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OMT 2018 business meeting slides


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Slides from the 2018 Business Meeting, at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Chicago

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OMT 2018 business meeting slides

  1. 1. Thank you!
  2. 2. OMT Business Meeting: 2018 Agenda 1. Welcome and Division Chair Report – Membership – New Volunteers & Committees – Other Major News 2. Conference Reports – PDWs: Renate Meyer – OMT Events: Emily Block – Program and Awards: Peer Fiss 3. Trailblazer Award: Davide Ravasi 4. Best Published OMT Paper Award: Davide Ravasi 5. Farewells 6. Artifact, Social Hour, and After Party
  3. 3. Membership (7/30/18) 1501 880 683 636 520 461 444 Top 7 OMT Overlaps STR (35.8%) OB (21.0%) TIM (16.3%) ENT (15.2%) ODC (12.4%) SIM (11.0%) RM (10.6%)
  4. 4. Membership (7/30/18) – 4192 Members – 55.9% Non-US – 87 Countries (out of 123 Academy countries) – 26.4% Student Members – 4.4% Executive Members – 20.7% of All Academy Members are OMTers – 21.6% of All Academy Students Members are OMTers – 22.0% of All Academy Emeritus Members are OMTers – 80.0 % of our members come from 11 countries – Of those 72.7% from North America & Europe
  5. 5. Membership (7/30/18) 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 UnitedKingdom Canada Germany Netherlands France Australia Japan Switzerland China Italy Denmark Finland Singapore Korea Spain Sweden Austria India Norway Taiwan HongKong Brazil Israel NewZealand Ireland Portugal Myanmar Mexico Turkey Belgium Thailand Indonesia Non-US with 10 or more OMTers
  6. 6. TLDR: Membership (7/30/18) – Bridge across many Academy communities – “Global” – Higher share of Students – Higher share of Emeritus – Major opportunity to expand geographic diversity – If you have ideas to help, we want to hear from you….
  7. 7. Welcome to Our New Elected Officers!! Patricia Thornton PDW Chair-Elect Representatives at Large Dahlia Mani Lisa Cohen Aleksandra Kacperczyk
  8. 8. And New Chairs Hovig Tchalian Communications Chair Deborah Anderson Social Media Chair
  9. 9. Communications Committee TEAM (year joined) • Evelyn Micelotta, U of New Mexico (2010) • Mia Raynard, WU Vienna (2010) • Diane-Laure Arjaliès, Ivey (2012) • Marco Clemente, SKK GSB (2012) • Rebecca Henn, Penn State (2013) • Shilo Hills, Alberta (2013) • Jochem Kroezen, Cambridge (2013) • Michael Mauskapf, Columbia (2013) • Madeline Toubiana, Alberta (2013) • Dalhia Mani, IIM Bangalore (2014) • Teddy DeWitt, Michigan (2014) • Laura Claus, UCL (2015) • Christopher Corbishley, Imperial (2015) • Tracey Dodd, U South Australia (2015) • Saralara Marquez-Gallardo, Cass (2015) • Bjoern Mitzinneck, U of Groningen (2015) • Chris Morin, Calgary (2015) • Georg Reischauer, WU Vienna (2015) • Julie Ricard, Concordia (2015) • Sonia Siraz, IE (2015) • Garima Sharma, U of New Mexico (2016) • Valdez Gonzalo, Talca (2016) • Maima Aulia Syakhroza, Cambridge (2017) • Celeste Diaz Ferraro, Penn State (2017) • Jochem Hummel, VU (2017) • And many new members in 2018…… Chair: Hovig Tchalian, Claremont Social Media: Deborah Anderson, Oxford
  10. 10. OMT Social Media 0 400 800 1200 1600 2000 Aug-14 Feb-15 Aug-15 Feb-16 Aug-16 Feb-17 Aug-17 Feb-18 Aug-18 Facebook likes Twitter followers
  11. 11. OMT Practitioner-Scholar Committee • Bridging executive and academic members – Translating research – Generating research questions/sites – Building resources around topics of mutual interest • LinkedIn Group/discussion forum • Encourage your practitioner colleagues to join OMT!
