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Innovation & Creativity MasterClass


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Innovation & Creativity MasterClass is designed in a workshop setting specifically structured for your own corporate needs. Your team will be introduced to the principles of creative thinking, idea management and innovation strategy in a 3-day program.

The purpose of this course is to provide theory and applied models to design an effective framework of creative thinking, form innovative ideas and convert ideas into innovation regardless of your professional background.

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Innovation & Creativity MasterClass

  1. 1. INNOVATION  &  CREATIVITYMasterClass by Orhan GonenGatrium Brand Design
  2. 2. From concept to metaphor and to reality.Such is the power of creative thinking.
  3. 3. World of Change World of Change
  4. 4. Populaon   C    H    A    N    G    E   Climate   Technology   Economics   POPULATION   CLIMATE   TECHNOLOGY   ECONOMICS   Urban  Living   Green  Living   Smart  Living   Efficient  Living  
  5. 5. What once seemed impossiblenow seems overdue.So  how  are  we  to  survive  this  headlong  rush  into  the  future?    We  have  only  one  opIon.  We  must  adapt  and  evolve.  And  that  is  where  creaIvity  plays  its  vital  role.  
  6. 6. imaginaIon   The  most  effecIve  tool  is  one  with  which  we  are  all  born:  
  7. 7. So,  even  if  you  are  one  of  those  people  who  make  the  statement    “I  don’t  have  a  creaIve  bone  in  my  body”,  then  remember.   You  have  an  imaginaIon  that  is  probably   more  powerful  than  you  are.  
  8. 8. The  quesIon  is  how  do  you  put  it  to  business  use.   How  do  you  aSach  your  imaginaIon  to   a  creaIve  business  purpose?  
  9. 9. Innovation & Creativity MasterClass Program OverviewInnovaon  &  Creavity  MasterClass  is  designed  in  a  workshop  seTng  specifically  structured  for  your  own  corporate  needs.  Your  team  will  be  introduced  to  the  principles  of  creaIve  thinking,  idea  management  and  innovaIon  strategy  in  a  3-­‐day  program.    
  10. 10. Innovation & Creativity MasterClass Program OverviewWhy  should  my  team  take  such  a  program?    The  purpose  of  this  course  is  to  provide  theory  and  applied  models  to  design  an  effec2ve  framework  of  crea2ve  thinking,  form  innova2ve  ideas  and  convert  ideas  into  innova2on  regardless  of  your  team’s  professional  background.  
  11. 11. Innovation & Creativity MasterClass Program OverviewCreavity  is  about  coming  up  with  ideas  while  innovaon  is  about  bringing  ideas  to  life.  While  individuals  may  display  creaIvity,  innovaIon  occurs  in  organizaIonal  context  only,  by  bringing  creaIve  ideas  to  life.  
  12. 12. Innovation & Creativity MasterClass Program Overview3-­‐Day  MasterClass  provides  opportunity  for  members  of  various  departments  in  your  organizaIon  to  work  as  a  team  and  learn  creaIvity  techniques  to  create  innovaIve  ideas  regardless  of  their  profession  or  department  to  achieve  common  organizaIonal  and  business  goals.    The  agenda  of  the  Innovaon  &  Creavity  MasterClass  includes:    §  CreaIvity  Techniques  §  Idea  Management  §  InnovaIon  Process  Management  §  2012  Consumer  Trends  §  15  InnovaIve  Brand  Case  Studies  §  WORKSHOPS:  Six  Thinking  Hats  &  Mind  Mapping  
  13. 13. Innovation & Creativity MasterClass Program OverviewCourse  Materials:    You  will  have  private  access  to  all  course  presentaIons,  videos,  arIcles  and  workshop  details  presented  throughout  the  program.  
  14. 14. About the instructor: Orhan GonenOrhan  Gonen  started  his  career  as  a  business  consultant  at  PricewaterhouseCoopers  in  1999.  His  client  por`olio  included  leading  internaIonal  firms  in  media,  markeIng  and  adverIsing.  His  main  interest  has  always  been  construcIng  strong  brands  by  an  opImum  blend  of  finance  and  markeIng  strategies.    Aber  3  years  in  business  consultancy,  he  moved  to  New  York  and  studied  CommunicaIon  Design  in  NYU.  He  worked  as  a  freelance  designer  in  various  projects;  corporate  idenIty  to  brand  design.  He  returned  Istanbul  in  2004  and  started  to  work  as  a  Strategic  Planner  at  M.A.R.K.A.  Communicaons,  Istanbul.  He  managed  mostly  mulInaIonal  brands  such  as  Audi,  JVC,  Zanussi  and  Regal.  ResponsibiliIes  were  heading  client  services  and  strategic  planning.  In  2005,  he  joined  Ogilvy&Mather  as  an  Account  Manager  for  Turkcell  First  Class  CRM  Project  along  with  Nestle  Loyalty  Program.  His  other  accounts  included  IBM,  Motorola  and  BAT  -­‐  managing  strategic  360  projects.  He  also  achieved  to  get  his  former  client  Audi  in  Ogilvys  client  por`olio,  and  lead  the  Audi  portal  project  for  2  years.    In  summer  of  2008,  he  received  a  unique  offer  from  his  former  company,  PricewaterhouseCoopers  and  started  to  work  as  Corporate  CommunicaIons  Consultant.  He  was  responsible  for  developing  and  leading  communicaIons  strategy.  He  then  lead  a  specific  brand  reposiIoning  project  for  Sabancı  Holding’s  Aksigorta  and  worked  in  developing  Internal  CommunicaIon  Strategy  for  Pfizer  Turkey  as  a  CommunicaIon  Consultant  .  In  2010,  he  founded  Gatrium  Brand  Design  and  leads  the  firm  as  Managing  Director.  Providing  strategic  brand  consulIng  and  design  services  on  project  basis,  he  develops  brand  communicaIon  strategy  and  manages  creaIve  process  &  press  relaIons  for  his  clients.  He’s  also  lecturing  as  a  visiIng  MBA  lecturer  at  Izmir  University  of  Economics  for  BA565  InnovaIon  &  CreaIvity  MasterClass.  
  15. 15. Thank you Thank youOrhan  Gonen  Managing  Director  Gatrium  Brand  Design