ Time Reversing SkinGenist Eye Cream 15ml A multi-tasking formula with a special form of Soy targeting the skin at genetic level to lift, firm and brighten look, with Rock Rose, Vine Orchid, Liquorice to protect, nourish and strengthen the skin around the eye. iƒà°ùe ≈∏Y πª©j GenisteinSOY ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ¿ƒ«©∏d ºjôc SKIN CARE Reversing SkinGenist Day & Night Essense 30ml A unique skin care treatment to promote the skin’s regeneration, resulting in restored complexion, reduction of lines & wrinkles, more vibrant, suppler & firmer skin appearance ≈∏Y π«∏dGh QÉ¡ædG ºjôc πÑb πª©à°ùj Iõcôe áÑ«côJ q áÑ«côàHh GenisteinSOY ≈∏Y …ƒàëJ .∞«¶f ¬Lh ádÉ©a ô°UÉæY 3 øe áØdƒªdG CelluForce Complex D q ¥ôYh É¡àjɪMh äÉæ«édG ájò¨J ,Iô°ûÑdG ájƒ≤àd í«àØJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùJh Iô°ûÑdG áHƒWQ ¿RGƒJ »àdG ¢Sƒ°ùdG πe30 .Iô°ûÑdG 24217 ቦ Time Reversing SkinGenist Capsules 30 Capsules Nourishes the skin enhancing skin radiance and evening skin tone. Easily spread, fluid silicone-like texture. Apply over the face and neck after cleansing and before cream application (morning and evening) ≈∏Y πª©j …òdG GenisteinSOY≈∏Y …ƒàëJ ä’ƒ°ùÑc ∫ƒM Iô°ûÑdG ó°ûjh ™aôj ,ó«YÉéàdG Qƒ¡X øe π∏≤j ,äÉæ«édG IôgRh ,ó°ùcÉà∏d IOÉ°†ªdG ∑hôdG IôgR ≈∏Y …ƒàëjh ,ø«æ«©dG B .Iô°ûÑdG í«àØàd ¢Sƒ°ùdG ¥ôYh ,Égó°Th É¡æ«àªàd Ió«cQh’G C πe15 $30.90 24665 ባ Time MATURE SKIN 45+ ብ Time Reversing SkinGenist Night Cream 50ml Engineered to reactivate the youth potential of skin over 45. With GenisteinSOY to stimulate your Beauty GenesTM and potent anti-oxidants, it dramatically diminishes wrinkles and improves skin radiance, firmness, resilience and tone ≈∏Y πª©j …òdG GenisteinSOY ≈∏Y …ƒàëj π«∏dG ºjôc ájò¨Jh ó«YÉéàdG ∞«ØîJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùjh äÉæ«édG iƒà°ùe πe50 .Iô°ûÑdG í«àØàd ¢Sƒ°ùdG ¥ôY ≈∏Y …ƒàëjh ÉjÓîdG $49.90 24184 Five Way Efficacy against… • The appearance of mature skin • Hydration • Firmness • Wrinkle depth • Elasticity • Skin smoothness $54.90 24189 ቧ Time Reversing SkinGenist Day Cream SPF15 50ml Engineered to reactivate the youth potential of skin over 45. With GenisteinSOY to stimulate your Beauty GenesTM and potent anti-oxidants, it dramatically diminishes wrinkles and improves skin radiance, firmness, resilience and tone ¢Sƒ°ùdG ¥ôY GenisteinSOY ≈∏Y …ƒàëj QÉ¡ædG ºjôc , $49.90 Strong & feminine! ó«©J .ó«YÉéàdG øe π∏≤àd äÉjò¨e ≈∏Yh äÉæ«édG iƒà°ùe πc ¬«∏ª©à°SGE .É¡fRGƒJh Égó°ûJ ,É¡JQÉ°†f ,É¡àbGô°TGE Iô°ûÑ∏d ≥æ©dGh ¬LƒdG ≈∏Y QÉ¡ædGh π«∏dG ºjôc πÑb AÉ°ùeh ìÉÑ°U ádƒ°ùÑc 30 .∞ãµe êÓ©c q New u Formhylaenic gi ቢ Precise & plicator nozzle ap ቤ ó«YÉéàdG πjõj ,äÉæ«édG AÉ«MGE ó«©«d Ió«cQh’G IôgRh C πe50 .15 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .ÉjÓîdG …ò¨jh D $49.90 24181 ብ ባ ቧ ቦ Rediscover Youth Potential in Your Genes The limitless youth potential of your skin is encoded in the 3 Skin Beauty GenesTM, Genistein SoyTM, an advanced anti-ageing nutrient which acts at genetic level. Encapsulated to reach deep skin layer, proven to target all needs of mature skin. Skin Care 3
  4. 4. FOR VERY 55+ MATURE SKIN GenisteinSOY A super efficient, 10 times purified anti-ageing nutrient derived from Soy, which acts at a genetic level. Selected after nearly a decade of extensive research. Encapsulated to reach deeper skin layers. Proven to target all needs of mature skin. Amino+ A unique complex of peptides proven to restore & re-structure skin matrix for plumper skin, reduced wrinkles and improved facial contours. Let the Beauty Genes™ Restore The Skin in Menopause Introducing NEW Time Reversing Intense – the 1st to combine the potency of GenisteinSOY and Amino+ complex. Proven to address deficiencies of the skin related to menopausal ageing: deep wrinkles, lack of bounce and radiance, sagging contours, uneven skin tone and many more. Feel your skin regain plumpness and youthful structure. More beautiful with every new day. 4 Skin Care
  5. 5. Replenishes All 6 Deficiencies of Very Mature Skin: • Loss of dermal plumpness • Deep wrinkles • Dull skin tone • Uneven complexion • Skin sagging • Uneven facial contours ቢ Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII™ Night Cream 50ml The ultimate age-defying solution engineered to target all aspects of postmenopausal skin. With GenisteinSOY and Amino+ complex, proven to plump up deep wrinkles, improve facial contours and re-densify skin. For great looking eyes that defy your age NEW ቤ ≈∏Y πª©j …òdG GenisteinSOY ≈∏Y …ƒàëj π«∏dG ºjôc ≈∏Y É°†jGC …ƒàëjh ÉjÓîdG ájò¨J ≈∏Yh äÉæ«édG iƒà°ùe k ¬LƒdG íeÓe ø«°ùëJ ≈∏Y πª©J »àdG Amino+ áÑ«côJ ó©H Ée Iôàa ∫ÓN ,í°VGh πµ°ûH ó«YÉéàdG øe π«∏≤àdGh πe50 .媣dG ´É£≤fGE 24188 $49.90 ባ Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII™ Day Cream SPF15 50ml ቢ Extra-pure encapsulated GenisteinSOY acts on the skin’s Beauty Genes™ to help maintain plump skin that radiates youthfulness. Unique Amino+ complex helps improve facial contours and visibly reduce wrinkles. ≈∏Y πª©j …òdG GenisteinSOY ≈∏Y …ƒàëj QÉ¡ædG ºjôc ÉjÓîdG ájò¨àdh Iô°†f Iô°ûÑdG »≤Ñ«d äÉæ«édG iƒà°ùe πª©J »àdG IójôØdG Amino+ áÑ«côJ ≈∏Y É°†jGC …ƒàëjh k πµ°ûH ó«YÉéàdG øe π«∏≤àdGh ¬LƒdG íeÓe ø«°ùëJ ≈∏Y .媣dG ´É£≤fGE ó©H Ée Iôàa ∫ÓN ,í°VGh .15 ájɪM ô°TƒªH D Age-defying, skin plumping night cream 24185 $49.90 ቤ Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII™ Eye Cream 15ml Improves all signs of ageing around the eyes in post-menopausal period. With GenisteinSOY and Amino+ complex, proven to plump up deep wrinkles, redefine eye contour and restore the skin density in the eye area. Day cream to restore skin density with SPF 15 Skin appears plump and fuller* 82% *Consumer evaluation on 86 women over 55 yrs old for 4 weeks ባ ó©H Ée Iôàa ∫ÓN ø«©dG ∫ƒM áNƒî«°ûdG äÉeÓY ø«°ùëàd Amino+ ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ¿ƒ«©∏d ºjôc .媣dG ´É£≤fG E §«ëe ójóëJ ó«YÉéàdG áÄÑ©J ≈∏Y πª©j GenisteinSOYh πe15 .É¡æ«àªJh Égó°T ,ø«©dG q 24667 $34.90 Skin Care 5
  6. 6. A more advanced Anti-Ageing routine! Dramatically reduce wrinkles & fine lines with Ecollagen [3D+] ALL SKIN TYPES 35+ The cocktail was brilliant. It really made my skin seem smoother and younger ቢ ቦ ብ ቤ ብ Ecollagen 30ml ቧ RESULT after 4 WEEKS A bi-phase anti-wrinkle serum with a higher concentration and a blend of nourishing oils that boost collagen production, plumps-up skin, binds moisture and intensively nourishes the skin. Use before your Day/Night Cream. Shake well before use. áëaɵªd ,ó«°SG ∂«fhQƒdÉ«¡dGh ó«àÑ«ÑdG »KÓK áÑ«côàH Ωhô«°S ºjôc πÑb ¬«∏ª©à°SGE .á«©«Ñ£dG äƒjõdG ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ó«YÉéàdG πÑb k GóL ¬«°†N .ádÉ©ah á©jô°S áé«àæd π«∏dG hGC QÉ¡ædG q πe30 .¬dɪ©à°SGE 19893 ባ [3D+] Energising Cocktail. $49.90 ቦ Ecollagen [3D+] Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Mask (Exfoliator and Mask) 75ml Intensive facial mask to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkle. Contains: Hydroxy-Acids, Tripeptide complex and Hyaluronic Acid. Use in the evening 1-2 times per week. ባ Ecollagen Prepare for skin care REVOLUTION ቢ Ecollagen Cream 50ml [3D+] Anti-Wrinkle Night Especially formulated to re-plump wrinkles from within while you sleep by stimulating the collagen production. ,ó«°SG ∂«fhQƒdÉ«¡dGh ó«àÑ«ÑdG »KÓK áÑ«côàH π«∏dG ºjôc êÉàfGE ≈∏Y õ«ØëàdG ∫ÓN øe Iô°ûÑdG »a ó«YÉéàdG áÄÑ©àd πe50.π«∏dG »a ø«L’ƒµdG 20213 $49.90 [3D+] Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF15 50ml Lighter texture; safely and efficiently smoothes skin and re-plump wrinkles from whithin in 3 dimensions ÜQÉëj ,ó«°SG ∂«fhQƒdÉ«¡dGh ó«àÑ«ÑdG »KÓK áÑ«côàH QÉ¡ædG ºjôc πe50 .15 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .Iô°ûÑdG ó°ûjh ÖWqôj ,ó«YÉéàdG D q 20196 ቤ Ecollagen 15ml $49.90 [3D+] Anti-Wrinkle Eye Care Gentle cream immediatly softens eye area and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Fragrance Free. ∂«fhQƒdÉ«¡dGh ó«àÑ«ÑdG »KÓK áÑ«côàH ø«æ«©dG §«ëªd ájÉæY …hôc ¢SGCQ äGP .ñÉØàf’G ∞Øîjh AGOƒ°ùdG ä’É¡dG πjõj ,ó«°SG E øe ∞Øîjh Ö©àdG QÉKGB ádGRGE ,ø«©dG §«ëe ∂«dóJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj πe15 .ó«YÉéàdG Qƒ¡X 20224 $34.90 ó«°SG ∂«fhQƒdÉ«¡dGh ó«àÑ«ÑdG »KÓK áÑ«côàH ô°qû≤eh ∂°SÉe ÉjÓîdG ô«°û≤J ≈∏Y πª©j É°†jGC ,πNGódG øe ó«YÉéàdG áÄÑ©àd k Iô°ûH ≈∏Y ¬«©°V ,¢VɪMGC áYƒªée ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ á૪dG E .ôJÉØdG AɪdÉH ∂¡Lh »∏°ùZGC ºK ,≥FÉbO 10 ≈dGE 5 øe áØ«¶f πe75 .´ƒÑ°S’G »a Iôe 2-1 ¬«∏ª©à°SGE C 22822 ቧ Ecollagen $39.90 [3D+] Pore & Line Minimiser 30ml 2in1 pore and wrinkle-reduction serum. Skin pore reducer to minimize pore visibility, Skin Perfector to fill wrinkles and make them less visible and E-Renew complex to activate skin renewal process. Apply it where pores are visible after your day or night cream. óYÉ°ùj ,ó«°SG ∂«fhQƒdÉ«¡dGh ó«àÑ«ÑdG »KÓK áÑ«cÎH ΩhÒ°S ñÉØàfGE IOÉYGEh ÉgQƒ¡X øe ∞«ØîàdGh ΩÉ°ùŸG º°V ≈∏Y ,É¡Ø«ãµJh ÉjÓÿG êÉàfGE ‘ ´Gô°S’G ∫ÓN øe ó«YÉéàdG E πe30 .π«∏dG hGC QÉ¡ædG Ëôc ó©H »©°VƒŸG ∫ɪ©à°SÓd E 21591 $49.90
  7. 7. TAKE CONTROL OF ORIFLAME’S ANTI-WRINKLE FORMULA COMBINES TWO POWERFUL INGREDIENTS TRI-PEPTIDE COMPLEX CLEANSING & SMOOTHING Boost your anti-wrinkle routine with the Cleanser and Toner that help replump wrinkles and smooth your skin! + HYALURONIC ACID Oriflame’s patented collagen-boosting technology Superior skin hydrator and re-plumping agent TONE with a normalising toner that makes skin look fresher ቨ STEP2 STEP1 ቩ CLEANSE with the help of soft and gentle anti-ageing cleanser STEP 1: Cleanse your face with Ecollagen [3D+] Cleanser STEP 2: Follow with Ecollagen [3D+] Toner STEP 3: Apply Ecollagen [3D+] Intensive Treatment Mask that will help remove dead skin cells and prepare your skin for application of night cream ቩ Ecollagen [3D+] Revitalising Anti-Ageing Toner 200ml ቨ Ecollagen [3D+] Transforming Anti-Ageing Cleanser 150ml Transforming Gel-Oil-Milk Cleanser that leaves skin clean and soft. Helps relax fine lines. Use daily Iô°ûÑdG ÖWôj ,»eƒ«dG ∫ɪ©à°SÓd ∞¶æe E .ó«°SG ∂«fhQƒdÉ«¡dGh ó«àÑ«ÑdG »KÓK áÑ«côàH πe150 20246 $25.90 Advanced toning formulation that brightens complexion, restore moisture and helps relax fine lines. Use daily after cleansing ∂«fhQƒdÉ«¡dGh ó«àÑ«ÑdG »KÓK áÑ«côàH ô¡£qe óYÉ°ùjh ,º©æj ,∞¶qæj (∫ƒëµdG øe m ∫ÉN) ó«°SG q ó©H »eƒj ∫ɪ©à°SGE .ó∏édG ójóéJh ¿RGƒJ ≈∏Y q πe200 .∞¶qæªdG 20273 $25.90 Skin Care 7