  12. 12. OMT Global • Converted “Global Reps-at-large” to 3rd Reprensetative-at-Large 3 year role • Launched first “Doing Organizational Research Around the World Workshop”
  13. 13. Other Major News • Launched first OMT Writing & Reviewing Workshop in February 2018 (14 OMT Mentors and 35 Authors in Vancouver) • Keep an eye out for February 2019 in London • 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices Award Winner • Launched co-sponsored “Meet EGOS @ OMT”
  14. 14. – Hosted and organized by the University of Edinburgh Business School – “Enlightening the Future: The Challenge for Organizations” For the list of sub-themes and the Call for Papers see: Deadline for short paper submission [via the EGOS website]: January 14, 2019 For any questions with regard to EGOS: EGOS – European Group for Organizational Studies
  15. 15. OMT PDWs: 2018 Renate Meyer PDW Chair
  16. 16. OMT PDWs Summary • Again a very strong and diverse program – our sincere thanks to all of the organizers! • Apart from the Doctoral and Junior Faculty Consortia we again convened the OMT Dissertation Proposal Workshop and the OMT New and Returning Member Networking • 31 thematic sessions (69 hours) led by OMT and 36 sessions co- sponsored – On topics from social movements, to misconduct, stigmatization, collegiality, circularity – On dissertations, publishing, and teaching – On methods
  17. 17. An exciting and expanding “Off-Program” OMT Events started in Vancouver developed in Anaheim and Atlanta at its best in Chicago! Thanks to the OMT Membership Group initiated by Emily Block
  18. 18. Off Program OMT Events • Committee Officers: Madeline Toubiana, Wes Helms • OMT Moves: Runs, Yoga, Bikes, Walks • OMT Outings: Chicago Board of Exchange, Art Institute • OMT Drinks & Eats: PhD Students, Experimentalists, Pizza Enthusiasts, International Researchers • OMT Editor Chats: ASQ, Behavioral Science and Policy • OMT Cafes: Legitimacy and Reputation, Goffman, Topic Modeling, Creative Industries and Cultural Markets, Strategy as Practice, Memory History and Trauma, Engaged Research and Compassion Fatigue, Identity and Authenticity, Doing Research Around the World, Research Across Professions, Bureaucracy, Paradox
  19. 19. Off-Program OMT Events Where: Howl at the Moon (26 W Hubbard St) When: 11 PM – 2 AM
  20. 20. OMT Program: 2018 Peer Fiss Program Chair
  21. 21. Submissions to OMT 2nd highest total submissions, best ever in the States! Strong growth in symposia submissions, most of all divisions
  22. 22. Program Summary • Overall goal remained inclusivity and development • 1110 people signed up to review for OMT from 55 countries (1184 from 51 countries last year—please keep reviewing for OMT!) • 1061 people received papers to review (225 new reviewers): – Avg of 2.22 submissions/reviewer (down 7.7%) – Avg of 3.25 reviewers assigned/ submission (up 25.2%) – 93.7% completion rate – THANK YOU! • 286 paper acceptances (47.3% acceptance rate, 62% last year) – 260 regular papers; 26 discussion papers – 26 “best papers” in the 2016 AoM Proceedings • 94 symposium acceptances (76.4% acceptance rate, 85% last year) – 73 co-sponsored (23 with another division, 50 with 2 other divisions) – 9 showcase symposia
  23. 23. Popular Submission Keywords/Trends Keyword - theories (top 5) Papers ‘18 (‘17) Reviewers Institutional Theory 154 (163) 477 Networks & Embeddedness 68 (67) 239 Behavioral Theory and Decision Making 62 (47) 222 Sensemaking and Cognition 49 (44) 220 Practice Theory 34 (20) 114 Keyword - topics (top 9) Institutional Logics/Complexity 52 (52) 232 Organizational Design, Structure and Control 51 (39) 163 Social Responsibility and Ethics 49 (20) 164 Innovation and Creativity 49 (45) 227 Learning, Adaptation, Routines 47 (New) 132 Status and Reputation 45 (54) 143 Entrepreneurship 45 (48) 143 Economic Sociology 41 (New) 168 Change 41 (39) 168 **Note that submitters chose 3 keywords and that keywords overlap
  24. 24. 2016 OMT Heatmap • OMT Eats: Natalya Alonso, Dennis Ma, Jo-Ellen Pozner
  25. 25. 2017: OMT Floor Mat…
