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Steps to place online order


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step by step guidance for placing online order

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Steps to place online order

  1. 1. How to place online order
  2. 2. STEP BY STEP  Guidance with respect to placing the Online order
  3. 3. Choose your city
  4. 4. Scroll down through the page and directly add products to the cart
  5. 5. Or log in/register before
  6. 6.  If you have an existent account, please choose - log in  If you are a new customer, please choose – Register
  7. 7. Fill up the necessary details for registration
  8. 8. Choose your products through the given categories
  9. 9. Choose the quantity and “add to cart”
  10. 10. Check “my cart” – Run the cursor over the green button (my cart)
  11. 11. Click on “view shopping and checkout”
  12. 12. Review the order; put discount coupon (if any). Proceed to check out.
  13. 13. Fill the necessary details
  14. 14. Click on “save in address book” and continue
  15. 15. Click on continue
  16. 16. Choose the payment option
  17. 17. Review your order and click “place order”
  18. 18. Your order confirmation will look like this
  19. 19. If you have any query regarding placing an online order please contact us at 022-27789224 or /index.php/queries