  8. 8. ORIFLAME’S ANTI-WRINKLE WHITENING FORMULA COMBINES TWO POWERFUL INGREDIENTS Whitening TRI-PEPTIDE COMPLEX ALL SKIN TYPES 35+ + Oriflame’s patented collagen-boosting technology HYALURONIC ACID ቦ Superior skin hydrator and re-plumping agent ቧ ቢ Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening AntiWrinkle Eye Cream 15g Dual effect: reduce appearance of fine lines and pigmentation around the eye area. Use daily morning and evening SMART WHITENING COMPLEXTM Decreases production and transfer of melanin, responsible for the pigmentation of the skin. ô¡¶ªd ø«æ«©dG á≤£æªH ó«YÉéàdG ÜQÉëjh íàØj ºjôc q Æ15 ,AÉ°ùeh ÉMÉÑ°U É«eƒj πª©à°ùj .ÜÉ°T k k k 23765 $34.90 ባ Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening Night Restorative Essence 30ml Concentrated formulation for flawless, bright skin. Applied in evening on neck and face to restore skin firmness and promote a uniform skin tone ባ ቢ ብ ቤ Iô°ûÑdG íæªd QÉ¡ædG ºjôc πªY ºYój ,õcôªdG π«∏dG ºjôc q q πe30 .ó«YÉéàdG øe á«dÉN á«æZ ábGô°TGE 17498 $54.90 ቤ Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening AntiWrinkle Day Cream SPF15 50ml Proctect your face during the day and works in conjunction with the night Essence. It targets darkened skin tone, uneven pigmentation and wrinkles. Daily use in the morning. SPF15 Iô°ûÑdGh ≠Ñ°üàdG ±ó¡à°ùjh Iô°ûÑdG »ªëj QÉ¡ædG ºjôc q ¬fGC ɪc ¢†««Ñà∏d Iõcôe áÑ«côJ ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ áæcGódG E q ô°TƒªH .áNƒî«°ûdG äÉeÓY RôÑJ »àdG ó«YÉéàdG ÜQÉëj D πe50 .15 ájɪM 17533 $54.90 ብ Ecollagen [3D+] Whiteing Anti-Wrinkle Protective Fluid SPF30 40ml ቦ Ecollagen Day cream, light in texture, brightens the skin while also having an anti-ageing effect. Apply daily in the morning for oily skin Intensive routine mask, contains Kaolin which helps to remove impurities and toxins from the skin, helps draw oil from your pores while ridding the skin’s surface of dead cells and dirt ∂«fQƒdÉ«¡dG ó«°SGh ó«àÑ«ÑdG »KÓK áÑ«côàH ,∞«ØN QÉ¡f ºjôc áÑ«côJ ≈dGE áaÉ°V’ÉH ,Iô°ûÑdG º«©æJh ó«YÉéàdG áÄÑ©àd E ¿ƒd íàØJh áæcGódG ™≤ÑdG ÜQÉëJ »àdG ¢†««Ñà∏d Iõcôe q πe40 .30 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .á«ægódGh á£∏àîªdG Iô°ûÑ∏d .Iô°ûÑdG D 24134 8 Skin Care $49.90 Mask [3D+] Whitening Intensive 75ml ∞«¶æJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj …òdG ø«dhɵdG ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ∞ãµe ∂°SÉe q äƒjõdG RGôaGE øe ∞Øîjh ¬LƒdG »a Ωƒª°ùdGh Ö°SGhôdG ádGRGEh πe75 .äÉÑ°SôàdGh á૪dG ÉjÓîdG ádGRGE ∫ÓN øe ΩÉ°ùªdG »a 22408 $24.90 ቧ Ecollagen [3D+] Exfoliant 75ml Whitening Resurfacing Whitening Resurfacing Exfoliant transforms from a creamy textured product into exfoliating spheres following skin application. Iô°ûÑdG π©éJ »àdG á૪dG ó∏édG ÉjÓN ´õf ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ô°û≤e Iô°ûÑd ,IójóédG ÉjÓî∏d Qƒ¡¶dG íª°ùjh áª∏¶eh áæcGO hóÑJ πe75 .áÄ«°†eh ábô°ûe 22406 $24.90
  9. 9. ቤ Royal Velvet Deluxe Superior Nourishing Mask 75ml ALL SKIN TYPES 40+ ቢ Royal Velvet Lifting Elixir 30ml Instantly lifts, tightens, firms, improves wrinkles and hydrates. With black Iris infusion. ClickTwist brush applicator. Use 2-3 times per week or daily as treatment. ¬LƒdG íeÓe ó°T IOÉYGE ≈∏Y πª©jh Iô°ûÑdG øàªj Ωhô«°S q ¬LƒdG ≈∏Y ™°Vƒj .áfhôeh ÉHÉÑ°T ôãcGC Iô°ûH ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üë∏d k Iôe 3-2 hGC ∞ãµe êÓ©c É«eƒj πª©à°ùj .IÉ°TôØdG ᣰSGƒH k q πe30 .´ƒÑ°S’G »a C 22817 ባ Royal Velvet Cream 15ml $34.90 Intense nourishment, deep hydration & creamy double duty mask to restore skin softness. -Use as wake up mask (leave for 3-5 minutes and remove with water). Nurturing over night mask (Apply 2-3 times per week or as needed) Removes impurities without over-drying, and helps to restore the skin’s radiance ºK ≥FÉbO 5-3 ¬«©°V) ÉMÉÑ°U πª©à°ùj ,ÖWôqeh …ò¨e ∂°SÉe k êÓ©c hGC ´ƒÑ°S’G ‘ äGôe 3-2πª©à°ùjh (AÉŸÉH ¬«∏°ùZG C πe75 .áaÉ÷G Iô°ûÑ∏d »∏«d ቨ Royal 50ml ብ Royal »≤Ñjh …ò¨j ,ÖWôj ,äÉæ«eÉà«ØdGh äƒjõdÉH »æZ »ªjôc ∞¶æe πe200 .Ωƒ«dG »a ø«Jôe ∫ɪ©à°SÓd.áªYÉf Iô°ûÑdG E Velvet Soothing Toner 200ml .áªYÉf É¡«≤Ñjh ≥ª©H É¡æàªj ,áé°VÉædG Iô°ûÑdG Oóéj QÉ¡ædG ºjôc πe50 .15 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .ájƒ«Mh IQÉ°†f ôãcGC Iô°ûÑd D $49.90 22424 ቩ Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules 28 capsules to be used in 4 weeks (night or day) ø°Sƒ°ùdG IôgR øe ,Ωƒ«dG »a ø«Jôe ∞¶æªdG ó©H πª©à°ùj ô¡£e .É¡d ¿RGƒàdGh IQÉ°†ædG ó«©jh Iô°ûÑdG øàªj ¿OÉ©ªdGh AGOƒ°ùdG πe200 ó«YÉéàdG πjõjh ,…ò¨j ,ÖWôj ,IQÉ°†f »£©j ¿ƒ«©∏d ºjôc πe15 .ñÉØàf’Gh E $26.90 ቦ Royal $25.90 Velvet Powder Scrub Combination of nourishing oils with the Black Iris infusion forms a light and thin layer on the skin bringing back radiance & vitality to mature skin 40g ,QÉ¡ædG hGC π«∏dG ºjôc πÑb ™«HÉ°SGC 4 »a É¡eGóîà°S’ ádƒ°ùÑc 28 E áeƒ©f »£©J »àdG ''AGOƒ°ùdG ø°Sƒ°ùdG IôgR'' á°UÓîH »æZ .É¡d IQÉ°†ædG ó«©Jh É¡æàªJ ,É¡jò¨J ,Égó°ûJ Iô°ûÑ∏d ájQƒa q q q Exfoliater dissolve in contact with water to transform into gentle, skin polisher that deeply cleanses & rejuvenates. Use 1-2 times a week. ቪ Royal $24.90 Velvet Repairing Night Cream 50ml Rich in nutritive elements, improves elasticity, repairs skin and redefines contours ,ó«YÉéàdG •ƒ£N πjõj ,äƒjõdGh äÉæ«eÉà«ØdÉH »æZ π«∏dG ºjôc πe50 .Iô°ûÑdG øàªjh ≥ª©H ÖWôj BLACK IRIS INFUSION Containing Iris Isoflavones and Meteorite Minerals, to help: • Regenerate and improve your skin’s structure. • Deliver intensive hydration, this diminishing fine lines. • Prevent further collagen and elastin breakdown. ቤ This improves elasticity to leave your skin visibly firmer and feeling lifted. $54.90 24547 ,≥ª©H Iô°ûÑdG ô¡q£J ,AɪdÉH ÜhòJ ¬Lƒ∏d Iô°û≤e äÉÑ«ÑM Æ40 .´ƒÑ°S’G »a ø«Jôe πª©à°ùj ,ÉHÉÑ°Th áfhôe ôãcGC Iô°ûÑd C k 23823 Velvet Firming Day Cream SPF15 A rich formula that improves your facial contour, brings firmness, elasticity & intensely hydrates the skin. Apply after cleansing. Removes any left traces of make-up and impurities 22423 $25.90 22421 $23.90 18367 Velvet Creamy Cleansing Milk 200ml Firming Eye Contour Tightens & re-contours skin around the eye, and improves the appearance of dark circles and puffiness 22815 ቧ Royal ቧ ብ $49.90 22814 RESULT in 28 Days ቢ ባ ቩ ቦ ቨ ቪ
  10. 10. Serious Solutions to serious Skin Problem FOR ALL AGES YOUR PARTNER Redness & Skin Dilated problem Capillaries Vaso-ActiveTM Technology features Aescin - Reduce surface redness and discomfort - Improves Microcirculation - Strengthens broken capillaries ቤ ብ ባ ቢ ቢ Bioclinic Soft Tint Red Reductor Day SPF15 30ml Performance day cream with neutralising yellow tint that instantly reduces facial skin redness. YOUR PARTNER ø«jGô°ûdG Qƒ¡X ∞Øîj QÉ¡ædG ºjôc øe ¬LƒdG »a á©°SƒqàªdG ájƒeódG ,ájƒeódG IQhódG π«¡°ùJ ∫ÓN .Iô°ûÑdG ¿ƒd í«ë°üJh ó«MƒJ πe30 .15 ájɪM ô°TƒªH D 22454 Cell-InnovTM Technology Combines 3 best lifting ingredients: Pure Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Contraction peptide to repair and regenerate the skin’s natural defence mechanisms $54.90 ባ Bioclinic Red Away Dynamic Skin Recover Night 30 ml Concentrated night cream that improves microcirculation and reduces facial skin redness and dilated capillaries. »a á©°SƒqàªdG ájƒeódG ø«jGô°ûdG Qƒ¡X ∞Øîj õcôe π«∏dG ºjôc q q πe30 .Iô°ûÑdG Ö«WôJh QGôªM’G áFó¡J ≈∏Y πª©j ɪc ,¬LƒdG E 22449 10 Skin Care Skin Sagging problem Skin $54.90 ቤ Bioclinic Lifting SPF15 30ml Power Concentrate Day Concentated day treatment that delivers lifting, firming and regenerating action to the skin ™aQ ,ó°T ≈∏Y πª©j ∫ƒæ«àjôdG ≈∏Y …ƒàëj õcôe QÉ¡ædG ºjôc q q πe30 .15 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .á∏gôàªdG Iô°ûÑdG ÉjÓN ójóéJh D q 21353 $54.90 ብ Bioclinic 30ml Lifting Super Rich Repair Night Concentated night treatment that delivers lifting, firming and regenerating action to the skin. ™aQ ,ó°T ≈∏Y πª©j ∫ƒæ«àjôdG ≈∏Y …ƒàëj õcôe π«∏dG ºjôc q q πe30 .QÉ¡ædG ºjôc πªY ºªàj .á∏gôàªdG Iô°ûÑdG ÉjÓN ójóéJh q q 21356 $54.90
  11. 11. TOTAL ANTI-AGEING SOLUTION ባ ቢ ቤ RESULT in 4 WEEKS ብ ቦ ቢ Diamond 150ml Cellular Illuminator Exfoliator Luxurious, high performing creamy rinse off formula with Diamond Elixir, removes dead skin cells and boosts skin’s natural renewal process revealing bright luminous skin complexion. ó«©jh áà«ŸG ÉjÓÿG πjõj Diamond Elixir áÑ«cÎH ô°û≤e ≈àM ∂¡Lh ≈∏Y …ôFGO πµ°ûH ¬«©°V .ÉjÓÿG ¢TÉ©fGEh AÉ«MGE ádÉ©a áé«àf ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üë∏d .AÉŸÉH ¬«∏°ùZG ºK k Gó«L ∞éj πe150 .´ƒÑ°S’G ‘ ÚJôe ¬«∏ª©à°SGE C 24199 ባ Diamond $39.90 Cellular Micellar Cleanser 200ml Luxurious all-in-one cleanser, toner, and make-up remover. Remove all impurities without water. Apply morning and evening ¢†«H’G ¢Sɪd’G øe êôîà°ùe êÉ«cɪ∏d πjõeh ô¡£eh ∞¶æe C C .AÉe ¿hO øe ÖFGƒ°ûdG ádGR’ ∞£∏H Ωóîà°ùj “Micellar“ á«æ≤àH E πe200 .AÉ°ùªdGh ìÉÑ°üdG »a ¬dɪ©à°SGE øµªj 21339 $29.90 ቤ Diamond Cellular Treatment 30ml For Skin as beautiful as diamonds Renew, smooth, and polish skin to perfection Night Restorative High-performing night treatment helps renew skin from within Diamond ElixirTM Complex enhances skin luminosity while cellular Sal Acid renews skin surface. Apply every night after cleansing :∂«∏«°ù«dÉ°ùdG ¢†ªMh ¢SÉŸ’G IQOƒÑH »æZ π«∏dG Ëôc E »£©«d áà«ŸG ó∏÷G ÉjÓN ô°û≤jh áNƒî«°ûdG äÉeÓY ±ó¡à°ùj πe30 .ΩƒædG πÑb ¬«©°V .áeƒ©ædGh ábGô°T’G ,IQÉ°†ædG Iô°ûÑdG E 18437 ብ Diamond Cellular Treatment 15ml $49.90 Multi-Perfection Eye Nourishing formula: improves eye discoloration and slows down ageing process ábGô°TGE »£©j ¢Sɪd’G IQOƒH øe ÖWôe ø«©dG §«ëªd êÓY E Oóéjh ,AGOƒ°ùdG ä’É¡dGh ñÉØàf’G ,ó«YÉéàdG ÜQÉëj .ájƒ«Mh E πe15 .áeƒ©f ôãcGC Iô°ûÑd ÉjÓîdG 22419 DIAMOND ELIXIRTM $49.90 ALL SKIN TYPES ቦ Diamond 50ml 40+ Cellular Anti-Ageing Cream Cellular Anti-Ageing Cream combines advanced technology and luxurious ingredients to target all the effects of ageing for younger looking skin. áNƒî«°ûdG äÉeÓY ±ó¡à°ùj ,¢SÉŸE’G IQOƒH øe õ«‡ Ëôc πe50.ôª©dG ióëàJ á«≤fh áfRGƒàe ,Iô°†f Iô°ûÑd ó«YÉéàdGh q 13659 $55.90 The secret to a brillant complexion. Enriched with geniune diamond powder, this exclusive elixir infuses skin with youthful luminance and evenness. Diamond powder helps to brighten and soothe the skin, leaving a subtle shimering glow on your complexion - a galaxy of diamonds! Skin Care 11
