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Discover OrganisedFeedback


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Customer Voice, Employee Voice or the simple Organised Feedback options... Choose what works for your company. For details, contact us .

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Discover OrganisedFeedback

  1. 1. Success through Ideas and Innovation ManagementLISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN,SUCCEED
  2. 2. A very simple and exciting participant journey Share reports Present key Receive alerts, ideas Navigate notifications. easily, Join a session Vote, It’s intuitive Promote, Enter ideas Commentand initiatives LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN TO EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS, AND SUCCEED
  3. 3. Employee Voice or Customer Voice, the power of collaboration Easy to use Fast 24x7 Open ideas Focus ideas Vote for ideas Conversation Trend Brainstorming Reporting capability Survey capability
  4. 4. Contact usYour OrganisedFeedback solution can be set up NOW or TOMORROW. It is "out of the box," extremely flexible, powerful. Be ready to launch as soon as you WANT. +44 (0) 845 508 1585 @OF_EV_CV