  26. 26. 2018 OMT Keyword Network Analysis
  27. 27. 2018 OMT Program Creation
  28. 28. 2018 OMT Program Creation Adele Xing, Santa Clara U. Jue (Kate) Wang, USC Maurice Murphy, USC
  29. 29. AWARDS
  30. 30. Research Committee Members Chair: Lori Yue Want to join? Talk to Lori! Please rise, thank you! Name School Felix Arndt University of Nottingham Sekou Bermiss University of Texas at Austin Daniel Beunza Copenhagen Business School Emily Block University of Alberta Yoonjin Choi London Business School Laura Claus Cambridge Aharon Cohen Mohliver London Business School Benjamin Cole Fordham University Sunasir Dutta University of Minnesota Bob Eberhart Santa Clara University Vibha Gaba INSEAD Jianhua Ge Renmin University of China Joel Gehman University of Alberta Simona Giorgi Boston College Scott Graffin University of Georgia Abhinav Gupta University of Washington Dan Halgin University of Kentucky Derek Harmon University of Michigan Ruthanne Huising EMLYON Business School Kate Kellogg MIT Sharon Koppman UC Irvine Ricky Leung University at Albany
  31. 31. Research Committee Members Chair: Lori Yue Want to join? Talk to Lori! Please rise, thank you! Name School Jamber Li National University of Singapore Ningzi Li Cornell University Jiao Luo University of Minnesota Dali Ma Drexel University Mae McDonnell University of Pennsylvania Jennifer Merluzzi George Washington University Ivana Naumovska INSEAD Sun-Hyun Park Seoul National University Kelly Patterson Santa Clara University Aruna Ranganathan Stanford University Garima Sharma University of New Mexico Adina Sterling Stanford University Kati Takacs-Haynes University of Delaware Hovig Tchalian Claremont Graduate University Maxim Voronov Brock University Danqing Wang Hong Kong University Song Wang Zhejiang University Klaus Weber Northwestern University Tiantian Yang Duke University Trevor Young-Hyman University of Pittsburgh Yanlong Zhang Peking University Jiayin Zhang Tsinghua University Eric Zhao Indiana University
  32. 32. OMT Best Student Paper Award Anjali Bhatt (Stanford Graduate School of Business) Cultural Transmission & Variation in Organizational Populations: A Formal Model Runners Up • Yuan Shi (Robert H. Smith School of Business, U. of Maryland) Blurred Lines: Market Democratization and Crossover Production in the US Commercial Music Industry • Arnaud Cudennec (HEC Paris) Under the Magnifying Glass: Expertise and Categorization on the Perception of Atypicality • Giada Baldessarelli (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) The Role of Emotions toward Artifacts in Interorganizational Routines • Joshua Bruce (Duke U.) Getting Ahead by Staying Put? Specialization and Social Capital in U.S. Civil Service Careers
  33. 33. OMT Division Best Paper on Environmental & Social Practices Grace H. Fan (The University of British Columbia) Winning Hearts to Achieve Sustainability: Theorizing Change from an Emotional Perspective Runners Up • Abhinav Gupta (U. of Washington, Seattle), Anna Fung (U. of Washington) and Chad Murphy (Oregon State U.) CEO Ideology, Peer Influence, and Adoption of CSR Executive Position by Fortune 500 Firms • Mia Raynard (WU Vienna U. of Economics and Business) and Royston Greenwood (U. of Alberta) Institutional legacies: Examining the interplay between emotions and imprinting • Ming Leung (U. of California, Berkeley) and Sharon Koppman (U. of California, Irvine) Taking a Pass: How Proportional Prejudice and Decisions Not to Hire Reproduce Sex Segregation • Ralph Hamann (U. of Cape Town) Dynamic de-responsibilization in business-government interactions
  34. 34. OMT Division Best International Paper Anna Kim (HEC Montréal) Local Remembering, Global Forgetting: Uses of the Past in Corporate-Community Relations in Kenya Runners Up • Aruna Ranganathan (Stanford U.) and Laura Doering (U. of Toronto) The (State- Private) Ties that Bind: Status, Occupations, and Economic Development in India • Vaughn Tan (U. College London) Inadvertent Tacit Knowledge Transfer Through Work Routines in Innovation Teams.