  12. 12. ቤ Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Night Cream 50ml The unique Hydro-Protect Complex™ helps prevent the increased moisture loss during the night. Skin looks refreshed and revitalised FOR All SKIN TYPES 30+ ቦ Aqua-Rhythm 50ml ÖdÉë£dG øe êôîà°ùe áHƒWôdG ¿Gó≤a ™æÁ π«∏dG Ëôc .ó«YÉéàdG ó°V ¬æàÁh ¬LƒdG ó°ûj .ÉëjQ’G áàÑf øeh AGôª◊G B q ቢ Aqua-Rhythm πe50 Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Eye Balm 15ml 19681 Age-defying Eye Balm to replace moisture and protect the skin barrier, also to lighten dark circles and decrease puffiness around the eye ብ Aqua-Rhythm Cream 50ml ä’É¡dGh ñÉØàf’G Qƒ¡X ™æÁ Ú©dG §«Ù ÖWôe Ëôc E πe15 . AGOƒ°ùdG 18675 $19.90 Gel face mask that intensely hydrates the skin and reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines Intense Hydration Day Youth-preserving moisturiser, protects skin barrier against the ageing effects of dehydration øe É¡©æÁh Iô°ûÑ∏d ≥«ª©dG Ö«WÎdG ôaƒj QÉ¡ædG Ëôc AGôª◊G ÖdÉë£dG øe êôîà°ùe ,ó«YÉéàdG ∞Øîj ±ÉØ÷G πe50 .ÉëjQ’G áàÑfh B ባ Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Gel Mask. 75ml $49.90 $49.90 18662 $19.90 Tinted moisturiser that instantly restores a healthy glow to tired, dull skin. A light textured formula that contains natural mineral beige pigments for a natural even glow for all skin tones. Can replace day cream. ,Ö©àdG QÉKGB »Øîj ,IQÉ°†f ÌcGC Éfƒd Iô°ûÑdG »£©j QÉ¡f Ëôc k É«°ûdG IóHRh ÉëjQ’G áàÑf ,AGôª◊G ÖdÉë£dG øe êôîà°ùe B πe50 .¬Lƒ∏d ábGô°TGEh áeƒ©f ,áHƒWQ ∞«°†j $34.90 22818 ቧ Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Light Day Cream SPF15 50ml Light day cream developped to ensure protection, safety and comfort for your skin during sun exposure. áàÑfh AGôªëdG ÖdÉë£dG øe êôîà°ùe ,¬Lƒ∏d QÉ¡ædG ºjôc UVA `d á©°TGC øe Iô°ûÑdG »ªëj ,15 ájɪM ô°TƒªH ,ÉëjQ’G D B πe50 .¬Lƒ∏d ádóà©e áHƒWQ »£©j ,UVB h ó°ûj ó«YÉéàdG ó°V ,áHƒWôdG áÑ°ùf ∫ó©j ¢û©æe πL ∂°SÉe .∂¡Lh »∏°ùZGC ºK ≥FÉbO10 ¤GE 5 øe ¬«©°V .¬æàÁh ¬LƒdG q πe75 .´ƒÑ°S’G ‘ Iôe øe ÌcGC ¬dɪ©à°SGE øµÁ C 21596 Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Tinted Moisturiser Natural Beige $49.90 23743 ባ ቦ ቧ Hydro-Protect ComplexTM A powerful fusion of extracts from two unique, water-binding plants. ቤ ቢ Swedish Red Algae extract rehydrates and revives skin Rose of Jerisho extract binds water in the skin and retains skin’s natural hydration 12 Skin Care ብ
  13. 13. SMOOTH OUT WITH MAG N E S I U M Your favourite anti-wrinkle and firming cream NEW ባ ANTIOXIDANT LINGON 50:50TM Protective antioxidant technology that neutralises the effects of environemental damage, allowing skin cells to function normally. Magnesium + Mineral that helps to fortify skin structure, making skin firmer and smoother. = Fewer wrinkles and firmer skin ቢ Optimals Bio Maximum+ Eye Cream 15ml Contains Micro-Elastin, Micro-Collagen & Vitamin E that strengthens the skin elasticity, firmness, tone & increase moisture Iô°ûÑdG »a ø«à°SÓj’Gh ø«L’ƒµdG πªY ºYój Ú©dG §«Ù Ëôc E q •ƒ£ÿG Qƒ¡X ∞«Øîàdh AGOƒ°ùdG ä’É¡dG í«àØJ ,É¡NÉØàfGEáHQÉÙ πe15 .á©«aôdG 22472 ባ Optimals $19.90 Smooth Out Day Cream SPF 10 50ml Effective anti-wrinkle firming day cream that rejuvenates your skin’s elasticity. Contains patented antioxidant technology Lingon 50:50™, Magnesium active and SPF 10. ቢ ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,IQƒ£àe áÑ«côàH ó«YÉéàdG ó°V QÉ¡ædG ºjôc øe Iô°ûÑdG »ªëj …òdG ó°ùcÉàdG OÉ°†e 50:50™ Lingon B ,É¡JÉÑKh ó«YÉéàdG ô¡¶e ø«°ùëJ »a ºgÉ°ùj ,á«LQÉîdG πeGƒ©dG É¡ÑWqôj ,Iô°ûÑdG ºYój …òdG Ωƒ«°ù«æZɪdG ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ¬fGE ɪc q πe50 .10 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .á«©«ÑW ábGô°TGE É¡«£©jh D 25205 ቤ Optimals ቤ 40 + for all skin types $39.90 Smooth Out Night Cream 50ml Nourishing anti-wrinkle firming night cream that restores your skin’s elasticity. Contains patented antioxidant technology Lingon 50:50™ and Magnesium active. …ƒàëj .Iô°ûÑdG áfhôe ó«©j ó«YÉéàdG ó°V π«∏dG ºjôc ºjôc πªY ºYó«d Ωƒ«°ù«æZɪdG ≈∏Yh Lingon 50:50™≈∏Y q πe50 .∞ãµe πµ°ûH Iô°ûÑdG Ö«WôJh ájò¨J »a ºgÉ°ùjh QÉ¡ædG q 25204 $39.90
  14. 14. OXYGEN BOOST WITH O² : A breath of Oxygen for soothed skin NEW Urban life, pollution, daily worries... Finally, your delicate skin can breathe a sigh of relief. Protected, nourished and soothed, it gets all the care it craves. Hydrated and comfortable skin feel ቢ YOU’LL LOVE: • Soft, replenished skin • No dryness • Skin comfort 14 Skin Care All ages dry and sensitive skin ባ
  15. 15. ቢ Optimals Oxygen Boost Day Cream Dry/Sensitive Skin 50ml Rich, soothing day cream with patented antioxidant Lingon 50:50™ and O² active for optimal skin oxygenation. Adapted for dry/sensitive skin. …ƒàëJ IQƒ£àe áÑ«côàH .á°SÉ°ùëdG/áaÉédG Iô°ûÑ∏d QÉ¡ædG ºjôc øe Iô°ûÑdG »ªë«a ó°ùcÉà∏d OÉ°†ªdG Lingon 50:50™≈∏Y B ÜòL á«æ≤J ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ¬fGE ɪc ,É¡fRGƒJ ó«©jh á«LQÉîdG πeGƒ©dG ¢ùØæàdG á°Uôa Iô°ûÑ∏d í«àj ɪe ÉjÓîdG ≈dGE ø«é°ùc’G äÉÄjõL C πe50.π°†aGC πµ°ûH 25194 $29.90 ባ Optimals Oxygen Boost Night Cream Dry/Sensitive Skin 50ml Night Cream Dry/Sensitive Skin Nourishing night formula with patented antioxidant technology Lingon 50:50™ and O² active for optimal skin oxygenation. breathe new life into your skin IQƒ£àe áÑ«côàH ,á°SÉ°ùëdG/áaÉédG Iô°ûÑ∏d …ò¨e π«∏dG ºjôc Iô°ûÑdG »ªë«a ó°ùcÉà∏d OÉ°†ªdG Lingon 50:50™≈∏Y …ƒàëJ B á«æ≤J ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ¬fGE ɪc ,É¡fRGƒJ ó«©jh á«LQÉîdG πeGƒ©dG øe á°Uôa Iô°ûÑ∏d í«àj ɪe ÉjÓîdG ≈dGE ø«é°ùc’G äÉÄjõL ÜòL C πe50.π°†aGC πµ°ûH ¢ùØæàdG 25195 $29.90 ANTIOXIDANT LINGON 50:50TM WORLD EXCLUSIVE PATENT Protective antioxidant technology that neutralises the effects of environemental damage, allowing skin cells to function normally. O2 + Technology that acts like a magnet to attract oxygen molecules to the skin cells boosting their respiration = Fresher and Healthier skin
  16. 16. CLEANSE/TONE normal/combination skin ቢ Pink Face Sponge 8*6*1cm oily skin ቦ ቤ A soft and gentle cellulose sponge that helps to thoroughly remove make-up and impurities. êÉ«cɪdG ádGRGE ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùJ á≤«bQh áæ«d áéæØ°SG º°S1*6*8 . k Gó«L ÖFGƒ°ûdGh 26828 CLEANSE/TONE ባ ብ $3.90 ቢ ባ Optimals Foaming Gel Normal / Combination Skin 200ml Foaming cleanser that effectively cleanses normal/combination skin and removes make-up. πjõj ,á£∏àîªdG/ájOÉ©dG Iô°ûÑ∏d ô¡q£e πL πe200 .≥ª©H ∞¶qæjh êÉ«cɪdG 25260 $16.90 ቤ Optimals Balancing Toner Normal/Combination Skin 200ml ብ Optimals Skin 200ml Removes all remaining impurities and traces of make-up. Your skin is now ready for your day or night cream. πjõj ,á£∏àîªdG/ájOÉ©dG Iô°ûÑ∏d ô¡£e ¿ƒ«°Sƒd ó©H ¬«∏ª©à°SGE .≥ª©H ∞¶qæjh êÉ«cɪdG QÉKGB πe200 .QÉ¡ædG hGC π«∏dG ºjôc πÑbh ∞¶qæªdG 26000 16 Skin Care NEW $16.90 All ages Lightweight gel formula that effectively purifies oily skin and removes make-up. Follow your cleanser with this purifying toner that also helps to close pores. ,áØ«ØN áÑ«côàH á«ægódG Iô°ûÑ∏d ∞¶qæe πL πe200 .êÉ«cɪdG πjõjh Iô°ûÑdG »≤æj q 25258 normal/combination skin ቦ Optimals Purifying Toner Oily Skin 200ml Cleansing Gel Oily $16.90 πédG ™Ñàj á«ægódG Iô°ûÑ∏d ô¡£e ¿ƒ«°Sƒd πe200 .ΩÉ°ùªdG º°qV ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ,∞¶qæªdG 25262 All ages $16.90 oily skin
  17. 17. The must-have basics for perfectly cleansed skin Is your skin too sensitive for a harsh cleanser? Use this delicate alternative that gently cleanse and soothe your skin. NEW With patented antioxidant technology Lingon 50:50™ ቨ ቧ YOU’LL LOVE: • Clean, hydrated skin • Perfect make-up removal • Soothed complexion NEW CLEANSE/TONE dry and sensitive skin ቧ Optimals Cleansing Milk Dry/Sensitive Skin 200ml Delicate milky cleanser that removes impurities, sweeps away make-up and leave a hydrated skin feel – preparing it for your toner. πjõj ,á°SÉ°ùëdG/áaÉédG Iô°ûÑ∏d ∞¶qæe Ö«∏M ¢ùª∏ªdG áªYÉf Iô°ûÑdG ∑ôà«d êÉ«cɪdGh ÖFGƒ°ûdG πe200 .ô¡q£ªdG πÑb ¬«∏ª©à°SGE ,áÑWQh 25210 $16.90 ቨ Optimals Soothing Toner Dry/Sensitive Skin 200ml Follow your cleanser with this soothing and calming toner. Your skin is now ready for your day or night cream. …ƒàëj ,á°SÉ°ùëdG/áaÉédGG Iô°ûÑ∏d ô¡£e ¿ƒ«°Sƒd Ö«∏ëdG ™Ñàj .Iô°ûÑ∏d áØ£q∏eh áFó¡e OGƒe ≈∏Y πe200 .QÉ¡ædG hGC π«∏dG ºjôc πÑb πª©à°ùjh ,∞¶qæªdG 26001 All ages dry and sensitive skin $16.90 Skin Care 17
  18. 18. OXYGEN BOOST™ For all Skin Types ባ 25+ Breathe new life into your skin TIME RELAX™ For all Skin Types 30+ EVEN OUT™ Diminishes fine Lines For all Skin Types ቩ ቧ For all ages SPF 20 helps prevent skin darkening during the day ቫ ቤ ቪ ቨ ቢ ብ ቢ Optimals 15ml Oxygen Boost™ Eye Cream Lightweight oxygenating cream helps to detoxify, de-puff and instantly take away every sign of tiredness & helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. ,¢û©æj ,çƒ∏àdG ô«KÉJ É©jô°S πjõj ø«©dG §«ëªd ºYÉf ºjôc C k πe15 .ó«YÉéàdG ™æªjh ,Ö©àdG ô«KÉJ øe ∞Øîj C 16189 ባ Optimals 75ml $26.90 Oxygen Boost™ Face Mask Oxygenating and moisturising mask detoxifies and rejuvenates dull polluted skin ó°V Iô°ûÑdG »ªë«d E ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ¬Lƒ∏d ∂°SÉe πe75 .ábô°ûe É¡«≤Ñjh çƒ∏àdG 16266 ቤ Optimals 50ml $19.90 Oxygen Boost™ Face Cream Oxygenating cream reduces environmental stress to make your skin glow with youthful vitality. 24-hour moisturising formula. For day and night application •É≤àdGE ∫ÓN øe çƒ∏àdG øe Iô°ûÑdG »ªëjh ÖWôj ºjôc πª©à°ùj .Iô°ûÑdG ájɪëd E ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ø«é«°ùch’G C πe50 QÉ¡ædGh π«∏dG »a 15919 $26.90 ብ Time ቦ Relax Instant Eye Care 10ml Helps release eye muscle tension to reduce the formation of expression lines. Cherry oil provides extra hydration and nourishment ø«©dG äÓ°†Y ôJƒJ πjõj .RôµdG øe ø«©dG §«ëªd ºjôc πe10 . IQÉ°†fh áHƒWQ »£©j ɪc ,ó«YÉéàdG øe ∞Øî«d 18435 ቦ Optimals Time $19.90 Relax Face Mask 75ml ቩ Optimals 50ml Reduces existing pigmentation and helps prevent the appearance of dark spots. With vitamin E and UV filter for extra protection from photo-ageing AGOƒ°ùdG ™≤ÑdG ÜQÉëj ¬Lƒ∏d ÖWôe QÉ¡æ∏d ºjôc .iƒbGC ájɪëd UV filter, E ø«eÉà«a ¬FGƒàM’ ∞∏µdÉc E Lightly textured, fragrant mask to relax fine lines and first wrinkles instantly. Ease muscle contraction & reduce lines 18826 π«∏≤J ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ,Iô°ûÑdG ájò¨àd RôµdG øe ¬Lƒ∏d ∂°SÉe πe75 .¬LƒdG äÓ°†Y äÉ°ü∏≤J øe ∞Øîjh ≈dh’G ó«YÉéàdG C ቪ Optimals 23383 ቧ Optimals Time 50ml $19.90 Relax Day Cream SPF8 Helps reduce first wrinkles. Leaves skin smooth, relaxed and looking visibly younger ∑ôà«a ,≈dh’G ó«YÉéàdG øe π«∏≤àdG ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj QÉ¡ædG ºjôc C πe50 .8 ájɪM ô°TƒªH.ÉHÉÑ°T ôãcGCh áªYÉf Iô°ûÑdG D k 12413 ቨ Optimals Time $35.90 Relax Night Cream 50ml Even Out Day Cream SPF20 πe50 .20 ájɪM ô°TƒªH D $49.90 Even Out Night Cream 50ml Nourishing Night Cream, enriched with liquorice extract to fight dark spots, and vitamin C to protect against photo-ageing AGOƒ°ùdG ™≤ÑdG ™æªj ,¢Sƒ°ùdG ¥ôY øe …ò¨e π«∏dG ºjôc πe50 .C ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj .ÖFGƒ°ûdGh ∞∏µdÉc 22457 $49.90 ቫ Optimals Even Out Dark Spot Fading Concentrate SPF15 10ml Nourishing night cream help renew skin marked by the first signs of ageing. Bio-Smooth Complex™ helps smooth fine lines & wrinkles A concentrated serum. Liquorice extract and vitamin C reduces pigmentation and prevents further formation of dark spots ≈∏Y ™°Vƒj ,¢Sƒ°ùdG ¥ôYh C ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj Ωhô«°S øe π«∏≤J ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ,RôµdG á°UÓN øe …ò¨e π«∏dG ºjôc C πe50 .áªYÉf Iô°ûÑdG »≤Ñ«d ≈dh’G ó«YÉéàdG ™æªjh ÉMƒ°Vh πbGC É¡∏©éd ÖFGƒ°ûdGh ∞∏µdÉc ,áæcGódG ™≤ÑdG k πe10 .15 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .ÉgQƒ¡X D 13485 $35.90 18977 $26.90
  19. 19. SKIN ENERGY MATTE TOUCH™ For Oily Skin Types For all Skin Types 25+ Equalising & refining night gel-cream ቢ ቤ 25+ Enriched with Vitamin C ብ ALOE VERA Conditions and protects with antimicrobial properties for smooth and full, beautiful lips! Vitamin A & E Rich in Anti-oxidants and UV protection for soft hydrated lips ቦ ባ Oriflame Beauty Lip Balm 4g Gô«a Iƒd’G øe êôîà°ùe √ÉØ°ûdG Ö«WôJh ájɪëd º°ù∏H C √ÉØ°ûd ƒdƒ∏dÉH êhõªeh E & A ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëjh D D Æ4 .áHGòLh áYɪd q 23099 ቢ Optimals Matte Touch Night Gel Cream 50ml Neutralises imperfections on your skin, leaving it purified & balanced. Dry areas are left moisturised πjõjh IóFGõdG äGRGôa’G áÑ°ùf ∫ó©j ,Iô°ûÑ∏d …ò¨e π«∏dG ºjôc E πe50 .ÖFGƒ°ûdG $23.90 20277 ባ Optimals SPF10 50ml Matte Touch Day Gel Cream Effectively mattifying formula with microspheres that help soak up excess sebum from the skin »àdG IóFGõdG äGRGôa’G øe ɡضæjh Iô°ûÑdG »ªëj QÉ¡ædG ºjôc E πe50 .ábô°ûeh á«ë°U Iô°ûH ∂«£©«d ¿É©ª∏dG ÖÑ°ùJ $23.90 19899 ቤ Optimals Skin Energy Day Cream SPF15 50ml á«©«ÑW ¿OÉ©eh C ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj QÉ¡ædG ºjôc πe50 .15 ájɪM ô°TƒªH IQÉ°†fh ábGô°TGE Iô°ûÑdG »£©«d D $39.90 24343 For all Ages CARESS FOR YOUR LIPS ብ Optimals Skin Energy Eye Cream 15ml ñÉØàf’G πjõ«d C ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,ø«©dG §«ëªd ºjôc E πe15.…ò¨jh IQÉ°†f »£©j .AGOƒ°ùdG ä’É¡dGh $19.90 24345 ቦ Optimals 50ml Skin Energy Night Cream ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ ¬LƒdG ábGô°TGE ó«©jh Iô°ûÑdG §°ûæj π«∏dG ºjôc E πe50 .áeƒ©f ôãcGC Iô°ûÑd .á«©«ÑW ¿OÉ©eh C ø«eÉà«a 24344 $39.90 SEEING IS BELIEVING For all Skin Types Natural Skin Care Tender Care 15ml Iô«ãc √óFGƒa ,á«JÉÑf äƒjRh π°ù©dG ó¡°T øe Iójôa áÑ«côàH πe15.IOó©àe ¬J’ɪ©à°SGEh ቧ ቧ Optimals Reducing fine lines and dark circles $11.90 Seeing is Believing Multi benefits Eye Cream 15ml 1276 Lightweight eye cream visibly reduces puffiness, brightens dark circles and helps smooth out fine lines Obtain luxurious, loving TENDER CARE í«àØJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ,ñÉØàf’G π∏≤j ,ø«©dG §«ëªd ¢UÉN ºjôc E πe15 .á©«aôdG •ƒ£îdG ∞«ØîJh AGOƒ°ùdG ä’É¡dG 10796 $34.90 $11.90 Skin Care 19
  20. 20. ብ ESSENTIALS Fairness Lotion 50ml äÉfƒqµe øe êôîà°ùe ,á£∏àîªdGh á«ægódG Iô°ûÑ∏d ∞«ØN ø°Tƒd πe50 .äɨѰüàdG ™æªjh É¡fƒd í«àØJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ,á«©«ÑW q q $7.90 13644 For all Skin types ቢ NEW ባ ቦ Essentials For all ages ቤ Affordables, simple and effective daily care with natural ingredients moisturises, nourishes and protects skin from environmental damages! Fairness Balancing Toner 100ml Iô°ûÑdG ∞¶æj E h C ø«eÉà«ØdGh äƒàdG øe êôîà°ùe ¬Lƒ∏d ô¡q£e .á«ægódG Iô°ûÑ∏d ,∫ƒëµdG øe m ∫ÉN ,äƒjõdGh êÉ«cɪdG QÉKGB πjõjh πe100 $12.90 24139 ቧ Essentials Fairness Balancing Cleanser 125ml êÉàfGE ™æªd C ø«eÉà«ØdGh äƒàdG øe êôîà°ùe Iô°ûÑ∏d ∞¶qæe πL á«ægódG äGRGôa’G πjó©àd E ø«eÉà«ØdGh áæcGódG ™≤ÑdGh ø«fÓ«ªdG E πe125 .¿ƒHÉ°üdG øe ∫ÉN .Iô°ûÑdG í«àØJ ≈∏Y É«éjQóJ πª©jh k $12.90 24109 ቨ Essentials Fairness Gel Lotion 50ml äƒàdG øe êôîà°ùe Iô°ûÑ∏d ¢†«Ñe »eƒ«dG ∫ɪ©à°SÓd ºjôc E q E ø«eÉà«ØdGh áæcGódG ™≤ÑdGh ø«fÓ«ªdG êÉàfGE ™æªd C ø«eÉà«ØdGh πe50 .UV filte rs ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,á«ægódG äGRGôa’G πjó©àd E $9.90 24110 ቧ ቢ Essentials Fairness 5-in-1 Gel Wash 125ml óYÉ°ù«d , E & C ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,äƒàdG øe êôîà°ùe ∫ƒ°ùZ πµd .Iô°ûÑdG ∞£q∏jh ¢û©æj ,ÖFGƒ°ûdG á«≤æJ ,ô«¡£J ,í«àØJ ≈∏Y πe125 .Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC 23754 $16.90 ባ ESSENTIALS Fairness Cream SPF8 50ml óYÉ°ù«d , E & C ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,äƒàdG øe êôîà°ùe ºjôc .ÖFGƒ°ûdG á«≤æJh Ö«WôJ ,í«àØJ ≈∏Y πe50 .Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC πµd .8 ájɪM ô°TƒªH D 23760 $9.90 ቤ ESSENTIALS Fairness Soap Bar 75g »àdG E & C ø«eÉà«ah á«©«ÑW äÉfƒqµe øe êôîà°ùe áfƒHÉ°U q .Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC πµd .Iô°ûÑdG í«àØJh Ö«WôJ ,∞«¶æJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùJ Æ75 .¬LƒdGh º°ùé∏d áÑ°SÉæe 23755 20 Skin Care $5.90 ብ For all ages For Oily Skin ቦ ቨ
  21. 21. MULTI-VITAMIN COMPLEX DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED Cleanse, Nourish and Moisturise your skin! For all skin types ብ For all ages ባ Infused with Vitamin E for softer skin ቦ ቤ ቧ ቢ Ophthalmologically tested Wake up with more nourished, suppler skin! Cherish your skin every day! ቢ Essentials Moisture Concentrate 75ml QÉ¡ædG »a hGC π«∏dG »a ¬dɪ©à°SGE øµªj ¬Lƒ∏d »eƒj ºjôc êÉàëJ ÉeóæY ∞ãµe πµ°ûH Iô°ûÑdG ájɪMh ájò¨J ,Ö«Wôàd q πe75 .AɪdG øe á«aÉ°VGE áYôL ≈dGE 23748 $18.90 ባ Essentials Gentle 3in1 Cleanser 150ml Iô°ûÑdG »ªëj .äÉæ«eÉà«ØdG Oó©àe ,êÉ«cɪ∏d πjõeh ∞¶qæe AÉ£YGEh Ö«WôàdG ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùjh ,IQÉ°†dG á«Ä«ÑdG πeGƒ©dG øe πe150 .Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC ™«ªéd áeƒ©f 23753 $16.90 ቤ Essentials Soothing Eye Contour Gel 15ml …ò¨jh ,Ö©àdG ô«KÉJ øe ∞Øîj ,ÖWôe ø«©dG §«ëªd ºjôc C .äÉæ«eÉà«a ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ ø«©dG ∫ƒM á°SÉ°ùëdG á≤£æªdG E πe15 23749 $11.90 ብ Essentials Daily Scrub Cleanser 100ml á૪dG ÉjÓîdGh ÖFGƒ°ûdG πjõj ,¬Lƒ∏d »eƒj ô¡q£eh ô°û≤e äÉæ«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj .ábô°ûeh á°û©àæe Iô°ûÑdG »≤Ñ«d πe100 .É¡àjɪMh É¡Ñ«WôJ ,Iô°ûÑdG á«≤æJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùàd IOó©àe 23744 $18.90 ቦ Essentials Moisturising Day Cream 75ml äÉfƒµe ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ Iô°ûÑdG …ò¨j ¬Lƒ∏d »eƒj QÉ¡f ºjôc E Ö°SÉæe .á«Ä«ÑdG QGô°V’G øe Iô°ûÑdG »ªëjh ÖWôj ,á«©«ÑW C πe75 .Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC ™«ªéd 23747 $18.90 ቧ Essentials Nourishing Night Cream 75ml ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC áaɵd ÖWôeh …ò¨e π«∏dG ºjôc E πe75 .á«©«ÑW äÉfƒµe 23745 $18.90 Skin Care 21
  22. 22. Leaves the Skin amazingly soft & Smooth! Nourishing Treatment for Your Skin For all Skin types ቤ Essentials For all ages Hydrating Face Mask 50ml ,Ö«WôJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj …òdG ï«£ÑdG QòH âjõH »æZ ∂°SÉe »a Iôqe 2-1 øe πª©à°ùj .Iô°ûÑdG ájɪMh ájò¨J AɪdÉH ∂¡Lh »∏°ùZG ºK ≥FÉbO 10 Ióªd ¬«©°V ,´ƒÑ°S’G C πe50 .ôJÉØdG ቢ Essentials Hydrating Face Mask 50ml IOó©àe äÉæ«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj …ò¨e ¬Lƒ∏d ∂°SÉe êôîà°ùeh Iô°ûÑ∏d ájò¨ªdG C, E, B3, B5, B6 ø«eÉà«a É¡æeh ≈∏Y ¬«©°V .ó°ùcÉà∏d IOÉ°†ªdG ''É«°SÉæ«°ûj’G'' IôgR øe B E hGC Iôqe πª©à°ùj .∂¡Lh »∏°ùZG ºK ≥FÉbO 10 Ióªd ∂¡Lh πe50 .´ƒÑ°S’G »a ø«Jôe C 24903 25269 $14.90 ቢ $14.90 ባ Essentials Multi-Purpose Cream 150ml ≈∏Y …ƒàëj .º°ùédGh ¬Lƒ∏d ,∫ɪ©à°S’G Oó©àe ºjôc E C, E, B3, B5, B6 ø«eÉà«a É¡æeh IOó©àe äÉæ«eÉà«a ''É«°SÉæ«°T’G'' IôgR øe êôîà°ùeh Iô°ûÑ∏d ájò¨ªdG E πe150 .Iô°ûÑ∏d áFó¡ªdGh áÑWôªdG ó°ùcÉà∏d IOÉ°†ªdG B 24902 $16.90 ባ ቤ
  23. 23. FOR OILY SKIN TYPES FOR ALL AGES Step 2 Deeply cleansing mattifying toner ቢ Step 1 Spot targeting face wash Take action against blackheads ባ Step 3 Softens skin without added shine ቤ ቢ Pure skin Scrub Face Wash 150ml ¢ShhôdG ±ó¡à°ùj ,á≤«ªY á«dÉ©ØH Iô°ûÑ∏d ∞¶æeh ô°û≤e D .á૪dG ÉjÓîdGh IóFGõdG äƒjõdG ádGRGE ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj AGOƒ°ùdG πe150 $17.90 20194 ባ Pure skin Blackhead Toner 150ml AGOƒ°ùdG ¢ShhôdG ±ó¡à°ùj á≤«ªY á«dÉ©ØH ,∞¶æe ôfƒJ D πe150 .ΩÉ°ùªdG º°Vh IóFGõdG äƒjõdG ádGRGE ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùjh q $16.90 20166 ቤ Pure skin Shine Control Cream 50ml äÉfƒµe ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,ÖWôªc »eƒ«dG ∫ɪ©à°SÓd ºjôc E πe50 .á«ægódG äGRGôa’G ∫ó©J á°UÉN E q $16.90 20167 ብ Pure Skin 6ml/sachet 22418 ቦ Pure 6ml Sachet Scrub & Mask ብ ቧ 1–2 times a week Deeply purifying scrub & mask $4.90 Skin Spot SOS Gel Deep Action èdÉ©«d ¢UÉ°üàe’G ™jô°S ,∂«∏«°ù«dÉ°ùdG ¢†ªM áÑ«côàH πL E ¿ƒ°†Z »a ∂dPh ºbÉØàdG øe É¡©æª«d QƒãÑdG Qƒ¡X øe óëjh q πe6 .äÉYÉ°S 8 24752 ቨ ቦ $16.90 ቧ Pure skin Face Toner 150ml á«ægódG äGRGôa’G øe ¢ü∏îàdG ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ∞¶æe ôfƒJ E πe150 .Égô«¨°üJh äÉeÉ°ùªdG áédÉ©eh 20620 $16.90 ቨ Pure skin Face Wash 150ml á«ægódG äGRGôa’G øe ¢ü∏îàdG ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ∞«£d ∫ƒ°ùZ πL E πe150 .á°UÉN äÉfƒµe ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ á૪dG ÉjÓîdGh E 20164 nology Detect Tech cid cA with Salicyli $15.90 Skin Care 23
  24. 24. ባ For all Skin types ቢ Pure Nature Organic Blueberry & Lavender extract Calming Face Cream ቤ 75ml For all ages á°UÓN øe π«∏dG »ah QÉ¡ædG »a πª©à°ùj ¬Lƒ∏d ÖWôe ºjôc ´GƒfGC πµd ±ÉØédG øe Iô°ûÑdG »ªëj QóæaÓdGh …ôÑdG äƒàdG πe75.Iô°ûÑdG Give your skin a blueberry boost! ቢ $16.90 15957 ባ Pure Nature Organic Blueberry & Lavender extract Calming Face Wash 150ml á°UÓN øe Iô°ûÑdG ájò¨Jh ∞«£∏J ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ∞¶æe ∫ƒ°ùZ .Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC πµd ,%100 »©«Ñ£dG QóæaÓdGh …ôÑdG äƒàdG πe150 $14.90 15960 ቤ Pure Nature Organic Blueberry & Lavender extract Calming Toner 150ml äƒàdGh QóæaÓdG á°UÓN øe »©«ÑW %100∞¶qæeh ô¡q£e πe150 .Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC πµd .Iô°ûÑdG ∞«£∏àd …ôÑdG $14.90 15948 ቢ Pure Nature Tea Tree & Rosemary Wipes 25wipes .ÖFGƒ°ûdGh êÉ«cɪdG ádGR’ á°û©æeh áضqæe πjOÉæe E πjóæe 25 24913 NEW ባ Pure The Complete Daily Routine for Oily Skin Nature Tea Tree & Rosemary Face Cream 75ml ∫ó©j ,π«∏dG »ah QÉ¡ædG »a πª©à°ùj ¬Lƒ∏d ÖWôe ºjôc q πe75 .ÖFGƒ°ûdGh QƒãÑdG èdÉ©jh ,äƒjõdG äGRGôaGE ቧ $9.90 $16.90 23675 ቤ Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Corrective Stick 4g ቦ Æ4.Iô°ûÑdG ÖFGƒ°T èdÉ©jh íë°üj ádÉ©a áÑ«côàH ∂«à°S q ቢ $12.90 21351 ብ Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Oil 10ml π«∏cG âjRh …É°ûdG Iôé°T øe Iõcôe äÉfƒµªH ô¡q£e âjR πe10.Iô°ûÑdG »≤æjh ÖFGƒ°ûdG èdÉ©j πÑédG ብ 21352 ቦ Tea Tree ባ 21347 ቧ Tea Tree & Rosemary Tone Gel 150ml ቤ 24 Skin Care $16.90 & Rosemary Blemish Solver 14ml ¬eGóîà°SEG øµªj ,QƒãÑdGh ,ÖFGƒ°ûdG ∞«Øéàd Çó¡eh ∞£q∏e πFÉ°S πe14 .√óMh hGC êÉ«cɪdG âëJ For Normal and Oily Skin For all ages $13.90 Purifying Wash & ,á«ægódG Iô°ûÑ∏d øàªeh ∫ƒ°ùZ ,∞¶æe πL 1 »a 2 πe150 .ÖFGƒ°ûdG í«ë°üJh ,Iô°ûÑdG ô«¡£J ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj 21350 $16.90