  35. 35. OMT Division Best Entrepreneurship Paper Raffaele Conti (Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics), Aleksandra Kacperczyk (London Business School) and Giovanni Valentini (IESE Business School) Discrimination and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from LGBT Rights Laws Runners Up • Kevin Lee (New York U.) and Damon Phillips (Columbia Business School) “Rocket Ship” and “Roller Coaster”: Reimagining Startups and their Role in the New Economy • Blake Mathias (Louisiana State U.) and Annelore Huyghe (Cass Business School, City U. London) Another One Bites the Dust: Oppositional Identity and Category Convergence in the Beer Industry • Yuliya Snihur (Toulouse Business School) and Christoph Zott (IESE Business School) The Genesis and Metamorphosis of Imprints: How Business Model Innovation Evolves in Young Firms
  36. 36. OMT Division Best Symposium Award Tina Dacin (Queen's U.), Tammar Zilber (Hebrew U. of Jerusalem) and Michael Lounsbury (U. of Alberta) Situated Institutions: The Role of Place, Space and Embeddedness in Institutional Dynamics Runners Up • Ryan Coles (Cornell U.), Wesley Sine (Cornell U.), Shon Hiatt (U. of Southern California) and Phillip Anderson (INSEAD) The Influence of Local Communities on Entrepreneurship in a Globalized World • Shemuel Lampronti (ESSEC Business School), Elisa Operti (ESSEC Business School), Stoyan Sgourev (ESSEC Business School), Donald Palmer (U. of California, Davis) and Marco Clemente (Sungkyunkwan U.) Organizational Misconduct: Mechanisms and Outcomes • Vibha Gaba (INSEAD), John Joseph (U. of California, Irvine), Pino Audia (Dartmouth College), Metin Sengul (Boston College), Phanish Puranam (INSEAD), Henrich Greve (INSEAD), Philip Bromiley(U. of California, Irvine), Organizational Structure and the Behavioral Theory of the Firm: A Neo-Carnegie Perspective • Jochem Kroezen (U. of Cambridge), Innan Sasaki (Lancaster U. Management School), Davide Ravasi (Cass Business School, City U. London), Howard Aldrich (U. of North Carolina), Mukti Khaire (Cornell U.), Gino Cattani (New York U.), Tina Dacin (Queen's U.) Craft in Organizational Society
  37. 37. Louis R. Pondy Award for Best Paper Based on a Dissertation Pedro Monteiro (Warwick Business School) The Enabling Roles of Bureaucracy in Cross-Expertise Collaboration Runners Up • Sanaz Mobasseri (U. of California, Berkeley) Gender and the Give and Take of Emotions in the Workplace • Matthew Regele (Yale School of Management) The Roots of a Hybrid: The Impact of Adoption Conditions on Organizational Hybridity • Ali Radfard (Bocconi U.) Strategic-Temporal Framing as Impression Management: Managing Investment Analysts’ Temporal Focus
  38. 38. OMT Division Best Paper Award Matthew Metzger (U. of Colorado Colorado Springs) and Jennifer Howard-Grenville (Cambridge Judge Business School) Role Regeneration as a Pathway to “Powerless” Category Persistence Runners Up • Balazs Kovacs (Yale School of Management), David Lehman (U. of Virginia) and Glenn Carroll (Stanford U.) Boundary Kinking in Public Grading Schemes: The Effects of Tie Strength in Social Relationships • Felipe Csaszar (U. of Michigan), Diana Jue-Rajasingh (U. of Michigan) and Michael Jensen (U. of Michigan) When Does Discrimination Increase Predictive Accuracy? The Costs and Benefits of Discrimination • Giulia Cappellaro (Bocconi U.) and Amelia Compagni (Bocconi U.) Life beyond emergence: Institutional intermediaries and the persistence of hybrid forms
  39. 39. OMT Research Committee Service Award Felix Arndt (Leicester Castle Business School) Daniel Beunza (Copenhagen Business School) Emily Block (University of Alberta) Scott D. Graffin (University of Georgia) Daniel S. Halgin (University of Kentucky) Katherine C. Kellogg (MIT) Dali Ma (Drexel University) Klaus Weber (Northwestern University) Eric Yanfei Zhao (Indiana University)
  40. 40. ABCD Reviewer Awards (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) THANK YOU ! Jonathan Nicholas Bundy (ASU) Alessandro Iorio (CMU) Stavros Polykarpou (Cambridge) Christina Matz Carnes (Nebrasca, Lincoln) Jiwook Jung (UIUC) Thomas J. Roulet (Cambridge) Amelia Compagni (Bocconi) Yong Hyun Kim (HKUST) Charles-Clemens Rüling (Grenoble) Tunde Cserpes (Aarhus) Benedetto Lepori (U. della Svizzera Italiana) Daniel Sands (NYU) Arnaud Cudennec (HEC Paris) Qian Li (Cass) Innan Sasaki (Lancaster) Lin Dong (Imperial) Jean-Baptiste Litrico (Queen’s) Stephen Shih (Bain & Company) Lionel Garreau (Paris-Dauphine) Christi Lockwood (Virginia) Balazs Szatamari (Amsterdam) Manuel David Gomez-Solorzano (University de los Andes) Esther Maier (Wilfrid Laurier) Anthony Vashevko (NSU) David Jeffrey Goodman (IE) Juri Matinheikki (Aalto) Patrick Vermeulen (Nijmegen) Philip Gylfe (Aalto) Johannes Meuer (ETH Zurich) Devi Yijay (Columbia) Stefanie Habersang (Lüneburg) Duane E. Mitchell (Pittsburg, Bradford) Eula Bianca Villar (U. Ramon Llull) Christian E. Hampel (Imperial) Pedro Monteiro (Warwick) Matthias Wenzel (European U. Viadrina) Jung-Hoon Han (Penn State) Peter Norlander (Loyola U. Chicago) Jie Yang (York) Wesley Helms (Brock) Alexander Pinz (Mannheim)
  41. 41. OMT Joanne Martin Trailblazer Award 2018 Presented by Davide Ravasi OMT Division Chair-Elect
  42. 42. OMT Joanne Martin Trailblazer Award The Joanne Martin Trailblazer Award recognizes scholars who have taken a leadership role in the field of OMT by opening up new lines of thinking or inquiry. A Trailblazer is a boundary-spanner and a conversation starter, someone who extends and builds the OMT community by shepherding new ideas and new scholarship, often in unconventional ways.