  25. 25. ቢ Pure Nature Pomegranate & Acai Berry Day Cream 75ml OGƒe ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,»c’G äƒàdGh ¿ÉeôdG øe QÉ¡ædG Ëôc C øe ∞«ØîàdGh Iô°ûÑdG ájɪM ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùàd ó°ùcÉà∏d á©fÉe C πe75 .áNƒî«°ûdG äÉeÓY 21557 $17.90 ባ Pure Nature Pomegranate & Acai Berry Night Cream 75ml á©fÉe OGƒÃ »æZ »c’G äƒàdGh ¿ÉeôdG øe ¬Lƒ∏d π«∏dG Ëôc C Iô°ûÑdG äGRGôaGE ∫ó©j .Iô°ûÑdG ájɪM ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùàd ó°ùcÉà∏d C .á£∏àıGh á«ægódG Iô°ûÑ∏d .ábô°ûeh áªYÉf Iô°ûH ∂d øeƒ«d D πe75 21574 $17.90 ቤ Pure Nature Pomegranate & Acai Berry Face Wash 150ml »æZ ¿ÉeôdGh »c’G äƒàdG á°UÓN øe ¬Lƒ∏d ∞«£d ∫ƒ°ùZ C ∫ó©j .áNƒî«°ûdG øe Iô°ûÑdG »ªë«d ó°ùcÉà∏d á©fÉe OGƒÃ C πe150.ábGô°TGE ÌcGC Iô°ûÑd äGRGôa’G E k 21556 ብ Pure Nature Organic Açai Berry & Pomegranate Lip Balm 4.5g »c’G äƒJh ¿ÉeôqdG øe êôîà°ùe √ÉØ°û∏d ÖWôqe º°ù∏H B ájɪM ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ,ó°ùcÉà∏d á©fɪdG OGƒªH »æ¨dG B Æ4.5 .á«LQÉîdG πeGƒ©dG øe √ÉØ°ûdG ቤ ባ $11.90 23374 A haven of youth from Acai & Pomegranate ብ ቢ For Normal to Combination Skin For all ages $14.90 ቢ Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract Soothing Toner 150ml Gently Soothing Aloe Vera & Arnica ቢ ብ øe ,á°SÉ°ùëdG á°UÉN Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC πµd ∞¶æe πL πe150 .Iô°ûÑ∏d ∞£∏e ɵ«fQ’Gh QÉÑ°üdG C $14.90 18919 ባ Aloe Vera ቤ & Arnica Extract Soothing Face Cream 75ml Iô°ûÑdG …ò¨jh »ªëj ,π«∏dGh QÉ¡æ∏d ÖWôe ºjôc πe75 .ɵ«fQ’Gh QÉÑ°üdG ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ C E 18920 $16.90 ቤ Aloe Vera ባ & Arnica Extract Soothing Pure Gel 80% 50ml á°UÉN Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC πµd ,∞ãµe QÉ¡æ∏d ºjôc q C πe50 .ɵ«fQ’Gh QÉÑ°üdG øe %80 ,á°SÉ°ùëdG 20163 ብ Aloe Vera Wash 150ml For All Skin Types For all Especially Sensitive ages $9.90 & Arnica Extract Face øe êôîà°ùe ,á°SÉ°ùëdG Iô°ûÑ∏d ,∞¶qæe ∫ƒ°ùZ πe150 .ɵ«fQ’Gh QÉÑ°üdG C 18918 $14.90
  26. 26. p. 26-37 Your Tools for Timeless sophistication ቢ Giordani Gold Supreme Length Mascara Black 8ml IQƒ£àe IÉ°TôØH ,Lisciospheres áÑ«côàH GQɵ°SÉe πe8 .Oƒ°S’G ¿ƒ∏dÉH ,IOóëeh á∏jƒW ¢Tƒeôd ,ájôFGO C Gold Spatula ,¢SÉ°S’G ºjôc ™°Vƒd πª©à°ùJ ∂«à°SÓÑdG øe IGOGB C º°S5.6*1 .Éjô«àcÉÑdG ™æªJ $4.90 16795 $21.90 24097 ባ Giordani MAKE-UP ቤ Giordani Gold Age Defying Radiance Elixir 15ml Ωó≤àd ΩhÉ≤e ,Iô°ûÑdG ¿ƒd øe Oóéjh ø°ùëj Ωhô«°S q »a ¬«©°V ,èFÉàædG π°†aGC ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üë∏d .ôª©dG Iô°ûH ≈∏Y »eƒ«dG ÖWôªdG ∂eGóîà°SGE ó©H ìÉÑ°üdG Iô°ûH ∂«£©«a êÉ«cɪdG πÑb âÑãe ºjôµc hGC áØ«¶f q πe15 .Iô°†fh ábô°ûe ብ Giordani Gold Nourishing Cleansing Milk 200ml ódƒL »fGOQƒ«L øe ¬Lƒ∏d ô¡q£eh ∞£q∏e ,∞¶æe Ö«∏M ,áeƒ©ædÉH ¢SÉ°ùMGE »£©j .ÖFGƒ°ûdGh êÉ«cɪdG ádGR’ E IOÉ°†ªdGh ájò¨ªdG √ó«cQh’G IôgR øe êôîà°ùe C πe200 .ó«YÉéàdG ó°V Iô°ûÑdG »ªëjh ÖWôj .ó°ùcÉà∏d C $25.90 24574 $21.90 24563 Step1 Apply with a cotton pad on dry skin, or massage over wet skin with finger tips ቢ ብ Step2 Wipe off or rinse with luke-warm water ባ ቤ The elegant Orchid Known for centuries for its sensuality and elegance, softens and hydrates the skin. Rich in antioxidants to counteract free radicles and protect against premature agent
  27. 27. 23812 Brown Giordani Gold Adaptive Foundation 30ml , Iô°ûÑ∏d ÖWôeh ¿RƒdG ∞«ØN ,≥«bO ¢SÉ°SG ºjôc É¡«£©jh áªYÉf É¡côà«d ∂Jô°ûH ¿ƒd ™e ∞«µàj πe30 .äÉYÉ°S 8 ≈àM π°üJ Ióªd á«©«ÑW áæë°S 23814 Red Giordani Gold Lip Pencil 1.1g ,¿ƒ∏dG êõªd á°UÉN IÉ°Tôa ™e √ÉØ°û∏d Oóëe º∏b Æ1^1 .√ÉØ°ûdG ájò¨àd E ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëjh $15.90 22738 Black 22739 Brown 23438 Blue 23439 Green Giordani Gold Eye Pencil 1.1g IÉ°Tôa ™e ,á∏«ªédG á©HQ’G ¬fGƒdÉH ¿ƒ«©∏d Oóëe º∏b C C Æ1^1 .ÓjƒW Ωhój .¿ƒ∏dG êõªd á°UÉN k $19.90 $23.90 The perfect start to your make-up routine 22745 Peach Kiss 22740 Natural Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick 4g RƒL âjR øe èjõe ≈∏Y …ƒàëj √ÉØ°T ôªMGC ,É¡ÑWqôjh √ÉØ°ûdG …ò¨«d OQƒdG ôªKh óæ¡dG Æ4 .ÓjƒW Ωhój .᫵«°SÓµdG ¬fGƒdÉH C k $19.90 Giordani Gold Supreme Pressed Powder SPF10. Natural 7.5g , E & C ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëJ áWƒ¨°†e IQOƒH IQOƒH øe êôîà°ùe ,áNƒî«°ûdG äÉeÓY ôNƒ«d D Æ7^5 .10 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .É«ªjOɵªdG âjRh ôjôëdG D 22740 $34.90 Giordani Gold Make-Up Base 30ml ,√ó«cQh’G IôgR øe êôîà°ùe êÉ«cɪ∏d âÑãe ºjôc C ɪc ábGô°TGEh áeƒ©f »£©«d ¢SÉ°S’G ºjôc ó©H ¬«©°V C πe30 .QÉ¡ædG AÉæKGC Iô°ûÑdG ájɪM ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj 22760 23809 Sand Giordani Gold Tinted Glow Moisturiser SPF15 30ml πª©à°ùj ,áØ«ØN áÑ«côàH Iô°ûÑ∏d ¿ƒq∏e ÖWqôe ôãcGC Iô°ûÑd √ó©H hGC ¢SÉ°S’G ºjôc øY πjóÑc C »ªë«d 15 ájɪM ô°Tƒe ≈∏Y …ƒàëj .ábGô°TGE D äÉeÓY ôNƒjh UV∫G á©°TGC Qô°V øe D πe30 .∞«°üdG áHƒWôd Ö°SÉæe .áNƒî«°ûdG 23667 $24.90 Giordani Gold Shaping Eyebrow Gel 7ml πµ°ûdÉH á∏jƒW IôàØd ÖLGƒëdG â«ÑãJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj πL IÉ°TôØHh á≤HO ô«Z áØ«ØN áÑ«côàH ,¬H ø«ÑZôJ …òdG πe7 .IQƒ£àe 24151 $15.90 $17.90 Blends into skin-tone for a flawless-look Giordani Gold Adaptive Luminous Concealer Sand 7ml ,áØ«ØN áÑ«côàH ø«©dG ∫ƒëd ÖWôqeh íë°üe q AGOƒ°ùdG ä’É¡dG á«£¨àd ,Ió«cQh’G IôgR øe êôîà°ùe C πe7 .Ö©àdG QÉKGB AÉØNGEh 23809 $19.90 Make-Up 27
  28. 28. NEW ቢ ባ 26518 Medium 26517 Natural 26516 Light BeautAge Complex Anti-ageing expertise for youthful-looking skin. With ingredients known to stimulate collagen, and help prevent its breakdown. Helping skin maintain natural moisture & reduce appearance of signs of ageing. 28 Make-Up *Based on a 4 week consumer evaluation of Age Defying Pressed Powder by 49 women. * Soft finish sponge for perfect application ቢ Giordani Gold Age Defying Pressed Powder 7g IójóL É«LƒdƒæµàH ,Ió«cQh’G á°UÓN øe áWƒ¨°†e IQOƒH C èdÉ©Jh »ØîJ ,Iô°ûÑdG áHƒWQ ≈∏Y ßaÉëJ »àdG BeautyAge ábô°ûe ,á«©«ÑW áæë°S »£©J ɪc áNƒî«°ûdG äÉeÓY Æ7 .áªYÉfh $34.90 21632 Natural Radiance 23763 Natural Peach
  29. 29. ቤ Giordani Smooth away signs of ageing ባ Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls 25g ,¬LƒdG ≈∏Y OhóN ôªMÉc ∫ɪ©à°SÓd ájõfhôH äÉÑ«ÑM C E ɵ«e á櫪ãdG ¿OÉ©ªdÉH »æZ ,á«©«ÑW ábGô°TGE ∂Jô°ûH »£©àd .Æ25 .ɵ«∏«°Sh $34.90 Gold Dreamy Moments Illuminating Pearls 25g ¬∏eɵH ¬LƒdG ≈∏Y É°†jGC πª©à°ùjh OhóîdG RGôH’ äÉÑ«ÑM E k :±GógGC Ió©d Iõ«ªe ¿GƒdGC á°ùªN .≥æ©dGh .Iô°ûÑdG ¿ƒd ∫ó©jh QGôªM’G ∞Øîj - äɪdG ô°†N’G ¿ƒ∏dG E C q .áæcGódG ¿Gƒd’G íë°üj - ºYÉædG »µ∏«∏dG ¿ƒ∏dG C .IQÉ°†f ôãcGC Iô°ûÑd ,A»°†jh ô«æj - »≤ædG …ôgõdG ¿ƒ∏dG .É≤dÉJ ôãcGC Iô°ûÑd ,IAÉ°V’G ¢ùµ©j - …ƒdƒ∏dG ¢†«H’G ¿ƒ∏dG E D D C k C Iô°ûÑdG ¿ƒd í«àØJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj - »bGôdG »ÑgòdG ¿ƒ∏dG Æ25 .¢ûªædGh ܃«©dG øe ∞Øîjh áæcGódG Gold Venetian Affair Mirror $12.90 26409 ቧ Giordani 8ml Gold Volume Delight Mascara ¢TƒeôdG »ª–h …ò¨J ,ɪéM »£©J Oƒ°S’G ¿ƒ∏dÉH GQɵ°SÉe C k πe8 .äÉæ«eÉà«ØdG ≈∏Y É¡FGƒàM’ ’ɪàcGh áë°U ÌcGC hóÑàd E k kq $21.90 22743 $34.90 26295 ብ Giordani ቦ Giordani 7*5.5*1.2cm Gold Black & Gold Powder Brush $5.90 22728 Lashes feel stronger... ቧ ብ NEW ቤ ቦ Make-Up 29
  30. 30. Happily ever colour! 18460 Amazing Peach Powerful innovation! 18462 Sensational Bronze Desirable Eye style! 18464 Stunning Clover 24940 18467 Dazzling Cherry 24941 24946 24947 Nude Lustre Rose Glow Satin Mauve Brown Sheen Power Shine Satin Lipstick 1.6g ,áÄ∏àªe √ÉØ°ûd IAÉ°V’G ¢ùµ©j OÉ©H’G »KÓK √ÉØ°ûdG ôªMGC E C .ájôjôM á°ùª∏d º°ù∏H ™e ÓjƒW ΩhóJ ¿GƒdÉH ,á≤dÉàe h á©e’ C C k q Æ1.6 20205 Dramatic Ruby $12.90 Triple Core Lipstick 4g ,¿ƒ∏dG RGôH’ ≈dh’G á≤Ñ£dG ,áKÓãdG √OÉ©HÉH √ÉØ°ûdG ôªMGC E C C Æ4 .√ÉØ°ûdG Ö«WôJh ájò¨àd áãdÉãdGh á«©ª∏dG AÉ£Y’ á«fÉãdG E q The color you love! $12.90 23831 Eternal Pink 22526 Blossom Petal 22527 Pink Passion 22536 Coral Wave 22540 Red Devotion 23831 Eternal Pink Colour with staying Power! 23832 Supreme Pink Pure Colour Eyeshadow Palette 4.8g with double ended applicator inluded $24.90 23833 Absolute Coral 23834 Timeless Red Underline your impressive style! 24033 Nude Beige 22542 Irresistible Red 22543 Total Nude 22546 Summer Tan 22552 Violet Fairy Wonder Colour Lipstick 4g ÉHƒLƒédG âjR ,»Lƒ¨dG äƒJ øe êôîà°ùe ,√ÉØ°ûdG ôªMGC .ó°ùcÉà∏d IOÉ°†ªdG OGƒªdGh äÉæ«eÉà«ØdÉH á«æ¨dG ,hOÉcƒa’Gh B C q Æ4 ,É¡jò¨Jh É¡ÑWôJ ,√ÉØ°ûdG »ªëàd q q $12.90 24035 Perfect Pink 23835 Divine Berry Eternal Gloss 5ml 7 ≈àM π°üJ Ióªd Ωhój √ÉØ°û∏d º©æeh …ò¨e ,ÖWôe ¢Sƒ∏Z q πe5 .áHGòL ôãcGC √ÉØ°ûd .äÉYÉ°S q $12.90 Divine Color, for Eyes that pop! 24036 Vibrant Pink 24039 Dark Plum Wonder Colour Lip Liner 1g ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,á∏«ªédG á©HQ’G ¬fGƒdÉH √ÉØ°û∏d Oóëe »ªjôc º∏b C C Æ1 .ó°ùcÉàdG á©fÉe OGƒe ≈∏Yh äÉjò¨e B $9.90 Seductive Eyes! Outline your eyes! 12814 Black Wonder Lash Intense Liner 2.5ml ,OÉ©H’G IOó©àe IÉ°TôØH ,Oƒ°S’G ¿ƒ∏dÉH πFÉ°S ¿ƒ«©∏d Oóëe C C πe2.5 .áHGòL ôãcGC ¿ƒ«©d 21648 30 Make-Up $11.90 Smooth Definer Eye Pencil 1g ’h ÓjƒW Ωhój ,áÑ°SÉæe áÑ«côàH ¿ƒ«©dG RGôHGEh ójóëàd º∏b k Æ1 .k GQÉKGB ∑ôàj $9.90 12815 Brown eye LINER stylo 1.6 ml πe1^6 .á≤«bO á°ûjôH πFÉ°S ¿ƒ«©∏d Oófi q $13.90
  31. 31. Perfect Colour, softest texture! 21649 Fresh Pink 26571 21650 26 56 9 Classic Rose Vib ran 21651 ee D p Flawless Finish! lmo 3 57 26 $21.90 Hydrating Be rr y 12809 Porcelain Rose NEW tA nd Glowing Peach Perfect Blush 5g ÒZ á∏«ªL ¿GƒdGC çÓãH ,áHGòL ábGô°TGE »£©J OhóN IQOƒH Æ5 .IGBôe ≈∏Y …ƒà– ,Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC ™«ªL Ö°SÉæJ áYÉŸ q Striking 12810 Natural Ivory formula + Vitamin E 12811 Natural Beige matte CONTROL Foundation 30ml $15.90 Immaculate skin starts here! 4.2g $10.90 pact k Im in 70 P 265 Lip Impact Crayon 12807 Light/Medium 12808 Medium/Dark matte Control Pressed Powder 8g áæë°S »£©àd IóFGõdG äƒjõdÉH ºµëàJ ,áWƒ¨°†e IQOƒH Æ8 .á«ægO ≈dGE á£∏àîªdG Iô°ûÑ∏d .áYɪd ô«Zh á«dÉãe q $20.90 26572 Electric Red Full Colour in One stroke herr y nse C 4 Inte 2657 á£∏àîªdG Iô°ûÑdG äGRGôaGE ∫ó©j ¢SÉ°SGC ºjôc q øeƒ«d ÖFGƒ°ûdGh ܃«©dG »Øîj .á«ægódGh D πe30 .áªZÉæàeh á«©«ÑW áæë°S 82% of women prefer Lip Impact Crayon to their regular lipstick One smooth stroke and lips are saturated with intense colour and plush moisturising lip goodness. Make-Up 31
  32. 32. Removes all eye make-up! High-quality brushes! Precision & Style! ቢ Professional Professional Lip Concealer Brush 10.5cm 14692 $4.90 NEW Powder Brush 18cm $4.90 24150 ባ Professional Foundation Brush 18cm $4.90 24148 ቤ Professional Style your Eye Brow! Blush Brush 18cm $4.90 23255 Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover 100ml §«ëªd áÑ°SÉæe áÑ«côàH ,Aɪ∏d OÉ°†ªdG ¿ƒ«©dG êÉ«cɪd πjõe .ÖWô«d øjô«°ù«∏¨dG ≈∏Y …ƒàëj .…ò¨eh ¢SÉ°ùëdG ø«©dG πe100 .¬«∏ª©à°ùJ ¿GC πÑb k Gó«L ¬«°†N Lash Brush 13303 $10.90 22861 Up to 9* volume, 40% longer! ብ Professional 16cm NEW $4.90 ቦ Professional NEW .¢TƒeôdG ∞ãµJh ∫ƒq£J 1»a2 GQɵ°SÉe q ,ôãcGC ∫ƒW %40 :Oƒ°S’G AÉ£¨dG C πe 8 .ôÑcGC ºéM 9* :…OÉeôdG AÉ£¨dG $4.90 $3.90 13304 $15.90 $4.90 24147 ቩ Professional Concealer/Lip Brush ቤ ብ ቦ $16.90 Lift and sculpt lashes 3 times with the short bristles. ቨ ቩ Stretch your Lashes potential 17cm $4.90 24144 ቧ Twist the brush while lifting the lashes. Comb your lashes with the long bristles to lengthen and separate. 17cm $4.90 24146 Hyper Stretch Mascara - Black 8ml - Oƒ°S’G ¿ƒ∏dÉH äGQɵàH’G çóMGC øe GQɵ°SÉe C áÑ«côJ ÖÑ°ùH ¢TƒeôdG …ò¨Jh ∞ãµJ ,∫ƒW »£©J q πe 8 .»eƒ«dG ∫ɪ©à°SÓd .™ ¢ùµ∏Ñeƒc ≠fƒd hôH E 24306 32 Make-Up Blending Brush Longer, Fuller, Stronger! Waterproof Mascara 8ml ɪéM É¡«£©Jh ¢TƒeôdG ∫ƒ£J √É«ª∏d IOÉ°†e GQɵ°SÉe k πe8 .¢ûeQ ô¨°U’ ≈àM π°üàd É¡æ«H Ée π°üØJh C 15027 Pressed Powder Sponges (4.8cm*4.8cm) Set of 2 $15.90 The wonder of waterproof! 17cm ቨ Professional Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush 18cm 8ml 20362 Eye Brow Brush 24145 Soft Sponges! 18cm $4.90 24149 ቧ Professional 2FX Mascara Fan Powder Brush ባ ቢ
  33. 33. Smoky eyes are easy as 1,2,3 with our trendy Eye Shadow Trio 22918 Smokey Black NEW ቢ Why have one when you can have many? 22921 Sheer Purple 22919 Smokey Brown Wax ቢ OB Light Shade Colour Pro Eye Shadow Trio 2.7g »£©j .∫ɪ©à°S’G á∏¡°S ,á≤°SÉæàe ¿GƒdGC çÓãH ¿ƒ«©dG ∫ÓX E Æ2.7 .OÉ©H’G »KÓK ,Ú©∏d k ÉHGòL É≤jôH C k k $19.90 Dark Shade Divide the eye into 3 sections and apply shades using the round applicator in order of light to dark, from the inner corner out. Use the pointed applicator, to smudge and contour the shadow, finishing in a triangle. ባ ባ Bronzing 16587 Powder Brush $2.90 Make-Up 33
  34. 34. Studio Artist Professional make-up with light reflecting Illuma Flair ባ OB TM ቢ OB Studio Artist Concealer 10ml »Øîj ,ø«©dG ∫ƒëd íë°üe ''â°ù«JQGB ƒjOƒà°S'' !≥ªYGC á≤ãd q ÖWôj .AGOƒ°ùdG ä’É¡dGh á≤«bódG •ƒ£îdG »£¨j ,ÖFGƒ°ûdG πe10. á«©«ÑW áæë°S »£©jh Studio Artist Pressed Powder 8g ÜGòL êÉ«cɪd áÑ°SÉæe áWƒ¨°†e IQOƒH !¢ùØædÉH ôãcGC á≤ãd áæë°S »£©Jh á©«aôdG •ƒ£îdG »£¨J ,ÖFGƒ°ûdG »ØîJ ,≥«fGCh Æ8 .ábô°ûe á«©«ÑW $21.90 ቤ Studio Artist Loose Powder 7g ™æªJ ,Iô°ûÑdG ¿GƒdG ™«ªL Ö°SÉæJ ¿ƒ∏dG áaÉØ°T IôqM IQOƒH q o Æ7 .ábô°ûeh á«©«ÑW áæë°S »£©àd IAÉ°V’G ¢ùµ©Jh ¿É©ª∏dG E $19.90 24079 ብ Perfecting Face Primer 30ml ≈∏Y …ƒàëj .ËôµdG ó©H ¬«©°V ,êÉ«cɪ∏d âÑãe Ëôc πe30.Iô°ûÑdG ájɪM ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùJ á°UÉN äÉfƒµe $11.90 $12.90 22862 23051 Light 23052 Medium 23053 Dark ቢ Minimize fine lines and imperfections - dark circles blemishes and veins seemingly dissappear under a perfectly natural finish Illuma FlairTM Complex controls and reflects the light for naturally luminous skin, blurring imperfections and giving a flawless result in all kinds of light. ብ Light diffusing pigments blur imperfections and its ultra fine texture flawlessly blends with your skin ባ Give your skin silky softness and an even complexion 23056 Light ቤ 23057 Medium 23058 Dark Ultra-fine loose powder in a transluscent formula to suit every skin tone 34 Make-Up
  35. 35. ቦ OB Maxi Lash 3D Mascara Black 8ml ,OÉ©H’G á«KÓK IQƒ£àe IÉ°TôØH Oƒ°S’G ¿ƒ∏dÉH GQɵ°SÉe C C πe8 .¢Tƒeô∏d ’ƒWhk ɪéM »£©J k $16.90 25213 ቧ Kohl Pencil - Black 1.3g .á°SÉ°qùëdG ¿ƒ«©∏d ≈àM Ö°SÉæe ,Oƒ°S’G ¿ƒ∏dÉH πëc º∏b C Æ1.3 $9.90 23858 Leaves skin feeling moisturising, looking luminous and shine free ቦ ቨ Studio Artist Foundation SPF15 30ml á«©«ÑW áæë°S »£©«d ÖFGƒ°ûdGh ܃«©dG »Øîj ,¢SÉ°SGC ºjôc ô°TƒªH .ábô°ûeh áHGòL Iô°ûÑd .áØ«ØîdG ¬àÑ«côJ ÖÑ°ùH D πe30 .15 ájɪM $15.90 ቩ Foundation Wedges 7.6cm*5cm*2.4cm (Set of 4) 24860 $3.90 ቪ Studio Artist Creamy Blush 20ml OhóîdG ≈∏Y ™°Vƒj ,¿RƒdG ∞«ØN »ªjôc OhóN ôªMGC ¿ƒ∏dG ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üë∏d k Gó«L êõªjh ¢SÉ°S’G IÉ°Tôa ᣰSGƒH C πe20.√ÉØ°T ôªMÉc É°†jGC πª©à°ùj ¿GC øµªj ɪc .܃ZôªdG C k $15.90 “An even skin tone in your face is the best way to achieve a younger, more beautiful look” ቩ 26534 Pink Glow ቪ 26535 Sheer Berry ቧ The Confidence of looking Perfect! 22908 Fair Nude ቨ 22907 Porcelain 26533 Soft Peach Make-Up 35
  36. 36. 20425 Electric Purple 20424 Blue Lagoon ቧ 20423 Goddess Green 20422 Mocha Loca 24608 Fushia 20421 Night Glow ቦ 24605 Coral 24604 Nude For Natural Beauty 20529 Light ብ Younger Natural and fresh ቢ Veryme Smoothie Foundation 30ml êÉ«µŸ .É¡jò¨jh Iô°ûÑdG ÖWôj ¢SÉ°SGC Ëôc q πe30 .‹Éãe q $10.90 ባ Veryme No Time For Shine Powder 9g .∫ɪ©à°S’G á∏¡°S áWƒ¨°†e ¢SÉ°SGC IQOƒH E ,äƒjõdG ¢üà“ áYÉŸ ÒZ Iõ«‡ áÑ«cÎH q .Æ9 .á°û©æe Iô°ûÑdG »≤ÑJ QGôªM’G ∫ó©J E $12.90 20531 ቤ Veryme 1g ብ Veryme Light 30ml 20529 ቦ Veryme 36 Make-Up $8.90 21278 Perfect light Peach Me Perfect 20387 Ivory á«©«ÑW IAÉ°VGE Iô°ûÑdG »£©j ¢SÉ°SGC Ëôc -hôHh C ÚeÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj .É¡ÑWôjh â– hGC √óMƒd ¬©°Vh øµÁ .B5ÚeÉà«a .Iô°ûÑdG ´GƒfGC πµd .»°SÉ°SGC A»°†ªc êÉ«cÉŸG πe30 21279 Dark Secret ቤ 20389 Cocoa $11.90 Lip Crayon 1g ,Iõ«ªe ¿GƒdGC çÓãH ,√ÉØ°û∏d Oóëe º∏b ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,ÓjƒW ΩhóJ áÑ«côàH k Æ1 .E ø«eÉà«a ቢ ባ $10.90 Cover up Concealer »£¨jh ™≤ÑdG íë°üj Ú©dG ∫ƒ◊ º∏b q ≈∏Y …ƒàëj .»©«ÑW ∫ɪL »£©«d ÖFGƒ°ûdG π¡°S .᪩æe äÉfƒµeh ájò¨e äÉæ«eÉà«a .Æ1 .êõŸGh ∫ɪ©à°S’G E 20386 Porcelain ቧ Veryme Double Trouble Eye Shadow Pencil 1.38g ,ø«Ø∏àîe ø«fƒ∏H ¿ƒ«©∏d Oóëe º∏b Æ1.38 .ÓjƒW Ωhój Iõ«ªe áÑ«côàH k $10.90 20531 Light
  37. 37. Nourish, Protect, Renew Go crazy with Pure Colour Nail Polish Nail Food 7ml áØ«©°†dGh áÑ©àªdG ôaÉXÓd ÖWqôeh …ò¨e C q .á«©«ÑW äƒjRh äÉæ«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ≈∏Y âjõdG ™°Vƒj ∫ɪ©à°S’G á∏¡°S IÉ°TôØH E πe7 .k Gó«L ∂dójh ¬dƒMh ôضdG q Nail Buffer Set 9676 $9.90 18937 Nail Whitener 7ml ø«LhQó«g ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ôaÉXÓd πL C ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ɪc ôaÉX’G ¢†««Ñàd ó«°ùchô«H C Iô°†f ôaÉX’ ∫ƒæ«ãfÉH D h Gô«a Iƒd’G C B ∑ôØjh IÉ°TôØdG ᣰSGƒH πédG ™°Vƒj .áfôeh »∏°ùZG ºK .∞é«d ∑ôàjh ¿GƒK ™°†Ñd k Gó«L q πe7 .∫ɪ©à°S’G ó©H k Gó«L ∂jój E q Nail Buffer (4 sides) 20657 $4.90 Glitter Nail Art Decoration $5.90 24378 $9.90 Nail polish REMOVER 75ml ¿ƒà«°S’G øe ∫ÉN ôaÉX’G AÓ£d ™jô°S πjõe C C πe75 .É«∏«fÉØdG áëFGôH Nail SHIELD 7ml A≈Ñ©eh í∏°üe ,…ò¨e ,…ƒ≤e ,1/4 êÓY q q ájò¨e ¿OÉ©e ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,ôaÉXÓd C πe7 .Ωƒ«°ùdÉch âjR ,èdÉ©ªdG èfƒHÉÑdG øe êôîà°ùe ôaÉXÓd …Qƒa ÖWôe C AÉ£Y’ Pro 5 ø«eÉà«ah É«°ûdG IóHRh ,…ò¨ªdG hOÉcƒa’G E C .Æ1.6 .ɡ룰ùd Iƒbh ôaÉX’G §«ëªd áeƒ©f C $10.90 23446 ቢ Pure 20779 24423 Pastel Pink Baby Pink 20783 Pink Intense 20784 Purple Pink 20785 20787 Pearly Burgundy Purple Colour Floral Nail Polish ባ Pure Colour Floral Lipstick Glossy Taupe Nail Care Frensh Manicure 7ml »£©J ''¢ûfôØ∏d'' πª©à°ùJ á≤«bQ ¿GƒdGC πe7 .ÓjƒW Ωhój ÉfÉ©ªd k k $8.90 20788 Coral Red 24424 Lavender Shimmer 20789 True Red 20790 Passion Red $8.90 ባ ቢ 24061 Pink Coral Pure Colour Nail Polish 8ml 4g $9.90 24425 18932 Soft Pink 8ml $9.90 24063 Cherry Red 24062 $8.90 18935 $11.90 23447 Nail Butter Advanced Condition Reviver 1.6g 24057 Fushia Red Nail Boost Advanced Growth Reviver 7ml ,…ƒ«µdG á°UÓN øe ôaÉXÓd …ò¨eh …ƒ≤e C »àdG Ωƒ«°ùdɵdGh äÉæ«eÉà«ØdG ≈∏Y …ƒàëj πe7 .ô°ùµàdG øe ôaÉX’G ™æªJ C $9.90 18927 $12.90 18939 24056 Pink Coral 2in1 Base & Top Coat 7ml á©°TGC øe ôaÉX’G »ªëj :¢SÉ°SGC AÓW 1/2 C .™≤ÑdG øeh ¢ùª°ûdG É¡«£©jh ôaÉX’G AÓW »ªëj :±ÓZ AÓW C πe7 .Ó«ªL ÉfÉ©ªd k k Fushia Red 24696 18931 ew M orning D $4.90
  38. 38. p. 38-57 PERSONAL & HAIR CARE 22 ቢ Perfect Body Tight Tummy Toning Gel 125ml ቤ Perfect Helps refine and reshape your silhouette. Slackened skin on your tummy feels firmer, tighter and appears more toned. For best results, apply every morning and evening after showering. Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite in 14 days. In the evening apply the ampoule and massage ባ Perfect 150ml 14*10ml ™æªjh ¿ƒgódG ¥ôëj á«dÉààe á∏«d 14 Ióªd πª©à°ùj Ωhô«°S ájôFGO ácôëH ±GOQ’Gh OÉîa’G ≈∏Y ¬«©°V ,√É«ªdG ¢SÉÑàMGE C C πe10*14 .k Gó«L »µdOh q ø£ÑdG §«ëe ≈∏Y ™°Vƒj ó∏édG ø«àªJh ø£ÑdG ó°ûd πL πe125 .AÉ°ùeh ÉMÉÑ°U k Gó«L ∂dójh k k $55.90 17558 $30.90 18426 Body Anti-Cellulite Night Action Ampoules ብ Perfect Body Anti-Cellulite Day Gel Body Anti-Stretch Mark Cream ቦ Perfect Gel 100ml Body Anti-Gravity Upper Arm Unique anti-gravity gel with Fat Fighting Complex to combat fat build-up and sagging skin on upper arms. Massage into skin for two minutes for maximum penetration. For best results, apply morning and night AÉbQõdG ÖdÉë£dG øe êôîà°ùe ,¿ƒgódG ÜQÉëj ø«YGQò∏d πL ø«à≤«bO Ióªd »µ«YGQP »µdO ºK ¬«©°V ,ø««aɵ∏d áaÉ°V’ÉH E q πe100 .á©jô°S áé«àæd AÉ°ùeh ÉMÉÑ°U πª©à°ùj k k 23288 ቧ Perfect $19.90 Body Beauty Legs Cream 100ml Contains a unique Lipo-Burn Complex which targets orange peel skin appearance, improves skin firmness and reshapes body contours Existing stretch marks are visibly reduced, their size is diminished and their colour faded. Apply every day to areas likely to be affected (stomach, breasts, thighs, hips) Unique, advanced 2-in-1 leg cream combats broken capillaries and prevents heavy legs condition – working long into the night. Contains Bio-Veno Active Complex to protect capillaries and improve micro-circulation Qƒ¡X ±ó¡à°ùj ,â«dƒ∏∏«°ùdG ÜhòJ OGƒe ≈∏Y …ƒàëj πL q ºK ìÉÑ°U πc ¬«©°V ,ó∏édG ó°ûjh á«dÉ≤JôÑdG Iô°ûÑdG øjójôJ »àdG á≤£æªdG ájôFGO ácôëH »µdO q πe150.É¡àédÉ©e »©°V .É¡fƒd â¡Ñjh É¡∏∏≤j :≥≤°ûàdG äÉeÓY »Øîj ºjôc ,Qó°üdG ,Ió©ªdG) Égó°T øjójôJ »àdG ≥WÉæªdG ≈∏Y ºjôµdG πe150 .πeÉëdG IGCôeÓd É°†jGC Ö°SÉæe(...,ø«cQƒdG E k ádÉM ™æªjh ájƒeódG äGô«©°ûdG ÜQÉëj 1»a2 Qƒ£àe ºjôc IQhódG §«°ûæàd á°UÉN áÑ«côJ ≈∏Y …ƒàëj .á∏«≤ãdG πLQ’G C πe100 .πLQ’G ΩQh øe ∞«ØîJh Iô«¨°üdG ájƒeódG C 18424 150ml THE PERFECT SHAPE $38.90 18434 $39.90 21595 ቨ Perfect Gel 50ml Body Firming Bust & Decollete An innovative formulation to firm and lift your bust. Advanced multi-action 3D complex has been proven to firm and tone the skin ባ World top tennis player: CAROLINE WOZNIACKI πe50 .¬©aQh Qó°üdG ó°ûd :áLhOõe á«dÉ©a hP ºjôc $44.90 18436 ብ ቧ ቦ ቢ “TO BE THE BEST YOU HAVE TO USE THE BEST!” $19.90 ቤ ቨ