  43. 43. OMT Joanne Martin Trailblazer Award 2018 • Cynthia Hardy (University of Melbourne & Cardiff University) • Cliff Oswick (Cass Business School) • Nelson Phillips (Imperial College London)
  44. 44. OMT Best Paper Published in 2017 Linda Argote Committee Chair
  45. 45. OMT Best Paper Published in 2017 How did we choose the best paper? Committee 1 Shaz Ansari Vinit Desai Emilio Castilla Lindred Greer Ruthanne Huising Kate Kellogg Marco Tortoriello Marvin Washington Filippo Carlo Wezel Lori Yue Committee 2 Beth Bechky Jerry Davis Bill McEvily Willie Ocasio Mike Pratt Committee 3 Joel Baum Bob Hinings Dan Levinthal Ed Zajac
  46. 46. And the winner is…!!! Brands, R. A., & Fernandez-Mateo, I. (2017). Leaning out: How negative recruitment experiences shape women’s decisions to compete for executive roles. Administrative Science Quarterly, 62(3), 405–442. Raina Brands London Business School Isabel Fernandez-Mateo London Business School
  47. 47. Farewells
  48. 48. Thank you, until we meet again…… Nina Granqvist Derek Harmon Wendy Smith Vibha Gaba Eunice Rhee
  49. 49. And finally… Some theory… Figuring out how to apply theory to leading OMT…..
  50. 50. And finally… Some theory… Please take notes on your authentic 2015 OMT Artifact Post-It Notes from Ann……
  51. 51. And finally… Some theory… “We identify four streams of scholarship on plural leadership…sharing leadership in teams, on pooling leadership at the top of organizations, on spreading leadership across boundaries over time, and on producing leadership through interaction.”
  52. 52. And finally… Some theory… “…the creation of a collective leadership group in which members play distinct but tightly-knit and complementary roles is a critical factor in achieving substantive change.”
  53. 53. And finally… Some theory… Got it…..
  54. 54. And finally… Some theory… OMT New Year Celebration 2016
  55. 55. And finally… Some theory… “However, collective leadership is fragile…change tends to proceed by fits and starts, with sequential coupling and uncoupling over time at different levels.”
  56. 56. And finally… Some theory… Hmmmm….…..
  57. 57. And finally… Some theory… OMT Sled Race and Snowball Fight 2017
  58. 58. Thank you, Ann! From all of us at OMT …..making OMT the Place to Be! Working hard pluralistically……
  59. 59. Welcome your New Division Chair Davide Ravasi
  60. 60. Welcome your New Division Chair Davide Ravasi (AKA Floor Mat King)
  61. 61. OMT Artifact Revealed by … Renate Meyer Program Chair-Elect
  62. 62. 5Fsunshine_87c8aa50-2Df08f-2D462a-2D9096- 2D83637d86ec28&d=DwIBaQ&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=t1U7x 0ynAw7_uq0ExAR8vo3Irfvqw_TFbXaMbcYwU9g&m=otnvk3jnhL4zfKGTfT0RDn7XPr- nlxpW5Nxv2tPsVTk&s=94hiMA-i_IxvHctKUDl-Shw7xJ8hQqa16UGtEBm2Wzo&e= … and try to stay cool …
  63. 63. OMT Social Hour in Marriott Ballroom from 7:30 – 9:30