  39. 39. UVB rays, responsible for sunburn and thickening of the skin FREE SUN COACH APP Download this app from App store and get personal sun care tips! ባ ቦ UVA rays, premature skin ageing and skin cancer ብ ቢ ቤ ቨ ቧ ቦ Sun They include moisturising agents for supple and soft skin and are water resistant ቢ Sun 150ml ZONE Lotion Face & Body SPF30 ó«YÉéàdG ó°V ÉjÓîdG »ªëj ,áÑWqôe áÑ«côàH ájɪM ¿ƒ«°Sƒd ,¢UÉ°üàe’G ™jô°S, “Cellular ProtectionTechnology“ E á©°TGC øe »ªëjh ,ó°ùcÉà∏d OÉ°†ªdG E ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj B ≈∏Y AÉ°†«H QÉKGB ∑ôàj ’ UVB / UVA IQÉ°†dG ¢ùª°ûdG πe150 .30 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .Aɪ∏d ΩhÉ≤e ,Iô°ûÑdG D 23296 ባ SUN 150ml $34.90 ZONE Self-Taning Mist Body …Qƒa πµ°ûH ∞éj ,áØ«ØN áÑ«côàH º°ùé∏d ¿ƒq∏e …GôÑ°S 3 ∫ÓN ¿ƒ∏dG Qƒ£àj .á«©«ÑW Iôª°S »£©jh Iô°ûÑdG ÖWqô«d πe150 .RÉØ≤dG ᣰSGƒH πª©à°ùj .ΩÉjGC 5 Ióªd Ωhójh äÉYÉ°S q 23377 $20.90 ቤ Sun ZONE Face & Exposed Area Cream SPF50 50ml ó°V ÉjÓîdG ájɪM á«æ≤àH , áÑWqôe áÑ«côàH ájɪM ºjôc ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,“Cellular ProtectionTechnology“ ó«YÉéàdG ¢ùª°ûdG á©°TGC øe »ªëjh ,ó°ùcÉà∏d OÉ°†ªdG E ø«eÉà«a B ,Iô°ûÑdG ≈∏Y AÉ°†«H QÉKGB ∑ôàj ’ UVB / UVA IQÉ°†dG πe50 .50 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .Aɪ∏d ΩhÉ≤e D 23378 $22.90 ብ Sun ZONE After Sun 3-in-1 Rehydration Soothing Milk 150ml É«°ûdG IóHR øe ,¢ùª°û∏d ∞«ãµdG ¢Vô©àdG ó©H πª©à°ùj Ö«∏M øe èjõeh ,E ø«eÉà«a ,Iô°ûÑ∏d áFó¡ªdG Gô«a Iƒd’G ,áØ£q∏ªdG B ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ɪe iƒ°ü≤dG áHƒWôdG »£©J »àdG äÉfƒµªdG πe150 .øµªe âbh ∫ƒW’ ¿ƒ∏dG ≈∏Y á¶aÉëªdG C 23346 $19.90 ZONE After Sun Intensive Balm Face & Body 100ml ÉÑ«WôJ »£©j ,¢ùª°û∏d ∞«ãµdG ¢Vô©àdG ó©H πª©à°ùj ºjôc k OÉ°†ªdG E ø«eÉà«a ,øjô«°ù«∏¨dG ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ ÉØãµe E k Iƒd’G ≈∏Yh Iô°ûÑ∏d ájò¨ªdGh áØ£∏ªdG É«°ûdG IóHR ,ó°ùcÉà∏d B B q πe100 .Iô°ûÑ∏d áFó¡ªdG Gô«ØdG 23336 $16.90 ቧ Sun ZONE Lotion Face & Exposed Areas SPF25 50ml ºjõfGE-ƒch C ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ¬Lƒ∏d ájɪM ºjôc IQÉ°†dG ¢ùª°ûdG á©°TGC øe ø«L’ƒµdG áµÑ°T »ªë«d Q10 ,Aɪ∏d áehÉ≤e áÑ«côàH ,AÉ°†«H QÉKGB ∑ôàj ’ .UVB / UVA πe50 .25 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .ÉjÓîdG »ªëJ á«æ≤àHh D 23290 $16.90 ቨ Sun ZONE Spray for Kids SPF25 125ml á©°TGC øe »ªëj , ,á°SÉ°ùëdG ∫ÉØW’G Iô°ûÑd …GôÑ°S Ö«∏M C ’ .Aɪ∏d áehÉ≤e áÑ«côàH .UVB / UVA IQÉ°†dG ¢ùª°ûdG πe125 .25 ájɪM ô°TƒªH .∫ƒëc ≈∏Y …ƒàëj D 23298 $25.90 Personal & Hair Care 39
  40. 40. ቢ Feet-Up 50ml ቧ Feet-Up Fresh Spray 150ml Antiperspirant Foot Cream ôHƒæ°üdG øe ,iƒ°üb á«dÉ©ØH ¥ô©à∏d OÉ°†e ºjôc πe50 .á¡jôµdG áëFGôdG ™æªj ,¥óæÑdGh §°qûæj ´Éæ©ædGh Ö∏©ãdG ÖæY øe êôîà°ùe ΩGóbÓd …GôÑ°S C . ø«eó≤dGh ø«bÉ°ùdG ¢û©æj ¬fGC ɪc ,¥ô©àdG áëFGQ »Øîjh q πe150 $10.90 20557 ባ Feet-Up Deodorising Foot Powder 25452 ቨ Feet-Up Scrub 75ml 75g âjR øe ø«aÉL ø«eó≤dG »≤Ñàd áHƒWôdG ¢üàªJ IQOƒH Æ75 .áëFGôdG πjõj ,ôé°ûdG ቤ Feet-Up Overnight Foot Cream 75ml ቩ Feet-Up Fresh Berries Blackcurrant Foot Cream 75ml »æ¨dG Oƒ°S’G …ôqÑdG äƒàdG øe êôîà°ùe ÖWqôe ºjôc C áeƒ©f ≈∏Y ßaÉëjh ÖWqôj ,…ò¨j ,äÉæ«eÉà«ØdGh äƒjõdÉH q πe75 .∞ãµe πµ°ûH ø«eó≤dG q $8.90 ብ Feet-Up Soothing Foot Cream 75ml …ƒàëj ,áaÉédGh áÑ©àªdG ΩGób’G ÖWôj ,ô£©e ºjôc C Iô°ûÑdG ¬°üàªJ ∫É≤JôÑdG IôgRh á£æëdG âjR ≈∏Y πe75.âbh …GC »a ¬«∏ª©à°SGE .áYô°ùH ቦ Feet-Up Put your feet first! Take the weight off your tired feet! ቤ ቢ Exfoliating Foot Scrub ቪ Foot 75ml ቦ ቧ $7.90 ቫ Foot File .áªYÉf Iô°ûÑd á૪dG ó∏édG ÉjÓN πc πjõj ø«eó≤∏d OôÑe $12.90 ብ Massger 18770 ó∏édG ádGR’ Rƒ∏dG ô°ûb äÉÑ«ÑM ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ô°û≤e E πe75.ø«eó≤dG øY ø°ûîdG 20553 $11.90 25450 $11.90 20548 $12.90 25449 ,Iô°ûÑdG ∞£∏jh ¥ÉgQ’G πjõj ,ÖWôe »∏«d ºjôc E πe75 hOÉcƒa’Gh QÉÑ°üdG øe êôîà°ùe C 20554 $15.90 Fresh Berries Raspberry Foot ô°qû≤j ,Rƒ∏dG âjR IQOƒHh ≥«∏©dG äƒJ øe êôîà°ùe ô°qû≤e q º©æjh ∞£q∏j ,¢û©æj ,á૪dG ó∏édG ÉjÓN πjõ«a ∞ãµe πµ°ûH q q πe75 .Iô°ûÑdG $11.90 20552 Berries Goosberry Foot $6.90 9588 ቨ ቩ ቫ ባ ቪ 40 Personal & Hair Care
  41. 41. ቢ ቢ Feet-Up Advanced 24H Odour Control Foot Spray 150ml 24 Ióªd ¥ô©àdG áëFGQ πjõj ΩGóbÓd ô£©e …GôÑ°S C ∫ƒàæªdGh ´Éæ©ædG âjRh ¿ƒª«∏dG øe êôîà°ùe áYÉ°S πe150 .áÑWQh á°û©àæe ΩGób’G »≤Ñ«d C $15.90 25448 Reliefs tired feet ቦ Give your feet a fresh start! ብ ቧ Repairs and protects very dry skin ባ Exfoliates rough feet ቤ ቩ ቨ ባ Feet-Up Advanced Stimulating Cooling Relief Crackling Leg Mousse 150ml ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,Ö©àdG πjõjh …ò¨j ,ÖWôj áÑ©àªdG ¥É°ù∏d ¢Sƒe ¿ƒª«∏dG øe êôîà°ùe .¢TÉ©àf’ÉH ¢SÉ°ùM’G »£©«d Aió¡e E E πe150 .øjô«°ù«∏¨dG ≈∏Y …ƒàëjh ∫ƒàæªdGh ´Éæ©ædG âjRh ብ Feet-Up 21905 21889 $15.90 Advanced Cracked Heel Relief Repair Foot Cream 75ml ´Éæ©ædG âjR øe êôîà°ùe ,äÉ≤≤°ûàdGh Ö©µ∏d èdÉ©e ºjôc ΩGób’G ¢TÉ©àf’ øjô«°ù«∏¨dG ≈∏Y …ƒàëjh ∫ƒàæªdGh C E πe75 .Ωƒ«dG »a ø«Jôe ¬«∏ª©à°SGE ,É¡Ñ«WôJh ቦ Feet-Up ቤ Feet-Up Advanced Treatment Foot Mask 100ml âjRh ,øjô«°ù«∏¨dG øe IójóL áÑ«côàH ø«eó≤∏d èdÉ©e ∂°SÉe ,ôãcGC hGC á≤«bO15 Ióªd ∂«eób ≈∏Y ¬«©°V .∫ƒàæªdGh ´Éæ©ædG πe100 .á°û©àæe ΩGób’G »≤Ñ«d ¬∏°ùZ hGC ¬côJ øµªj C 22689 $15.90 $12.90 Advanced 2in1 Deep Action Foot Scrub 100ml ø«H ™ªéJ IQƒ£àe áÑ«côàH ,Éjô«àµÑ∏d OÉ°†e 1»a2 ô°qû≤e âjR º°ù∏Hh É«°ûdG IóHR ,⫪dG ó∏é∏d πjõªdG ¿ƒª«∏dG âjR .ΩGób’G áëFGQ ™æªj ɪc É¡Ñ«WôJh ÉjÓîdG ójóéàd ´Éæ©ædG C πe100 23277 $15.90 ቧ Feet-Up Advanced Cream 50ml Salvation Foot ™ªéJ IQƒ£àe áÑ«côàH !∫h’G ∫ɪ©à°S’G øe ∞㵪dG Ö«WôàdG C E ™e äÉ≤≤°ûàdG Qƒ¡X øe óëdG »a IóYÉ°ùªdG É«°ûdG IóHR ø«H ájÉæ©∏d ´Éæ©ædG âjR º°ù∏Hh ÉjÓîdG ójóéàd ±É°üØ°üdG ¢†ªM πe50 .Iô°ûÑ∏d áØ㵪dG q $10.90 23276 ቨ Feet-Up Moisturising Socks $12.90 16675 ቩ 4in1 24727 (one size) Foot File $9.90
  42. 42. Your beauty and sensuality is more than a moment. Look and feel beautiful all day with moisturising Silk proteins, blended with softening, protecting Orchid extract. Embrace the true you ቢ Silk 50ml Beauty Antiperspirant 24H Deo ôjôëdG øe ,ô©°ûdG ƒªf ∞Øîj ,¥ô©àdG áëFGôd πjõe πe50 .Ió«cQh’G IôgRh »æ««JhôÑdG C $8.90 21666 ባ Silk 75ml Beauty Ingrow Hair Eliminating Gel IôgR ,ôjôëdG ø«JhôH øe êôîà°ùe ô©°ûdG ƒªf A≈£Ñj πL ô£©H ,¢ùª∏ªdG áªYÉf Iô°ûÑdG »≤Ñ«d ø£≤dG QhòHh Ió«cQh’G C øe áYÉ°S 12 ó©H hGC k GQƒa ô©°ûdG ádGRGE ó©H ¬«©°V .ôm¨eh ºYÉf πe75 .™ª°ûdG §FGô°T ∫ɪ©à°SGE $12.90 22691 ቤ Silk Beauty Shave Gel 150ml »æ««JhôÑdG ôjôëdG øe ,ô©°ûdG ádGR’ IôØ°ûdG ™e πª©à°ùj πL E πe150.áØ«¶f Iô°ûÑd ,Ió«cQh’G IôgRh ø£≤dG QhòHh C $10.90 22932 ብ Silk ቨ Silk Beauty Soothing Body Lotion 200ml »æ««JhôÑdG ôjôëdG øe ô©°ûdG ƒªf ∞Øîj ,º°ùé∏d ¿ƒ«°Sƒd πe200 .á≤«bQ Iô°ûÑd ,Ió«cQh’G IôgRh ø£≤dG QhòHh C $13.90 21665 ቩ Silk Beauty Wax Strips 16 strips + 2 wipes %100 »©«Ñ£dG π°ù©dG ™ª°T øe ,º°ùé∏d IOQÉH ™ª°T áWô°TGC Ióªd Égƒqªf ∞«ØîJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùjh ô©°ûdG ádGR’ Rƒ∏dG âjRh E âjõdG ≈∏Y …ƒàëJ ΩQÉëe 2 + §jô°T 16 .ø«YƒÑ°SGC .∞«¶æà∏d $16.90 Beauty Soap Bar 100g $4.90 21585 ቪ Silk Beauty Hand Cream Jumbo 150ml $12.90 21612 ቫ Silk Beauty White Glow Anti-perspirant 24h Deo 50ml $14.90 ቧ Silk Beauty Anti-perspirant 24H Deodorant 50ml ôjôëdG ø«JhôH øe êôîà°ùe ¥ô©àdG áëFGôd πjõe º°ùédG áëFGQ øe óë∏d ¢†«H’G äƒàdG ¢ü∏îà°ùeh .∫ƒëµdG øe á«dÉN .RôµdG ôgR áëFGôH .•ôتdG ¥ô©àdGh πe50 äÉæ«JhôHh Ö∏ë°ùdG øe êôîà°ùe ¥ô©àdG áëFGôd πjõe πe50.Ió«cQh’G IôgRh ôjôëdG C $5.90 21462 200ml 21461 ቦ Silk 23949 Beauty Body Cream Ió«cQh’G IôgRh ôjôëdG ø«JhôH øe º°ùé∏d ºjôc C á°û©æe áëFGôH ,º©æeh …ò¨e ,ÖWôe ,Ö∏ë°ùdGh q πe200 .áHGòLh $5.90 22714 Meet the Day fresh and Pampered ቤ ብ ቦ ቪ ባ JUMBO ቫ ቢ ቨ ቧ ቩ
  43. 43. ቢ Feminelle Gentle Intimate Wash 300ml ™æªj pH `dG ¿RGƒàe .᪫ªëdG øcÉeÓd ¢UÉN ∞«£d ∫ƒ°ùZ C πe300 .¢ù°ùëàdG $11.90 11101 ባ Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash 300ml IôgR ,»æÑ∏dG ¢†eÉëdG øe êôîà°ùe »ë°Uh ∞£q∏e ∫ƒ°ùZ q øcÉeÓd É°ü«°üN ,»æ««JhôÑdG Ö«∏ëdGh ájOQƒdG Ió«cQh’G C k C øe »dÉN ,ø«°üàîe AÉÑWGC πÑb øe ôÑàîeh IGCôªdG óæY ᪫ªëdG πe300 .ô£©dG $12.90 23951 ቤ Feminelle Soothing Intimate Cream 75ml Ö«∏ëdGh …É°ûdG Iôé°T IóHR ,»æÑ∏dG ¢†eÉëdG øe ÖWôe ºjôc øe ôÑàîeh .IGCôªdG óæY ᪫ªëdG øcÉeÓd É°ü«°üN ,»æ««JhôÑdG C k πe75 .ø«°üàîe AÉÑWGC πÑb ብ Feminelle 75ml ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ᪫ªëdG øcÉe’ÉH ¢UÉN ¢û©æeh ô£©e …GôÑ°S C IOÉ°†e áÑ«côàH .¢ùJƒ∏dG IôgR øe ¢ü∏îà°ùe ,äÉæ«eÉà«ØdG .AÉ°ùædG ¢VGôeGCh ó∏édG AÉÑWGC ᣰSGƒH √QÉÑàNGE ºJ .íFGhô∏d πe75 Which Women in mind! $12.90 24890 ቦ Feminelle 175ml Soothing Intimate Mousse ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ ᪫ªëdG øcÉeÓd ∞¶æe ¢Sƒe ∫ƒ°ùZ E C πe175 .ƒ∏ëdG Rƒ∏dG âjRh ’hóædɵdG IôgR $12.90 21191 CLEAN, FRESH, and CONFIDENT $11.90 15240 Refreshing Deo Lotus Flow ቢ ባ ብ NEW ቦ ቤ Personal & Hair Care 43
  44. 44. ቢ Milk ቦ Milk & Honey Gold Deluxe Body Sponge 7.5*8cm & Honey Conditioner 200ml ô©°ûdG ÖWôj ,…ò¨ªdG π°ù©dGh Ö«∏ëdG øe êôîà°ùe º°ù∏H πe200 .ø«JhôÑdGh äÉæ«eÉà«ØdG ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ ¬jò¨jh E q $4.90 15891 & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream 250ml øe êôîà°ùe ,É¡ÑWôjh Iô°ûÑdG …ò¨j º°ùédGh øjó«∏d ºjôc πe250.π°ù©dGh Ö«∏ëdG ø«JhôH ቤ Milk 200ml ቧ Milk 75g $15.90 15570 ቨ Milk 200ml Iô°ûÑd ,ábôH á૪dG ÉjÓîdG πjõj º°ùé∏d ô°û≤e ÜGôµ°S πe200 .π°ù©dGh Ö«∏ëdG øe êôîà°ùe ,áeƒ©f ôãcGC $4.90 & Honey Gold Shower Cream ø«JhôH øe êôîà°ùe ,Iô°ûÑ∏d …ò¨eh ÖWôe Ωɪëà°SÓd ºjôc E πe200 .π°ù©dGh Ö«∏ëdG $14.90 $14.90 15579 ብ Milk & Honey Shampoo 200ml ô©°ûdG …ò¨j ,»©«Ñ£dG π°ù©dGh Ö«∏ëdG øe êôîà°ùe ƒÑeÉ°T πe200 .ø«JhôÑdGh äÉæ«eÉà«ØdG ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ ÉfÉ©ªd »£©j E k ቩ Milk & Honey Gold Hair Mask 200ml .π°ù©dGh Ö«∏ëdG ø«JhôH øe êôîà°ùe ,…ò¨e ô©°û∏d ∂°SÉe πe200 .ÉfÉ©ªd ôãcGC ô©°ûd k $10.90 22624 & Honey Gold Creamy Soap Bar 15571 & Honey Smoothing Sugar Scrub 17556 $10.90 22625 ባ Milk $14.90 24734 ብ ቦ I love being a Woman Complement your hair treatment with LUXURIOUS HAND & BODY PRODUCTS Leaves hair soft and radiant ቤ NEW ቨ NEW Nutritious care for healthy beautiful hair ቢ ቩ ቧ ባ 44 Personal & Hair Care Cleanses and protects hair
  45. 45. For dry to very dry skin Visibly Nourishing All ages ቦ Gentle Face Wash ባ Intense ቤ Hydration ብ ቢ Intensely Moisturising ቢ Milk NEW & Honey Gold Day Cream 50ml π°ù©dGh Ö«∏ëdG ø«JhôH øe êôîà°ùe ,¬Lƒ∏d QÉ¡ædG ºjôc πe50.ø«JhôÑdGh äÉæ«eÉà«ØdG ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ ÖWqôeh …ò¨e E q 24731 ባ Milk 24854 $25.90 Organically Sourced Milk Honey is rich nutrients, contains vitamins which are proven and minerals that to hydrate dry help revitaise skin skin. & Honey Gold Facial Massager $9.90 ቤ Milk For a complete routine to nourish and replenish skin use all Milk & Honey Gold Skincare products. & Honey Gold Eye Cream 15ml ø«JhôH øe êôîà°ùe ,ø«©dG §«ëªd ÖWqôe …ò¨e ºjôc q ø«©dG ∫ƒM Iô°ûÑdG áeƒ©fh IQÉ°†f ó«©j .π°ù©dGh Ö«∏ëdG πe15 .ø«JhôÑdGh äÉæ«eÉà«ØdG ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ E 25134 $20.90 ብ Milk & Honey Gold Night Cream 50ml ,π°ù©dGh Ö«∏ëdG ø«JhôH øe êôîà°ùe ,¬Lƒ∏d ò¨e π«∏dG ºjôc v πe50.áØãµe áHƒWQ »£©j q 24732 $25.90 ቦ Milk 200ml & Honey Gold Cleansing Milk ,π°ù©dGh Ö«∏ëdG ø«JhôH øe ¬Lƒ∏d »ªjôc ∞¶qæe Ö«∏M πe200.ÖFGƒ°ûdGh êÉ«cɪdG QÉKGB πjõj .ÖWqôeh …ò¨e q 24733 $16.90
  46. 46. ቢ Happy Skin hydrating body lotion normal dry skin 400ml Iô°ûÑdG ∑ôàjh ÖWôj ,º°ùª°ùdG âjR øe º°ùé∏d ÖWôe ºjôc πe400 .áaÉédG ≈àM ájOÉ©dG Iô°ûÑ∏d ,¢ùª∏ªdG áªYÉf $20.90 23730 ባ Happy Skin dry skin 400ml nourishing body milk extra .´ô≤dG QhòH âjR øe êôîà°ùe º°ùé∏d …ò¨e »ªjôc Ö«∏M ¢VGôe’G ™æªjh ø°ûîdGh ±ÉédG ó∏édG OƒLh èdÉ©j ,ÖWôj C πe400 .ÉaÉØL ôãc’G Iô°ûÑ∏d .ájó∏édG C k $20.90 23733 ቤ Happy Skin caring body lotion sensitive skin 400ml ,…ò¨j ¿ÉàµdG QòH âjR øe º°ùédÉH ájÉæ©∏d ÖWôe ºjôc ,áFOÉgh áªYÉf É¡côà«d Iô°ûÑdG á«°SÉ°ùM øe ∞Øîjh »ªëj πe400 .á°SÉ°ùëdG Iô°ûÑ∏d $20.90 23729 ብ Happy Skin Nourishing body Cream extra dry skin 200ml ¢VGôeC’G ™æªj .´ô≤dG QhòH øe êôîà°ùe ,ÖWôe º°ùédG ºjôc πe200.ÉaÉØL ôãc’G Iô°ûÑ∏d .ájó∏édG C k $14.90 23734 EFFECTIVE PROTECTION FOR CONFIDENCE! Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Spray Pure Care 150ml $11.90 23719 ቧ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deo RollOn Pure Care 50ml $5.90 23718 ቨ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Spray Invisible 150ml $11.90 23727 ቩ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deo RollOn Invisible 50ml $5.90 23725 ቪ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Spray Sensitive 150ml ባ $11.90 23724 ቤ ቫ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deo RollOn Sensitive 50ml $5.90 23723 ቢ ቦ ብ 46 Personal & Hair Care ቦ Activelle ቪ ቨ ቧ ቩ ቫ
  47. 47. ቢ ONE STEP Hand Recovery 75ml ôµ°ùdG äGQƒ∏H ≈∏Y …ƒàëj á≤≤°ûªdGh áÑ©àªdG øjó«∏d ºjôc Ö«Wôà∏d …É°ûdG IóHRh ,⫪dG ó∏édG ádGR’ á«©«Ñ£dG í∏ªdGh E πe75 .øjó«dG ájò¨Jh º«©æà∏d ƒ∏ëdG Rƒ∏dG âjRh $14.90 17298 ባ INTENSE 50ml Hand Protection Concentrate ≈∏Yh ,ƒ∏ëdG Rƒ∏dG âjR ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ ÖWôe øjó«∏d ºjôc E πe50 .áaÉédG øjó«dG ájò¨Jh ájɪëd ɵ«fQ’G IôgR C $7.90 17305 ቤ Pro-Youth Hand Cream 50ml ¥ƒa á©°T’G QGô°VGC ó°V »ªëj ,õcôe øjó«∏d ºjôc C q Éjƒ°üdG ∫ƒa øe êôîà°ùe ,áYÉ°S 24 Ióªd ÖWôj ,á«é°ùØæÑdG πe50 .øjô«°ù«∏¨dGh ቧ 2in1 100ml 20357 ብ Moisturising 11288 ቨ Renewing $12.90 Gloves (one Size) ºK Iô°ûÑdG ¬°üàªàd ∑ôàj ,ó«dG ºjôc ™°Vƒj :ΩGóîà°S’G á«Ø«c E .ΩƒædG AÉæKGC äGRÉØ≤dG ¢ùÑ∏J $9.90 26406 ቦ Daily Hand Cream 50ml »ªëj ,ƒ∏ëdG Rƒd âjR ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,øjó«∏d »eƒj ºjôc πe50 .áªYÉf É¡côà«d Iô°ûÑdG …ò¨jh $6.90 18962 Soft, smooth hands the easy way NOURISHING CARE Protecting Hand & Nail Cream øeƒj .áÑWQh áªYÉf É¡«≤Ñjh ôaÉX’Gh øjó«dG »ªëj ºjôc D C πe100 .¢ùª°ûdG ó°V ájɪëdG $9.90 Hand Scrub 75ml âjRh Rƒ∏dG Iô°ûb IQOƒH ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ÖWôeh ô°û≤e ÜGôµ°S πe75 .ƒ∏ëdG Rƒ∏dG 11289 ቩ Nourishing 100ml $10.90 Hand Cream for dry hands Rƒ∏dG âjR ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,øjó«dG ±ÉØL ≥ª©H …ò¨j ºjôc πe100 .ƒ∏ëdG $9.90 11287 NEW ቨ ቢ ቦ ቧ ቤ ባ ቩ ብ NEW Personal & Hair Care 47
  48. 48. ቢ Swedish 150ml SPA Beauty Wonder Oil ƒ∏ëdG Rƒ∏dG âjR øe ô©°ûdGh º°ùé∏d ∂«dóà∏d âjR πe150 .π«ÑéfõdGh óæ¡dG RƒLh $16.90 18765 ባ Swedish SPA Renewal Night Hand Cream 75ml âjR ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ …ò¨e ,øjó«∏d »∏«d ºjôc E πe75 .ÉjÓîdG Oóéj π«ÑéfõdGh ƒ∏ëdG Rƒ∏dG $9.90 18484 ቤ Swedish SPA Scrub 150ml âjR øe äÉÑ«ÑM ≈∏Y …ƒàëj º°ùé∏d ô°û≤e ºjôc πe150 .E ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Yh π«ÑéfõdG ,ƒ∏ëdG Rƒ∏dG $24.90 18483 ብ Swedish Gel SPA Stimulating Shower 200ml ájôëÑdG ÖdÉë£dG øe êôîà°ùe Ωɪëà°SÓd πL E áªYÉf Iô°ûÑd .äÉæ«eÉà«ØdGh ¿OÉ©ªdÉH á«æ¨dG πe200 .ÖFGƒ°ûdG øe á«dÉN $16.90 18481 Revive with the scintillating flow Exfoliating Body ቦ Swedish Scrub 75ml SPA Smoothing Face ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ,ôëÑdG ìÓeGC øe ¬Lƒ∏d ô°û≤e Ödôµ°S .E ø«eÉà«a ≈∏Yh óæ¡dG RƒLh π«ÑéfõdG øe äÉÑ«ÑM πe75 .Iô°ûÑdG ¢û©æjh ÖWôj ÖFGƒ°ûdG πjõj 20371 ቦ ቧ Swedish SPA Nourishing Foot Mask 100ml ÖdÉë£dG øe êôîà°ùe ø«eó≤dG …ò¨jh »ªëj ∂°SÉe ,øjô«°ù«∏¨dGh π°ù©dG ™ª°T ,É«°ûdG IóHR ,á«æÑdG ájôëÑdG πe100 .É¡Ñ«WôJh ø«eó≤dG §«°ûæJ ≈∏Y óYÉ°ùj ቧ ብ ቢ ቩ 23738 ቨ Swedish 50ml ቨ ባ ቤ $13.90 ቪ $15.90 SPA Purifying Face Mask ,ƒ∏ëdG Rƒ∏dG âjR ≈∏Y …ƒàëj ¬Lƒ∏d ô°û≤e ∂°SÉe πjõj .E ø«eÉà«ah óæ¡dG RƒL ,π«ÑéfõdG πe50.ÖFGƒ°ûdG 20372 ቩ Swedish Bar 100g $14.90 SPA Exfoliating Massage ÖdÉë£dG øe áLôîà°ùe º°ùé∏d Iô°qû≤e áfƒHÉ°U Æ100 .á°û©æeh áªYÉf Iô°ûÑd ájôëÑdG 18480 $10.90 ቪ Swedish Spa Refreshing Antiperspirant Deo Roll-on 50ml ájôëÑdG ÖdÉë£dG øe êôîà°ùe ¥ô©àdG áëFGôd πjõe áYÉ°S24 Ióªd Iô°ûÑdG ¢û©æjh ÖWôj ,´Éæ©ædGh πe50 Hydracare+ ≈∏Y ¬FGƒàM’ É¡«ªëjh E 48 Personal & Hair Care 23739 $5.90
  49. 49. Get the style you want with the care you need ብ ቢ ቨ ቦ ቩ ቪ ቧ ባ ቤ ቫ ቤ HairX ቦ Hair X Advanced Growth Reviver Shampoo 250ml ቨ Hair The Shine Boost Shampoo effectively washes away residue, leaving hair clean, vibrant and lustrous. The innovative ProShine System helps boost shine, resulting in a healthier shinier appearance. A light serum infused with white pearl to illuminate light brown to blond hair. Containing the ProShine System, this serum effectively creates an overall glow on lighter hair. Cleanse and help improve the thickness and vitality of your hair. Effective Shampoo with ReVive+ complex, combining fruit acids, caffeine, peptides, and protective acids Restore vitality and strength. Leaves hair looking fuller and thicker. Adds volume and lustre without heaviness. Use on wet hair, and leave in without rinsing »£©j ,Ö©àªdG ô©°ûdG ´GƒfGC áaɵd ƒÑeÉ°T .ProShine áÑ«côàH ,ÉkfÉ©ªdh ájƒ«M πe250 …ò¨j ô≤°T’G ≈dGE íJÉØdG »æÑdG ô©°û∏d Ωhô«°S C IQOƒH øe êôîà°ùe ,É«©«ÑW ÉfÉ©ªd »£©jh k k πe50 ProShine áÑ«côàH ¢†«H’G ƒdƒ∏dG C D D ቢ HairX 250ml 23700 Shine Boost Shampoo $10.90 ባ HairX Shine Boost Serum for Dark Hair 50ml Shine Boost Serum for Light Hair 50ml 23707 ብ HairX $14.90 Shine Boost Conditioner 250ml A creamy serum that restores the natural shine of dark hair. Infused with black pearl and containing the ProShine System, this serum creates a boost of healthy shine. In combination with Shine Boost Shampoo this conditioner nourishes hair, thus imparting more gloss. With the ProShine System hair becomes more manageable with a smooth radiant finish ÉfÉ©ªd »£©jh …ò¨j ≥eɨdG ô©°û∏d Ωhô«°S k Oƒ°S’G ƒdƒ∏dG IQOƒH øe êôîà°ùe ,kÉ«©«ÑW C D D πe50 ProShine áÑ«côàH »£©jh …ò¨j ƒÑeÉ°ûdG ™e ∫ɪ©à°SÓd º°ù∏H E .ProShine áÑ«côàH ,ô©°û∏d ájƒ«Mh ÉkfÉ©ªd πe250 23706 $14.90 23701 $9.90 ô©°ûdG §bÉ°ùJ ÜÉÑ°SGC èdÉ©j ∞¶æj ƒÑeÉ°T …ò¨j ,ø««aɵdGh ¬cGƒØdG á°UÓN øe êôîà°ùe πe 250 .á«©ªd »£©jh 22686 ቧ Hair $17.90 X Advanced Growth Reviver Hair Tonic 100ml Contains ReVive+ complex with fruit acids, caffeine, peptides, and protective acids to help strengthen and encourage new hair growth. Massage directly into scalp ¬FGƒàM’ §bÉ°ùàdG ™æªj ô©°û∏d …ƒ≤e êÓY E ó«©jh áaÉãc »£©j .¬cGƒØdG ¢ü∏îà°ùe ≈∏Y ó©H ∞«¶f ô©°T ≈∏Y πª©à°ùj ,ójóL ô©°T äÉÑfGE πe100 .π«°ùZ ¿hóH k Gó«L ∑ôØjh º°ù∏ÑdG 22688 $19.90 X Advanced Growth Reviver Conditioner 150ml .ô©°û∏d ɪéMh ájƒ«M »£©j ,¢Sƒe º°ù∏H k ø««aɵdGh ¬cGƒØdG á°UÓN øe êôîà°ùe ó©H ∞«¶f ô©°T ≈∏Y πª©à°ùj ,äÉæ«eÉà«ØdGh πe150 .ô©°ûdG ≈∏Y ≈≤Ñjh ƒÑeÉ°ûdG 22687 $15.90 ቩ HairX 16181 Cushion Brush ቪ HairX Detangling Comb $4.90 $4.90 16000 ቫ HairX 16183 Round Brush $4.90
  50. 50. ቤ DAMAGED HAIR ብ ∞dÉàdG ô©°û∏d ቨ Delight in creamy softness ቩ ቪ ቦ ቢ ባ ቧ ቢ Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair Wheat & Coconut Jumbo 400ml ብ Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair Wheat & Coconut 250ml ቨ Shower Cream with Nourishing Wheat & Coconut Jumbo 400ml 22699 21860 22678 $16.90 $10.90 $20.90 ባ Hot Oil for Dry & Damaged Hair Wheat & Coconut 15ml ቦ Conditioner for Dry & Damaged Hair Wheat & Coconut 250ml ቩ Shower Gel with Relaxing Lavender & Fig Jumbo 400ml 22698 21862 24212 $4.90 ቤ Conditioner for Dry & Damaged Hair Wheat & Coconut Jumbo 400ml 26451 50 Personal & Hair Care $14.90 $9.90 ቧ Body Cream with Nourishing Wheat & Coconut 200ml 22677 $14.90 $20.90 ቪ Shower Gel with Relaxing Lavender & Fig 250ml 23409 $13.90
  51. 51. Enjoy the power of Nature! Refresh, Energise and Enjoy ቮ ቲ ቭ ታ ተ ቯ ቫ ቱ Fabulous Fruit scents for a pleasurable experience! ቴ ቫ Hand & Body Cream with Relaxing Lavender & Fig 200ml ቯ Deo Roll-On with Energising Mint & Raspberry 50ml ቲ Exfoliating Shower Gel with Energising Mint & Raspberry 250ml 23411 22669 22667 $14.90 $5.90 $13.90 ቭ Body Mist with Relaxing Lavender & Fig 150ml ተ Hand Cream with Energising Mint & Raspberry 75ml ታ Body Mist with Energising Mint & Raspberry 150ml 23959 23400 23958 $12.90 $9.90 ቮ Exfoliating Shower Gel with Energising Mint & Raspberry Jumbo 400ml ቱ Exfoliating Soap Bar with Energising Mint & Raspberry 75g 22670 22668 $20.90 $4.90 $12.90 ቴ Shower Sponge 17075 $3.90 Personal & Hair Care 51
  52. 52. ቧ ቨ ቢ ቤ ባ ቩ ብ ቦ HYDRATES AND NOURISHES IRRESISTIBLY EXOTIC HAIR REJUVENATION! ቧ Shower Gel with Moisturising Aloe Vera & Watermelon 250ml 24213 DANDRUFF DEFENCE ቤ Shower Gel with Moisturising Aloe Vera & Watermelon Jumbo 400ml 24203 $20.90 $13.90 Iô°û≤dG ó°V ቢ Shampoo Anti-Dandruff Burdock & Grapefruit Jumbo 400ml ብ Body Cream with Moisturising Aloe Vera & Watermelon 200ml ቨ Shower Cream for Sensitive Skin Jojoba & Mango 250ml 24398 24205 22671 $16.90 $14.90 $13.90 ባ Conditioner Anti-Dandruff Burdock & Grapefruit 250ml ቦ Soap Bar with Moisturising Aloe Vera & Watermelon 75g ቩ Deo Roll-On for sensitive Skin Jojoba & Mango 50ml 22695 24204 22673 52 Personal & Hair Care $9.90 $4.90 $5.90